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I’ve found myself toggling between four different drama worlds recently, the most expansive watch portfolio in recent memory. I only need to add a TVB drama from HK to complete the quintet (heard LoO is insanely addicting). I’ve been waiting for the drama-adaptation of Tong Hua’s internet time-travel novel Bu Bu Jing Xin since it started filming late last year, but it so happens the short ban on time-travel dramas delayed it’s premiere until it’s hitting right now when I’ve got so many other dramas on my radar. But quality cannot be denied, and BBJX is the awesomest drama airing right now, in breadth, depth, and scope.

My spoilery self can’t be controlled, so I toddled off to read the novel so I can rest easier knowing what to expect. A bucket of tears, a few jaw drops, and tons of sniffles over the beauty of the story later, I’m bringing you a summary of the ending of the novel. I really don’t think it will take away from enjoying the drama to know how the story ends, and will probably add a lot more appreciation for how intricate it’s characterization and plot is. As I’m typing it’s making me cry again, so be forewarned, this is some gorgeous storytelling coming up ahead.


The set-up is simple: modern day girl finds her soul transported back to Qing Dynasty in the body of 14-year old Maertai Ruo Xi, the daughter of a Manchu general, and the younger sister of Maertai Ruo Lan, the second wife of the 8th Prince. During the course of the novel, Ruo Xi will spend 20 years living the life of Maertai Ruo Xi in the Qing Dynasty, finding herself unwittingly involved in the record history of the infamous 9-Prince-Succession-Battle.

Amongst the princes that Ruo Xi finds herself interacting with the most are 4th Prince, 8th Prince, 10th Prince, 13th Prince, and 14th Prince. In the beginning of the story 10th Prince has a crush on Ruo Xi (literally adoration at first sight) and wants to marry her pretty candidly. Sadly he’s the first to run into the dreaded “duty and obligation and imperial decree” brick wall, forced to marry Ming Yu, the younger sister of the first wife of the 8th Prince. Ruo Xi sees him as a dear and wonderful friend, and is sad and angry at his fate for being forced to marry someone he doesn’t love.

Ruo Xi finds herself becoming aware that her brother-in-law the 8th Prince appears to be developing feelings for her. This is perfectly fine in the Qing Dynasty, where one man has multiple wives and is allowed to marry sisters. What is sad is that her sister doesn’t reciprocate the 8th Prince’s love for her and their marriage was never anything but a bitter reality of one person completely disengaged, so it’s not like Ruo Xi is stealing her sister’s man. This sister, Ruo Lan, is an beautiful and kind woman who has become an empty shell since the man she really loved died in battle and she was forced to marry the 8th Prince.

13th Prince becomes best friends with Ruo Xi, a platonic and kindred spirits kind of friendship. While the 10th Prince is all happy-go-lucky, not terribly bright but a sweet guy, and 8th Prince is refined and gentle, 13th Prince is the so-called wild one, with a carefree personality that dislikes rules and restrictions, and finds himself curious about Ruo Xi’s talk of democracy and equality for all.

Ruo Xi’s interaction with 4th Prince is the most complex from the get go. Because she knows that he’s the ultimate victor in the battle for succession, she’s wary of him and prefers to keep her distance. 4th Prince seems outwardly the coldest and most arrogant of the lot, but he always talks frankly with Ruo Xi. She begins to intrigue him as he takes her attempts to keep her distance from him as a way to engage his interest further. Ruo Xi’s relationship with 14th Prince is the wild card, and ultimately one that is selfless and unrequited on his part.

Up to episode 10 of the drama, Ruo Xi has already spent a few years in the Qing Dynasty. At 16 she enters the palace to be part of the selection group of aristocratic Manchu girls to become a concubine for Emperor Kangxi. To prevent Ruo Xi from being selected, 13th Prince asks 4th Prince, while 8th Prince asks 14th Prince, to ask their mother, the powerful Empress De, to have Ruo Xi’s name crossed off the ledger. But the first wife of 8th Prince Ming Hui asks her sister-in-law the Empress Hui to do so as well. The two Empresses butt heads all wanting Ruo Xi to come serve them, so the compromise is that Ruo Xi becomes the tea-serving lady-in-waiting to Emperor Kangxi. Ruo Xi delights the Emperor, reminding him of a favorite daughter of his who has been married off. She gradually gains the opportunity to have the Emperor’s ear, which is both a blessing and a curse for her.

Going forward, Ruo Xi and 8th Prince actually fall in love. Initially reluctant to accept his feelings, once she decides to love him back, she tries to change his fate. She asks him to choose between giving up the battle for the throne or her, thinking his love for her will make him agree. He refuses, unable to accept such a choice. They break up bitterly.

14th Prince starts to fall in love with Ruo Xi, but he respects 8th Prince so much he doesn’t ever say anything to her. Before parting, Ruo Xi tells the 8th Prince to beware of the 4th Prince among others, giving 8th Prince a list of names of people he needs to be wary of if 8th Prince wants to become Emperor. By giving 8th Prince this information, Ruo Xi unwitting sets into motion EVERYTHING to come.

8th Prince and his gang plot to get rid of the 4th Prince. To protect the 4th Prince, 13th Prince steps into the trap and Emperor Kangxi has his 13th son placed under house arrest, which ends up lasting 10 years. Ruo Xi kneels outside in the pouring rain for 3 days and 3 nights to beg Emperor Kangxi to release her best friend 13th Prince from confinement. 14th Prince sees this and goes to beg his father as well.

The only concession Emperor Kangxi makes is to allow the girl 13th Prince is in love with to join in him the house arrest.  During the 10 years, 4th Prince is angry and bitter at the other princely faction, while he and Ruo Xi gradually fall in love. The Emperor finally allows Ruo Xi back to serve him after 6 years washing clothes (as punishment for her refusal to marry 14th Prince), but her health has taken quite a beating doing hard labor.

4th Prince and Ruo Xi finally get together as she realizes that she loves him and he finally lets down his guard and confesses his feelings for her. Emperor Kangxi dies and his will decrees that his 4th son will get the throne. 4th Prince becomes Emperor Yongzheng and immediately starts punishing 8th Prince and his group for plotting against him (I’ll keep calling him 4th Prince still for consistency sake, but know he’s already Emperor by now). The is a rumor 4th Prince stole the throne and the Emperor meant to pass it to 14th Prince, so 4th Prince’s own mother Empress De refuses to accept her eldest son gets the throne over her younger son.

13th Prince is released from confinement, and he’s had a little girl with with his sweetheart during the intervening 10 years. 13th Prince no longer can treat 4th Prince like his elder brother, adopting a distant and respectful attitude towards the new Emperor. 13th Prince’s sweetheart finally kills herself because she cannot handle the stress of being looked down on by the other wives in the household, a truth which 4th Prince and Ruo Xi conceal from 13th Prince, who is already in deep grief thinking she has merely left him.

Ruo Lan falls ill and Ruo Xi is able to see her before she dies. Ruo Xi sees her sister worried about meeting her beloved in the after life when she is still the wife of 8th Prince in name, so Ruo Xi begs 8th Prince to divorce Ruo Lan and free her from her marriage vows. 8th Prince agrees and Ruo Lan passes peacefully. Ruo Xi finds herself admiring Ming Hui for her strength in sticking besides 8th Prince after he was stripped of power, and Ruo Xi also becomes friends with Ming Yu after so much time has passed. Ming Yu and 10th Prince have become adorable bickering spouses who have grown to love each other.

Ruo Xi becomes pregnant with 4th Prince’s child. 4th Prince is ruthless in getting rid of supporters of the other princes that are still left in the palace, and his cruel tactics make Ruo Xi increasingly disillusioned with him. 8th Prince’s first wife Ming Hui tells Ruo Xi that the reason 8th Prince plotted against 4th Prince initially was solely because of the warning Ruo Xi gave 8th Prince years ago, for 8th Prince to beware of 4th Prince. Ruo Xi realizes that she bears a huge responsibility for the tragedy that has happened, despite how careful she has been each step of the way not to interfere with history. Ruo Xi’s shock causes her to suffer a miscarriage.

4th Prince blames Ming Hui for causing Ruo Xi to be so upset as to miscarry his child and orders 8th Prince to divorce her (i.e. cast out his wife). 8th Prince has no choice but to comply once Ming Hui begs him to do so. But when he goes to deliver the papers, Ming Hui has killed herself by burning her own residence with her inside. 8th Prince is utterly devastated, and even 13th Prince cannot accept all of this is happening.

All of this, combined with Ruo Xi discovering that she cannot bear any children, makes her decide to leave the stifling palace. Ruo Xi confesses to 4th Prince and 13th Prince the truth, that she is the inadvertent cause of everything that happened. She was the one who told 8th Prince to be wary of 4th Prince, which caused 8th Prince to single out 4th Prince as his main rival. She tells 4th Prince to hate her, treat her as his enemy and let his vendetta against the other princes go, but 4th Prince refuses to process this information.

Years ago, 14th Prince had actually begged his father Emperor Kangxi to bestow Ruo Xi to him. Emperor Kangxi wrote a marriage decree, which very few people knew about because Ruo Xi told 14th Prince she wouldn’t marry him so 14th Prince kept the decree and didn’t release it. Kangxi was angry at Ruo Xi back then and punished her by making her become a washer woman for 6 years.

Ruo Xi finally tells 14th Prince that she is willing to marry him, sending him two simple words “I do.” 14th Prince marches to 4th Prince and reveals the marriage decree signed by Kangxi, which 4th Prince must honor. Everyone knows 4th Prince will never let Ruo Xi leave and will find a way to negate that marriage decree, so 8th Prince steps in. He goes to 4th Prince and tells him all about his love story with Ruo Xi way back when, including kissing and pledging their troth to each other. 4th Prince is so jealous and furious that he pushes Ruo Xi away, angry and disillusioned that Ruo Xi loved 8th Prince so much back then that she worried about his safety and told 8th Prince to beware of him.

Ruo Xi marries 14th Prince, who has always loved her and cherishes her after she becomes his wife. But by then she is very weak and quite ill. The time when she spent 3 days and nights in the rain to plead for the release of 13th Prince caused her to develop severe arthritis in the subsequent years, and her 6 years as a washer woman weakened her constitution even further. Coupled with the miscarriage, the royal doctor has told Ruo Xi that she only has a few years at most to live.

Ruo Xi spends the last few months of her life peacefully with the tender and kind 14th Prince, though they never consummate their marriage because she is so weak and distraught. In the days before her death, Ruo Xi knows her time is near. She writes a letter to 4th Prince and entrusts 14th Prince to deliver it to him.

14th Prince sees the letter and is stunned to discover that Ruo Xi’s handwriting is identical to 4th Prince’s, a testament to how much she loves him that she’s unconsciously adopted his every brush stroke.  To avoid outrage (no one can mimic the Emperor’s writing, which is a treasonous offense), 14th Prince puts Ruo Xi’s letter in an envelope that he addressed to the Emperor. But 4th Prince is pissed at 14th Prince for marrying Ruo Xi, coupled with 14th Prince recently sending poems filled with hidden meaning meant to deride his older brother, so when he sees the letter, he doesn’t open it thinking it’s another annoying missive from 14th Prince.

Ruo Xi dies peacefully in the arms of 14th Prince as she cannot wait any longer for 4th Prince to come see her. 4th Prince receives her death notice 7 days later, via official updates about the deaths of notable Manchus. He’s completely distraught and goes to the 14th Prince’s residence and the brothers fight over the ashes of Ruo Xi, who asked to be cremated. 4th Prince and 13th Prince scatter her ashes in the mountains amidst the flowers she loved so much.

4th Prince finally sees the letter from Ruo Xi that was hidden in 14th Prince’s envelope. He’s stunned that Ruo Xi’s handwriting looks exactly like his. She tells him that he’s the man she’s only ever given her heart to. In the later years, 8th Prince and 9th Prince are imprisoned in the dungeons as 4th Prince becomes ever more bitter towards those brothers, blaming them for everything that happened.

13th Prince goes to see them and hands them poison, saying that this was what Ruo Xi asked be offered to them before she passed away. Both Princes commit suicide and end their suffering. 13th Prince dies a few years later, followed shortly by 4th Prince himself, whose 12-year reign as Emperor was the shortest in Qing history. 14th Prince lives on but does not find another wife. Only 10th Prince has a happy ending with his wife that he grew to love, watching Emperor Qianlong ascend the throne.

Story discussion:

When Ruo Xi died, she was only 34 years old, yet she experienced 20 tumultuous years in the Qing Dynasty. Let me parse through her relationship with the major characters as I discuss how brilliantly the author Tong Hua was able to weave a love story into real historical annals of the 9 Prince Battle. 10th Prince was Ruo Xi’s first friend, because he was so candid and forthright. Even if he was a tad bumbling, compared to the other princes, his feelings for Ruo Xi was always innocent and pure. He’s the only prince to get a comparatively happy ending, living to a ripe old age.

8th Prince is Ruo Xi’s brother-in-law, a tender and gentle man, who is possibly the most ambitious one of the lot. The writer portrays Ruo Xi’s relationship with 8th Prince as beautiful but fragile, a love that grows like a flower in the snow. There were many scenes showing delicate their relationship was: the walk in the snow, when he gave her the bracelet he so treasured which he bought for a Ruo Lan that never wanted him, their walk in the Manchu plains, when she returns the bracelet to him and he takes it with a smile and then shatters it when he knows she’s chosen 4th Prince.

He knew she loved him at one point, but he could never make it work between them. Their relationship blossomed when they went to Manchuria with the Emperor for a few months, away from the politics of the capital. When he gets injured and she feeds him, he says “if this is the last time you feed me, I hope to save it for a later date; if this is the first time you feed me, then it’s something I will forever look forward to.” Ruo Xi struggles against 8th Prince for awhile because she can’t accept the polygamist mores of this time, and later hopes to change history through him. But ultimately she sets in motion the tragedy to come.

13th Prince is a fan-favorite character in the novel. He is Ruo Xi’s confidante and best friend, and perhaps the only person who knows Ruo Xi the deepest. He protects Ruo Xi in his own way, looking out for her, treating her as a true friend without ulterior motives. The scenes where they go drinking, exploring the city, where he saves her from the brink of death – he is the Prince she will kneel for 3 days and 3 nights in the rain to save from continued confinement.

After 13th Prince emerges from 10-years of house arrest, he’s no longer the carefree young man Ruo Xi remembers, but their friendship remains intact. He’s also a big reason why Ruo Xi is so torn between the two princes she loves. It’s 8th Prince’s trap that caused 13th Prince so much suffering, and also leads to a big reason why 4th Prince is so vengeful towards 8th Prince. And this ironic truth is a major reason why Ruo Xi decides to leave the palace and 4th Prince.

14th Prince is the man Ruo Xi ends up marrying (4th Prince never got around to giving Ruo Xi an official title before everything went to pot). He’s the one who always loved Ruo Xi from a distance, respectfully holding his feelings when Ruo Xi got together with 8th Prince. Later when Ruo Xi broke up with 8th Prince and 14th Prince asked Emperor Kangxi for her hand in marriage, he nevertheless never pressured her to marry him once she refused him. But he kept that marriage decree the entire time, waiting and waiting for her.

He tells Ruo Xi that if the day comes she wants to leave the palace, all she has to do is let him know and he will take her away from it all. When Ruo Xi tells him that she wants to leave, after having lost all of her spirit after nearly 20 years inside the palace having endured a life lived tip-toeing tentatively around political landmines, 14th Prince bravely reveals the marriage decree to 4th Prince, despite knowing how vicious his older brother can be, all so he can protect Ruo Xi from more pain and suffering.

Ruo Xi ultimately dies in the arms of 14th Prince, who cradles her in the garden under a sea of cherry blossoms. She murmurs that she’s so tired, yet she tries so valiantly to wait for 4th Prince to come, having sent him a letter letting him know she doesn’t have much time left. She tells 14th Prince that her final wish for them (the princes) is to forget about her. Yet even in the face of death, this once fearless girl confesses to 14th Prince that she’s afraid of the dark and being all alone in the after life.

She plans to ask Meng Puo (the deity in the after life who hands out water that the spirits drink to forget about their past life and can go on to be reincarnated) for a few extra cups of that water, so she can forget everyone. It’s only after Ruo Xi closes her eyes for the final time that 14th Prince finally kisses her for the first and last time, dropping a tender kiss on her forehead as she leaves.

When 14th Prince finally learns that he was the inadvertent cause for why 4th Prince and Ruo Xi never saw each other before she died, because he put her letter inside an envelope he addressed to the Emperor, 14th Prince breaks down sobbing. He had no idea his decision to protect Ruo Xi could have caused her final wish to be thwarted. He would have done anything to make Ruo Xi’s final wish to see 4th Prince come true. His marriage to Ruo Xi was so happy for him, even if he never touched her, just having her by his side was comfort enough.

4th Prince and Ruo Xi’s love is the most complicated and heartbreaking relationship in this book. When he hears of Ruo Xi’s death, his anger, his sorrow, his disbelief, unable to confront the reality of her passing without him being able to see one more time. When he sees the belongings she’s left behind, he sees the arrow that he once took in the shoulder to protect her. The arrow tip is shiny and smooth, like it has been rubbed constantly for many years to wear it down. He won’t ever know that when Ruo Xi died, she was wearing the outfit that he first asked her to wear that one day years ago.

When 4th Prince asks Ruo Xi’s maid if she said anything about him before she died, he doesn’t believe the maid’s answer that Ruo Xi didn’t call for him. He rages, unable to believe that Ruo Xi would hate him that much, not knowing that Ruo Xi died thinking he refused to come see her because he was still so angry with her. Ruo Xi died about 8 months after she left the palace, so her passing was not something 4th Prince anticipated, and he was purposely avoiding hearing about her life with 14th Prince. They are like two ships passing in the ocean, unable to cross paths. The Chinese phrase would be fated to fall in love, destined to never be together.

4th Prince’s love for Ruo Xi always existed within the confines of palace battles and intrigue, so he was never able to love her freely. He had responsibilities and agendas that he could never discount, yet Ruo Xi similarly could not accept that he could be so cruel in dealing with his enemies. Their love was always fraught with tension, because it was always premised on Ruo Xi knowing from the get go that 4th Prince would become Emperor Yongzheng. She wanted to change things, but she set things in motion, and ultimately she changed nothing but gave herself to the lives of these princes.

What’s striking about this story is that Ruo Xi ultimately lived an incredible and I daresay meaningful life in the Qing Dynasty. Once she accepted her fate to stay in that time, she lived her life with purpose and integrity, keeping her 21st century beliefs while adjusting herself little by little to survive in that era. She loved two men in her own way, ultimately her love for 8th Prince was more romantic while her love for 4th Prince was passionately dysfunctional. While 13th Prince was her platonic soulmate and 14th Prince her white knight, in the end, it was 4th Prince who had her heart that she left behind when she left the palace. When she left 4th Prince, she lost her will to live, dying 8 months later when she could have lived for a few more years.

The biggest dilemma in Ruo Xi’s life as Maertai Ruo Xi is knowing history from the lens of a modern person, but tempering her inclination to cast judgment on the events unfolding before her as a Manchu woman. While the novel ending is bittersweet, it feels real and raw, with a profound sadness that these people couldn’t escape their fate. Contrast the ending to the happiness of all the princes and Ruo Xi at the birthday celebration for the 10th Prince at the beginning of the drama, I can only feel in awe of the masterful storytelling taking all these characters through such a riveting story until they feel so real to me. I also applaud the writer for not writing any character with black and white, making situations and misunderstandings and mistrust the root of all conflict.

Ultimately the princes who loved her did so in their own way, which aligned with their personalities and their objectives. 8th Prince waited for 10 years until Ruo Xi reciprocated his feelings, never taking another wife in the meantime and always being considerate of her. But ultimately he didn’t love her as much as he couldn’t let go of the pursuit of power that he rightfully felt he was most capable of wielding. 14th Prince was the completely selfless one, and would have given up everything for Ruo Xi if she loved him and asked him to not join in the fight for succession. And 4th Prince loved her enough for the novel to imply that he passed young because he simply lost the will to live after his best friend and his true love were gone.

I would love to have a discussion about what folks think about the novel. Feel free to rant and rave. Only know that the ending of the drama supposedly will add an epilogue of sorts that may or may upset fans of the novel’s melancholy ending that nevertheless felt so unforgettable. My takeaway from this particular story is that one cannot fight against one’s heart, which ultimately is sacrificed when it goes up against the immovable force that is history.


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  1. I’m already in 5 drama worlds…HK (I’m gonna start LoO next, already covered The Other Truth and Ghetto Justice) ; Taiwan (Material Queen) ; Japan (Genkai, Ouran), Korea (TPM) and now China (BBJX). And it’s mostly because of your recommendations!!!!

    Thanks (or not?) 😛
    Just that so many good dramas are all coming out at the same time, I’m actually lagging behind some….

  2. Did you read the novel in Chinese? Is it epically long? I haven’t read a full novel in Chinese (TW mangas don’t count) in more than a decade, but your summary makes it sound so fascinating that I’m tempted to try it.

  3. “Gong” – an immensely popular PRC TV series production (2010-11) has a similar storyline – time travel of a 21st century female back to the Kangxi reign where the protagonist was caught between the 4th and 8th princes. The 4th prince ,as we all know, later became Emperor YongZheng. Interesting take playing with the gaps in history.

    • Gong/Jade Palace Lockheart is plagerized from Bu Bu Jing Xin the novel, which was published in 2006. I hate having to explain this each and every time. Gong has a rushed production so the drama could beat the drama-adaptation of BBJX to the small screens and gain an advantage so the average masses would think it was some sort of original marvel when it fact it’s a piece of shit that can’t even claim to have any integrity. There are no worms on the planet more pathetic than Yu Zheng. Not upset at you, just upset at the mere mention of Gong.

      • my greatest sadness is probably that Yang Mi had to be in that horrid series. but then again, it probably saved her from her former blacklisting, after which she could only take mediocre projects. By the way Koala, I remember that BBJX and Jing Cheng Si Shao were your two most anticipated cdramas this year. I see that BBJX satisfied 😉 but was JCSS really bad? Because you never mentioned it again

      • Hello ockoala,
        I am so glad I finally found someone with similar view with me regarding Gong and BBJX. If I see another comment about BBJX is a copy of Gong, I am going to scream.
        Thank you so much..

      • I do wholeheartedly agree that Bu Bu Jing Xin was so much more poignant and heartrending and totally earth-shattering, definitely something I’ll hold with me forever. But just as a characteristic of my person, I don’t deal with such achingly sad endings. I usually rewatch BBJX, then watch Gong immediately after, because even if it can’t compare, it’s sickeningly happy antics soothes me. Especally since I really loved all the princes, wives (yes even Ming Hui), and of course Ruo Xi (god I even loved the servants – specifically Qiao Hui), I can’t bear the thought that there lives were so wrought with heartache…and it just ended on such a melancholy note.

  4. The story seems very complicated. but because of you Koala. I gogling it over to find out this story. I hope you will make the recaps.TQ BTW How many episode is BBJX have…?

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    • same here…haha..i’ve been catching with a lot of dramas lately (espcially, The Musical…love it so much!) and I started to watch BBJX yesterday…
      you know what…I fell in love with the first episode..!! I’m not sure if I could survive till the end of the dramas because it seems getting complicated at the end..but I’ll keep up with it. Thanks Koala!

  6. What I’m sorta confused about, (I don’t know whether it’s cos I didn’t read properly or whatever), but I think when I was reading the book, didn’t Ruo xi say in the beginning that she wanted to stick close to 13 at first cos he was the only one that survived the entire ordeal or something? But if 10 and 14 both survived even longer than 13 and 4, then why didn’t she get close to 14 or 10 in the beginning? I know 10 got married pretty early, but she could’ve tried to develop a relationship with 14, since in the beginning, all she was trying to do was survive. When she was thinking about things from the logical perspective at the beginning when she wasn’t as involved with everything, wouldn’t she have tried to ally herself with those who didn’t die?

    • She fell in love that’s why. :’) So I think even though she knew the outcome of it all, she let herself into their world, and their hearts.

  7. ms. koala, don’t kick me out of your lovely site for doing this!! … …

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  8. what a marvelous story. So full of human emotions and experiences. Do you think there could be an English version of the book somewhere?

      • If you go on viki.com BBJX has a channel on there. And on there’s a link to an English translation. Currently there are 8 chapters, but it seems like they’re in the works of translating it as we speak 🙂

  9. Wow! Such a beautiful and intricate story. How about those colorful and gorgeous costumes?
    Thanks very much Captain for this post.

    Just curious, what does “Bu Bu Jing Xin” mean?
    Also by chance is there an English adaptation of this novel?

    While reading the summary above, I could not help but wonder how did Rou Xi manage to avoid any awkward moments when all or some the princes were in the same room with her? Maybe there weren’t? Was there ever an opportunity for Rou Xi go back to the present time?

    P.S. A belated Thank You for introducing me to the “Snowflower and Secret fan”. I enjoyed listening to its Book on CD.

    • Bu Bu Jin Xin roughly translates to: startled with every step
      I think it’s referring to the fact that Ruo Xi already knows how history will unfold so she must be veeerrryy careful with what she says and what she does.

      Anyway I’m still wanting a happy…-er ending :S
      But seriously, I don’t know which couple to ship anymore.

  10. Thanks so much for the plot summary. So hooked to this drama. Beautifully shot, interesting characters and funny in places. But I am both looking forward yet dreading the coming episodes now that I know what heart-wrenching tragedies lie ahead… I am a sucker for happy endings so I do hope that this drama has an epilogue with a worthy happy twist. Love the characters but I find myself most drawn to Nicky Wu’s 4th Prince character (although it was 8th prince who had my initial adoration). Never remotely interested in any of Nicky Wu’s projects before, I find that he perfected the character of 4th prince just by his body language and facial expressions (god knows he doesn’t say much, lol). His cool and haughty exterior plus the “signature” deep-penetrating gaze each time he looks at Ruo Xi simply makes me swoon.

    • so agree with you!! >.< his cold face and a bit smile, win everything.. nicky act so deep in this character..

      love him so much ^^V
      still hope there is additional epilogue that make a happy ending 😛

  11. i’m not sure when i can read the novel.
    i’m still looking for online scanlation of the novel in english because i don’t understand mandarin.

    i read somewhere -discussion group something- that those readers are mostly happy that BBJX is made into motion/drama.
    and each of them have their own expectation on whom playing all those 9 princes.
    i like the story because i like history and futuristic theme *grin*

    i do really hope i’ll find any scanlation soooooonnnn
    and really really eager to watch the drama

    thank you for the trailer and novel discussion miss k
    i’m really surprised watching the long trailer ever….

  12. Thanks so much for the summary of the novel! I’ve been googling for one since i marathon-ed the 10 episodes on Monday night after your 1st impressions post! Initially just wanted to check out the 1st episode out of curiosity but somehow ending up watching all 10 episodes in one night! (yeah.. definitely not a pretty sight for me the next morning at work!) on top of that, i do not read Mandarin at all! luckily i have watched enough C-dramas in my childhood/teenhood that I can understand it conversationally. I just don’t read, write or speak the language… Still so many factors appealed to me for this drama. The acting is pretty much top-notch, the cinematography is brilliant and the costumes were gorgeous! Now i’m just dying to watch the rest of the episodes and really just can’t wait to see how Ruoxi falls in love with the 4th Prince and realises that she truly loves him! and yeah, crossing my heart and fingers that the epilogue that I would die for, gets tacked on at the end of the drama! 😉
    meanwhile i’m doing what i’d imagine everyone else isalso doing while waiting for more episodes to come out…. rewatching!!!

  13. Thanks for the awesome summary of the story. My level of chinese is not that good enough to wade through an entire novel. If anyone is interested in the drama’s version of the ending, feel free to read it at the followin link . http://news.163.com/11/0914/05/7DT03QQJ00014AED.html

    The director gave an interview about casting the leads and also divulge a lot of pertinent details about the end. I don’t want to go all spoilery but the director deliberately make it to be an extension of the novel. As we saw from the spoilery picture that ockoala posted in the previous post, Ruo xi does go back to the present but there is a bit more interesting snippet about Nicky/8th prince.

    • sorry… what i meant to say was ….”but there is a bit more interesting snippet about Nicky/4th prince.”

      Not the 8th prince…

  14. Ah. I was routing for the 8th prince. He gives her such an intense gaze that makes my spine tingle with delight. It’s sad that he chose to succeed the throne over her. Did he ever regret it?

    Anyways 14th prince has such a sad love story. I pity the ones that love-from-a-far-who-don’t-get-a-chance type. It’s just so sad. So unconditional. *tear tear*

    4th prince. 4th prince. Why is that you do not tug my heartstrings? I guess maybe it’s because he had the girl. He had her. But he still let her go bye-byes~ I know it’s complicated being the emperor and all. But I blame dramas for brainwashing me with “Love or nothing at all” … *sigh*

    Ah I wish all princes were reincarnated. It’d be so awesome to watch a modern version of this. But the downer on that is that it may lack the magical aura it gives me. I <3 History. I wikipedia-ed Emperor Kangxi… He had a total of 24 sons, and 12 daughters. If I counted correctly… that's in a span of 25-30ish years. I am amused, and scientifically speaking… I did not know it was possible…

    Oh and for those asking for an English Translation of the Novel. http://bubujingxinenglish.blogspot.com ^___^. I got the link off of the Viki channel. Currently it is being translated as we speak. There are 8 chapters so far ^__^.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INTRODUCING US TO THIS AMAZING DRAMA. It's like I'm being reeled into dramas for the first time again. I feel so excited, hopeless, and innocent x). Thank you thank you thank you. MWAAAAH~

    • Koala unnie I think you influenced a lot of people. O_O. The other day I checked viki, one episode was subbed. Now 4 are subbed. T_T. Amazing.

    • Ya! I totally agree with you and in the drama i think 14th Prince is the best of all! He is my favourite in the drama, and i feel really sad that it ended such a way…
      I would anticpate for a modren version of this as well ^_^V

  15. The bitterest pill that I find it hard to swallow in this story is the sad and ironic fact that Ruoxi in setting out to try to change fate ultimately became the actual force that set things in motion.
    I really admire the character of Ruoxi, able to still live on with the sad knowledge of history hanging over her head and inspite of it, giving into her heart to love the princes. Versatility in the face of adversity.

  16. Koala, you really got me intrigued!
    The last time I watched a Chinese period drama was Huan Zhu Ge Ge years ago.
    Somehow I’m never much interested in Chinese production.
    I can’t even remember the last time I read a proper Chinese novel…
    I going to go to the library and to find this novel…
    You really got me interested in this story!

  17. Wow, even your summary was riveting!! I wish this was already translated into English so I can read it on a kindle or something.

  18. Oh no, is that really how the story would end??! * tears

    I just started watching last night (thank you Viki for eng-subbing this, 3 episodes released last I checked!) as the premise from what you’ve desrcibed sound promising. I’m only at episode 1 but damn if 4th prince ain’t smokin. But but but if it’s going to end tragically that way, aigoo, I don’t know, my heart probably won’t be able to take it…

  19. I will read this article once the drama finished airing.

    I’m going to get the books on YesAsia. I cannot wait to read it! ARGH!

    Speaking about TVB.. Haven’t seen any interesting stuff lately.. LoO had many plotholes, and it was a bit boring in the middle. I would recommend either Ghetto Justice or The Other Truth.. Ruco Chan.. Just hotness<3.

  20. Man, historical series sure like sad endings. I can’t get over how gorgeous this drama is!!!
    Thank you so much for the summary, I was wondering about what was going to happen ^^ Even though the 4th prince wasn’t so nice, you just love who you love, I guess D:

    It would be nice if she returned to the present after dying in the Qing dynasty, but I guess she couldn’t really live happily anymore. She’d probably feel really weary.
    If she does return, I just hope they don’t do that “she-runs-into-someone-who-looks-exactly-like-the-4th-prince” thing, i.e. his reincarnation (since when do reincarnations look the same?!), that has been done much too often.
    But I just can’t imagine her returning to the present after so much time, young again and stuff, and then just living a new life. Even if she did meet someone who looked like the 4th prince or whatever…it still wouldn’t be him, exactly.
    And anyway, I was hoping for her that she’d fall for the 14th prince, because that would be the most peaceful and happy conclusion for her ^^
    Even if the 4th prince loves her, he doesn’t love her more than being emperor, etc. @_@~

    What do you guys think?

  21. i’m so glad you sorted out the malware thing, so i could get on the bbjx spazzing! i marathoned the 10 episodes after watching the extended trailer, and aww man… does anyone know when the next episodes will be out? why is there no schedule T__T

  22. is this drama aired everyday or does it air 2 days a week?

    ep11 and 12 are already leaked on youtube 🙂

    can’t get enough of this drama even though i don’t understand a word!

  23. Thanks for the summary. To be honest, I never really watched the recent chinese dramas but I was bored so I ended up watching the trailers and I’m pretty hooked. I don’t have the time or knowledge to read the novel or watch the drama but I REALLY WANTED to know what the heck was going on . Thanks so much!
    After reading this, I really want to watch it.

  24. Thanks for recommending this. Its so beautifully done and its good story telling…definitely can’t just watch one episode at a time. Now I want to read the book.

  25. Wow. Thanks for the novel spoilers. I feel more at ease now that I have a better idea of where the drama is heading. I haven’t checked out the drama myself yet, but I hope the writer is following the novel closely. The detailed summary of the novel you gave made the story sound really complicated, but compelling.

  26. I hope I am not rambling but just need to air my thoughts. First and foremost, thank you Ms Ockoala for this blog. Brilliant!
    I love the whole setup of the novel. The time-traveling modern girl in Qing era. I cannot help but feel and see things thinking I am RuoXi (the modern girl trapped in Qing era). Perhaps that’s why I think I am so caught up with BBJX and find it so addictive. I can understand her questions, her fears and her anger, all her feelings towards things that happened and towards the people around her. In the beginning of the story, I thought of my readings on Qing history as a student, moons ago, then I understood and see things using my modern lens. Then, I couldn’t really identify with the characters, wondered why certain characters can be such a wuss (to put it simply) or why certain characters can be so ruthless. Perhaps, I was understanding them in their extreme. But if I were to live in that era, like how Ruoxi had to… Entertaining that thought and reading the novel, I began to see certain characters and their behaviours differently… Again, kudos to the writer for such a brilliant setup. I really enjoyed seeing 4th Prince via this lens. So much more complex and so intriguing. And the love story between Ruoxi and the 4th Prince adds to the narrative. Makes him look clueless when dealing with love. It just adds to another facet to his character… I am a sucker for intriguing characters, a strong but weak man… sigh…

  27. When Gong first come out, i googled and accidently found out about Bu Bu, never really pay attention to it…. never like Nicky or Kevin, and the pictures were very pastel like and looks very drama.
    After watching Gong, i felt it was like a big comedy…. Hana Yori Dango set in Qing Dynasty, then i read your first post on Bu Bu and it felt that it looks like a more serious version of Palace. Thus i decide to d/l an episode and see how it is
    But after watching the trailor and your summary of it….. Guess what! I can’t wait anymore and went online to watch….. watch the 10 episodes in row and slept at 3am…. now i am super tired…. but super happy
    Bu Bu is gorgeous, i can believe that something like that can happen in the Qing Dynasty. But one thing i do not like is that….. 8th prince look so much older than 4th prince……
    Both 8th and 4th prince also like suddenly fall in love with Ruoxi.
    Do u know how many episodes in total? and also how many chapters in the book?

    • 35 episodes, and no, they don’t fall in love with her suddenly. Romance started when the men were starting to give her longer-and-longer glances, followed by some indication of interest, in the form of presents or kisses. 8th Prince started to fall for her first when his marraige to Ruolan is on the rocks. Some kind of rebound maybe. 4th Prince started to fall for her after he observed her bravery while at Manchuria. He was aware of her as the pretty sis-in-law of 8th Prince from before though.

    • in real life nicky wu (4th) and kevin cheng (8th) are the same age. They are 17 years older than liu shi shi (ruo xi). what i am curious about is how much older than ruo xi the princess were supposed to be.

  28. Hi Koala,
    Thanks for introducing this C-series to us! I zipped through ep 1-10, and couldn’t wait until ep 11. so i ended up going to Chinese forums (Tieba) and reading through the spoilers – I am so bad in Chinese, but i couldn’t help reading through essays and essays written by fans about how they loved the series/novel.
    what an excellent plot! the TV adaptation is just as intricately done. The 4th prince’s interaction with Ruoxi was somewhat highlighted early on in the drama – for the purposes of making him the “Main Male” character…but not too drastically.

    my main issue with this novel, however, is how Ruoxi judged 4th and 8th princess using two different standards. Arguably, the 8th prince was her first love, and she held higher standards against him…two wifes, everything must be ideal when we get together, etc. On one hand, we can say that Ruoxi herself is in a different mentality when she has gone through so much turmoil, so that when the 4th prince started to pursue her fervently, her mindset was different and she was ready to accept the relationship and give “all of her heart” to him. Looking at it this way, the 4th prince’s pursuit came in a timely manner. Timing is everything =D

    However, one could argue that she didn’t love the 8th prince enough. if she did, she could have stuck by the 8th prince through thick and thin, instead of fearing death and abandoning him. the 8th prince’s first wife did exactly just that – sacrifice herself for her love.

    i don’t know if i’m babbling too much, but this really reminds me of my own past relationships. I am torn between thinking that I met the right person (8th princess) at the wrong time (too early), or that I wasn’t mature enough for him at that stage in my life. I keep thinking, if I meet that person now, things might have worked out between me and him. Is drama projecting our lives? or am I projecting the plot to fit into my own live? lol

    i can’t help but think that ZhangXiao (the 21st century girl), before she was transformed into Ruoxi, that her outlook on love is similar to mine, and i can’t help but start to critique it. it’s a little selfish, always waiting for the other half to contribute more time/attention/care, and it could be years before she thinks the other person is deserving of reciprocating her love. Again, a more friendly comeback to that is that in the real world, no one is absolutely perfect. Ruoxi just has an unidealized vision about what love is, and it’s really not a crime if we’re little selfish about our own future.

    end of blab…for now.

    • I think there were many reasons why her love for 8th and 4th were different. I believe partly it was age/her modern background, partly it was her sister, his fate, but mostly I think she didn’t love him enough and he didn’t trust/love her enough either. The series makes the point that 8th knew she was attracted to 4th from almost the beginning and that he suspected she had someone else in her heart. It was a bit inevitable for her and 4th to play out their romance of some sort; they had a lot of tension. Someone on viki commented that she fell for 8th also to save him which I could buy too. I enjoyed your comment and did consider this when watching the drama.

  29. For those who read Chinese, there is another short but detailed summary episode at http://www.tvmao.com/episode/BuBuJingXin-12092/3/.

    My first thoughts on BBJX is how similar and different it is to Gong. While Gong is more light-hearted with mass market appeal, BBJX is much more intricate in portrayals of human psychology. The stakes are also higher in BBJX, one example being the display of Ruo Xi’s hardships as a washerwoman (alas no washing machine!). That she is willing to suffer so rather than follow imperial edict and marry 14th Prince (who is a hot favorite to ascend the throne at that point in time) really stabs at the viewer’s heart and no doubt, at the Princes’ who loved her. In comparison Qing Chuan’s (Gong) similar stint in Xin Zhe Ku seems trival with 8th Prince bribing servants to help her with her work, etc.

    There are other similar sacrifices/sufferings by other characters which pull at your heartstrings and no doubt, ratings. The romances are really amazing as well. With 3 influencial brothers seriously in love with her, and another 2 influencial brothers being her best buddies to boot? Ruo Xi must be ultimate female fatale in any eastern or western drama. Even in fantasy, I both envy and pity her dating so many beautiful men – gentle and capable 8th Prince, passionate “ice-cube face” 4th Prince, and the brave and loyal 14th Prince.

    I would recommend people to watch the show despite knowing the storyline now (thanks Koala!), for there are much to be discovered. An example is the insight to 4th Prince character in ep 10-11. Yes he can be vicious and secretive, but he is not unkind or unreasonable. He was genuinely upset when 14th Prince and his birth mother Concubine De chided him for being too passive when Emperor Kangxi threatened to kill 14th Prince. The logic behind 4th Prince (lack of) actions is irrefutable but as 13th Prince so aptly put it, his “cool-headedness” becomes interpreted as “cold-hearted”, and cause him to be such a misunderstood individual. All these insights and more, viewers! so go watch the show now. : )

  30. I’ve been reading BBJX novel this past few days (despite only able to understand about 90% of it) and realised that I have actually read it a few years back but have gotten about it since. Now reading it again, I still shed buckets worth of tears, living through Ruoxi’s tumoultous emotional journey.
    I love how Ruoxi’s romance with 8th prince is potrayed in the novel..so sweet, tender, fragile, just like first love. With the 4th prince, the romance is even more bittersweet especially towards the end.

    It actually helps to have read the book first then enjoy the drama. Since the novel is totally from Ruoxi’s POV, you get to better understand a lot of her thoughts that sometimes cannot be potrayed in the drama whilst watching the drama. Conversely, the drama helps to strengthen the backdrop of the novel, fleshing out other characters and sideplots, political scenes etc.

    A few thoughts: 1.Has Ruoxi ever told anyone that she was from the future? Despite telling 4th and 13th prince that she was the inadvertent cause of eveything since she was the one who told 8th prince list of names, no one would believe her as how could she logically have known about that at that point in time.
    2. What were the exact contents in Ruoxi’s last message to 13th prince? Apart from instructing to give the poison to 9th and 8th prince, did she relay to him the truth about her origins?
    3. Has 13th ever at least suspected about Ruoxi’s past? He had oftimes commented on her strange thoughts, actions and character.
    4. Ruoxi’s role in history- chicken and egg? Which comes first? Zhang Xiao Wen (Ruoxi’s modern day name) returning to the past is a destined event which set off the whole events in play or if it just had been the real Ruoxi, things would still have happend thus?
    5. Ruoxi is a past reincarnation of Zhang Xiao Wen?

  31. I will save this for when I’ve watched the finaly episode. I’ve heard so much about it being a painful ending for all, I’m actually contemplating if I should stop watching once Ruoxi changes her hesitant mind about Eight. =/

  32. i’m reading the story and i can’t help it but to root for the 8th relationship with rouxi. too bad she doesn’t love him enough bc she’s willing to do a lot of things for 4th while she is (or was) very reluctant to do so for 8th. it was so heartbreaking when 8th told her something along the lines of you’re willing to die so you don’t have to marry me, but you won’t fight the way with me to my throne and risk dying. she was super reluctant and i do agree that everyone fear death, but when you truly loves someone you won’t be too hesitant just as long as your with them. i guess she either never truly loves 8th, or doesn’t love him enough.

    • I only watch this bbjx recently and I was really hoping ruo xi to be with 8th prince. Totally agreed with the statement that if she loves him enough, she should not threaten him by asking him to make a choice.She just simply did not luv him enough n could stand by him. 4th prince though supposed to be her most beloved man did it even give her official title.

  33. Thanks for your summary of the novel. I read it but it’s nice to see the breakdown as well since I love your recaps.

    I’m kind of conflicted as to how they will portray the drama’s ending since the novel is very poignant but at the same time my Happily Ever After side almost wants something more which the drama ending might fulfill. So I’m really looking forward more to the latter half of the drama in how they portray those events.

    It’s kinda weird though to have watched Palace before BBJX since sometimes I catch myself thinking of Palace as I watch BBJX to compare. My opinion is generally the same as yours that the plotting, characterization and production is much higher quality with BBJX but I still am fond of Palace because of the FengMi chemistry. But if I had to rewatch these 2 series, I would anticipate BBJX being something I would watch in full again while I would just fast forward through Palace until it go to the FengMi moments.

    Also, about your broad watching portfolio, I’m just thankful it’s in the age of digital downloading since if this were still the age of old school rental of VHS tapes, it’d be so expensive!

  34. I was a big fan of Gong – mainly for the very hot cast, actors and actress…so I was very unwilling to start BBJX cos the supporting actress in not very easy on the eyes.. after reading ur blog, I start picking it up, watch all the available epi in YouTube and read the novel. I cried bucket of tears for the ending….
    From a commercial point of view, this is an excellent follow up to gong..for all the 4th prince shipper, BBJX give a better picture of his love…our heroine truly love him.. While in gong, we are given the fantasy of a continuation of the love story for 8th prince..so everyone is happy.
    BBJX seem to follow v closely to the novel..but as a modern women, I feel it v hard to love another man with wives and kids no matter how hot he is or romantic as in 8th/4th/14th princes…so for Ruoxi, I sometimes feel she is a slut….don’t throw eggs at me… just marry 13th prince and be a step mum to his daughter…..he was kind to his other brothers even thou he is on 4th prince side and step in many a times to pled with Yong Zhen

  35. I’m glad I read this and I know the ending to this amazing novel. BBJX was a novel that I had always wanted to read but could never find the whole novel online. Now that the series is airing, I appreciate the level of realism with touches of tasteful comedy that the drama portrays. All the actors are wonderfully cast and I have to say that Liu Shi Shi’s acting has improved by lots. I was worried that she wouldn’t capture the essence that was Ruo Xi but so far, she’s doing an amazing job. The cast for the Princes has pleasantly surprised me and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I’m not a hard core chinese history buff but I can be a pain about certain details since I grew up in a family always listening to stories about Ching dynasty emperors. What I appreciate about the author is that she’s not twisting history around in a manner where it’s completely in another ballpark. She takes what is known and incorporates the story in a sensible and emotionally powerful way. I’m going to be crying buckets when I finish watching this series.

    As for Ruo Xi, I appreciate the different relationships she developed with the princes. I don’t view her as a slut or tramp. I just see decisions a woman had to make during that kind of period. Most importantly, I adore her deep friendship with the 13th prince. I like that a series/drama can portray this kind of relationship without any romantic connotations involved.

  36. I have finished reading the novel and here are some thoughts of mine
    1) “Passionately dysfunctional” does not really despic the love between 4th Prince and Ruoxi. “Ill fated”, “Heart wrenching”, “Fire-trapped-in-ice” perhaps?

    2) Unlike earlier when Ruoxi had not loved 8th Prince enough, her love for 4th Prince is strong and pure. It is tragic that they can’t be together (furthermore by choice) but it is realistic that conscience prevails at the end, and love simply has to take a backseat, when there is so much blood between them.

    3) I like the term that RuoXi is “4th Prince’s woman”. I dislike such machoistic terms in general and it is seldom used in the show, and never by the characters themselves. My liking is because it is a small compensation to RuoXi when she is never officially anything to 4th Prince. And I simply LOVE the term when it is used by the bastardly 9th Prince before his suicide to “complement” RuoXi for giving him a toubled conscience before his death. Heh.

  37. I hope you don´t mind, if I post your summary on the viki page. I will give credit to you, but of course I would delete it, if you don´t like it.

  38. this drama makes me think of jade palace lock heart, but its the original because it actually came from a book and all. Plus jade palace lock heart literally stole from hana yori dango(boys over flowers) in some parts of it where it got stale and obviously the time travel part from here…

  39. I think Bu bu jing xin really changed my perspective of china drama. I can’t help but look for more summaries and forum on the drama even if I have finished watching it because there sooo much depth to this drama and things to interpret. I think the director did a great job on the entire drama, bringing out best of each cast. And I like how Ruo Xi was very modernistic and individualistic when she chose to leave the 8th prince because she knew he would suffer and the 4th prince was the future emperor. It was kinda selfish but if it was any other person, they would have done the same. It shows that Ruo Xi isn’t perfect. You have to take it that she stood with the 4th prince at first for her own motives until she finally realise that she loves him when she rejects the emperor’s edict. The ending was superb and I wouldn’t like it any other way. Sometimes, happy ending isn’t the way to go but you can’t help expect if they did end up happily together.

  40. Did 4th prince and Rouxi ever meet in modern times, when RX is back from her ‘journey.’? I absolutely love this story and drama. The best of the year so far.

    • *spoiler alert*
      the last episode showed that she returned to the modern world after she died, she came across a poster of a exhibition of Qing dynasty artifact and went to visit cos she was not certain if the years she spent in the Qing dynasty was real. She confirmed her suspicion when she saw a picture of her(with the mulan hair piece) and the princes. Just then, the 4th prince (in modern attire) walked past, and she stared at him and cried. He walked up to her and ask her if they knew each other, and walked away.

  41. I was wondering , i can’t read chinese but i can read ping ying, does anyone know if this has a version with ping ying on top ?, i would really love to read it after reading the first few chapters translated into english

  42. Does anyone know the exact or approximate translation for the last episode when Ruo Xi writes the letter to the emperor? I think its written beautifully but would like to know the translation. Thanks for the help

  43. I lovessss this movie so much, but I think if the ending were a bit more positive it would be as big if not bigger than “Princess Returning Pearl”. (Whether we like it or not Asians love happy ending) I personally wanted so much to rewrite this story with a happy ending, but understanding history and the life behind the Forbidden City, it is almost impossible. But, the ending really broke my heart. If only……they could all let go….I WANT A HAPPY ENDING PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  44. As you’ve written I like how the story go on well on the drama more than the novel, I’m not a chinese reader so I read the english version of the novel from http://bubujingxinenglish.blogspot.com. How the story folded one by one on the drama with the soundtrack and the great acting of the actors makes the drama turned out wonderful. Thumb up for the director and the producer, and the crew behind the scenes whom makes this drama became a success, the detail of the scene s even thought sometimes it just mere effect from technology, the beautiful costumes and furniture are perfect. Find that the chemistry of Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi also very strong makes the love story alive. There are some differences from the drama version and the novel like on the drama 1st time Ruo Xi met 4th prince was when she was sneaking outside and almost hit by 4th pince’ horse, on the drama she met him 1st time in 8th prince manor when 10th prince celebrated his b’day. I prefer the drama version, this drama is my most favorite after “Autumn’s Concerto”. The story that based on the history makes it meaningful, even thought the ending is tragic. I prefer the drama ending whereas Zhang Xiao in her 21th century can meet 4th prince incarnation, they didn’t talk but who knows later they’ll meet again, this experiences changed Zhang Xiao to became a calm person when at 1st ep of the drama we can see her as a hot headed person. I wonder when can a great drama like this can show up again. 10 years before it’s “Meteor garden” which captured my heart 10 years later it’s “Bu Bu Jing Xin” with its great story n cast which truly mesmerizing.

  45. Thanks for your review. I found this page after watching 8 episodes with nonstopping. Though now I know the ending, I still love to see how it’s going. So far I think Ruo Xi never loved 8th prince, she just adored his manner towards her, she is only a woman who loves to be adored. I saw she’ll eventually know that she fell in love with 4th prince. She was not at ease with him cos she couldn’t control him and herself which was different when she was with 8th prince whom she can control every pace with . Really enjoy watching this drama, love it.

  46. I love BBJX. Before I watched this drama I never knew or heard of Nicky Wu. But after watching the 35 episodes online, I “fall in love” with Nicky Wu. Now I can’t get enough of his news. Thanks to the superb directing and cast members who did a brilliant job of retelling the history with a twist. The ending is indeed very sad. I cried and cried. Will there be a modern 9 princes and Zhang Xiao (Rou Xi) continue their love story in modern times? Please allow Zhang Xiao to end up a couple with Nicky Wu. Can’t get enough of Nicky Wu. I love his character and looks.

    • Wu’s acting is also excellent..in both 4th prince and king roles. I believe that BBJX will strengthen his acting career.

  47. In drama series episode 14, Kangxi and Ruoxi’s conversation, saying seh entered the palace when Kangxi reign 44th. Kangxi died at reign 61st. Which means 16years old (when RX entered the palace) plus 17years (61-44) = 34. But RX continued to stay in the palace with Yong Zheng for another two year, which makes her 36. Then she left to marry 14th (which the period is unknown)

  48. Hi there,

    I love the story. Watching the CD 2nd time and now reading the novel.
    Is there any translation to all the letters? Please e-mail me?

    eg. shi wei, shi wei, hu bu gui….

  49. Really LOVE this drama..It’s one of the best C-dramas of all time.. it makes me cry a thousand times after finish watching it.

  50. Is there a translation of BuBu Jing Xin in english??? I hope there is I love the move but wanna read the book. I hope someone can help let me know. Thanks.

  51. Oh and don’t tell me to go on that one web site please cause they haven’t posted any new chapter in for ever but if there no other way to read this beautiful novel then that is fine also thanks.

  52. My only wish is that the book was written in English. After watching the drama. I love it. Not even book or drama need a happy ending. A whole lots of tears while watching this drama was worth every bit of it. I would have love it if I can read the book in English:)

  53. America recently got a new channel: ICN Network which broadcast Chinese movies, TV and news. The series is playing right now (April 2013). It will spread quickly because these shows are so good. I love this particular series because I realized I’ve never looked into Chinese history and this novel/program made it come alive. Question: who is Rouxi based on? I am sure she is largly ficticious but I get a feeling some of this is coming from someone(s) who actually lived. Also, in the record there was a palace maid who had a child by this Emperor. But, being in America, I am limited in ability to find more information. Thanx.

  54. my goodness… this explains a lot. I was wondering why Gong had no sense of pace, direction, or much cohesion to the story or characters. Too many characters do things way out of character, just as a plot driving device. While watching it, it seemed like a bad knockoff of bbjx, and what do you know, that’s exactly what it is. It’s such a blatant copy, even worse than hunger games.
    The costumes didn’t just seem to be worse, they were just vastly inferior. rushed production,indeed.

    not that gong wasn’t entertaining. but after watching bbjx, the glaring faults really stand out.

    bbjx can only be described as a masterpiece. Every character is so well developed, complete and just so real, and watching Ruo Xi struggle against the inevitable history that slowly unfolds is so gripping and just completely immerses you.

    everyone told me the ending was very sad. big deal, I thought. so maybe she gets heartbroken. has to go back or something. just another run-of-the-mill sad story, I thought. boy, was I ever wrong. Sad doesn’t even begin to describe it. utterly heartbreaking would be much more fitting.

    Is there an English version of the novel? or a Korean version?

  55. Cried buckets during the last episode. Though being Chinese, I had not much interest about Chinese history until now. This drama made me want to read up everything about the Qing dynasty.

    Anyway I do hope to find a complete translation of the novel somewhere as I would love to read it! In between I am sure all the BBJX fans would be happy to know that the real main couple got married to each other in real life! Congrats to them.

  56. Thanks for the good and short synopsis and the way you summarize the book. I’m hardly find this stories and glad found ur blog. I love this story so much.

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