Yang Yang Confirmed as Male Lead for Big Budget Wuxia Period C-drama Zhan Zhao Adventures

Looks like the brief bad publicity for C-actor Yang Yang last summer during the airing of Fireworks of My Heart is over and he’s back feeling on top again. He has big budget period C-drama The Immortal Ascension filmed last year and can air anytime but probably late this year, and now he’s confirmed for another big budget period C-drama that reportedly a lot of C-actors wanted. It’s the male lead centric Zhan Zhao Adventures (Chinese title 雨霖铃 Yu Lin Ling) and if the name of the lead character sounds familiar you’re in my age group haha. Zhan Zhao is the famous Song dynasty folk hero a top wuxia swordsman who became a magistrate and enforcer for the legendary black-faced Judge Bao champion of the people. This is a very covetable male character to play and Yang Yang has landed it, and reportedly with Ding Yu Xi also signing on as the second male lead. Above is the concept poster released with the casting confirmation.

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