Jeon Ji Hyun Leaves Culture Depot Along with Kim So Hyun, Seo Ji Hye, and Yoon Ji On to Follow CEO to Newly Formed Agency Ieum Hashtag

It’s rare to see a group agency move in tandem but that’s what has happened this week with a quarter moving to a newly formed agency. Jeon Ji Hyun is the biggest name that left Culture Depot and going with her is Seo Ji Hye, Kim So Hyun, and Yoon Ji On. The new agency is called Ieum Hashtag and is founded by the CEO of Culture Depot. I feel like this group won’t ever be competing with each other for the same roles, the three actresses are all female leads but occupy different niche/age/styles so it may be a great movie for leverage purposes an.

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MBC Fantasy Drama Tomorrow with Kim Hee Sun, Ro Woon, and Lee Soo Hyuk Drops Beautifully Designed First Drama Poster and Exciting Preview Teaser

It’s not easy for a K-drama promo circuit to start off with as positive a bang as MBC is doing for its upcoming fantasy drama Tomorrow but I’m just too happy bemoan why this can’t happen more frequently. The poster … Continue reading