Yoon Kye Sang and Go Ah Sung Sign on to Solve a Crime Puzzle in New K-drama

Well this is a out of left field pairing but with the onslaught of crime K-dramas heck why not one more. Yoon Kye Sang and Go Ah Sung are in talks for new K-drama Crime Puzzle adapted from the same name popular webtoon. The drama is about a criminal minds psychiatry professor in jail for murdering his girlfriend’s father, caught on CCTV smiling after the crime. She cannot believe in his guilt and re-investigates the case and the story spans their 10 plus times interrogation with plenty of mind games. That’s all we know so far but it sounds tense and intense and I love the casting individually and now just need to get used to thinking these two were lovers before the whole crime then cat-and-mouse game lol. He looks more like her young uncle.

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