Movie Posters and Stills Show Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae Jin Rocking Their Roles in Cooperation


Gritty Hyun Bin and schlubby Yoo Hae Jin may be the new match made in cinematic heaven, and in the hands of a talented director has the charisma and acting chops to turn upcoming K-movie Cooperation into the first hit of 2017. The movie is coming out January 2017 and the promo train is slowly ramping up. The first teaser preview looked like the classic mismatched buddy cop movie that Hollywood churns out on a regular basis, but with the socio-political uniqueness of the North and South Korean chasm. Binnie is rocking his scruffy facial hair look from Snow Queen but without the mop of excess hair, while Yoo Hae Jin forever makes me smile with how effortless he embodies any role and gives it believable realistic gravitas. Continue reading