Stills of Cut Scenes from Lie to Me

SBS has been re-broadcasting Lie to Me on weekends, and this weekend’s re-broadcast of episode 14 actually added back a scene that shows more close-up pictures of the very public declaration by Ki Joon that he loves Ah Jung. These pictures further confirm one thing for me – both Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye are falling so out-of-character, and have been for quite some time. It’s been going on since episode 11, mostly with Ji Hwan since Ki Joon has morphed into someone resembling the real life personality of Ji Hwan. But lately Ah Jung’s more reserved demeanor coupled with a new-founded shyness also screams Eun Hye to me (contrast that with the tomboyish personality of Ah Jung in the early eps).

At this point I don’t even know what LTM is anymore. Is it a drama? With a plot written by a screenwriter? Or it is Ji Hwan and Eun Hye goofing off on set and dating onscreen for all to see? I’ve seen plenty of trainwreck dramas, but never have I see a drama become not a drama, and something straddling that fine line between fiction and illusive fact. I’m also bringing some stills of a cut scene from likely episode 7 or 8 of the drama. It shows Ah Jung (still with longer hair) browsing at a toy shop that sells miniature models. I can’t wait to get the D-cut of LTM to see all the cut scenes that never made it on air.

I would have loved to see this little scene of Ah Jung going shopping for the miniature models that Ki Joon confessed to liking. It really highlights how much she really wants to get to know him when she started falling for him. My favorite part of the early push and pull between them is how much Ah Jung wants to get to know Ki Joon, and how Ki Joon allows Ah Jung so much leeway in disrupting his life.

[Credit: all pictures from DC LTM Gallery]


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  1. Koala, I totally agree with you, never seen a kdrama that runs off better with the OTP reality dating than that of the screen writer….actually the outcome i think was much better than what could have been the writer’s ending???
    ohh how i love the way these two become the king and queen of ad lib in drama as we have seen all those scene that they have ad libed was so good you wouldn’t know it wasn’t in the script if you wouldn’t have told us. and only them i think can pull such a stunt ha??? i can’t wait to watch the final episode of LTM…i hope that SBS would give their international viewers the ending they like to see…though LTM wasn’t that much rate by korean viewers but its good to know that internationally they are quite famous and widely accepted hope they take that into consideration in filming the ending…anyway, praying for the next LTM drama or another drama with KJH and YEH….they are for me the OTP in and out of the screen…
    Thanks a million again ms Koala for giving us updates and news regarding this very adorable pair…hope SBS have a follow up drama for them after LTM…or much better hope to read that they are dating for real….and that both of them are trying to give each other tips on how to clean the house and do interior design with their homes….that would be AWESOME!!!!

    • You know, the minimal plot and writing that went into LTM may have actually been a great canvas for KJH and YEH’s acting skills. Both actors are well known for being quick and sharp, with KJH having huge theater background and YEH with all her variety show experience and being allowed to push scenes by the PD in Goong and CP. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they ad-lib so well. What’s great is that they feed off each others’ energy producing really great chemistry on screen.

      Because there was so much room for improvement in the actual screenplay, they had a lot of space to be creative and really bring their characters to life rather than just rely on plot and lines to dictate the story. But what’s even better for us is that their characters are really close to their personalities in real life… which is where we all get super excited and gleefully confused.

      Though LTM lacked so much on the writer’s part, it almost seems so perfect to see our OTP really stretch their acting muscles.

      • And I heard that if the ratings suck, the leads are likely to bond real tight through cheering and reassuring one another. If the ratings soar, they could share the joy of success, but most likely they get really busy and dizzy with tons of future offers and sudden boost of public interests, which easily leads them to go separate ways with their works ahead, after all they are working individuals.
        That’s why we get to see more RL couple from less than mediocre series.

    • Thats what I’m saying since episode 11, it’s like the flow of the drama you don’t know if this ki joon or ah jung anymore in the drama. They make them so close and sweet to each other that they affect the ah jung and ki joon in the past. And the 2 remaining main character Yun ju became miserable, they didn’t fix her character and Sang he was left behind they just let him to be a stupid guy not to let him to express his feelings, they didn’t fix his role too. They focus too much to ah jung and ki joon that they didn’t know that it’s affect the story too much. I really like the old writer, the first writer of Lie to me I want them to get her back. Why they change her, that she even get the drama good than the new writer. They shouldn’t change the writer until the end because it gets complicated if they do like that, like what we are see right now.

      • But first writer sucked big time. If you read her scripts, you can find whole lot of it has been changed when filiming. Much of the results you see on screen is not what she wrote in the first place. And surprisingly, it was improvement for the most part.
        For instance, the written preview for legendary 8th ep is completely different from the actually aired one.
        I guess they changed the writer because they couldn’t afford time to revise the scripts anymore.

  2. Im so so liking this.
    Koala, thansk to you im preparing to shell out big bucks for this directors cut. Never done this before, will never do this again. But I have to have it. gah.
    And, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t this week go by a little faster than the previous weeks? I’m not complaining mind you, I’m just kind’ve astounded. Anyways, Why are there no more spoilers SBS!!

    • omg ME TOO. I hope they release a region 1 or an All Region dvd set… otherwise I’m gonna have to find one of my old (now obsolete) mac laptops and change its region to Asia just so I can enjoy the dvd.

      • OMG I didn’t thinl about that region code. gah. Well sometimes all it takes is for you to download the right player. OMO, im still gonna buy it.

      • Tech advice at the ready here. First VLCplayer will play about 70% of discs regardless of region. It actually depends on the drive, not the disc. The key is to set the computer to NOT automatically start the disc. It should do nothing, and then you start VLC. Chances are pretty decent it will work.

        Now, should that not work, or should you be ummmm…as addicted to tech as I am, you merely buy yourself an external DVD drive for $35 or so, and set it to region 3. There. Done.

        Personally, I have an internal drive set to 1, one set to 2, and an external drive set to 3. I watch a lot of imported movies, so it’s simpler than wrestling with software to keep my drives set nicely.

      • Thanks @momosan. I dont mind buying any new gadgets. I’m so obsessed with techs that its a wonder why I still dont have the Ipad. Gah. but I’m seriously wondering if I should splurge on it or save diligently, that way I dont feel bad for dropping so much money at once. I can wait though.

  3. Thanks koala!I’m also curious about that scene..hope they shown that scene so that we can really see Kj’s side..why so many cuts?!okey today is sunday and tomorrow is sad…. last 2 episodes..=( … I don’t know what will I do after LTM ends..guess I’ll be watching it again and again and again!I don’t see AJ and KJ in every scene at all, all I can see is YEH and KJH after the cola kiss!!Is there really something between them?Or they’re just great actress or actor?!oh well only destiny can tell..but i’m crossing my fingers!hehehe..

  4. I bet they will include these to the DVD under deleted scenes. BTS will also be added cause in the past few weeks the SBS did not release any new BTS (wonder why?–are they hiding something)

    • Whats with the ? mark? hehehe

      Looking at the first couple pictures, I had an errant thought: What if before they filmed the “Hyun Ki Joon shouts his love” scene, Kang Ji Hwan whispered to Yoon Eun Hye that he’s doing it for real. HAhaha That would be so cuute.

      • How I wish he really did that Leishers..sometimes I wonder if I’m watching the actors acting as couple or the couple acting as actors…but I’d rather choose the latter one, that perfectly fits them.

      • Hahah I prefer your latter too. I like YEH so much, but I really wanna see her get married. Usually I just wanted to see who that lucky guy would be. But now, I know who I want that guy to be. I just dont want them to use the excuse that because they were acting so intense a love couple, they didn’t trust their true feelings. Gah, im still hurt from Ariel and Joe though I love them to pieces. Heheh

      • I agree, I don’t want him to use any scene as an excuse, if KJH (hopefully) feels something for YEH he must do it in the right way, then quickly tell us the news because we are desperately waiting for that :).. I just want them to have a happy ending like the My Princess, MGIAG, and much much better like the BL.

      • I watched both MGIAG and bits and parts of My Princess–esp the ending, and I liked them, but not too much. The happy was so short. Though I think MGIAG ending was very fitting. But with LTM, I’m looking for major fan service ending akin to Secret Garden. bahahahha. Well more happy. I do hope Ah Jung get to set that Aunt of Ki Joon straight though, so the aunt can eat major crow. I’m just so tired of seeing half of the OTP get verbally abused by the other half of the OTP family. I mean, someone needs to stand up and say enough is enough!! Like wiatch, I love your son (in this case nephew) but your not going to talk to me like that. I know who I am, and what I’m worth and its a whole hell of a lot. So you respect me and I respect you, or else we can just ignore each other for the rest of our life. Gah I swear. I mean, yeah its nice to have manners to elders, but dont let them brow beat you and make you feel like you arent worth salt. Who died and made them god?
        Sorry this is all my anger from a weekend drama I was trying to watch because the plot sounded so cool. I should have known. I mean the main girl keeps letting the douche bag’s mother slap her in the face and throw water at her. When is she going to slap that Bit back? Gah, got me up and going crazy. And gomo just betrayed me that I have no qualms about extending said anger to her.

      • Silly of me, how can I forgot Secret Garden..the ending is definitely awesome..yah more like that kind of ending for LTM please…the one thing I like about SG was how both of them fought for their love. It’s just so annoying sometimes when we see our couple suffering because the opposition sick and tired of those scenes, with an exemption of SG of course since the OTPs fought back together. One thing I like about LTM, they didn’t exaggerate things that much…okay, I admit..who cares about originality if it means a happy ending for AJ and KJ…writer-nim, do it kinda SG way..

      • I’m with you two…I wish LTM ending just like SG n hope even Hotter (kissing n boating scene) wot..wot..wot!!!!

    • @ angelito… is there something wrong your keyboard PC/Laptop? or did you miss me? … I miss u gals… miss our fighting haha..
      Ooo I get it…you’re bad mood over the LTM’s tomorrow eps, rite? same as just like me. I don’t hate it, but I don’t enthusiatic as before .. I just want this torturing feeling is over. I know I’m gonna miss LTM so much …I know I will… but, u know.. even if so many spoilers pics comes out this week..still…I feel numb πŸ™ I just re-watch the best moment LTM so it can helps my mood up…but ..still the feeling is there…. damn..this time I have to know the preview… I shouldn’t read it, it is effect me too much…. T.T

      • hi peipei n angelito..miss u so much…yup something wrong with angelito hhhmmmm….

      • @Peipei78, Nowhere
        She’s most likely down like the rest of us about LTM ending, but when she started to comment vincenzo snatched her away to comfort her in the *wink wink* nicest possible way. Heheh

      • @Peipei
        How do you know me so well?

        I don’t wanna end, but I don’t wanna keep suffering either, is a bittersweet feeling, is tearing me apart!!! …..I’m down, is the first time, in my history with dramas, that one hit me so hard!!! LTM, hit me in the face, grab me by my hair, and beat me down!!! I dont know how I will manage the last episodes. I think is gonna be like, the aftermath of a natural disaster!!!

        I miss you all so much, that is why I don’t even wanna post anymore, this sadness is too much, I feel like I’m loosing my friends, people who understand my craziness…. This thing hit me hard, too hard!!!


        I’m down, really, I think, I take LTM madness, and all the good times, cry times, get-to-war-times, for granted, and now, they are biting me in my, butt!!! I’m not joking this is bigger than me, I don’t even watching more dramas anymore, I don’t dare!!! It affect me!!! I know is stupid, but it did!! Kind of lame…. I know, I know!!!

      • I understand your feeling not alone!!! we all suffers the same feeling wot wot wot!!!

  5. ahhhhhhhhhh a drama not anymore a drama… so all our speculations are not all the product of crazy fantasies of collective fans!!!! wow!!! thank you madame koala for bringing us news such as this!!!!

    all together—- squeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • oh dear…suddenly it dawned on me…it’s Sunday and tom is ep 15 and after that…. waughhhhhhhhhh i am depressed!!! LTM is ending!!! no more crazy speculations about whether KJH and YEH are dating in real life… no more bonding with the wacky bunch who can make 100 comment in less than an hour for such a trivial news as the ep 15/16 preview… oh dear i shall miss my chinggus here…snif snif you all make my life exciting and fun…waughhhhhhhhhhh

      • Its sunday your way? Its only saturday here.
        But Its ok Mizweng, hopefully we’ll have that aforementioned LTM forum to go crazy on, once LTM goes. (T.T) So we can still speculate as we please. But hopefully, we hear some RL dating tidbits. And even if that doesnt come to pass, we still get to see them at the awards together…Hopefully.
        This ween did go by fast.

      • It’s Sunday here in Philippines, actually still past 6 a.m and just like you mizweng it suddenly hit me the end is really fast approaching πŸ™ I’m exicited to watch how the show will end but I don’t want to miss my favorite couple..I hope Ms. K will open a forum for us LTM lovers where we can meet and what about continuing the story with Ms. K as our writer? can we have that request Ms. K? You don’t have to write everday, just do it Monday and Tuesday too…please?

      • @ Leishers

        yes it’s sunday here and I believe we are only an hour ahead of S.K… thank you for such comforting words

        @ Conie

        Hi Kabayan!!! where ka banda dito sa PI?
        Am rewatching the episode 1 of LTM…haaaay am missing our OTP already… waughhhhhh

      • @mizweng: Dito po sa Iligan City ..Mindanao..ikaw saan naman? It’s good to know there are many Pinoy going crazy with LTM…makes me so proud of myself hahaha

      • am from Davao…used to work in CDO almost 2 decades ago… and Iligan was part of my area then… nice to meet you here… Bisaya sad ka? hehehe

      • @ mizweng @ conie @ elma @nowhere @ larkspur – Hello Kababayans! Wow! It’s nice to meet you guys here at the playground. I’ve been enjoying your banter back and forth. I’m also feeling the pangs of separation anxiety from the OTP. I’ve been wondering how my Mon and Tues would be after LTM…@ Leishers – the week kinda flew fast.

      • @ mizweng @ conie @ elma @nowhere @ larkspur @drmjs

        hello mga kababayan! I am also fr Phils. sa Rizal, I never knew that LTM is sooo popular down south.. hehehe I am sooo happy to find that many Filipinos like YEH and KJH ^^ though we will be sad for the end of LTM we are happy that this… this had come to exist to give us more than entertainment!~β™₯ It made us crazy, for something that we know is only a drama, a fiction.. but we hope that will come true to life. :)) parang fairytale baga. ^^ That’s why we are supeeeer kilig and hoping that this will be the OTP that will come true.. ( but 50% of me is still wishing for Joo Ji Hoon and YEH so please don’t hate me, ok? )

        Just hoping that the rating will be higher for the final ep since that the other dramas I think have finished soooo… what are the other KOrean dramas showing in the Mon-Tues time slot? Was it Best Love?

      • @jingelbells
        pinay here! πŸ™‚ baby face and ripley are on mon-tue slot, but i don’t have a slight idea if these two are good ‘coz these are LTM’s rivals and i’m a loyal LTM follower.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ City hunter is good tho. πŸ™‚

      • @ mizweng @ conie @ elma @nowhere @ larkspur @drmjs

        hahaha! nagkalat ang pinay! hello mga kababayan ko! it looks like that LTM virus is all over the globe.

        @jingelbells san k s rizal? i’m also from Rizal.

        so sad that LTM have to end this week. i’m just hoping that the couple YEH & KJH will have a follow up project soon.

      • @pious0907 dito sa montalban ^^ hehe ikaw?
        taas noo rizaleno! ^^

        We could already create a Pinoy Fan club here, thanks to koala’s playground we were able to meet all!

    • @Mizweng and @conie
      You guys are making me miss my guy best friend. He too is from the philippines and I use to love hanging with him and his mom. His mom is soo awesome, ugh I miss em so much!! (Y.Y) Patty cake!!

      • we can be friends too Leishers..though we can’t be that close, definitely, like your bestfriend …it’s nice to have someone who shares the same passion as me, I’m so looking for one because none of my friends here love Kdramas as much as I am crazy about them…I don’t mind having you as a friend, how about yah? *wink *wink

      • @Conie
        Definitely! Friends…or as I like to say chinguuuu!!!! I am facing the same situation as you. My friends totally dont like K-drama. I got one of my friend to watch a K-movie and that was all because she couldnt get over how sexy the guy is. Heheh I only got my sister in it, and shes only occaisonal especially since I dont live near anymore. Gah. But I welcome a friend anytime, especially one who loves K-dramas and YEH.

      • nado nado count me in but I think am more of an Unni or a komo (aunt)?…nah let’s stick to Unni, shall we? hehehe yay!!! i feel a lot younger being with you guys…

        I thought you Leisher is an asian too… and nice to know that your bestie was a Filipino…

      • @mizweng and conie include me as one of ur kabayan. I’m here in sacramento, california and die hard fan of eun hye n kang ji hwan.

      • @Mizweng
        No im not asian, but when I fell in love with CP, I swear I was korean. I’m Jamaican, my dads family is irish and my moms family is syrian. Thats just me πŸ™ nothing too exciting heheh. Yeah my best guy friend is filipino. We are planning a reunion of epic proportions. We met senior YR of High school and we made everyone go crazy. We were an awesome duo.

      • wow!!! i bet you’re a beauty Leishers… You have a very interesting bloodline!!! It’s so amazing that the love of kdrama goes beyond races…hahaha

    • I will miss everything here tooo mizweng…… time same as Philipines..mabuhay mizweng n conie….hahaha…its sucks that it will end soon..oh my beloved OTP…when can I see you together again???hope forum LTM will be open soon…to continue feed our LTM addiction!!!

      • let’s just hang around here even though LTM ends..okay? Hanging around Ms. K’s playground is never a waste of time for me..thanks Ms. K, now I got more friends online who also love KJH and YEH! cheers to us all!!! πŸ™‚

      • oh yes nowhere and conie…we can still hang around here…and hopefully, find another drama to go gaga with again… actually, am more on a KJH fan although I also like YEH (of all the young female actresses, I like her the best)… but it’s really KJH who stole my aging heart!!! bwahahaha but seeing them together made me a giddy teenager… I haven’t squeee ot scream in ages!!! my son is so embarrassed of me lately…

      • yup..I will hanging..lurking…stalking at this playground till we find other drama that make us crazy like LTM did to us….so glad to know so many chinguss n can share everything about LTM…I love YEH more than KJH..but now my love for them is equal huahuahuahauhua!!!!

      • @Nowhere, Mizweng,Elma, kumusta po sila, I’m glad that I’m not the only Filipina dito. Nice meeting you guys, I’m From Virginia Beach, Virginia. I’m hoping that this OTP they will continue see each other after this drama. Hoping for a good ending.

      • Thanks Ms. K and her playground now I have you all here…let’s all have a good time stalking in this playground back and forth…Leishers, asian or not we are very glad to have you πŸ˜‰

    • Hey mizweng, Conie and elma, count me in as your kababayans. I just live down under now. Had been “staying” in this playground since PK (I was still back home then).

      • YESSSSS!!! thanks to this playground we got the chance to meet.. LTM became more special to me because I met chingus like you… Now, let’s all prepare for the last lap…

        Been watching LTM again…found a YT channel who had the entire subbed episodes and I am LOL going back to the times when AJ and KJ weren’t in love yet…

      • wow!! ..@larkspur I’ve been coming to australia quite lately this past 2yrs just to visit my “kumo” (she lives at gold coast) @ mizweng n conie I’m also a bisayan from cebu, just born there but grew up in manila. so all of you guys.. misweng,conie lieshers,amy, mzyumi, jinglebels, ish nowhere and pious…wow!! so many nice to meet you guys. and also thank u thank you ms. K for meeting all this chingus in your playground. until mon………….

    • oh well nice to see people crazy as me with lie to me , im yeh fan ever since goong and her chemistry with kjw is so phenomenal sad is going to end , like best love end n … hope to see another drama of yeh and kjw again , it just sad sometimes in kdramaland that most the hottest couple doesnt do another drama again …..

  6. I so wish that they really are taken with each other in real life. Gosh, they look so good together! And seeing them together even for the first time in Baeksang, felt like they belong together! Although they suffered in ratings, at least they found each other through LTM. Oh, did I say, they really absolutely look darn good together?! I wish they get married already lol!

  7. I’m still hoping that they’ll bring back this cut scene (of AJ buying toy tanks) as a flashback to a present she’ll give HKJ. (Or that YEH decides to buy a toy tank for KJH as an after-filming present.) Simply because Kang Ji Hwan drove tanks around during his military days (hence the obsession with his baby-Hummer)… would be so perfect.

    *channeling HKJ on the steps of AJ’s office before the airport scene… closes eyes, breathes in deeply*
    I’m in trouble… I miss them already πŸ™

    • wait… when did we change directors? because the guy in this scene looks like the same 2nd PD from this declaration episode…

      Is there a possibility that this is for the last two episodes still? And they put a wig/extensions on YEH? Besides, she didn’t really wear dresses just for funsies during the first half…
      It’s probably less likely though… but I’d still love to see this in before the show ends.

  8. Thank you Koala! I’m so happy that you allow us to play in you playground and for sharing your news and info about our beloved kdrama LTM. With it’s popularity I really hope that the finale will not disappoint us. Instead of 5-10 mins of happy ending a whole episode dedicated to KJ and AJ’s happy ending and to wrap up other characters ending doesn’t sound so bad. We will surely miss our OTP, they are the best! I never like Monday or Tuesday but because of LTM I learned to love it. If I get a chance I want to visit South Korea. I will definitely visit the Cherry Blossom Lane (where it all started). I would have to admit that I don’t really care that much about the plot of LTM I care most about the OTP they make it so believable and make me feel like what they felt for each other is true. YEH and KJH both are excellent actors. I’d love to see more of them. Ms. Koala please continue on stalking YEH and KJH and please share to us whatever you find about them. Thank you! Maybe they will make a special episode for LTM.

  9. I agree with you Ms.K, I was watching all the episodes last night before going to bed and I noticed that there’s something in Ji-Hwan whenever I see him act on his scenes, they say the eye is the window of one’s soul and I could see something in those cute eyes of him..on the other hand, I found some scenes of her that she seemed too shy to look at KJH, so YEH in real life…there are people who says that we are just dreaming because YEH is being paired in every actors that she’s worked with but com’on can’t they see that? I’ve spoken from someone who has been in-love, married, and living happily for 10 years…

    • I’ve never seen Eun Hye break character before in any of her previous dramas with any of her co-stars. This is the first time. She did it twice very obviously (in the airport scene and in the drunken “be mine” scene) where she got shy and then looked directly at the camera for a split second. Other times she just looks slightly embarassed by what’s happening. So. Cute.

      • haha sooo YEH indeed, adlib scenes are just so cute because she’s caught off guard … with that “be mine” scene I hope that KJH will do it in real life when filming ends..they would surely be the cutest and good looking couple plus they share the same passion. They won’t get bored when they will date, they just need to clean each other’s houses..they get to date away from the public eye plus they get to clean their houses..:D

      • At the airport scene, I just love how it’s Ji Hwan who can’t keep himself from smiling, and it’s not his character. Then there’s YEH who thought the PD would say cut, but didn’t so she got a bit flustered and did her usual shy YEH thing where she looks down and fidgets with her hair… then after gets back to character.

        The ice cream scene… KJH fumbled saying “Eyaah-jungah!” when YEH was attacking him.

        And of course, that declaration scene… if you just watch right before YEH looks at the camera after KJH naughtily says Oppa, you hear her stiffen in shock and gulp from being taken aback by the OPPA. I think she looked at the PD to see if he noticed, but since no NG was called, she went back into character.

        I love that they can push each other’s buttons on screen… I love even more than they know what buttons to push! If they haven’t started dating yet, I’m sure they can feel the mutual attraction. They just so obviously enjoy working together, it’s ridiculous!

      • yeah, the airport scene was my favorite as well….I could see both of them looked very shy and so in love with each other…..really love their face expression there.

      • Me b4 reading —> 0.0 me reading and after reading O____O nodding head vigorously. Oh Em Gee, You guys know how to satisfy my needs. heheh
        I love the airport scene though, it was so obviously adlib and so cute and sweet and especially sexy when Kang Ji Hwan did that I-miss-you-already biting of the lip. YUMMEH.

      • @Best Luv

        OMO, you have eagle eyes! Or, well, ears. I’ve just rewatched the ice-cream scene and KJH goes “jamkk– eu–*chuckles* andwae” *___* skdjfkdfhg BRB, too busy rewatching that scene over and over again.

      • how about the part before he delivers the’be my woman’ scene? Eun hye was adorably blushing when Ki Joon says that he’s jealous. Could that be adlibbed too?

      • I’m hoping another kind soul from Baidu or DCLTM will upload the actual scripts of those scenes… I just NEED to know what KJH actually added. There were so many times that he caught YEH off guard (at which point I automatically go *GOTCHA* pointing at YEH’s face).

      • Exactly! Koala, that’s what i notice too b/w the couple. in epi 11, during the dinner date, AJ can’t look directly to KJ. you can see that AJ suddenly becomes so shy where the scene requires them to be sincere in apologizing to one another. is the couple for reel or real?

    • @yann_cy: how and where can you buy the LTM DVD? I live in the US.
      @ Ms Koala: A thousand times thank you! You are awesome, please write more news of KJH/YEH…

      • @sere
        wat exactly do they have in the box set?? it’s so expensive!! in singapore, new dramas can be bought under $100……

      • @narissa

        Well, it really depends from the releases. If you buy at YA, you’ll most likely find the “director’s cut” (provided it’s released) or the “regular” version.

        The director’s cut, which is a limited edition and needs to be preordered, is usually very expensive, but it has lots of extras that can range from deleted scenes, interviews and behind-the-scenes to posters and signed cards or other special gifts and collectibles.

        The regular version, usually cheaper, can come in many flavors depending from the market it’s destined for. Differences among all these releases range from the cover (Japan release will most likely look different from the Korean one and so on) to the number and kind of subs (with or without English subs, with or without Chinese subs, etc), the kind of audio it is (just Korean? Chinese-dubbed?), the way the eps are edited and the lack or presence of extras. Re: extras. If there are any, they are nowhere near as many or as good as the ones provided in the Director’s cut.

        As a rule of thumb, I stay away from the Malaysian versions because while they’re usually very cheap, English subs may be…er, not exactly top notch (just my experience, okay?). And from the Japan releases because while they’re usually cuuuuuute, they’re almost as expensive and in many cases even MORE expensive than the Director’s cut.

        It all boils down to reading the specifics of each boxset and see if what you need is there. Watch out for the Region number as well!

        In any case, if you’re unsure, you could try asking here or at Soompi or at some other blog/forum and people will help you choose the boxset for you. Fans of specific shows usually know everything about each release! πŸ˜‰

        Whew, that was long!

      • Well here I am saying that I would buy this….is it going t be subbed? Or no? But either way I still want to see the deleted scenes.

      • @Leishers

        The dramas released for the US market have subs. Usually. Just make sure by reading the specs of the boxset, esp if you buy from YA where you do find several different releases of the same drama. I almost bought a Korean release once (it didn’t have subs!) and at the last moment I noticed my mistake. Whew!

        BTW, YA is my favorite online store for you can find all kinds of releases. Also? Free shipping! \o/

  10. It’s 9 am sunday from where i live jut woke up,i get my ipad from the bedside slide it open and go to my bookmarks and tap on my favorite playground…koala’s….and patiently hoping another story about or news of LTM…and i am never disappointed…what am i going to do after this..i am so messed up i think i will have a bad case of withdrawal symptoms from this more waking up and reading recap first in rebel soul and at work waiting for dear koalas recap…for a grown woman like me with 2 kids i shouldn’t be behaving lik this but when i am in this playground i feel that i am not alone that others have same reaction crazier than me and then i feel good that i am not the only one….
    Thanks for letting me play in this playground…..

  11. Good to see more news of our Cola Ice-cream OTP, thanks very much Koala. I’ve permanently parked myself at your website and can now hit the refresh button with both eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back!

    It’s been the sizzling chemistry between the OTP (on screen, at least) that keeps this LTM ship afloat and sailing – and me from abandoning it. Yeah, we’re seeing kind of a character-reversal taking place between the leads. But I, for one, don’t care as long as my Cola Ice-cream OTP carry on being even more lovey-dovey towards each other. Better still if they could fan the flame of passion till it’s burning higher than before!

    Now that the end is near, I’m expecting destination Paradise come Tuesday. So help me if I discover that the scriptwriter has pulled a fast one on me and that I’ve actually on been on board the Titanic all along. I’m truly going to hit the roof if I find that she’s lied to me (no pun intended), ie. should LTM not deliver an ending true to that of a romantic comedy, for that is what it has claimed to be.

  12. οΌˆοΏ£β–‘οΏ£οΌ›οΌ‰: OH MY GOD…! I just can’t believe my eyes….are they acting??? No…they in love baby hahaha…I wanna buy all the DVD about BTS,cut scene,wrap up party…promotion video etc….I Want ALL OF tHEM…please my fairy god mother Koala…n hwanhye shipper tell me if the DVD is out!!! Thanks again MAM Koala!!

    • how to get all those stuffs in the dvd set?? in singapore they normally just sell the dvd n sometimes the dvd of the OST……i want the complete set!! πŸ˜‰

  13. Please Ms. Koala, post all the BTS, Cut Scenes, anything related to LTM here…..I have always keep your playground on whenever I am connected to the net…..keep refreshing it everytime, hoping to always see something new related to LTM being posted here. I love seeing the picts of KJH hugging YEH above…..YEH looked very shy there.

    It is Sunday now, 7.43 am……really can’t wait for Monday to arrive with 2 more eps to go. Where is the preview eps….hehee…..

    Thank you so much….

  14. So sad, that LTM will only have it’s last two episode, but my addiction to this drama will gonna last for sure..looking forward to air this here in the Philippines.,I just heard that GMA7( one of the biggest TV station here) got the rights of LTM and it wil be broadcast on a primetime sched. OMG!!!GMA7(kapuso) hope you broadcast it, as soon as LTM ends in korea!!! and thank you KOALA for feeding our hunger to LTM!!!( always wondering what’s gonna happen on the the last 2 epsode)…

    • yeah me too is so excited though i first wish that ABS CBN would be the one to broadcast this here in the Philippines, seems I am now force to watch to rival station just because of LTM… Well this is how LTM quickly change my views…. soooo addicted to his…. and totally excited to watch it in our native tongue……. LIE TO ME, welcome to the Philippines!!!!!!!!!

      • He.he.he…Kapamilya ka pala!..but if LTM will be air in ABS, me also will be force to watch it in ABS..but I think as long as it is LTM rivalry issue will be put aside…look what LTM has done to us!!!just like you, I’m so excited to watch it in TAGaLOG!!!!! have a nice day! Sushi!!!!

      • @ conie
        ditto!!! i rarely watch at GMA7 πŸ™‚ ..their dubs are not that good..idk, but the magic is lost whenever kdramas are dub there just like SG..i just hope LTM dubbers are good this time, i’m crossing my fingers πŸ™‚ (btw, i’m from dvo πŸ™‚ )

    • hahaha i knew it!!! a good number of Filipinos are LTM addicts… great to meet you all!!! mabuhay!!!

      so, GMA won the bid huh?…yeah i also believe ABS does better dubbing… tho I rarely watch dubbed dramas now, am curious about dubbed LTM.. hmmm I hope they do an awesome job…

      • hi mizweng! kumusta? πŸ™‚ i wish GMA7’s tagalized version is good so all of my friends can watch it and understand why this past few weeks i’m like a robot glued in my pc waiting for any LTM updates, refreshing and stalking koalas playground, reading baby recap, mother recap, watching it raw then watching it with eng sub…hah!! i’ve never been this crazy my whole life… πŸ™‚ i even ditched my work.. πŸ™‚

      • hahaha yes am here near water district, bajada… ikaw? anyway, sorry didn’t reply at once I was watching LTM again… haaaay missing it already…

      • @ mizweng
        buhangin ko.:) i guess you’re 10 yrs older than me.. can i call u unni?? hahahha same here i’m rewatching LTM for the nth time…super kilig gyud.. πŸ™‚

    • I wish it will be in ABS they actually have better dubbers.. hahah but GMA have larger viewership for korean dramas.. but sometimes their dubbing will make you cringe, like in Playful Kiss (sorry!) I like Princess Hour dub, so I am looking forward My Fair Lady in ABS, just not sure when they are going to air, hoping NOT at the same timeslot with LTM. πŸ™

      • yes, I also rarely watch GMA…their dubs are so meh… I don’t think I’ll watch LTM on TV though…I can rewatch it all over again from my downloads without the inconvenience of bad dubbing, subs or no subs is still fine

    • gma 7 get it im so sad n ….. please lang ayusin nila boses nang lead , i get so irritated with what they did sa coffe prince and sg ang layo sa tunay nakakasira nang mood manuod

  15. Cant wait for the two last episode… like koala saying yesterday that there is again a love scene whoaa…. hope it is sooo ultimate hot just like the love scene in coffee prince… really love YEH… she is not just another Kdrama princess… she is so total artist, so cute…… KJH, dont look for another woman to love just look closely to YEH she is such an angel falling down on earth in real life…

  16. but i wonder why Korea had such low ratings?to think that most love eun hye, its just unfathomable to me. gosh ive been so obsessed with this drama its taking over my life…i feel like i’m going to get severe withdrawal symptoms, but not as severe after watching 49 days. best drama so far for 2011 imo =)

  17. OMG! The first few photos are just so, uh, revealing? OMG! These two are so into each other, just look at them! My goodness! They are just so cute you’re very right about that! I mean like So-Ran says about that universe thing, I think it’s just the most natural thing in the universe that they should end up in each other’s arms, you know. It should just be how it goes. I mean KJH seriously, it would be a huge waste if you wouldn’t pursue the one you’re holding right now, so please, please please! Date already!!! Thank you so much unni! This post makes me all giddy with happiness again mwa ha ha ha!

    • Why in the world was this cut? What’s going on in that editor’s head? Why, this scene is sooo darn cute it makes me giggle! I don’t understand at all. Okay, okay. In retrospect, when you see this scene, it’s not really KJ and AJ that we see for the love of god!!! It is KJH and YEH, my lord! Yup, ladies and gentlemen, we’re seeing the actors, by george! Not the characters – at all!!! Oh. My. God! I can’t believe these two aren’t dating yet! Good gracious, dear me!!! Thanks ockoala unni! You’re super!!! I can’t wait for the next ep!

      • we know that this drama has attracted so much advertisers that some of the screening time was taken over by advertisement, maybe they cut the scene so they can fit the whole episode within the time slot. … my thoughts only πŸ™‚

    • they should have cut the Yoon Joo’s portion when watching the clip, instead of this one…..this one is much much better…..

    • CUUUUTE!!! Why would they cut this indeed.
      @Larkspur you do have the right of it. We do not see KJ and AJ we see YEH and KJH. And I dont mind. I think that scene was so KJH and YEH. Gah I love it. *Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* these people are depriving us of good scenes, and showing us all those useless YJ scenes. Man, I’m so tired of YJ its not even funny.

    • I don’t know if this was intentionally cut during the first airing. It might’ve just been a victim of post-production in the live-shoot format, which is why the director added it during re-airing over the weekend.

      I feel like if it were intentionally cut, we’d never see it during airing, just like all those scenes b/w Ah Jung and Sang Hee after she finds out that Yoon Joo is back in the picture back b/w eps 8-9.

  18. Thanks Koala for keeping our addiction to LTM alive. I can’t ‘wait for the D version. I just hope I can get my hands on them… Anyone know which site offers Korean drama DVDs? It would be my first to get one for a series thats close to heart. I cant wait to see the cut scenes and other extras. Love this OTP and I too have shipped them in RL. πŸ™‚ Love this playground and will surely be around even after LTM. Fan service please writernim!

    • What’s D-version DVD? (I know the D meaning, just want to know what comes with the dvd set). Does it comes in English subs? I don’t think I have seen one here in my country.

  19. OMG – I have been hoping since episode 1 that they would bring back the whole fact that KJ likes miniatures as a hobby (which not a wide known fact), and then in ep 7 or whatever where he revealed that to AJ… I’ve been waiting for him to actually show it to her, like she requested hehe. Please bring that back in the last 2 episodes somewhere! Oh- so cute that AJ was shopping for something that KJ liked. If they had pulled some of the unnecessary side character scenes and added these back – then it would have been easier to see how AJ and KJ fall for each other. Instead everyone (non-fans mostly) just focuses on the kisses (lust part).

    Oh — KJ and AJ are soo cute together in that screenshot. AJ is soo embarrassed LOL. Who wouldn’t be. πŸ™‚

  20. I agree with you, chingus. There’s really something going on between the KJH and YEH. You can see it in their eyes. The small, secretive smiles they give each other, the shy glances YEH gives and the satisfied smiles that KJH projects in moments when they are interacting. Even if most of the scenes were ad-libbed, they being very talented actors, there’s that X-factor that you can discern even if you don’t look closely, as long as you are observant. It’s the gentleness and admiration that you can see in KJH’s eyes when he’s looking at YEH, like where have you been all my life. It’s the shy I-can’t-look-straight-at-him glances of YEH because in the first half of the drama, she was always confronting HKJ with a straight look and GAJ can still look at him directly. They look so good together. KJH majored in graphic arts, YEH is very artistically-inclined and can draw. She’s very much in character as she’s a tourism graduate. She’s a snazzy dresser, complimenting KJH’s dapper look. She likes to stay at home and be creative: he likes to stay at home, do housework and decorate. He says he’s preparing his house for the right woman and I fervently wish, like of you, chingus, that YEH is the ONE! Clasp hands in prayer.

    And, please, please, give us at least 2 more episodes or a 2-hour long special one – honeymoon and life after honeymoon.

  21. Oh – if they put out an awesome DVD, I will shell out the big bucks to get it. Dang it – gotta start saving cause I don’t have a lot of play money for myself. This is the first time in the 100s of dramas I’ve seen that I’ve even considered shelling out that much for it. Although, actually – if I really hate the ending – that is anything less than a happy one (so no ambigious endings and no sad endings), then I’ll probably reconsider.

    All this talk of it being Sunday – I almost thought it was Sunday… but it’s only Saturday night here. I thought I could watch DTYL for a minute there.

  22. LTM has been a documentary of their love… how cute! <3

    btw, still hoping for the GREAT ending next week…

    and… sharpening my claws in case i have to have a cat fight with the writer…
    *whistle whistle*

  23. I remember, in one of the bts for their jeju island episode, when they were all rehersing with scripts seated near the pool, KJH was all smiles and bantering back and forth with So Ran, YEH was just shyly piping in. If I were to compare it with most of their ad-libbed scenes…they are so NOT acting. Wow!

    Thanks Koala dear, you just made my day!

  24. thanks ms koala you’ve done it again giving us something to see and talk and be crazy about our fav super super sexy lovable OTP love u too just wishing that our YEH n KJH will give us the most memorable and best ending of of all endings in kdrama

  25. Do you ever sleep koala’s bears? Gheezzuz! So this is what withdrawal is all about. Tried watching other dramas but could not focused instead keep on stalking for updates on LTM. No one can beat you Koala….

    As much as I luv “Wuri OTP” me thinks other characters were ignored as everything is now all about them. Not complaining but we need some form of coherence to properly end the drama(?) or “the now reality show”. If just for that don’t you guys feel another episode is warranted? Or shoot another DVD version for our sake. Just sayin.

  26. I am so happy for Ms. Yoon EUn Hye that I can’t breathe. πŸ™‚ I love her. She’s pretty, talented, humble, professional and hardworking. Though others might see this as a failure in Korea she and Mr. Kang Ji Hwan is loved by the world. ^^

    Lie to Me fighting!

  27. thanks for sharing koala, wow i could not wait for tom, i’ll surely sleep past midnight just to wait for your baby recap, i pray for a perfect ending and will pray hard that KJH and YEH really end up together…i just love them

  28. So many LTM addicts from the Philippines count me in Im from Cavite hope we became friends. Hope they will issue in the Philippines LTM DVD with D-cut I will buy one. πŸ™‚

  29. Ack.I just thought I settled down and become human again.

    Then your speculations came out and I am in full fangirl mood over the couple.OH….I love love KJH/YEH or is it HKJ/GAJ.

    Please please for the love of God just date…just try one date please?Pretty please?

    I don’t think the noraebang one was 1 on 1.I now need to go look at the oppa scene again.Drats you guys I was busy on CYHMH editing.It’s at 96% and this couple distracted me again.

  30. as i watch ep 14 again n again, i realised that our ki joon bit his lips again!! it was in the scene at han river when AJ n KJ was having a car date……he bit his lips at the end of the scene after AJ said that he looked cute when he’s angry……an irony too for that scene when AJ said that “from now on we can only have our dates in the car”……most celeb couples do that!! hihihi…..

    • I share the same sentiment. However, years of experience has taught me that 99% of the couples I have rooted for never ended up together.

      An older and wiser me now just treat such couples as great actors who manage to bring their characters to life, providing us with sizzling hot chemistry onscreen.

      However, dear, old, cynical me has just been stumped by the news that one of my favourite onscreen couples, Eugene and Ki Tae Young are tying the knot next month – for real!

      That reminds me that we can always live in hope that our Cola Ice-cream couple can somehow land themselves in the minority 1% list of married celebrity couples.

  31. Omo! Did you know that Rachel Weisz (The Mummy) and Daniel Craig (James Bond) married secretly after filming Dream House? Did you hear that KJH and YEH? So are you gonna do a Rachel & Daniel and make us supremely happy? LOL

  32. Smr05@soompi just posted that theres huge typhoon going on in jeju island and our beloved couple is there atm for filming w/the crews. Let’s hope nothing bad gonna happen. Ji hwan aint gonna let some bad weather stopping them from filming their intense bedscene

  33. Not sure if you all would like to read this … rather… just see the pics spread over 3 pages. πŸ™‚

    Someone made a comment earlier when people were commenting about he and his hummer… something about shoes… πŸ˜› Whoever you were – your fault !! now i cant see these pics normally now πŸ˜›

    anyways, enjoy.

    • my crazy italian bud says it’s the hands LOL not the shoes/feet, opps i’m getting pervy. n this weekend, we plan to re-watch marathon all LTM eps n a possibility of D-cut dvd, we will be in line getting them. chingus, we luv u, pls do share more of ur keen observations, we were squeeling in utter delight!! thanks everyone! LTM fighting !

  34. Apparently it’s a known fact in Korea that Kang ji Hwan is still secretly dating jang hee jin

    apparently someone from kjh’s team said “its true that kjh and jhj have gotten close from the movie shoot. maybe its cos they played a couple in the movie that helped them get close quickly. and its true they have good feelings for eachother

    I guess Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye are just really amazing actors!

    • Really? Then why did he say in his latest interview that he’s single? My shipper heart refused to believe it. Haha. The guy is smitten with yeh

      • well then, if that is so… i will counter the KJH-JHJ thingy with this…(that news kinda hurt my YEH-KJH shipping heart)….

        it was also a known fact in the inner entertainment industry of korea(hehehe…) that YEH is in a relationship with KJK… she defended KJK when they were some who said that he is using her to promote his comeback after military… YEH is still used, sometimes, to tease KJK in variety shows… (eg. Cha Tae Hyun called YEH as the wife of KJK in FO…)… plus there scandal is still going on after 6 years…

        but despite all the rumors that they could be with someone else… i still wish deep inside that they could be together for real… i mean… they make me feel in love even though i don’t have anyone special right now… hehehehe… YEH-KJH!!! FTW!!!

      • No, she has never been in a relationship with KJK. Throught the X-man days KJK had a supermodel girlfriend and everybody knows KJK-YEH rumour is just a joke for publicity. And it’s somewhat true KJK used YEH for publicity after his military days. YEH defended him because she has a good heart and nothing more really.

      • actually… i just tried to counter the one above…
        it kinda hurt my eye, ear and heart that one of them might have another…
        kinda selfish but i really want them, KJH-YEH, in real life…
        and if KJK really did use YEH for publicity then good thing I don’t support him nowadays…
        YEH deserves someone good…

      • speachless, only could sitting in front of my laptop and cannot say anythin coz of that news, sad soooo sad… big hope for KJH and YEH being together in real life, but if they had already had a partner…. can not said anything (while sitting in front of my laptop sad face :() but that is their personal life what can we do? ….. :(…:(…:(…. all the best for KJH and YEH… πŸ™

    • Kang Ji Hwan has repeatedly denied this rumor. No one knows if they are in fact dating, but he has publicly stated it was not true. Neither Ji Hwan not Eun Hye are currently publicly dating anyone. Privately, who knows? But let’s let rumors that have been denied just die.

  35. I also refuse to believe the rumors. Anyway, it’s just hearsay. I’m a diehard KJH and YEH shipper. LTM Fighting!!! Hey guys, how about we camp here in the playground on Monday until we got hold of Koalas baby recap? LOL…I’m so excited..

  36. it was said in that there was a fan sighting…
    YEH and KJH is in the airport in Jeju…
    they are seemed stuck in there cause a typhoon is coming by 6pm KST…
    if ever those are true let’s pray they will be fine or better…
    let’s pray that the typhoon won’t come there way…

    • I’m freakin out right now…hope they all safe n fine….maybe because this situation some scenes must be cancel or change??hope not…but its gonna air tomorrow…the time is so tight…oh God!!!

    • another news from…
      the typhoon didn’t pass Jeju… ehhehehehehe…
      so, we can say that the LTM team are OK now…

      seems there’s a bunch of people that are strong with the Big Boss above the clouds…

      • i know one who is in constant communication with the BIG BOSS up there and she is in Jeju right now and that is our fair lady YEH.

    • so true… hehehehe…
      and of course i know all the LTM addicts here prayed so hard for the safety of our OTP…
      by the way i’m not new in this site… but my first time posting…
      so i wanna say mabuhay to those filipino LTM fans that are here…

  37. I am so happy to see this – but the fact that Monday is just round the corner has me biting my nails in nervousness!!

    I keep dosing myself with Koala “medicine” to make it through to tomorrow! So I am having fun reading all the comments and enjoying it.

  38. hello ,im on my 50 ‘s with 4 also insane with ltm.i love yeh.few days ago i was able to find your playground koalas but i cant hold giggling with the comment.nice to find you.i at first i was hisitant with kj as if im the mom of yeh but when i read that he took care of her well i start to like him.i like this couple but sometimes im thinking if yeh is not in relationship she deserve a good man that will love her sincerely.i pray for that.if its kj then let fate happen.thank you madam koalas for so entertaining.god bless you and yeh.

  39. Watching Lie to Me (Marathon) cures my sadness as I was not able to go to my schedule trip in Boracay due to heavy rains. Sadness adds up as my other friends go with the schedule and me was left here due to my family didn’t permit me to go. Thanks to LTM as I feel the love spread by AJ and HKJ. I smile a lot now.

  40. they are so perfect together. hope they find time to get to know each other. and FALL IN LOVE IN REAL LIFE!!!!!

  41. @mizweng and @conie what site do you guys watch LTM in phil.? here I watched it on dramacrazy. its posted around mon morning pacific time all the time. the subs comes the next day. thats why I read koalas baby recap first then watched the raw.

  42. so sad LTM ending soon….will their ever be another pair-up between this two fine actors…im so loving them both rite now….doing my re-run of LTM and Best love(The Greatest Love)

  43. I would really really appreciate it Ms. Koala if you would post in your blog once the DVD is out for sale. I know a lot of us all over the world would like to get a copy that will include all the uncut and behind the scenes. Plus i for one, wants to watch it a thousand times =)

  44. Koala: “I can’t wait to get the D-cut of LTM to see all the cut scenes that never made it on air.”
    Me too and so many fans as well : Can you tell us the link for this? Where do we look for this and when?
    I have been also re-viewing episode 14, maybe 10 times already! YEH and KJH really seem to be dating like in real life. LOL, watch the scene where they were seated crouching drinking springwater and KJH changed position to hold the water behing YEH. He couldn’t help smiling and seem to be coaching YEH on what to say next, then the group of women came and discovered them. Do not care anymore about the story. Lie to me is just marvelous with YEH and KJH showing to all of us how to be madly in love!

  45. Koala, thank you very much for all these recaps, spoilers, and reviews! Your playground is definitely one of the things that make the world go round! While you lobby to make the OTP a 7th Wonder of the World, your playground would be the 8th! I agree with you, that while LTM’s screenplay has been a definite BLAH, watching the OTP makes it all worthwhile. They just make you want to scream for more cheesiness and KISSING!!! Omo! Omo! I wish the love they show onscreen really happens offscreen. Then, I’ll definitely go to Korea to watch the sparks between fly (stalker?) and maybe crash their wedding(?)!!! Hahaha!!!

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