Heartstrings with Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa Releases Teaser Trailers

While I am nowhere near ready to start a new drama, and have so much backlog I’ll probably get to some by the year 2014, I do know that the early Summer drama I am most looking forward to is Heartstrings with Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa as students in a college musical department dealing with romance and musical dreams in equal measure.

MBC released some additional stills, but more importantly, also released the first two teaser trailers. I’m not going to lie and say that I like Yong Hwa because I think he has potential to improve on his wooden performance in You’re Beautiful, because frankly I don’t think he’s got that much upside as an actor. However, he’s charming and has already proven to have great chemistry with Shin Hye. With that, I think I can totally buy into their story and OTP.

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:

I just love the color palate for this drama – all mellow yellows, vibrant greens, and crisp whites, which are really the colors typically associated with youthful energy, hopes, and dreams. Heartstrings will premiere in three weeks following the end of Best Love.


Heartstrings with Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa Releases Teaser Trailers — 20 Comments

  1. Oh wow, BL is coming to an end already? *sobs*

    I’m still wary of Yong Hwa pulling this off. His acting in You’re Beautiful was not very convincing hmmm.. But again, he did MBC We Got Married earlier (acting required to pull off couple vibe?), and I really really liked him in there. Maybe he just needs to relax and let the groove sink in?

    Anyway, not entirely intrigued by the whole premise yet. But watever, dramas own me life now. I’m gonna watch anyways.

  2. those stills are SO DAMN CUTE!!! the cutest I have yet to see from this drama…. I do seriously doubt JYH’s acting chops but the boy is very charming…or at least his Shin Woo was in YAB was….also his chemistry with PSH doesnt seem too bad..that second trailer was so cute….who I really want to see more of though is Song Chang Ui

  3. The guy’s acting resembles like kim hyung joon and even the way he smiles. The first teaser with park shin hye singing in the background made me remember her again from the your beautiful.

    • hehehe i do agree with ur comment that he had same acting as kim hyun joon im not a fan but let see how it will turn out

  4. I’m looking forward to this very much, if only for my You’re Beautiful fangirliness, which, embarrassingly enough, stops just short of acquiring a pig rabbit doll. That being said, while Shin Hye and YongHwa look very cute together, their chemistry is nowhere near on par with what Shin Hye had with JGS. I liked the first teaser because YH seemed more lively and expressive, the second one seemed a little too reminiscent of the look of awkward mild constipation that plagued some of his YB scenes. Perhaps because of the guitar? Funnily enough, ShinWoo’s performance moments in YB seemed the most heartfelt and emotionally genuine. It’s still early to tell though. I am hoping for the best but I will probably watch this even if I have to suffer through it.

  5. ^ I bought a mini Pig Rabbit. *hangs head in mild shame* BUT IT’S SO CUUUUTE. And more interesting of a character than Shin Woo.. <.< But for real I hope this time around he can pull off something besides near constant poker face. Someone above said his acting was like Kim Hyung Joon, and I'd have to agree it reminds me of him– in that they both can't. It should be said that there's still time to improve and save my opinion of him, since I can still look at him fine, whereas KHJ's face just makes me instantly irritated. HOW. CAN. SOMEONE. CLAIMING. TO. ACT. BE. SO. EXPRESSIONLESS. But ANYWAY, those stills are cute (well… PSH is the adorkable part, as usual, he's not really doing anything) and the show itself looks pretty and bright. Which makes me hope it's more lighthearted than not, since I'd heard it was a "youth melodrama", whatever that means. I'll watch anything with PSH, though.

  6. i really hope jyh’s acting improved. but i’m a little worried since he’s playing a cold type of guy. and he might show a wooden acting again. i think a bright/active character suits him more since it’s close to the personality i’ve seen in him from variety shows.

    anyway i love psh! i’m watching the drama mainly because of her. i just love her. have i mentioned i love her? =p

  7. Aww, that’s cute. The color palette looks great; provided it’s stays the same and it’s not going to be used in the teasers alone, this drama may turn out to be gorgeous to look at.

    I can’t wait to have my SCU back on screen every week. Wheeeeeeeeeee, I’m SO excited!

  8. let’s all give YH a break, after all YAB is his first drama..i’m sure that he already has that confidence now which i think was still lacking when he was in YAB and this guy is hard working, so im sure he already worked on his acting…anyway, i definitely will watch this drama since i love psh ….i also think that she looks great with YH….

  9. I always wonder if I’m going to like this kind of show… having twice been a music major. Here’s hoping!

  10. I can’t wait for this drama. Park Shin Hye made me love her in You’re Beautiful and other korean dramas after that even if i am not korean. For some reason when I watch her I can feel the emotion shes trying to impart to her viewers in her shows so that makes her a believable actress.

    About Yong Hwa, I felt his sadness in some part You’re Beautiful so he was just ok then because i knew he was struggling to act properly since that was his first drama so I understand. I am praying he does well next to his experienced co actors most especially PSH.

    I think their chemistry is just awesome as we saw before in YAB especially if you watch the shows behind the scene footage. They seemed to have so much fun in all their scenes so I pray they do not show awkwardness towards each other this time because I think i read somewhere that they might kiss .

    I will support Heartstrings and will pray for its success!!

  11. WTF!!!!
    i dont even care if he act like CRAP! im totally honest!!!
    im gonna wATCH this until the END !!! yonghwa i mis u so much!!!!!!!!!!1
    i need to see u !!!!!!!!!!!
    waaa im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope they do a cameo of hyun!!!
    it would be perfect! and yes!! im a goguma couple fan!!!!!! and im proud of it!

  12. yay they r so cute together!! im so sorry guen suk, i think im having a half heart bout u and park shin hye.. but just a comment, the shoes he’s wearing in that photo doesnt seem to fit a rockstar, it more of trackstar.. i was kinda hoping of a sneakers or converse..hahahah!

  13. I’m getting excited with this kdrama “Heartstrings” starring the beautiful and talented Park Shin Hye and adorably ‘dorky’ Jung Yong Hwa. something young, different, refreshing take, lovely color palette they are fresh. Thanks Koala !

  14. So excited for this drama!!!! Been looking forward to this ever since they said they are the two leading actors!!! Even though I’m a YongSeo fan but I’ll still support Yong Hwa’s projects. They do have good natural chemistry ever since I watched them in You’re Beautiful! As a CNBLUE fan, I hope Yong Hwa can show good acting for this drama as the lead actor. Not expecting to high but just hope he can do justice for his role. Loving the other casts too. I love the color combinations of the wardrobe! Simple and cute. Few more days!!! 🙂

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