Playful Kiss YT Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 of the Playful Kiss Youtube Special Edition saw the return of even more familiar faces. I noticed that episode 1 was all Ha Ni and Seung Jo, episode 2 brought back Eun Jo, Min Ah, and Joo Ri, and now episode 3 adds Mom and Dad to the fray. Thankfully, having a few more faces around doesn’t detract from the Ha Ni and Seung Jo moments.

This episode of PK is yet another similar vignette of PK-style fun times. Ha Ni is all rainbows, unicorns, and daydreams, Seung Jo is all “get your ass out of bed and let’s go to school” matter-of-fact. It’s a testament to their chemistry and charm that I’m not bored of it (yet).

Their union preserves their individual tendencies to sway to one end of the spectrum, yet manages to bring balance to their personalities. The Ha Ni we see in the YT episodes doesn’t have her head in the clouds as much, and Seung Jo is less a stick-in-the-mud. It’s such a treat to see their gradual evolution.

Lastly, Kim Hyun Joong, I trust that you are a man of your word. You promised the entire universe steamier love scenes in the Playful Kiss Youtube special, and I have yet to see it. I shall be patient, but don’t think I’m going to forget what you said.

Youtube Episode 3 Recap:

Light shines through a canopy of trees in a beautiful forest. The camera pans down to Ha Ni, blissfully sleeping on the lap of Seung Jo on a park bench. Her husband cajoles her to wake up, telling Ha Ni that he has something for her. She says that she can’t wake up, she’s too tired.

Her hubby tells her that she has to wake up, he has a present for her. Seung Jo brings a giant peach to her lips, telling Ha Ni that she has to accept it. Ha Ni glimpses the peach, and says that it’s just a peach, the roadside stands are full of peaches. But she opens her lips to take a bite.

Ha Ni wakes up in the bedroom, trying to gnaw on teddy’s furry paw. She spits out tufts of teddy fur, and sees Seung Jo is all ready for school. He asks if she’s that hungry that she wants to eat her teddy? Ha Ni says she suddenly wants to eat a peach, and Seung Jo tells her to forget about peaches and get ready for school.

Didn’t Ha Ni say that she has a busy afternoon with nursing training? Ha Ni replies that she’s not feeling well, and has an urge to throw up. Seung Jo asks her what she ate yesterday, and Ha Ni replies that she went to Min Ah’s birthday party. He tells her that Mom will have breakfast ready, so Ha Ni should come down shortly.

At breakfast, Mom is eating an orange and exclaims that it’s so sour! Ha Ni confesses that she had a dream that Seung Jo gave her a peach and now she wants a peach. Then Ha Ni declines to eat any breakfast, and instead goes for a sour orange to eat. Mom asks her what’s wrong, and is told that Ha Ni has an upset stomach and doesn’t feel like eating anything except this orange.

Mom asks if Ha Ni feels like throwing up, and then takes a giant leap over the Grand Canyon of logic and says that Ha Ni must be pregnant! Ha Ni is amused, but doesn’t refute that possibility. Mom runs off to broadcast this news to the entire world.

Mom calls Min Ah and tells her to take good care of Ha Ni from now on. Min Ah calls Joo Ri and shares the news, and both are super proud of and happy for their good friend. Mom also calls Parang to inform the teacher of Ha Ni’s absence due to her current state.

The news travels faster than a speeding bullet, and pretty soon Seung Jo hears murmurs all around him. The students are tittering with shock that another student is pregnant, regardless of whether she’s married. Or more like they are imagining Baek Seung Jo knocking up his wife the way we constantly are calling for more boating.

Ha Ni is wondering how Seung Jo will react to becoming a dad, and she’s overjoyed at becoming a mom. She tells Min Ah and Joo Ri that the baby appears to be moving already in her belly. Perhaps it’s a genius like Seung Jo, and will be born already knowing the multiplication tables.

Her friends warn her that the baby runs an equal chance of being a genius or a dimwit. Ha Ni agrees, the baby needs to have Seung Jo’s brains. But she wants the baby to look like her. Her friends disagree, the baby should look like Seung Jo, too. In fact, the baby should have nothing in common with Ha Ni. They keep shoving food at Ha Ni, telling her she needs to keep eating for the baby.

Seung Jo comes home from school to a shower of confetti. Min Ah and Joo Ri congratulate him and drag him into the living room. Mom and Dad have raided a department store and every conceivable baby item has been purchased. Mom bought only pink things, and she wants the first grandchild to be a daughter. Dad bought all boy toys, and says the first grandchild is clearly going to be a boy. These two take jumping-the-gun to a whole new level.

Eun Jo chimes in that is the baby is a girl, she’ll be just like his sister-in-law Oh Ha Ni. He doesn’t want that, one Ha Ni is enough for him. Seung Jo asks if Ha Ni is pregnant. She replies that Mom thinks so, and because, well, you know, it could happen because they, uhm, are like really married, no?

Seung Jo pours an entire lake of cold water over this ridiculous party – he asks what kind of morons would assume to be pregnant without confirming first. Seung Jo drags Ha Ni to the hospital for a pregnancy test. During the car ride, Ha Ni tells him they need to buy a car seat, and perhaps change to a bigger car.

When he tells her to be quiet, Ha Ni gets upset and tells him that the baby can hear his less-than-enthusiastic response. Seung Jo asks her to be quiet again, and she tells him that during this early stage, the baby is very vulnerable. His attitude could cause her to have a miscarriage. They end the car ride in silence.

At the hospital, the doctor confirms she is 100% NOT pregnant. Ha Ni wonders then why her stomach feels upset and gurgling. The doctor pretty much tells her she has too much stuff in her belly and prescribes a laxative to help her relieve her constipation. He reassures them that they are yet young, and a baby will be forthcoming in the future. (Blew up the screencap below, because I just love it – everytime they are on that balcony they have the loveliest of conversations)

Back at home, Mom and Dad sadly put away all the baby items. Eun Jo is secretly looking at baby videos on Youtube and smiling about it, so he’s clearly getting ready to be an uncle. Ha Ni is sad that she let everyone down, but Seung Jo tells her it’s not her fault that Mom jumped to conclusions.

Seung Jo reassures Ha Ni that a baby will be coming not far in the future. Ha Ni says that she’s really looking forward to a baby, a baby just like Seung Jo. Surprisingly, Seung Jo says he wants a baby like Ha Ni – with a flattened forehead and sleepy eyes, not bad at all. Ha Ni thinks he’s just teasing her, especially since he reaches over and taps her forehead.

Even though he wants the baby to be like Ha Ni, he doesn’t want the baby to have Ha Ni’s brains. But he concludes by saying that a baby like Ha Ni would make his daddy-life quite interesting. He then scoops up Ha Ni and says that the baby is coming soon. He carries his wifey to bed, and kicks their bedroom door shut.

Thoughts of Mine:

Seriously?!? They ended the episode on a closed door? I don’t know if that makes me more mad than the ending to episode 16 where we watched a hot kiss from outside the car and in the dark. PD-nim, where is ma hot stuff, gimme gimme gimme!

On a substantive note, this episode was silliness galore, with a sweet nugget of honesty inside. I liked how Seung Jo approached the prospect of being a dad, with careful thought plus anticipation. We all know Ha Ni just dives right into anything, so this interlude reminds us that they will be fine as parents because Seung Jo will be there to protect his often rash wife and baby.

I finally feel like the YT episodes are working their methadone magic on me. It’s doing its job of weaning me off PK, but not at the expense of enjoying each vignette. I savor the unprecedented opportunity to spend more time with a K-drama couple after a drama has ended. I do believe that once these 7 YT episodes are over, I will be ready to say a fond farewell to one of the sweetest, most relatable OTPs in any drama.

[Credit: all screencaps from Baidu Playful Kiss bar and]


Playful Kiss YT Episode 3 Recap — 125 Comments

  1. Thanks! I was laughing the whole time I was watching this. I knew what would happen, but it’s still got to me…why are they so cute? It made up for the false baby alarm…

    Really hoping for a preggy Ha-ni by episode 7. =) pretty please drama gods?!

    • [correction: …it still got to me…(sorry, it’s past 2am!)]

      thanks for your recap…it made me laugh out loud again (hope I won’t get…well…constipated, hehe) and I’m off to watch the episode maybe 3x more before going to sleep…

      re: the closed door – I didn’t actually mind because 1) laughing so hard it didn’t bother me that much, 2) there are 4 more episodes for them to make up for it…steamy & hot scenes please drama god!

      • i think every PKissers are praying to the drama gods for our “boating and steamier scenes” will be given a green signal!

        PD and writers, if these YT episodes are really for fanservice or to satisfy the fans all over the world, please!!!! just freaking do it! OK?!

  2. Ok, I promised to write about gender inequality and an aging popultion. the South Korean dilemma.

    Seung Jo, make HaNi pregnant already!

  3. Omo, when I saw Eun-jo looking at baby videos on YouTube, I almost died of the cute. And then I almost really did die of cute in the next scene of SJ and HN on the balcony. And then, I really DID die of frustration when the last scene was a closed door. !!!! Why, PD-nim, why?????? We wanna see some baby-making!!!

  4. Thanks a lot for the recap!!!!!!! I’ve already watched the webisode and was dying to know what they were saying!!

    I am TOTALLY with you on “Seriously?!? They ended the episode on a closed door? I don’t know if that makes me more mad than the ending to episode 16 where we watched a hot kiss from outside the car and in the dark. PD-nim, where is ma hot stuff, gimme gimme gimme!” LOL 😀

    It seems our couple is growing up really well 😉 I also think that this mini-episodes show us how they really complement each other (although we already knew from the very beginning 🙂

    Once again, thank you very much for your wonderfully written recaps. I am actually as excited waiting for them as for the episodes to be aired!!!

  5. thanks for the recap….I love reading your recap as much as i love the drama.
    love this couple so much….wish this YT version won’t never end….i’ll miss them and your recap very much :)))) what is OTP mean ?? :)))

  6. If they filmed a steamy love scene and decide not to air it I will be quite irked but I also kind of understand if they decide not to. It is youtube and quite accessible to youngsters so maybe they decided it wouldn’t be the best idea but then again it is youtube and they are accessible to so much worse than that so what difference would it make? It’s one of those catch 22’s. Darned if you do and darned if you don’t. Hope they go with the darned if you do!

  7. thankuuuuu ockoala , great and funny recap as always 🙂
    loved this epi but that lust scene with SJ-HN on the balcony was very cute , he wants his baby to be like his OHN that’s really cuuuuuute 🙂

  8. Thank you for your recap!!! awesome! since I can’t watch it right now, it’s wonderful to have your recap since it’s always almost or as much entertaining as the episode itself!
    as for the ending… i haven’t scene it yet but i thought it was more squeal-worthy than frustrating…kk.
    maybe because i’m secretly a hopeless romantic and love princess lifts!! kk

      • Welcome back V! I read somewhere that you got busy with studies.

        I watched 3 episodes already eventhough I can’t understand what they are saying, they always make me laugh.

        Thanks Ockola, you’re recaps make PK more enjoyable.

    • Somebody is back after MIA for awhile. :]
      So, if anyone has tapped into the fourth dimension (like JB & gf) and would like to share the secret with the rest of us, please do! So far, all I’ve found is that sleep is overrated!

  9. thanks ockoala!!
    im really inlove with this couple!!!

    its such a fun and loving episode!
    this gives us a glimpse of what are the possibilities of on how they could be as parents.
    still you can see how they compliment each other as husband and wife.

    i love to see the family specially mama baek, whose still adorable but it seems like she doesnt know her bounderies but then again i think she will be less lovable when she doesnt be like that.

    anyways, like ockoala, im holding on what KIM HYUN JOONG promised! im counting on that! i hope they wont disappoint! if they do it, i will forgive all the monkey editor for all his shortcomings!

    see you next tuesday PK!!!
    i still love you to pieces!!!!

    • I shall wait…my pen is poised, and I’ve got the 92 cents international stamp for my letter to Group8, whether it be a jubilant THANK YOU letter, or a WAILING WAI NO GOODIES?! letter. LOL

  10. Thanks for your recap. I love coming home from class and reading them.
    Mom sure knows how to jump to conclusions!
    Also agree the episodes might be too short but SJ and HN have some wonderful moments. I love that smile on SJ’s face at the doctor’s office when the doctor explains the real reason for her tummy problems. Makes me smile too or is it SJ himself?
    Ahh can’t wait for next week!

  11. Thank you ockoala for your great work and nice recap.

    Lastly, Kim Hyun Joong, I trust that you are a man of your word. You promised the entire universe steamier love scenes in the Playful Kiss Youtube special, and I have yet to see it. I shall be patient, but don’t think I’m going to forget what you said. Ockoala, I
    love your written on latst paragraph of intro and agree with you that comment for KHJ’s man of word. I did read his profile and he is the one always does what he said, so for.

    Lets wait and see in upcoming episodes.

  12. Thank you Ockoala :)) u r the best as always.

    Ok, I read somewhere that today is the last day of filming so, this is it if we’ll get to see any boating at all. If u have any inside connection people let’s share. I just dont want to be disappointed u know! OMG – sound like a pervert but don’t mean to be. Is that all I’m looking forward to? YES, it is. Lol

  13. “Ha Ni says that she’s really looking forward to a baby, a baby just like Seung Jo. Surprisingly, Seung Jo says he wants a baby like Ha Ni – with a flattened forehead and sleepy eyes” ohmmmm that’s the sweetest thing I want to hear from my hubby too

  14. Thanks again for the recap Ockoala! It’s not even 6AM and I’m already here at your site! Yes, I have to get to you before doing anything else for the day! About this webisode, I am just too disappointed that there is no baby yet! I really wish to see a cute little baby of Seung-jo and Ha-ni before PK ends…

  15. a thought occurred as i was reading the recap. When will we see a sated “I tapped that” looking BSJ? Seriously this dude’s so grumpy as if he was never laid. >_< he's sweet, endearing, and a tad romantic, but sated… Not so much. I'll post up more wen i get home…

    • Bwahahaha!

      Yeah, we need to see that. Everything short of smoking a cigarette would be nice. I’d like to see a tired Ha Ni with fluffy just-rolled-in-the-hay teased up hair too.

      • A-GREED!
        I think the best “I tapped that” look was Michael Douglas when Catherine was 8 months preggers and they were attending some award show. Ambulances were ready on the side lines just in case Catherine was ready to pop because of excitement of winning/losing (I think it was when she did Chicago). No lie.

        Michael’s face :glowy bliss: “yeah~~~ I did that.”

      • hahahaha!! the smoking a cigarette and rumpled just-rolled-in-the-hay look is quite a fantastic idea.. hahahaha!!

      • ladies, ladies, i don’t know why but all this rumpled, smoking a cigarette business is making me think of the classic French movie Breathless and this scene:

        that to me is the epitome of smoldering, sexy, and sated. the couple lounging in bed talking about everything and anything, with half-naked, cigarette-hanging-carelessly-askew in his mouth BSJ. now there’s a thought. 😛

      • NO CIG! T_T

        I went ape-shizz-crazy when I heard he smoked in his teens. But it would seem he has long since quit because… well… he doesn’t seem to be wheezing when playing soccer or dancing (referring to Rainism cover he did. that’s some technical dancing thar~)

  16. My mind was TOTALLY in the gutter with that peach. Just sayin’.

    When I first saw that balcony in this episode, I realized just how much I love it. So many good memories! And it made me miss Ha Ni’s dad, hope he gets to make an appearance.

    • Because I did Japanese culture immersion for a looooong time, the peach thing KILLED ME! LOL XD
      I was like “not in gutter, not in gutter.” LOL succeeded to not go into the gutter with the peach but the door slamming at the end of the episode–my fanfiction fingers were itching. XD

      • Just did some googling and found out some things it was probably best I didn’t know, mwaha.

        Mind firmly planted in gutter. Though a different gutter than what my mind had come up with.

      • I was watching the press con and they showed a clip of ep 3… In the presscon clip, BSJ makes eye-sex at hani as he’s lifting her up to the bedroom (looks at her pointedly, suggestive, that is)… Too bad they cut that out in the yt epi.

      • @JJ, i know!!!!! i was thinking the exact same thing. at the preview, there was definitely some eye sex going on. why cut it out? argh.

        that and his “i will call the police” line. they cut that out too!

      • the only norwegian phrase i know is “turn on the cable” and that is no lie. that’s the only thing i picked up when I was there to visit my friends.

  17. Okay, back home~ daytrip, work, then home~ <3

    how much do I love this episode? A LOT. And while I'm upset that it ended with no Steam-boating :sigh: that move, kicking the door close won me over… or maybe because Kim HyunJoong decided to make an appearance with the momentary spaz BSJ did in the doc's office with the bug in the shot. XD

    Dear Kim Hyun Joong Leader!
    You've always been kind to your fans. SO…GIVE US STEAM! I just wanted to recount that there were no shirtless shower scenes, so PONY UP! And there was no scene with you and a see through shirt! Don't think I didn't notice in that episode when Hani was attempting to save Eunjo, that your wet shirt was light blue and NOT WHITE. :frowns: You're braver than that! And if you think you're sparing Jung So Min's 'innocence', you can forget it, we like Hyunmin/Sojoong/whatever-they-decided-to-call-this-ship anyways. So SKINSHIP is dually appreciated. 😀

      • I’m really thankful for the Persona shower scene. :wiggles brows:

        That always makes my day. 😛

      • Oh yes, that shower scene is full of win. I remember my jaw hit the floor the first time I saw that.

      • I still can’t watch the vid without pausing every few seconds to “swim” aka, flail on my bed/couch. LOL
        Even in the WORST video quality I still have to pause and get my breathing right. -_-

    • J.J
      Oh! you are the best as ockoala……..
      According to press confrence of youtube special PK, today will be their last shotting of PK for utube.
      I wish desprately that PK team and our KHJ have read all of our comments and if they had not done for Steamy scenes —— they have time to fix up their script…..I wish wishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      • Um, thank you? LOL I didn’t really understand your first sentence/statement. Are you addressing me or ockoala?

      • J.J
        It is me again. I am addressing to you and ockoala for the both of your outsanding comments.

      • :bows: Wai, thankies~
        But thanks definitely belong to OcKoala <3

        If anything this community is filled with immensely witty and hilarious bloggers/commenters.

        PK LOVIN'~ 😀

    • hahahahahaha!! after reading all the comments here, i just can’t stop laughing!
      we all want the same thing!!!! 😉

      seriously!! they should read all of our comments and give us what we want!!!!!

      i do believe that patience is a virtue.. but c’mmon!!!! pleaseeeee!! how long do we have to wait for the juicy scenes!!!!! steamy, totally hot, rockin.. boating whatever!! i’m not asking.. but i’m DEMANDING!! but wait..since it was promised by KHJ… i’ll be a little more patient.. ahihihihi…. but please.. we are not asking a lot… just a little more.. you know.. 🙂

      hmmmnnn… i love PK to bits.. but i’m just hoping that the “goodies” will be delivered soon… just to give it a little more oommphh! 🙂

      • You had me at “juicy, hot, rockin’…”
        My mind got transported back to the persona concert. T_T
        Oy, a smile is plastered on my face already and I’m going to scare people at work with the happy. XD

    • stemier+boating FTW!

      LOL! i do know we sound like perverts or close to that but i do think what we are asking still rational because the YT episodes supposed to mirror their life as husband and wife and those things i think comes with the territory. And aside from the fact that Kim Hyun Joong promised that it would be steamier.
      I do hope he keeps his promise.

      Well we really need to wait and see.

      • XD

        I don’t know about you people, but I’m just hangin’ on to HJ’s words of promise. :innocent smile: Other implications are just implications, right?


        OMO suddenly this fanfic from another fandom comes to mind.

        “hot skin on hot skin” And I will stop there because, well… this place is supposed to be PG and we’ve been pushin’ it…



        (and there goes my caps button again)




  18. Nice recap,ockoala. Thanks. Always look forward to reading your recaps.

    They’re purposely making us stew/steam while we wait for the climactic BOAT SCENE which I predict (*nodding wisely*) will be in the finale. It’s a case of kiss-in-the-rain scenario all over again. Build up the hype and expectations till they reach fever pitch and BOILS over into full scalding STEAM. Can’t say I mind though – it’s fun just waiting and asking yourself at the beginning of each ep “Is this it? Am I going to see steamy boating today?” And at the end of each ep, “Oh well, not today. Maybe tomorrow?” Really gives me something to look forward to.

  19. Thanks for the recap!! As usually, you are spoiling all PKissers.

    I was anticipating the steamy love scene to follow the balcony sweet moment but then the preview music started playing and I was like what the heck???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Oh well, I guess good things come to those who wait.

  20. There is a saying that “patience is a virtue” but I am NOT feeling virtuous at all! Give me some steam! Hope to see some boating (lol) very soon. Love the recaps!

  21. After much profound thought LOL, I have come to the conclusion that boating seems to be the issue here. Said boating cannot be effectively implemented. Boaters (that’s us) are understandly frustrated. My indepth analysis has revealed that there are 3 prerequisites for the boating process:

    1. Willing boatman
    2. Willing boatwoman.
    3. Sturdy boat.

    Willing boatman CHECK ready for boating
    Willing boatwoman CHECK ready for boating (She’s been ready since FOREVER)

    Problem is with No. 3 Sturdy boat.

    Because of unconducive weather conditions in Asia at the present moment, (volcanic eruptions, tsunami, floods), boat is unable to venture to sea. Said boat is in danger of springing a leak should it undergo the boating process, and we all know there’s nothing like a leak to capsize a boat (Think Titanic).

    So my advice is to be patient; Patience is a virtue, fellow PK lovers. Once the weather clears, boatman (the most beautiful boatman in the world, rather) and boatwoman will leap into said boat and boat will take off like a speeding bullet (yup, faster than superman and he’s the fastest so you can imagine how fast that damn boat will go).

    • LOL… I love your comment!!

      Your analysis is dead on. I will temporarily refrain myself from thinking about the upcoming steamy love scene.

    • ha ha ha ha ha
      mayssenger, your marine forecast is right on. I agree with you. We should wait for a clear weather for that boat to head to sea, then . . . bear witness to a raging, tempestous, stormy, rocky boat ride

    • ROFLMAO!
      You’re hilarious! I just love your comment!

      @ockoala BTW, ockoala, I’ve been a fan of yours for nearly as long as I have been a fan of PK(which is since epi 1). And I have to say, even though I liked Javabean’s recaps, I’ve come to love yours more.
      Thank you so much for such quick (but with high quality nevertheless) and insightful PK recaps through out this time. And thank you for keeping us posted with news, spoilers and the spoiling!

      @all fellow posters, thank you for keeping me entertained with your witty, and more often than not, hilarious comments.

      • J.J. – I had breakfast at work…lol. Oh man, it’s so good to start my day seeing KHJ ROFL, he was so happy and it’s contagious. Do you know a website where I can see more KHJ? Recently, I’ve been lurking around ssangcho and kathy’s bench. I feel like I’m certified KHJ addict now…:-)

      • @ Nala, I go to kathy on occasion but mostly ssangcho. but if you’re brave enough go to soompi (i only go for Joongbo anyways). It’s where the hardcore go and I’ve known that since i began my love affair with K-pop/drama/culture. I dabble in soompi but am too afraid of the lot so i mostly lurk lol. So go ahead and give it a try. I usually just go on youtube and read old articles from ss501 fighting. That site has since been “abandoned”, the writer goes on twitter and fb more often now (which i don’t follow)… and that’s pretty much all i can think of.
        Allkpop, Omona (live journal), lovekimhyunjoong (blog not forum), um… all seouled out? LOL i sound as if i know where all the news is, which i assure you, i don’t XD at least short of actually being a “perfect”, the notion which scares me to the core.
        Liezle’s and Kathy’s are good places to start… 😀

        Hope that helps?
        Forgive the rambling. I’m hungry.

    • @ Kn, I’m the total opposite of you. My mind launched to the gutter ages ago. Have you see SS501’s Persona concert? If you haven’t, here (just remove the space) /watch?v=JmHuTHFIrgg

      Once seen, trust me, there is no hope …
      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.


      • OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for intruding here but I’ve was just taking a break at work and decided to lurk here to see if there were any news 😉 and….. OMG OMG OMG!!!! Mind definitely in the gutter….can’t breath….think I’m going to watch it again…work can wait… You are right J.J. ….. no hope at all 😀

      • @J.J. – thanks for the link. I haven’t seen it too, I was having breakfast when I opened it and the first thing that came in my mind was WTH? it’s bloody…I thought it’s a commercial, then all of a sudden I saw KHJ taking shower…mmmm…looks so yummy…I don’t need my breakfast anymore…^_^

      • @From Spain I feel burdened that you got distracted from work. Bad J.J.! LOL that “bloody” beginning is actually the ending of their “music video/episodes” the group did when everyone was doing solo activities (when Jung Min was in a musical and HJ was in BoF). It’s quite interesting here is the link. /watch?v=JMJ4PrPg7pw (ep 1 of three)

        @ Nala, yes he’s sexy. but i find this sexier. 🙂 Back in the youngin’ days. 🙂 and lucky at least you had breakfast XD I rushed to work. LOL /watch?v=k92szuJwEwg

      • @J.J. ya know…. it’s funny you posted this laughing video as I was just writing you about this…. heh.

        Also, thank you! I hadn’t seen the first half of that before. I have tears in my eyes.

  22. I think PDnim will not disappointed us to show the STEAMY FEVER since KHJ revealed that scene already…. give them a chance to tease us more though i’m getting pissed last night o_O

    thank you Ockoala for your wonderful works you’ve given for all PKers:-)

  23. You guys are too funny!!!! It made up for all the frustration that I felt after they played that damn song and he started kicking the door close! I was about to scream at 3 in the morning.

    But ok, I will wait. Must wait. Need to wait. Patience has never been my strongest suit. Especially with KHJ promising us steamy like that.

    • TBH never have I wanted to shift over to become a PERFECT (and those guys scare me). I just want to go to Korea, stalk him, find him, and shake him. “WHY?! WHAT COMPELLED YOU TO SAY THAT IN THE PRESSCON?! MY SANITY WAS THROWN OUT THE WINDOW!” (dag, i killed my caps button again)… -_-

      STEAMBOATING will never be the same.

  24. Yes.. that I want to see too… love this episode but worry for next . Dont’ want the same honeymoon tragedy happen again. I only want the happier things in this special addition YT.. huhuhu…

    Ah! but anyone, what song they play in the last video. I have all the PK OST but that song is not included. anybody have any idea…?

    And to Okoala…. Thank you for all your PK’s recaps… makes me so addicted to your playground hahaha …kamsahamnida

  25. Oh! my dear Ockoala,
    May not be enough to say THANKS U SO MUCH for creating this blog and recaps for PK.
    I have just come back and read the comments, I cannot stop keep laughing.
    It is like most enjoyment day for me since I had found your lovely blog.

    • LOL, the PKissers (myself included) sure have lots of fun, don’t we all? I’m glad. PK as a drama may not be as beloved as I had hoped, but conversely the lack of interest actually keep the antis from spoiling our fun.

      PK is our little slice of heaven, who would begrudge us for enjoying the time spent with this cute little drama.

      • @ockoala, this blog of your is my so called “happy place” especially for PK goodies!

        it means a lot that your being so generous and loving the hyunmin couple and PK itself as much as the Pkissers loves them. so its really been so fun just to be here and lurk around! 🙂
        (ok in my part stalk most likely! lol!)

        btw, the boating and steamier issues are on the loose, i think everybody’s talking about it! LOL!

      • Thanks ockoala for this haven of a playground for our spazz & fangirl moments be it for PK or for KHJ – it’s a heaven sent outlet to begin and end my day, as well as any other times during the day that I can find refuge here.

      • Ockoala, i have since changed the “frontpage”(used to be facebook) of my phone to your blogspot. That’s saying something…cause I have a bible reference website as my homepage. XD
        :bows: Thankies for all the fun times!

  26. Just read that the famous news anchor Anna Coren of CNN will be reporting on the phenomenal success of Youtube’s PK Special. Can’t really understand the whole thing but it seems that CNN will be reporting about PK on 7 Nov and interviewing CEOs of Google (Korea), Youtube(Korea) and Group 8 and even KHJ and JSM!! It will be in her programme “World Report” from CNN Asia Pacific in HK.
    Seems that thus far, the number of hits for the PK Special has surpassed way over 1.5 million!

    • i just heard about this too! *happy dance*

      my cousin works for Google here in the Bay area and he told me that there’s quiet a buzz going on about a Korean drama on YouTube, knowing that i’m such a k-drama addict. hehe. of course, i said “yessss…yesss…is it called Playful Kiss…?”

      and then all i could think of was: watch out world, here comes Kim Hyun Joong. 😉

      • KHJ has really left an indelible imprint as BSJ as he has promised when he took on the role . I’ve run out of adjectives of praise . All I can say now is ‘ Well done and keep it up ! ‘

    • AHHHHH!!!!!!!

      You have no idea all the kinds of happy I am right now. Thank you for this. 🙂
      I’ve got to get to prayin’ more for our boy. International fame=more challenges.

  27. Hi Ms. Ockoala, this is my first time commenting but I’ve been lurking this spot since I found out about you recaps on PK, I just want to tell you that I love your recaps and that I enjoyed PK more because of your comments as well as the other commenters here ( I must admit I read all the comments)….I really love this drama! I hope to see more cute and yes STEAM BOAT…

  28. Thank you all for loving and cherishing PK specially Kim HYun Joong , his partner Jung So Min and the rest of the wonderful cast. PK has been elevated to another height by a different level of understanding and appreciating it while having fun as well.
    This story had been retold many times as manga , as anime ,as drama in three different cultural context …it is already becoming a saga . And yet we still feel this drama close to home and our hearts -though we all come from various cultural milieu, too .
    We have become one community once again , as we anticipated the coming of episodes after episodes ,although we knew already the story but we were together validating each other’s observations and emotions (we are helped on this by Ockoala ,thanks a billion ) . And that I think gave watching Pk the ultimate satisfaction .

  29. Dear Ockoala
    You have forever changed my concept of marine transporation. I may have to move to a land-locked country.


  30. excuse me guys….can someone tell me, what does Ha-ni means on the part “You know that one night, the night it rained”, is she pertaining to episode 13 kissing scene?


  31. Thanks Ockoala for the interesting & funny recap.
    Maybe they cut out the “steam boat” scene in Epi 3? I am hoping that KHJ & JSM did film the “boat scene” and it will be shown in the last 2 NG episodes? I am hoping … : D

  32. didn’t know why I only commented now since I read your recaps all the time and I was never disappointed by it…once again, you didn’t fail to let me laugh…

    I too was like, WTF when he kicked the door and the damn music played…come on KHJ, if you keep this up, I will go to Korea and tear your shirt off!

    and yes, the world is ready for Kim Hyun Joong because he is all kinds of sexy and swoonworthy

  33. Whaaa~~~ I’m late for the PK party!!! 🙁

    Thanks for the recap ockoala! Still haven’t seen the 3rd webisode subbed, darn everything non-PK related (been busy with uh, stuff).

    I find it hilariously funny that the entire school seems to be programmed to BSJ-OHN news. Any rumor about them spreads like wildfire in .42 seconds!

    How cute is it that the entire Baek family is excited to have a baby? Hope the show gives our favorite couple twins so the baby stuff won’t go to waste.

    Oh and as for the replies here…now I feel like when I see a boat, I shall be thinking of something else aside from transportation. *arrrrgh!!!! No!!! What have you guys done??! LOL*

  34. Kind of late, but here’s another PKisser to barge in your party! I’m having such a blast reading your comments. Thank you for making my PK experience so much FUN.

    Special thanks to you Ockoala for allowing us to express our addiction and love for PK. Your recaps added another dimension to this craze. I’d been toggling in-between your recaps and JB/GF’s which was a double yummy treat. I don’t know how…but PK put me under its spell…poof…just like that! Alas, my rational self left… but no regrets I’m so much enjoying the PK ride.

    Humm, ..nothing in ep 1, so I thought, most likely the steam boat would arrive in ep 2 … but nada… by that time my disappointment meter was up …. now after ep 3, both my disappointment and impatient meters went way up. Waaah … I was so confident SJ & HN would be in that boat!!! Only 4 eps left. I’ll be happily contented if they satisfy the boating expectations in those eps. Hope there are more playful kisses in the coming episodes.

  35. *Lastly, Kim Hyun Joong, I trust that you are a man of your word. You promised the entire universe steamier love scenes in the Playful Kiss Youtube special, and I have yet to see it.*Lastly, Kim Hyun Joong, I trust that you are a man of your word. You promised the entire universe steamier love scenes in the Playful Kiss Youtube special, and I have yet to see it.*

    ROFL!! That’s what I was mumbling too at the end of EVERY youtube episode.. 😛

    *Mom runs off to broadcast this news to the entire world.*

    I was seriously pissed at this scene. Have this love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with meddling elders. I wish she’d just leave this couple alone and only help when she’s asked to and not before.

    *But he concludes by saying that a baby like Ha Ni would make his daddy-life quite interesting. *

    Seung Jo must have shuddered in dread thinking about having little Seung Jos running the household and talking balk to him in monotone.. eeep.

    *I liked how Seung Jo approached the prospect of being a dad, with careful thought plus anticipation. *

    Yeah, rather than thinking that Seung Jo is not happy with having a baby.. I think it’s because he’s quite worried about it being too soon and how they’re gonna cope with a baby at such a young age while they’re both studying. But once he’s prepped himself (probably having monologues about it in his head on the way to and back from the hospital.. or something), he’s all.. “ROAR! LET US MAKE A BABY!” ..while Hani can’t do anything but giggle about the whole thing.

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