Newest Set of Posters for Athena: Goddess of War

Who has a defibrilator? Sized for a Koala? I think my heart just stopped. I’m sorry, I love too many awesome actors to count, but the sexiest cast of the year award I hereby bestow on Athena: Goddess of War. I mean, the double whammy of Jung Woo Sung and Cha Seung Won is enough to induce seizures in me (OMG, it’s Chul Soo v. Jo Gook, I dies). I honestly don’t think I have seen Jung Woo Sung look more drop-dead sexy as he does in the poster above (the jeans, the mussed hair, the expression – he is 100% the intense and tortured spy-to-be right there).

I think the latest posters for the drama are finally losing the glossy photoshopped veneer of the earlier posters and going for a more gritty and/or urban feel. While it’s neither innovative nor memorable, but it does the job. You know what you’re getting with Athena – huge gorgeous cast in a spy thriller.


Newest Set of Posters for Athena: Goddess of War — 8 Comments

  1. I see Choi Siwon! Yays. Omg in poster 1, it doesn’t really look like Jung Woo Sung although it IS him but it’s such a different look that I almost couldn’t recognize him. Me likey.

  2. Siwon looks COOL :)) (I have to admit that even when he’s not my bias in SJ)~

    In the first picture, the guy in the middle looks a lot like Hyun Jun from Iris!! 🙂

  3. I still can’t get over Cha Seung Won pirate/mafia boss hybrid look but after seeing the poster, will definitely check this one out for Mr. Sexy carpenter/architecture.

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