MV and Download Link for Rainie Yang’s Single “Longing For”

It’s just incredible how everything Rainie Yang touches appears to be golden this year. Her album Longing For just dropped, along with the MV for the title single. I actually like this song better than the first single, the ballad “We Are All Fools”, because it’s uptempo and has a more upbeat message.

The MV is drop-dead gorgeous (though it has no Joseph Chang in it, boo). Have a watch below and swoon over the visual explosion of colors and textures. I’ve also brought the download link for this single. I guarantee it’ll be on steady rotation in your Ipod.

MV for “Longing For”:

Click here to download the single “Longing For”.


MV and Download Link for Rainie Yang’s Single “Longing For” — 12 Comments

  1. Wow, that MV is beautiful, the song is catchy, and her voice is really pretty and soothing!!! I didn’t remember it that way ^^ Thanks for sharing this!

  2. *swoons*
    Aaah, you just got me dying from the pretty, Mrs Koala. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful MV. It is… Gorgeous. No other words.

    Problem is, I barely speak chinese, and I don’t understand how to download the song using the link you gave us…

    • If you click on the link, it’ll take you to dbank.

      Smack in the middle of the page is the download link.

      It says in blue: 杨丞琳 – 仰望(Full Version).mp3

      Click on that and it’ll download.

  3. I pre-ordered her album on YesAsia last week, so I so can’t wait for this album. <3 Thanks for sharing the links. (:

  4. The more I listen to it, the more and more I love it. Gah, im seriously loving this damn song. Im scouring the internet for the lyrics nut no such luck. Can anyone help me out?

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