Sweet Picture Spoiler for Episode 14 of Office Girls

I’m about to get on a flight (flying while hung over is thankfully not a crime) so depending on whether my flight has WiFi, I may have to gnaw on my arms until I land to watch the latest episode of Office Girls. My outbound flight claimed to have WiFi, but the lying liars did not in fact have it, causing much grumbling. As for OG, I have a super duper delicious spoiler for y’all. Click if you can’t wait.

Yay, kissage! So the first kiss between Xing Ren and Zi Qi was filmed last week near the Taipei 101 building. It was a breezy night which got colder as the winds picked up and a light rain started to fall. Initially both Roy Qiu and Alice Ke were nervous, but surprisingly they did the kiss in one take without the need for any NG. Roy said that Alice’s lips were so warm in contrast to how cold it was. Alice thought it might be awkward but it wasn’t, and she credits that to how much chemistry and comfort they have developed since filming together for the past 4 months. Roy described the relationship between Zi Qi and Xing Ren as the slow step between many friends-turned-lovers, and thinks folks will really be able to relate to the sweet love story between the two leads. Alice also teased Roy for looking dorky holding a broccoli bouquet. Whatever, she totally loves it (I know I do). So there you have it! Cuteness galore.


Sweet Picture Spoiler for Episode 14 of Office Girls — 22 Comments

  1. I am fully aware that it’s way too early for the episode to have aired plus you being away, but decided to go ahead and check your playground, just in case, you know, you’d share some juicy stuff. And there it was. Yeah ~ squealing for the details!

    • Wholly crackers. Wrong intended spelling, I know.

      I’ve just watched the whole kissing scene unsubbed and seriously, it was *___________*. Omona. The kiss wasn’t special in itself but no one, I mean not even Cha Seung Won’s “Jo Guk” character in “City Hall” who’s like my ultimate reference compares to Xi Qi’s stares here. Plus Xing Ren’s delicate and subtle facial/eyes expressions were so in sync with his.

      Am definitely gonna download and replay that scene numerous times.

      Everybody with me: “SQUEEEEEE”. ā™„ā™„ā™„

  2. Eeeeeeeek! I just love the pace of their romance šŸ˜‰ so sweet and innocent. ^___^. Can’t wait to watch this ep~ one take! Ah if I was Alice I’d NG till my lips fell off ;)) Tsk Tsk Tsk girly. ^____^ oh and Have a safe flight!

    • wow i just watched the episode and i now know why i love this drama!!! it’s a funny drama yet the relationship between the two leads is sweet and innocent and a natural progression of the relationship

  3. Ep 14 was the sweetest confession ever. Zi qi is so sweet as a poor chap… His dinner treat, card and bouquet both cracked me up and touched me to no end…

  4. That was one very sincere, moving confession and executed to perfection! Great stillness and maximum emotions conveyed without moving even one facial muscle – how’s that even possible? It’s in the eyes and Roy really did show that he could act. How many episodes are there in total for Office Girls – so that I could prep myself on how the story is maybe going to progress and if the end is near?

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