Protect the Boss Episode 8 Baby Recap

There was a lot of talking (and drinking) in episode 8 of Protect the Boss, a lot of talking that actually shows that the conflict in this story is organic and not manufactured by withholding information. The elders all know about the mess the youngsters are in (the foursquare of complicated love), and the youngsters know their parents are trying to interfere and/or resolve things for them. And tell them to butt out. Heh.

Immediately after I bring up the Eun Seol as a safety net for Ji Heon possibility, the characters immediately discuss this issue head on. I’m now getting a very strong vibe that PTB will have a time jump. Not anytime soon, but towards the end of the drama, it makes sense for the OTP to be separated and achieve their dreams before getting their happily ever after. I wouldn’t even complain, because I have so much faith in PTB that I know it will keep surprising me with any plot development that happens.

Episode 8 baby recap:

At the behest of the Chairman, Eun Seol goes running to look for Ji Heon, almost getting hit by a car and scraping up her feet running in high heels. When she finds Ji Heon, he’s relieved to have her show up to his surprise, but she’s annoyed that he keeps needing her. She calls the Chairman and informs him that she found Ji Heon. The Chairman yells over the phone at Ji Heon for taking off without his wallet and phone, and uses reverse psychology and tells him to not come home. Grandma overhears just shakes her head at her dense son and troublesome grandson.

Moo Won gets a text from Eun Seol apologizing for being late. Na Yoon calls him asking if he can join her for dinner, since she’s dining all alone. Ji Heon apologizes for worrying Eun Seol, but she reminds him that she might not be around him much longer. She confesses that she wants to quit, and he refuses to let her. He complains that he’s tired from looking for her, and Eun Seol retorts that he’s not the only one aching around here. She shows Ji Heon her bloody feet and explains that she’s tired as well and wants to lean on someone, he’s not the only one tired around here. Eun Seol is not a superwoman, or Ji Heon’s mother, so she can’t keep taking care of him for his entire life, and he can’t keep relying on her. Does he understand? She doesn’t want to spend her entire life running around taking care of someone. She’s no one special, she just wants a job and pay her bills.

Ji Heon understands, but Eun Seol gets a text from Moo Won and takes off to meet Moo Won before they can discuss further. She warns Ji Heon not to follow her, but Ji Heon follows Eun Seol on the bus as he yells at her to finish this discussion with him. She pays his fare, and he sits behind her and grabs her shirt because he’s so nervous. But when the bus brakes Ji Heon accidentally grabs Eun Seol’s ponytail. Poor Eun Seol, so tormented by the men around her. He follows her to the restaurant as she goes in to meet with Moo Won. Ji Heon stands outside and watches them. Moo Won and Eun Seol sit down to eat in silence. Moo Won breaks the ice and shows Eun Seol a watch that belonged to his dad, which he found when he was getting dressed. He thinks it’s a good sign. Eun Seol confesses that her decision is to reject both Cha men.

Eun Seol explains that she does feel something for Moo Won, but for Ji Heon….. Moo Won cuts her off before she can continue. Na Yoon finds Ji Heon near the restaurant, and is first excited but then covers her face thinking Ji Heon will get upset when he sees her. He tells her to cut it out, he’s fine. He asks if it hurts to run in high heels, and Na Yoon says it hurts to even walk in high heels. Ji Heon borrows some money from her and buys a pack of bandaids. They head back to the restaurant and Na Yoon realizes the bandaids are for Eun Seol, and that she’s with Moo Won. They see Moo Won get on his knees to put a bandaid on Eun Seol, who tells him it’s not necessary.

Eun Seol and Moo Won walk out of the restaurant and run into Ji Heon and Na Yoon outside. Ji Heon wants his turn with Eun Seol now. The boys bicker over who is going to drive Eun Seol home until Na Yoon steps up and says she’ll do it. The Cha boys go drinking and Moo Won confirms that Ji Heon now knows about him and Na Yoon. Ji Heon just realized it, but he’s not upset. Moo Won won’t apologize because he was sincere in his feelings towards Na Yoon back then. The ladies go drinking. Eun Seol explains that Moo Won told her to just date both guys. Na Yoon says Eun Seol will lose both guys if she does that. Eun Seol asks Na Yoon why it didn’t work out with Moo Won, and Na Yoon says she wanted to not rely on being a chaebol heir and make something of herself.

Everyone gets wasted but for Eun Seol, who first drags Na Yoon to join the drunken men, and then carts them all outside to wait for the parents. She calls the Chairman, who calls Moo Won’s mom, who calls Na Yoon’s mom. Eun Seol looks at the drunks and does eeny-meeny-miny-mo as she points at each of them, though she ends up staring at Ji Heon the longest. Each of the parents arrive to schlep their drunken offspring home, all chiding Eun Seol for getting them drunk. Ji Heon hilariously calls out for Eun Seol as the Chairman shoves him in the car. Eun Seol tiredly trudges home, and gets picked up by Myung Ran. The friends sing in the car to relieve stress as they drive home. Eun Seol wants to find another star to make a new wish – she wished for a job, but ended up with both directors liking her.

Ji Heon wakes up and finds his dad outside pruning the yard, and demands to know what he did with Eun Seol? The Chairman is pissed, because Ji Heon called for Eun Seol all night until even the Chairman dreamt about her. Ji Heon thinks his dad should be happy about him having Eun Seol, because he’s starting to make a man of himself because of her. The Chairman asks why her, and Ji Heon says she sees him for who he really is and doesn’t judge him. The Chairman wonders else there is about Ji Heon that he doesn’t know about?

Eun Seol meets with the two moms (Na Yoon and Moo Won’s) who continue to threaten her until Eun Seol sasses back that she will in fact seduce the Cha men if they keep bugging her. A call comes in from a Cha, and Moo Won’s mom hilariously answers thinking it’s her Moo Won, but it’s actually the Chairman. Grandma shows up, after Eun Seol smartly called her beforehand, and Grandma warns the two moms again to not bother Eun Seol anymore. Grandma sit with Eun Seol afterwards, apologizing for her grown kids with immature personalities causing so much trouble for Eun Seol. Eun Seol asks Grandma which grandson she will support to succeed the company, and Grandma asks Eun Seol which grandson she has feelings for. Eun Seol says it’s a secret, and Grandma notes sadly that it will be hard for the grandson that doesn’t get picked.

Na Yoon finds out from Eun Seol that the moms went to confront her. Na Yoon informs Moo Won of this. Ji Heon thinks back to Eun Seol telling him to start relying on himself. He goes to exercise and then sing a song in public. The two moms ask the Chairman to step in and help them, but he gets annoyed with them. Eun Seol runs into the two moms in the elevator and snerks that they sure are busy (trying to get rid of her). Eun Seol meets with the Chairman and asks where he is sending her? He hasn’t decided, but agrees with her request that wherever she goes, he’ll make her a full employee. He asks if there is anything about Ji Heon that he doesn’t know about? Eun Seol tells him to ask Ji Heon directly.

Eun Seol gets a cell phone video from Ji Heon, where he explains that’s he’s doing things on his own like she taught him so he can stop relying on her so much. But it’s hard and he still needs her right now, so can she please promise she won’t go anywhere? Eun Seol gets teary watching the video. Ji Heon calls and gets her to come out and meet him. He goes to the office to pick her up. Moo Won and Na Yoon confront the two moms together, and both threaten their moms if they persist in continuing to bother Eun Seol. Afterwards, Na Yoon can’t go home yet and doesn’t have any friends to hang out with (since growing up her only friends were Moo Won and Ji Heon), and Moo Won reluctantly agrees to have dinner with her.

Ji Heon drops Eun Seol off at home, and as they are walking up the stairs, he asks her to be patient with him. He wants to make himself into a man that she can lean on, but until then, can he lean on her a little and complain a little. He won’t ask her to like him back, but just let him continue to like her. Eun Seol can’t believe there is a guy like him who keeps confessing his feelings all the time. Ji Heon doesn’t even realize he does it, it’s just so natural to him since she is all he thinks about. Eun Seol confesses that Ji Heon is kinda stuck in her brain as well, but she doesn’t know if he’s stuck because she views him as a man, or because he’s dependent on her like a child? Ji Heon says all she needs to do is confirm it. He pulls her in for a kiss. Oh Ji Heon, you are definitely a man when it comes to kissing and confirming.

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Protect the Boss Episode 8 Baby Recap — 58 Comments

  1. i love this drama for not dragging the secrets or not letting issues to be secrets even:D and let us to admire each character in the drama for being honest in their fights! even moms! they are not the evil moms that we know to be selfish to a sinner extent, they are moms who are trying to get benefits for their children but also their children also not one of those whiny brats but they have their own thoughts i mean they are rational individuals:D

  2. I don’t know if this happen to others, but isn’t it seems for 1hour K-Drama, PTB can deliver 1 conflict without take so much time line. Like this episode, it’s just 2 days and the story flows without chlice which most rom-com K-Drama delivered.

    I understand why things keep fast and I love it. It’s like watch Harry Potter series with each story packed with 1 pack. I hope there’s more than square-lovey of main lead. So much can explored from PTB.

    P.S. I wonder if Muwon’s and Nayun’s mom know and fall for Eun Sol’s dad, being same place with their kid. It will be hillarious 😛

    • @Hunter I agree that the plot’s flowing wonderfully. Now what you’ve said about the moms and NES’ dad…that’s food for thought…why has that never crossed my mind? LOL! That would really be hillarious…2 proud socialites bickering over primitive Tarzan! Maybe CJH’s dad can be thrown in for a love quadrangle scenario, too!

      Oh, Capt K, what a humongous ‘Baby Recap’. I think we can safely drop ‘Baby’ from it. Once again, many thanks and happy holidays!

  3. I love how they have showed JH falling for ES, with how she has been so good to him. And I think it is great that he is starting to see that she as an individual has needs as well, and is starting to try to become that man she needs. 🙂

  4. I love that M and even N tell off their respective mothers to leave E alone (N surprised me, but then again, I’m also super-glad that she’s not the stereotypical second female lead), and that E isn’t the quietly long-suffering type of heroine. It drives me batty in too many dramas to count when conflict and angst arise out of sheer lack of communication. I want to yell at the screen, “Just talk, dammit, people!” I like that here, the conflict is organic enough and strong enough to stand on its own that we don’t need to fabricate superficial conflict out of suffering-in-silence.

  5. I have a qn , is it new fashion for lead actress to have front bangs? And second leading ladies to have long hair? Quote :ltm , scent of women, ptb, cant lose. All the lead women had long hair in first ep or two and then they go to short hair with bangs. Exception is the leading lady in city hunter

  6. I’m 100% agree with ur statement “He pulls her in for a kiss. Oh Ji Heon, you are definitely a man when it comes to kissing and confirming.” He is truly another kiss bandit, LOL. Love this couple very much, they completed each other!!

    I really surprise that u said “the OTP to be separated and achieve their dreams before getting their happily ever after”, yes I also think our OTP will first strive to achieve their own dream then finally come together as happily ever after but I kinda sad if they were separated…. it’s totally make sense but I felt like their separation scene will be so sad and I’ll cry with them, owh…I want a happy funny all the time from PTB… Anyway just as u say, I’ll accept everything coz I’m so in love with our OTP and I’m so in love with PTB XD

    Ms. Koala thanks for all the news & baby recap u still brought to us even though u’re in ur vacation, hopefully Mr. Koala and none of Koala’s kiddo protest bout u spoiled us with all the post, hehehe. So many thanks again and again 🙂

  7. Thank you for recapping on vacation!

    This episode flew by! I guess because it was all about the relationships today.
    While I love MW for ES, he’s out by now. JH has the advantage with ES.
    Not only because he needs her more, but he is willing to take more risks.
    I think JH’s impulsiveness and outspokenness match ES’s. MW is just starting to learn how to leap before carefully calculating the speed and loft needed to guarantee success. By the time he catches up, JH and ES will have moved on from kissing to kissing and maybe some tangoing…

  8. Thanks for the baby recap of Protect the Boss. Just finished watching the raw video and now I’m waiting for the subs, but your recaps are still awesome even if they are just baby recaps. 🙂 I love both guys for Eun Seol, but Ji Heon just seems more real with his flaws while Moo Won is still the typical “perfect guy” (almost like Yoon Pil Joo from Best Love).

    Even though you’re on vacation you still end up updating us with so much info, now please go and enjoy the rest of your vacation!! hehe. 😀

  9. The kiss! *swoon* Thanks for the baby recap– though, really, it feels like a full recap, just without the screencaps! For someone on vacation, you sure have been posting A LOT these past few days. Thank you! And then go stare far away at some trees to counteract all the eye strain from looking at the computer!

    I’m really glad that ES brought up the points: 1. that she is tired of him leaning on her- he needs to stand on his own because I was just thinking that no matter how cute the relationship would be, I would feel bad for ES cuz it must be tiring to be leaned on all the time and 2. she’s not sure if her feelings are romantic or just motherly.

    I love how this series can have people be totally honest, be all in the loop about what’s going on, and be good (though slightly misguided) people and still have a lot of story and character development. NY may just end up as my favorite second female lead in a kdrama.

    I love how the three rich chaebol children are the naughty, drunk ones and the ES is the responsible one for calling their parents. =DD

  10. Koala highness, you are truly awesome. Kamsahamnida, thank you, merci… Your baby recap is a full recap in my book, and I really appreciate you…

    PTB may have utilized all the tropes in k-drama world but in a unique, refreshing way. Kudos to the writer and PD.

  11. Ohayo Ockoala-san!
    Just a quick comment here ahead of a long day for me!! BUT I still want to write something despite so many meetings coming up today, DEFINITELY!
    OK that last kiss WAS and IS the reason why I was sleepless last night and woke up with this dark circles around my eyes…… My gosh Ji Heon!! I mean, Ji Sung!! GOSH can you KISS or what??? I love how he uses his hand to pull Eun Seol towards him and still look DAMN HOT even though his standing position could have looked awkward with that rail separating them etc! BUT IT’S OFFICIAL! I’m in love with Ji Sung!! ENVY ENVY ENVY….. CKH, you are one lucky woman!!
    The entire episode again took a really far leap and the storyline and characters developed so well that EVERYONE is aware of what’s going on just by TALKING (+ drinking) and telling each other their thoughts! That drinking scene with the 3 rich kids drunk and the 1 poor kid doing the responsible was just HILARIOUS yet very very logical. Love how the 2 guys fall over each other when they were drunk AND envy Na Yoon for being the shoulders for them to lean on (while still drunk). May the 4 of them be friends and love each other for what they are FOREVER!
    Jae, just a note to you! YOU LOOK REAL HOT no matter IN WHITE, BLACK, PINK, WHATEVER! DAMN, you are just gorgeous!
    Ji Sung, YOU ROCK!! I shall love and remember you forever as this wacky role!
    Arigato, Ockoala-san for recapping this during you vacay! I know you are having fun writing this too just by reading your comments! Glad you ARE!

  12. This drama is amazing!
    I don’t really know what is gonna happen next.
    for all we know Eunsol might just dump these two hot guys and live in the mountain with her dad!
    even though the obvious couple seems to be Jihun/Eunsol and Muwon/Nayon
    I won’t be surprise if the writer has something else up his sleeves.^^

  13. I love that scene of which you took the screencap. It looks like such a flashback to when the 3 of them were kids and childhood friends, and it’s so sweet.

  14. Dude those three babys all cuddly sitting/sleeping /drunk together was the second best scene in this episode. Poor Eun sol has her hands full with babysitting, and instead of being grateful for watching their children she gets scolded by all of them. Urrggh, i could have broken their necks at that moment.

  15. This was such a great episode. Ji Heon is working so hard to become a better person, and I love how far he’s come in such a short time. Singing in the park was a great first step.

    I love how wacky Na Yoon is. She’s such a different second lead–so happy to have someone break out of the “pure evil” mold. And aw, it’s a little bit sad that she doesn’t have any friends. I have a feeling poor Eun Seoul is going to end up having to adopt Na Yoon too. Lol.

    • haha i totally agree. i think they’re def. setting it up so that those two will be future besties. already drinking together and nayoon is calling her all the time.

  16. Unnie, your baby recap is not a baby… you put so many details and insights in …
    I love the screen caps of the 3 rich drunken kids sitting together…it’s adorable…
    somehow it tells me that JH, NY, and MW they are really close at heart despite all their circumstances… and I think none of them will become a real dark villain.
    They may have conflicts with each other, but people sharp people, these conflicts will make them grow.
    So by the end of PTB, just as your time leap prediction, I think our 4 leads will grow more and work out their issues.

    In this ep, I love that JH is so honest and brave.
    Love the banner as well.

  17. Thank you! I loved this episode, so much there. Ms Koala – you are so sharp. I really think that a time jump is going to be necessary so the change can happen in their characters. I didn’t really think that far until you stated it. I am really loving the OTP, although I think MW and ES are cute too. MW and NY seem to be more matched, but I would really like to see MW’s character take more risks and sort of step out of his comfort zone. I’m still not quite seeing how ES’s character is going to grow through this.

    Just loving PTB to bits. Usually good dramas start to fall apart in the middle, but this one keeps surprising me.

  18. Thank you for the recap! Eeeek~ Unnie, did you know you are so cool?

    Ah. Aaah. I have the sudden urge to change my university courses for this fall and become a secretary instead. That way I could find two hot cousins that would fight for me.
    Sadly, drama world does not link with the real world. I’ve tried linking them, and reality harshly slapped my face.

    JiHeon, JiHeon, JiHeon. If you’re already this lovable, if you become a man you’d be in danger. *cough cough* I wouldn’t mind a time jump. Just not multiple ones like in Will it Snow. But I doubt this awesome drama would do such a thing to ruin what it has beautifully created. The kiss. Oh the kiss. <3

  19. I know MW-JH-NY relationship is not usual, but you can see that they are a good friends to each other. I got the vibe that vibe from ep.7 when NY scold both boys for using her.
    I love that side of this drama. No matter how old you are, when you meet your friends, you go back to become your childish place.
    Like JH-MW-NY, ES-MR, and the parents. They become such a kids.

    Thanks for the recaps Koala 🙂

  20. I can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud at a drama. They have totally broken all the old story lines I’m used to. HA! Instead of bowing her head to the moms Eun Seol threatens to seduce both their sons! Mean moms get taken down a peg. And what should be the evil ‘other women’ is truly adorkable.

    Love this show!

  21. PTB is just the best at this moment ES was awesome in today’s episode and is so refreshing to see our female leads having the courage/balls to tell people off and just be honest with everyone around her and not holding back. My 4 faves scenes are when 1. ES has a talk with Ice Cream girl, so great to see both women being open about each other. 2. ES conversation with MW at dinner, it was funny but yet great to hear ES tell MW that she basically likes both guys. 3. ES meeting YN and WM mothers and just being straight up with both crazy moms and finally 4. ES straightforward confession to JH was totally unexpected but sooo soooo good….I hope PTB can keep this great tempo going all the way cause I’m LOVING this drama and everything is clicking for me. Side note, SBS is having a great mid year hits back to back with Greatest Love, City Hunter and PTB… 😀 KBS on the other hand well not so sure… my 2 cents…

  22. Thank you for the recap. Especially when you are on vacation. Recaps take so much time. I love this show so much. I’m not frustrated with any of the character because they act in such realistic ways.

  23. ms K, thank u so much for your speedy baby recap. i wonder where you’re doing it, at the sandy shore of a beach or on top of eucalyptus tree. heheh! wherever, just enjoy your vacay to the max!

  24. This and Princess’s Man are my FAVES right now. I’m going gaga for them, each in its own way. Princess’s Man is epic. This is just pure delight. So refreshing! I love every single character. I love it when I’m actually learning some new thing about the human condition from a kdrama character.

  25. PTB is so refreshing. Never have I liked every single character as I do in this drama. In one of the scenes where the father was volunteering at the hospital, he looked at a young man in a wheelchair. Could this be nothing or could this be the son that died or possibly didn’t die?

  26. Gah, how cute is Ji Heon as a character?! He’s so candid that it simultaneously makes him lovable and annoying at the same time.

  27. Khamsahhamnida – terima kasih – arigatoo – merci beaucoup – xie- xie – efcharisto para poli – kob Khun kha – Shokran – grazie mille – gracias – danke schoon – that just to show u how thankful I am for your – please change to ‘full grown’ recap – thr won’t b a soul that would think this is a baby – so … Muaahhhhh ….

  28. Thanks, Ockoala, for the baby recaps! Now I know how irresistible PTB is!

    And surely I have never watched a kdrama as disarmingly charming, sweet, funny, hilarious, honest and unpretentious as this kdrama! It just grows on you. All the characters are adorable, lovable and unique in their own little way. Even E’s friend is so truthful in confessing that she wont be envious of E after she learned both guys like her (while surreptitiously scanning the photos of her fave kdrama actors on her phone, LOL!)

  29. Hey Koala, just wanted to say i hope your having a good holiday !! Enjoy it ! Can’t believe you did a baby recap whilst you are. By the way i hope you’ve watched ep 5 of ouran because if you haven’t i can tell you now you are going to LOVE it 😀

  30. Thanks for the recap! I seem can’t start my weekend without peeking at your blog and read PTB recaps. Doing what you want to do during vacation is the ultimate vacation.

    Can someone pass Mo Won some slices of cucumber, please? He needs to do something about that conspicuous eye-bags. Nevertheless, his eyes remain quite sexy.

  31. What I loved in this episode was the beginning. If they had not shown us what ES had gone through to find JH I would have been kinda mad at her for exploding at JH. But now we knew her point of u I fully supported all her points even when feeling bad for JH. This really has been a great drama and ep 7 and 8 just made love it so much more. Thanks for the recap and hope u have enjoyed ur vacation so far.

  32. Can’t wait for the full recap and episode 9!! I’m so LURVING this drama!!! I laugh, I cry, I dream of my “Chaebol Prince Charming”, yes Prince Charming and Knight in Shining Armor, isn’t enough nowdays, it HAS to be Chaebol!! A little demanding the girl! LOL

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