C-actor Zhang Yi Shan’s Agency Strenuously Denies He’s the Rumored Grown Up Child Star Recently Arrested for Drug Use and Prostitution

Entering C-ent should have a disclaimer “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here”. There is another scandal and this time the arrow is pointing at famous grown up former child star now male lead actor Zhang Yi Shan. He rocketed to stardom with the 2004 sitcom Home with Kids opposite also then child star Yang Zi, and both have grown up together in C-ent pursuing separately successful adult careers and are friends in real life. His biggest drama to date is probably being the most recent Wei Xiaobao in the 2020 C-drama adaptation of Louis Cha wuxia masterpiece novel Duke and the Cauldron (Duke of Mount Deer). This week there was a rumor that a former child actor now adult was recently arrested for drug use and prostitution and C-netizens used their deductive techniques to narrow it down to Zhang Yi Shan. His agency issued the swift and requisite vehement denial and threat to sue for defamation. C-netizens are majorly bummed if this is true because child actors just carry such good will with those fond memories and Zhang Yi Shan has only had minor scandals (are they dating rumors with Yang Zi, traffic regulations, breakup with Song Yan Fei, etc.) and also that they can never rewatch the beloved Home with Kids again. Let’s wait and see how this one pans out.

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