Major Picture Spoilers For Episode 5 of Mary Stayed Out All Night

Click at your own peril. Don’t come screeching to me that I spoiled the excitement and the surprise. Frankly, if you’re watching Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) for the new and novel plot twists, then have I got a horse to sell to you.

Oh, and an addendum about the upcoming Mu Gyul haircut. It might still happen for real further down the line, but apparently in this go-around, Mu Gyul is wearing a wig. It’s likely a fake-do he has donned for whatever plot developments require of it.

[Credit: the kiss spoiler stills have been released from KBS]


Major Picture Spoilers For Episode 5 of Mary Stayed Out All Night — 58 Comments

  1. My mouth dropped wide open when I saw this.
    Can’t wait til your recap tomorrow night so I can attempt to watch it without subs:P

  2. Holy crap! It happened! Way to up the ante, Mu Gyul! I approve very, very much.

    Also, I want Mae Ri’s hat.

    (Ahem. Thanks, ockoala! This post totally made my night.)

    • I aim to make people get a restful night of sleep? Or did it accomplish the opposite. By the way, I have a feeling this manhwa author likes to create friends of the main lead that I want to dip into vats of boiling acid and then fry them in hot oil afterwards. The “friends” in Full House were likely some of the worst human beings on the planet. Mae Ri’s are showing themselves to be equally as lame and pathetic.

      So Jung In is rich and handsome, apparently that is sufficient reason for Mae Ri to just capitulate and marry this guy for life? Me no compute.

      • Yeah, I hate it when people think someone’s outward attributes are all that matter in a relationship — I mean, come on, you’re marrying the man, not his money. I guess some people would be happy with the money, but I’d rather be happy with the man.

      • I agree why would they base marrying someone because of status and looks he obvoiusly has other good qualities to base their assessment…that is just so lame…

  3. there are other newer photos released by KBS, must say MGY looks very pained, surely it’s not that bad kissing JKS? πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    This totally made my day. If for some completely unsuspected reason Mae Ri ends up with Jung In, I will make it my mission to personally hunt down and destroy the maker of this drama. Mae Ri and Mu Gyul are just too darn cute together!

  5. kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! i just finished watching episode 4 and was happy with the way it’s really getting complicated!! yyyeeeeee!!! πŸ™‚

    love the line “boku ga iru”.. aaawww.. it just melts my heart.. and two equally good guys too!! i’d be confused myself if it was me in Mae Ri’s place!!

    thanks ockoala for making sure that it’s a must to watch the next one!!! hehehe.. i can sleep with a grin on my face. πŸ™‚

    • kittykat!! You’re here!!!! Appear and disappear like a …kittykat? LOL

      Yeah, those words were so OOOOOOOOOH and AAAARGHHHHHHH sorry can’t express my feelings in English LOL. And his VOICE when he uttered those words…..AAAAAARGHHHHHHH And that kiss on the forehead…..*faints*

      BOKU GA IRU…..I just dissolve into blissful mush….

      • hey sweetie!! yup.. i’m sorta lurking around.. πŸ™‚
        was really busy the past few days and still reeling from you know what..(PK-love..hehehehe)

        i do like what’s happening with the drama and i’m having a hard time choosing between two hot guys.. nyahahaha!!!

        and ooohhh!! the line was just so heart-melting really!!! and how Jung In said it at the end.. and yes!! with the kiss on the forehead!! and i like it when he said that Mu Gyul was his rival now.. so it only means he’s going for it!! things are really heating up!!! hihihihi..


    • @kittykat β–Ί annyeong meow-meow!!!! glad to see you here in m3!!! πŸ˜€

      @mayssenger β–Ί i just love… love… love the way kjw said it. ……. BOKU GA IRU, it made my heartbeat beyond normal rate that i was grasping my breath for a second and made me fall for him again and again and again.. waaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yay for it not taking twelve episodes for kissing to enter into the fray! I’m all for upping the ante. ^^ As for Mu-gyul’s hair…is his long hair really JGS’s own? Or is he wearing a wig? ‘Cause MGY clearly is.

  7. SUPER PSYCHED about the kiss!! Ah~~ (went screaming of exciting and back!)…and in my head (screaming still on) is loving and imprinting the image of the kiss!

    For JI, you need to bring your A game to the table!! Otherwise you are gonna lose it for sure! It is almost here!!!!

    Thank you Ockoala for the spoilers and the pictures!

  8. Ahhh. Surprised here. Haha. I have a drama theory….that is….which ever guy kisses the girl first…ends getting the girl. This formula has worked most of the time except for Boys Before Flowers…and maybe a few others that I have not seen.

  9. The best part is that, Mary’s first kiss is from Mu gyul. Both harry potter kiss and the kiss above.. Me likey…

    Its sickness, I am totally in love with Marry Me, Mary…

      • ehehe, true2 in bad guy he kissed the girl first though… pity himm…. but what to do… i love mu gyul more… ehehe ^_^

      • @reverie LOL yeah, maybe those korean scriptwriters will finally take pity on poor Jae Wook cos they’ve broken his poor heart so many times, and they’ll just say; “What the heck, let’s make him happy this time around!”

      • btw, i cannot think of any drama in which the second lead got the girl thought he’s much better than the lead actor. can you name one for me?! i got frustrated many times and to name a few:

        1. princess hours/goong
        2. full house
        3. bof
        4. brilliant legacy
        5. you’re beautiful
        6. bad guy

        on a second thought, i think i’m getting used to it now. ^keke

      • @ allenif , the answer is NONE….*bawling*…NOT ONE!!!!!

        I think it’s because ….THEY ARE SECOND LEADS….*wailing and tearing out hair*. How unfair is that?????

    • hahaha its true… because they are second lead… its hard for second lead to get the one he/she loves… Because the scripts say so.. Hehe

      Btw, I watched Coffee House last few months.. and that one i think the 2nd lead got the main lead.. and also if you guys have watched one Japanese drama, tokyo love story… This is one of my fav drama… not happy ending coz the main leads not end up together… Sigh…

  10. omg this is soooo sweeet….man, this is hard! Allenif chingu, what are we going to do? I’m getting a major headache now – Jung In or MG?????

    • chingu… don’t be desperate!!! i know we’re outnumbered here so the more i want to cling on to kjw otherwise he’ll end-up an unwanted nobody. that would be so pathetic. though we all know that at the end, maeri will choose mo geul, it’s a blessing that we like him too. but for the moment, i wanna sing this for our beloved kjw β™«β™ͺβ™« nobody, nobody but you…*hands clapping* nobody, nobody but you *hands clapping again then pointing to kjw*β™ͺβ™«β™ͺ LOL

      • HAHAHAHA……so funny…..allenif, make that a duet!!! Me twirling cutesily-pointing cutesily-clapping cutesily with allenif LOL JUNG INNNNN!!!!! We’re with youuuuuu honey…..don’t give up cos of that kiss, baby!!!! Next ep it could be Jung In’s kissy kissy moment with Mary, Jung In shippers!! LOL

        But hey, Jung In, I love you and all, but you gotta quit being so BUSYYYY all the time….MG’s ship’s mighty attractive, and if you keep taking all those annoying phone calls when you could be busy kissy-kissying Mary, I may be tempted to jump ship really soon, I mean it!!!! (But hey, if you throw in a few more to-die-for Japanese lingo, I swear I’ll climb right back on again!)

      • hahahahah!! here we go again with the crazy!!! hahahaha!!! πŸ™‚ this is what i love about this.. hahahaha!!!

  11. Dear Ockoala, after I see those pictures above and your comments I believe that now, you can give non-stop fun to us.
    I felt a bit down after PK finished and not I can get back to normal because of your blog and M3. Thnaks so much again for your great work as usual.

  12. Damn finger! can’t resist clicking in..
    kaaaaaahh!! so.. this means… (following the piggy back and forehead kiss trend) Jung In will kiss Mary soon as well??
    gosh I seriously envy that girl!!

  13. Oh my you succeed make me hard to sleep because of that pic!MG got to be MR first kiss?JI,when you are going to follow that act.gaah so can’t wait till ep5 up.what time did it airing.want to see.this drama really making me excited.

  14. thnk u for spoilers!! i just can’t wait for ep 5^___^
    love love love the geun couple=)
    they’ll definitely end up together won’t they?
    i love spoilers!! hehe

  15. it’s great great!!!..I say!! roommates got all scared cause I screamed when I saw the picture of them kissing!!!..if it is for real, then it’s even greater, cause they always do fake kisses and the real one comes after a few episodes! this is just great for my fan addiction!!..and also thanks for taking the time to do the recaps, it makes my day a whole lot better!!..=)

  16. I just ran around in my frog toque, squealed, then hit a wall and fell down exhausted. But oh so happy. This is the best site EVER. Did i say BEST EVER? *gets up and runs around again*

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