MV of Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok in Summer’s Desire

After creating a magical Geun-Geun in Summer’s Desire photo collection, zitalei has made an MV of her lovely photo montage. A what-if scenario of Jang Geun Seok, Moon Geun Young, and Lee Min Ho caught in a love triangle. I eat up its mawkish story with a spoon the moment I can pretend the Geuns are in it.

Click here to watch. To be honest, I would prefer the Geuns stay far away from heady melodrama like Summer’s Desire in picking a future project. If they ever work together again, I want both to challenge their acting prowess and choose a meatier project without too much weeping and staring. But in fantasy MV-land, I’m thrilled to have them doing something like Summer’s Desire.

[Credit: all pictures created by zitalei at Baidu Moon Geun Young bar]


MV of Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok in Summer’s Desire — 40 Comments

  1. i love the new gif header!!!!!!!!!…now i dont have to keep gong back to watch the episode to see the kiss….I can just come here…lol

    • You are right but the other reason I watch Ep 8 over and over is, when they meet again after that evil kiss (I shudder) on the forehead from Jung In. Anyway MG texts her to meet up and he is playing his guitar in the playground. That scene is so “precious to me” cause he acts all shy and yet happy.

  2. Love your header.such a tease just like our couple been doing.will look for the pv and give my thoughts.its going to be epic I know it.

  3. I bet you all money – any BTS footage of the alley handcuff kiss will never see the light of day. It’ll be like the Zapruder film. If the BTS of that little lip press kiss in episode 5 already showed the both of them were giddy and embarassed in ways neither has ever been doing kiss scenes (which both have done many times before with other co-stars), then the intensity of the alley kiss BTS footage will blow their cover.

    When MGY kissed the hell out of PIE in CU (multiple times), she was all business, no shyness afterwards at all:

    Yet a tiny little lip press with Seok and she’s all “oh, so embarassing”! Also, most dramas release BTS of the kiss footage, all the better to fanservice the viewers. CU released the one above that was like kiss after kiss take. And yet M3 refuses to release the BTS of the main kiss. Why? Conspiracists agree it’s because its too incriminating. *cue Koala evil laugh*

    Glad everyone likes the new header. Just a Friday gif(t). 😀

    • yep that’s so meanie..I want a reason why they don’t give us that..has something happen after that that will give us shock (not so for us) news???ME WANT KISS IN ALLEY BTS.

    • I’m so in agreement with you on that one. They probably exploded the screen with the alley kiss and were dragged straight home by their respective managers after, lest they grab each other and continue where that scene left off…hahahah There will be no BTS, more’s the pity. Could you please keep that banner forever? Actually, may I have it so I can keep it forever also? This is what I picture they’ve been doing since M3 ended….

    • Haha I love it! But unfortunately that theory just means we won’t get to see the proof that our ‘ship is a real one. ~tragic sigh~ But hey! Maybe they’ll come out and date for real like Hyun Bin and Song Hye-gyo! Can you imagine what kind of ridiculously talented and beautiful children they’d have???

      • I’ve already betrothed their children to Binnie’s. Yes, I have the next 2 generations planned out.


      Alright, the GeunGeun fever won’t ever stop for me, I’m afraid.

      BTW, I’m thinking, what if they’ll release the BTS for the alley kiss when the dvds come out? Guys, pray the kdramas gods with me please?

      • Sere bb,

        Lemme tell you a cute Baidu interlude.

        Apaprently the GeunGeun bar has been open for business for quite some time, WAY before GG was cast in M3. People be wanting them two together for a LONG time now.

        So, when JGS was cast in M3, some started a post praying to the drama gods that MGY would be cast. Apparently for every trendy in 2010, there was a new post asking for both Geuns to be cast in it (such as PK, SScandal, MGiaG, et. al.).

        Anyways, so JGS finally accepts M3, so the GG shippers start dreaming that MGY would accept. 1 month later, this post has got tons of responses from people praying for this dream pairing, when news drops that MGY did in fact accept M3.

        The very next first response on that post after the news drops is – “oh lord, this post must be a heaven sent post that makes dreams come true. All hail the power of this post!”

        Since then, that post has been revered like its the second coming of Jesus. True story. If you pray hard enough, apparently it came true for GG shippers.

      • That is made of so much win and awesome, I can’t even say, okay? Just to check that post and pray with all the other shippers, I almost want to start learning Chinese.


    • BEST HEADER EEVEER!!! And together with your “current koala love”, this is by far the most beautiful, photogenic and my personal most favourite blog page of all times! love it sooo much Ockoala, you are a saint CUPID!

      I want to reiterate my small, itsy, bitsy little wish: can we see our GeunGeuns in a Valentine’s day CF, pleease??!!

    • :O Geun Young is totally scary in that CU’s BTS. SHe just kept kissing and kissing and kissing and well… kissing, thing I noticed was at the end she massaged her neck, most probably sore from looking up for too long (LOL), seriously, after one take, then another, and another and another and she had no shy expression whatsoever? And it was broad daylight in a forest with at least ten people watching them? Scary.

      And why the heck a single peck made her face all red she needed to cover it? And JGS too? Aw come on you guys, it’s not like you haven’t kissed anyone on screen before! Anyone noticed in the BTS video when JGS (sort of) practiced the scene with her, both had this sly shy smile plastered on their faces? Until finally JGS said something to the cameraman (which, of course I don’t know what, anyone care to tell me?)

      All in all, I cannot agree more, the alley kiss must’ve been somewhat explode the screen or something, lol. Hey, I believe JGS has the copy of that scene (since he saved the ‘almost kiss’ picture-which we all believe he stares at every night religiously), maybe someone can mail him and ask him to give us the video? Because this guy is obviously like a little boy in love, one who wants to tell the world about his feeling, though he tries hard not to be too obvious.

      Failed baby, failed.

      *sigh… I think the virus had gotten over me too… Oh the GeunGeun virus…

  4. Thanks for the gif(t) koala.. never realised that her lips were apart when he went in for the kill, always thought she had them firmly shut…bwahahaha

  5. How are we ever going to get over this couple if you keep posting so much goodies about them. Someone, tell them to admit they are dating already so we can get on with our life.

    Lovely banner, my favorite one so far.

  6. I can’t see very clearly but it seems that MGY’s kiss in Cinderella seemed more ‘authentic’, ie more lip movement, than in M3. Didn’t know she could do ‘real kissing’ as well.. Now we’re seeing less ‘lip biting’ by actors and the actresses are getting more involved too.. now why couldn’t they do a more passionate one in M3 too.. pout..

    • There’s more “lip movement” as you call it, but she looks very stiff and uncomfortable. I’m not being biased. Even her positioning is that classic arms in front of you pose that actresses do when they’re feeling self-conscious. It’s almost a defensive position. Lastly, if you watch the end, she walks away, completely unaffected, while rubbing her neck which is stiff from the unnatural angle she was kissing him in. You wouldn’t be that stiff if you were kissing someone comfortably. If you watch the alley kiss, when the camera pans out, at the top of the camera, you can actually see JKS’s jaw moving a lot, like the kiss got more intense/passionate outside of our view. Very annoyed with the director for that.

      For your analysis:

      • His mouth kept moving. even though he could have just frozen in place. She was involved too, just watch her eyes. There was spittle too but don’t ask me to find it on dc gall.
        This was a real kiss or great acting (oscar winning).

      • yep their kiss is so much passion in it..they are not stiff like the one in SC..its more like MGY move her lips just a tiny bit..when with JKS in that alley..they move based on emotion so that’s why you can feel and see the good chemistry is you insist on they haven’t grow their love to each other in real life..

    • Have to agree with LizzyD.

      PIE and MGY’s kissing in CU was awkward, and was deemed as such by folks watching CU last year. It really felt like an oppa kissing his dongsaeng – but both trying very hard.

      It’s the need for the obvious trying that’s awkward. The way they are both so stiff during the kiss. I can see both of them acting.

      A good kiss should be very organic. Even a lip press sometimes works if it feels like the participants are swept up in the moment and its got some real authentic emotion.

      I don’t care if both people are thinking that the person they are kissing is their real life husband/wife/significant other in order to get into the moment. That works. In CU, it looked like PIE and MGY were thinking about the technical aspects of their kiss WHILE they were kissing. It was clinical and came across that way for me, lip movement or no lip movement.

      • For CU/CS, you could see their brains clicking the whole time about where to put their arms, how to tilt their heads, and how to move their lips. Whereas the alley kiss just happened. Organic is the perfect word to describe it. And why were there no fancams on the set of M3 like in PK???

  7. awww.. i love the analysis that you ladies gave.. my shipper heart is ridiculously happy after reading your comments.. I dunno.. i always get goosebumps watching the epi8 kiss, no matter how many times I watch it.. def no reaction for the cinderella kiss and I thought I was being biased 😛

  8. Thanks ockoala for this fantasy MV…Who knows next year it may become a real drama project. Can’t wait!

    Got a kick out of your/LizzyD/RM’s “lip action” discussion/comparative analyses. 🙂

    Hey, shall we review the evidences/hints we have so far: (1) “organic kiss” (to borrow ockoala’s word ) in M3 ep 8 (2) sending picture of himself and MGY to MGY during BTS of M3’s prayer ceremony (3) JGS calling MGY without the honorific “-sshi” (4) chair re-arranging at awards show (5) JGS’ jealous glances at the same awards show (6) JGS mentioning SG’s OST “You’re my Spring” and MGY using the same song as BG music in her CY page on same day.

    Any other evidences/hints? 🙂 Have a good weekend everyone!

    • 7. MGY putting 2 songs from Beethoven Virus OST as BG music in her CY page.
      8. JKS’s message subject header “Romance has begun”. I don’t care if he said he’s joking. I think it’s true.

  9. Our boy is a charismatic enigma, isn’t he? JGS’s thoughts run far deeper than his Lounge H persona would have us believe. I want to emphasize that I truly see NOTHING platonic about the way how GeunGeuns react/respond to one another at the awards show. What he is saying is that clearly MGY is someone whom he connects exceptionally well with on a mental and emotional level. She challenges him. Add physical attraction (can anyone honestly stand out to say that neither one of them are physically unattractive???!!), and we have all the best ingredients ready for LOVE:)!!! I have faith in our GeunGeun ship. They are trying to steer carefully and steadily over the rainbow (to find that pot of gold of everlasting happiness), whilst all the time keeping a cautious eye on the potential rising waters. I like to think that JGS is laying the ground work for a MuGyul/Maeri future together.

    • “””I like to think that JGS is laying the ground work for a MuGyul/Maeri future together.”””
      Well said…true to every word… I’d like to think that too… he he….

  10. Just wanna drop something that you all might think about, i hope you dun mind reading it, just a piece of my thought.

    Well, somebody says that it’s scary seeing how GY kept kissing JM even if it’s broadlight and about a bunch of folks watching, some added that all they did was how they “technically” conducted the kiss.

    Let me remind you that GY and JM are actors, great ones, with tons of experiences and acting expertise. They needed to do this professionally, as what the scene required. The alley kiss in MSOA looks organic and spontaneous, yes, why? coz it has to. That’s what scene demands from GS and GY. But the ones in CS demanded different feel, the one in eps 19 where you all have watched needed to be done as carefully and beautifully as long lost lovers finally unite. They finally explore each other “physically”, lips, in this case. They’re exploring, not only their souls coz this time they found each other in their own arms, this is what happening in CS.

    Both JM and GY are so professional so no matter how many kisses needed to be done, where and when the kiss filming took place, how many people were watching, they just ready to nail the scene. About the embarassment, i saw how GY didn’t even dare to show her face to the CS crews during the filming and kept hiding hers in JM’S shoulders. Are the kissing scenes between CS and MSOA different? Yes, they are. The scenes require different feel, different emotion, by different actors. That’s all i wanna say.

  11. @ockoala: can i ask? i want to know what is the title/song in MV of Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok in Summer’s Desire? 🙂
    i love all the pictures of geungeun couple there and especially the song that im asking.

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