Jo Hyun Jae Makes His Post-MS Comeback With the Drama 49 Days

The long wait is finally over! For me at least. For Jae Hee fans, keep on waiting guys! My first K-drama love, Jo Hyun Jae (the man who starred in the drama that got me into K-dramas), who was discharged from the military the same day as Jae Hee early in 2010, has finally settled on his first comeback project. Cue incoherent Koala shrieks of joy.

Jo Hyun Jae has all but been confirmed to star in SBS’s new drama 49 Days, which will follow Signs on Wed-Thurs. Co-starring will be two gorgeous leading ladies, veteran Lee Yo Won and relative newcomer Nam Gyu Ri. 49 Days will be the second soul switching drama to come from SBS, and the early plot notes makes it sound a lot like a cross between Reese Witherspoon‘s Just Like Heaven and Steven Martin‘s All of Me.

Nam Gyu Ri plays a woman who has fallen into a coma. Her soul somehow ends up in Lee Yo Won’s body (not sure if she takes it over, or if it’s a co-share situation). Jo Hyun Jae plays a man who, through circumstances, gets involved with Lee Yo Won (I’m assuming he meets both the real Lee Yo Won character, as well as the Nam Gyu Ri in Lee Yo Won’s body incarnation).

I really thought Jo Hyun Jae would step into Love Song with Yoon Eun Hye (he really was the perfect romantic leading man for that role), but I’m more than pleased with his selection of 49 Days. I just love my romantic dramas.

Lee Yo Won always gives me a very cool vibe onscreen, and is a hit or miss for me in terms of her acting. But I’m optimistic that they will have great chemistry, and the plot will remain sane and coherent.

49 Days is now my second my anticipated drama of 2010, now that Kang Ji Hwan is out of Faith. The upcoming sageuk The Duo with Chun Jung Myung remains my most anticipated drama of the year. Jo Hyun Jae may not be the best actor in the stable of K-stars, but he always works for me. He gives off both a soulful and brittle vibe, so his characters inevitably make me swoon.


Jo Hyun Jae Makes His Post-MS Comeback With the Drama 49 Days — 8 Comments

  1. thanks ockoala for this post.. im waiting for JO HYUN JAE.. same as you he’s the one that makes me love K-Drama.. I’m glad that i found this site because of MSOAN..

    thanks again and Godbless!!!

  2. *joins ockoala in her incoherent shrieks of joy* weeeee…jo hyun jae!!! i was hoping and praying for him or won bin in love song/tian mi mi, but i’ll take whatever i can get. he’s still one of my fave leading men. 🙂

  3. o wow another soul switching drama….quoting JB..these things do really come in pairs!…the plot sounds good…its like Freaky Friday meets Just like Heaven..I liked both so i’m not complaining.
    “For Jae Hee fans, keep on waiting guys! “….*sob*

  4. I love Lee Yo Won from Queen Seon Deok. Also in Surgeon Bong Dal Hee. I realized Jo Hyun jae and her have same date and year birthday. One April 9 1980 and the other May 9 1980. Funny coincidence…

  5. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Can you hear my dolphin noises of GLEE? I’m so happy he decided for a drama rather than a movie as a comeback project. o/

    BTW, what’s up with kdramaland? Why all the new dramas come into pairs lately?

  6. Yay! Jo Hyun Jae was also one of the reasons why I’m into kdramas now. He was one of my earliest crush aside from Jo In Sung, Lee Ji Hoon and of course Rain. XD

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