Kang Sora to Make K-drama Comeback After Marriage and Baby with Streaming Drama Can We Be Strangers with Jang Seung Jo

A new streaming only drama just cast the leads and it’s a familiar face in a new pairing. K-actress Kang Sora was last on the small screen as a leading lady in the 2017 drama Revolutionary Love and in the interim til now she got married and had a baby. Prior to that she was basically a drama a year so it’s nice to hear she’s still planning on acting as she’s been cast as the lead in the drama Can We Be Strangers. Her male lead is Jang Seung Jo who was wasted in Snowdrop but in the right roles can be so compelling with quiet conviction most notably Encounter (Boyfriend) and Familiar Wife. The drama doesn’t have a streaming platform yet and based on timing will most likely air in 2023.

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Third Time’s the Charm as Knowing Wife Wraps Drama Run and Cast Attend Party

The conclusion of tvN time-travel and do-over drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife) frees up on Wed-Thurs again after being fairly addicted for the past eight weeks. I tried to watch on the days it aired but wasn’t so engrossed that … Continue reading