Food, Music, and Tears Mix into the Beautiful Slow Burn that is jTBC Drama Chocolate with Ha Ji Won and Yoon Kye Sang

Apologies for the delayed post on jTBC drama Chocolate, a combination of my own impressions not yet fully formed until this week’s episodes 5-6 and also due to work travel. This is simply one sloooooooooow burn drama, and takes a long long time to really get going. Imagine a vintage vehicle that doesn’t show it’s incredible depth until you’ve left the stop and go traffic of the city environs and is cruising down the winding roads hugging the ocean to one side and the mountain to another. Chocolate is like it’s name, a deep and complex drama and that causes it to really confuse and confound for the first 4 episodes as to where it’s all coming together at. This week’s episodes 5-6 opened the drama up like a flower, with enough tears and narrative flow to tell us clearly – this is a drama about love in all its forms and the delicate connections between people whether by fate or by luck that need to be treasured. Ratings are a solid 4% for a jTBC cable drama so kudos for the cast and crew, I can’t wait to cry even more than I have so far and love every minute of it. Continue reading