Hit Wuxia Romance C-drama Who Rules the World with Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si Wraps Run with Mixed C-netizen Reviews

That addicting but kinda hot mess of a fantasy xianxia C-drama The Blue Whisper with Allen Ren and Dilraba Dilmurat definitely opened the door again for my interest in period C-dramas. Right after The Blue Whisper a big budget highly anticipated C-drama Who Rules the World aired starring Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si and I checked out the first two episodes last month. It wasn’t bad but I’m still waiting for the right mood to get back into it. The drama was huge in China during its airing with massive viewership numbers so clearly it is a hit. But C-netizens are not happy with the ending, along with other changes made that differ from the novel, saying that the changed ending from the novel sucks and mars what is otherwise a pretty solid series. For those who watched, please share some thoughts!

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