Long Trailer for Playful Kiss

The cast from the upcoming MBC drama Playful Kiss gave their press conference today. What’s more important is that the production company released a 15 minute long trailer for the drama as well. Now that is the fan service imma talking about! Feast on it and tell me what you think. Kim Hyun Joong looks way more eye-alive than I thought possible, but still kinda stiff and not nearly as wickedly awesome as Joe Cheng was right off the bat.

Butbutbut, Jung Soo Min is so adorable! She’s giving her character a different twist than Ariel did, and I love than I won’t be comparing and contrasting. I’m now onboard to sample the cuteness that is Playful Kiss, and I do love the opposites attract, cohabit story, high school portion of the story.

Long Trailer for Playful Kiss (sorry, its speed has been slowed down)


Long Trailer for Playful Kiss — 3 Comments

  1. Oh I say, that WAS rather fun and zippy. Hmm, may not have to toss this on the burn heap after all. Though I’m not entirely convinced by Mr Gorgeous Plank, SHE seems to be staying on the right side of cute/irritating and the whole thing does seem to have a pleasantly playful vibe.

  2. Yeah… that was fun to watch, Kim Hyun Joong has improved under Hwang In Roe’s tutelage. Of course, she’s different from Xiang Qin and yet kinda true to her character.

    The part where she kicked the vending machine. Gosh, Jung So Min has got some strength!

    Loved the part where she started naming the Super Junior members.

    Honestly, though, Hyun Joong looked like he was about to fall asleep when he was holding the book.

    Looks like it’ll be a fun ride.

  3. It’s cuuuuute…..it’ll probably won’t be in my top list,but hey,I’m game for cute and fluffy…part of the teaser reminded me of Goong and other parts reminded me of BOF(You know,if my K has any time to spare,this is more HER cup of tea…I’ll just be her proxy,then) 😛

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