Yoon Eun Hye Models Cartier for Harper’s Bazaar Korea Magazine

I really don’t have much to say other than: she’s so pretty in these pictures! Yoon Eun Hye went to Hawaii almost immediately after she wrapped Lie to Me to shoot a photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar Korea featuring Cartier jewelry. These pictures actually don’t remind me of Hawaii, it feels more like she’s in Santorini. I spent the last two months staring at Eun Hye so it’s not like I haven’t seen her in awhile, but it’s still a treat to see her looking so fabulous. I’m sure a certain oppa is quite pleased to see wuri Eun Hye so fashionable.

[Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Korea magazine]


Yoon Eun Hye Models Cartier for Harper’s Bazaar Korea Magazine — 63 Comments

    • I agree with you, she’s multi-talented person, gorgeous, sexy
      and beautiful inside & outside… I’m pretty sure that KJH as
      as she call “Oppa” is so proud of her a lot!… Cheers

  1. i dont know what to say. these photos are not only uber-sexy but also very revealing. is this her first time to do this kind of photo-shoot?

    • No, this is not her first time…she is a daredevil girl…always try new adventure for modeling/photoshoot..check out her 2 last Pumas, Elbon, W..and Cartier last year…

    • yea… have you seen the tub picture? granted it wasn’t solo; i forgot with who now… but the entire spread was steamier than this.

  2. she’s so gorgeous, i like it. your right koala a certain oppa will surely like it. any update if KJH is dating our wuri YEH:)

  3. YEH has always been beautiful and sexy, but I think right now, she is just blooming! These pictures are fantabulous!

  4. Lovin’ the last photo. The cut of the dress accentuated her gorgeous body. The classic black color being in contrast with the background makes you focus on her immediately. But the first photo, while still gorgeous, makes YEH look anorexic. The pale color of the dress didn’t help either.

  5. YEH is so stunning in these pictures…I love it!!!! a certain oppa is surely drooling like a rabid dog somewhere…. πŸ™‚

  6. I’m conservative so unless it’s canvas I can justify the nudity, too much skin for me on a magazine, but love that black dress uhmmm for Hawaii beach it’s pretty tame…. I’m not comfortable when a picture makes a man drool on a picture on an everyday basis LOL πŸ˜› But what do I know I’m not a man, although some women thinks I am ah duh????…. I’m just masculine when I think but “I LIKE/LOVE MEN” “I’m 100% WOMAN, I’m assertive and aggressive and I like admiring pretty things even women but I’m not into women ahihihi ok at least I got that out…. arghhhh I’m sporty so I keep attracting the same sex shucks…. πŸ˜€ uhmmm funny thing their prettier than me….I guess I give off the Knight in shinning armor thing LOL πŸ˜›

  7. All of many talent YEH has I always love her modeling. She’s one of a few Korean actress who doesn’t just pose there & being photographed but also give meaning by her face & body expression. No wonder many brands love her to be their model or spokerperson. Thanks for sharing this Ms Koala. Really appreciate it.

      • Oh really? Thats really cool. Whom dubbed her that? I once read an article where they judged which actress models best–I think it was on dramabeans, and they picked YEH, because they said she gave the best and hardest poses.

  8. The girl is fricking Gorgeous. If I was a certain guy, I would be calling her daily and staking my claim. Gosh, if only things were like back in the days with our daring highlanders who took what they want–the good ones, heheh.

    • Yup if I was the husband why the hell are you drooling on my wife???? Not everyone is a creative thinker so let’s not start it, I don’t want to raise another argument I don’t have time to create a logical detailed psycho analysis on Men’s behavioral pattern…. LOL πŸ˜›

  9. she’s so gorgeous & sexy. btw, I thought when I saw her pics on her twit, she will be wearing hair extension? But, no…still with the short hair.
    oh….when we can get HwanHye’s sexy photoshoot? hhehe…..

    • But I’m pretty sure if KJH is in front of her for that posing, I
      think he will get a blanket & cover his “cherry blossom” cause
      she’s for his eyes only not for anyone else!… he he he… I wish…

  10. Heartbeat before clicking this post:

    Heartbeat after clicking this post:
    —————————— dead.

    YEH’s beauty is an all-kill!

  11. Hm, I bet that handsome oppa of hers has already changed his computer backround into that that sexy back pic πŸ˜†

  12. I love these pictures, thank you Your Highness πŸ™‚
    In my opinion she is one of the hawtest Korean actresses right now, may be even the hawtest.
    I watched her in Coffee prince and LTM. What other drama’s or movies would you recommend?

  13. AWESOME AWESOME and simply IRRISITABLY GORGEOUS YEH, i hope KJH would drool like HKJ and do the cola shake…..i wonder is it possible that KJH is with YEH when she went to Hawaii since he’s new project will start shooting come august???? the silence between this two after the comoletion of LTM was defeaning and it can also mean something else?????

    Ms K thanks for sharing this photoshoot…it made my day!!!!

  14. hallo MIss koalas

    it’s been along time after LTM ended, im trying for looking about my favourite couple news, but still there is no news about them that they are starting to dating or pherhaps, already dating :p…….i never stoped to watched lie to me mv i download some of mv from fan made from you tube hehehehehehe… yupp i agree i think her oppa will be so jelaous coz his eun hye make a photoshoot like that….. so much bette KJH oppa hurry make some announcement that she is your eunhye… hehehehhehehehhehe, so that there will be no one getting close to your eun hye…. hahahhaha :D… anyway all the best for you miss koalas, for all chingu here…. god bless you all …:).. nice to see you all again … πŸ˜‰

  15. Auntie K
    Thank you for the pics. They are just stunning and I can tell that YEH had fun now if only there was a male lead say KJH Oppa then it would be nirvana on earth.
    Keep up the good work. Auntie K FIGHTING!!!!!!!

  16. she really look gorgeous in these photos but i still prefer her wholesome image. i’m sorry if i’m a little bit conservative. she’s my favorite korean actress and i just feel like wanting to protect her.

  17. Madame Koala,
    There are other pictures beside the pics above, but less revealing πŸ™‚

  18. Hm…the first one looks a bit like she needs a bit sports instead of dieting. But since her legs below the knee are a bit too skinny I think it is just another failed Photoshop photo.

    I like the last one. She looks like a cyborg doll. Artifical beauty covered with human skin. Gorgeous artist!

  19. She looks gorgeous and I don’t think there is anything unwholesome about these pictures. The bag in the 1st photo is amazing. So chic.

  20. I love the 3rd pic. she really looked like an angel. I also like the last one – the black one. I was really shocked the first time I saw my fave korean actress doing an almost-nude-pose because I’m a little conservative and i want to protect her but she can do those poses without looking “trashy”, she’s versatile. she can still maintain her pureness and wholesomeness. She can wear anything, from conservative clothes to sultry or sexy ones. YEH, FIGHTING! πŸ™‚

  21. I hope KJH see this photo shoot & make an announcement that
    YEH/GAJ is mine… YEH/GAJ is mine… YEH/GAJ is mine…

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