Lee Yo Won Is a Modern Lady for Marie Claire Korea

Lee Yo Won cut her hair! I’ve never seen her with short hair in any previous drama. In fact, her long locks was almost becoming a trademark look of hers. I really like it, it looks so edgy and high fashion on her because she’s so tall with with her large bambi eyes. Maybe she wanted a change after finishing 49 Days, or maybe it’s for a new role, either way, she looks fabulous in this photo spread for Marie Claire Korea, all bold colors and simple lines.

[Credit: Marie Claire Korea]


Lee Yo Won Is a Modern Lady for Marie Claire Korea — 21 Comments

  1. LYW, please please lend me that white dress-blue bag combination. I’ll pray for your good karma and hope that you find a real Kang-ah to grow old with. 😀

    PS And the shoes in the 1st pic please.

    • Isn’t she married? As far as I knew she was married since 2003 with a golf player and they have a girl together.
      Did they split up?
      Anyway she is drop dead gorgeous, but I agree, long hair made her look younger.
      Off topic:
      @ockoala: this is the first time I’m posting a comment, but I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I love it. Thank you so much for keeping us posted about what happens in drama land:)

      • :O

        I had no idea she was married. Haha sorry. I always thought of her as Moon Geun Young’s 2-year-older unnie. (And I thought MGY was maybe… 21 yrs old?)

        Hehe. Sorry you had to post in shock. 😀

        PS I agree with morwena koalabear, THANKYTHANKS for frequently updating on all asian dramas. <3

  2. She almost looks like a totally different person! It makes her look much more mature – not older, because I think her hair long and styled like it was in 49 Days made her look young. I like it.

  3. She looks like the more sexy/high fashion version of a Chaebol madam… And she rocks the look…..she should totally play that next Instead of sticking to the sweet/pure image

  4. Lee yo Won. Wow! what a change. I hope it’s for new project. Hoping it’s a drama. I miss her. I still have 49 days withdrawal.

  5. I am just back from Korea and was hunting for the blue bag, after spoting it on Sent of the Woman. Turm teh city up side down and could not find it, and bought two bag from other korean brand Bean Pole, guess what on the way back i got that blue bag from Duty free, happy like crazy, People in Dubai asking me when i got this bag from :))

  6. LYW aka UNNIE (referring to 49 days^^) has charisma!!!! She is so cool! and now with short hair, GOOD! wanna see her in a good project soon! (but with a better ending please!!!)

  7. all are so beautiful the lady,the body, the clothing, the bags and shoes too..I love LYW since I first watch Surgeon Bong Dal Hee to 49 days..only missed Daemang and the Recipe..Thank Ockoala.

  8. I love her new hairstyle, so gorgeous!

    I missed her. She was so good in 49 Days. I have read that she’s going to make a movie soon. Looking forward to seeing her again on screen.

    Thanks for this article & the pictures. It’s good to see & read something about Lee Yowon.
    I wish she would come out often, but it seems she likes to stay quiet & away for a while after a drama.

    BTW, she had a short curly hair in Surgeon Bong Dal Hee & though she was cute there, she looks more elegant in this new hairstyle .

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