My Princess Episode 4 Written Preview

I just had a bottle of 1996 Rubicon Cabernet with a New York Bone-in Strip, followed by a molten chocolate lava cake with a Glenlivit 1994 cask in whisky. Satisfied does not even begin to describe me. Been in meetings all day, and finally bringing you the preview for episode 4 of My Princess.

My Princess Episode 4 Written Preview:

The Minister of Justice has issued a decree that Lee Seol cannot leave the country. The two (Hae Young and Seol) are shocked by this! Seol tries to take back the letter she wrote to her mom (about leaving), so she finds her mom who is attending service at the church.

Due to a series of events, Hae Young and Seol have announced to the world that they are getting married. Seol’s mom tells them to go register the marriage first. Both are stunned by this request.

On the other hand, because Hae Young is trying to send the princess abroad to study, Grandpa Chairman gets upset with Hae Young. When Hae Young finds out how his own father was abandoned by his grandfather, he becomes infuriated…..

My Thoughts:

What thoughts? All I know is that tomorrow my Heon oppa will be taking a shower of pain. In full frontal glory. I have no thoughts going through my mind right now. But I vow to bring you all this recap of episode 3 tonight, come hell or high water.

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My Princess Episode 4 Written Preview — 24 Comments

    • Kender, darling, babe, get within two feet of him and be prepared to lose an appendage. Just a friendly neighborhood warning. Crazy people be claiming SSH belongs to them, you know? :-)

      • Hey, what happened to that promise you gave me about letting me stroke his pecs? You never specified that he be fully clothed. ;)

      • I am reconsidering that allowance since you appear to be lascivious enough around ma oppa that I worry you will be unable to control yourself and jump him. Hhhhmmm, I think you’re back to ogling privileges only. :-P

    • All your twitter drooling (whilst I was otherwise occupied) has not gone unnoticed. I feel like I need to observe how you behave with respect to naked and showering oppa tomorrow to determine whether you should have your pawing privileges restored. :-)

      • Just take it as youthful exuberance and unruly hormones? :D I’ll do better in the future, I promise! ;o;

  1. i’m really lovin’ your blog of late more than ever, Koala! :D and yes, MP is my newest crack too – totally loved the first two eps and painfully waiting for ep 3 subs now!

  2. Hi Ockoala, I am very glad to hearing from you. Because I have been waiting… waiting…. waiting… patiently for new post (without it my day is so quiet, you know) today. I been worried that something happen to u.
    Take ur time pls, if u are busy, but cos, we are waiting for ur MP epi 3 recap. Hahaha….
    Thanks so much for epi 4 preview. I am exciting to watch it.

  3. Oh I have been waiting for this…thanks unni..hua…shower hot shoot…I bet lots girl swoon over that but not that fangirl enough for SSH yet…hehehehe…but I do fell in love with this drama…as this far they haven’t dragging to to useless plot and angst….but I got bit surprice because they bring the crack then angst on early episode but somehow this angst wont be dragging too long and soon we will see more crack and fun….

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