Veteran Top Actor Lee Seo Jin Says in New Interview that He Passes the Mantle of Iconic Drama King Jeongjo to Junho Now After The Red Sleeve Cuff

Wow, what a wonderful mentoring and magnanimous thing to say, but so true that as time passes whatever is THE BEST will be supplanted in ways that show growth and evolution. Top actor Lee Seo Jin came back to drama land recently with a TVing streaming drama Dr. Park’s Clinic and this week he gave press interviews during which he touched upon another topic that dovetailed with his earlier work. Young actor Junho won accolades for his performance as Yi San King Jeongjo in The Red Sleeve Cuff and it was the same role that Lee Seo Jin played in his youth back in 2007 in the long sageuk drama Yi San and helped cement his leading actor status. When asked what he thought of the young whippersnapper delivering on a role that was long associated with Lee Seo Jin as the iconic performance, Lee Seo Jin says its been so long ago since he played Yi San even he doesn’t remember it anymore. Now Yi San is only Junho and Lee Seo Jin feels chagrined to even be mentioned in the same sentence. Lee Seo Jin added that he’s very close to Taecyeon and has worked with him many times so he’s familiar with all 2PM members and always though Junho was going to go places and seeing his success now makes him very happy.

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