Park Min Young Reveals the Min-Min Couple Broke Up in Late 2011

The Min-Min couple has apparently broken up, so says one-half of the cute pair. Park Min Young‘s agency just confirmed that the couple broke up last year after dating for not that long, but was hesitant to reveal it due to concerns about public reaction. I dunno, I figure fans on both sides would be thrilled, through the shortness of their relationship duration does potentially lead to silly speculations about the whys. Park Min Young’s side has chalked up the demise of their relationship to their super busy schedules, with her filming Man of Honor and Lee Min Ho traveling abroad constantly for activities. HisΒ side has yet to confirm or deny, because the agency hasn’t gotten in touch with Lee Min Ho yet. I really don’t need an explanation. They are young, they tried but it didn’t work out. Not sure what else needs to be said. I’m sad just because I love happy endings, but neither side seem terribly shaken up by it so that’s always a good way to end a relationship.

The Min-Min couple went public shortly after their drama City Hunter ended its run, not because they wanted to, but because they were caught by cameras exiting the same restaurant around the same time. Their outing resulted in hilarious crossed news reports from their respective agencies, from denial to confirmation to denial to confirmation yet again. I only watched a bit of CH but they looked cute together, and both have been friends for some time before that after working in other projects together. I chatted with folks late last year and voiced my inkling suspicion that they had secretly broken up due to the lack of interaction and any other gestures from one side to the other even in individual public appearances. I’m sad to be right, but hopefully they will stay friends and go on to find the person each is meant to be with.

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Park Min Young Reveals the Min-Min Couple Broke Up in Late 2011 — 39 Comments

    • ok this maybe completely unrelated by i just have to add that I have been seeing that same exact coat that LMH is wearing in at least 6 different dramas now in at least three different shades….and I dont even think its that flattering

    • yeah…most of the time, i said most…but, once you don’t see scandals about the couple anymore, then that is the big hint that they broke up just like song hye kyo and hyun bin

    • That thought crossed my mind as well cause they’re hardly seen together but I dismissed it by thinking that they’re just busy with their own tasks… aww. πŸ™ I really like them together.

      But well, like Koala said, they don’t seem affected by the break up so I think it’s okay. I wish too that they’re still friends.

      • i like them to be together too, their perfect for me, but then again they broke up! how sad!!!! OH LEE MIN HO OPPA, i will just wait for you and you will never be sad i’ll leave my career for you <3 ha ha ha Saranghae oppa! nan haengbokada!

    • why the hell you care about the coat? IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER AT ALL. Nothing changes, he’s still an admirable icon to everyone, and that only shows his humbleness despite on the popularity his gaining. even if he ONLY wears WHITE TEE & flops he’s still damn gorgeous.

    • Even I think so…it just never felt real especially from LMH side (he and his agency both were always very strong with the denial)

  1. Both are young & beautiful. There are many more adventures to explore individually out there. Falling in & out of love is normal even for very busy, popular young people like LMH & PMY. Who knows one day they might get back together again. Meanwhile both are so busy with their career & love life takes so much time & energy. They must have been happy while it lasted. Some on screen couples fall in love while acting their roles & continue to do so till the feelings gradually dissipates. Life goes on. I like LMH & PMY. I’m sure I will be watching & enjoying more of their work.

  2. Sad, but not surprised! Celebrities live a crazy life and have equally crazy schedules, so I can see how the casual dating would end in break-up. Hope they will stay friends though. πŸ™‚

    I wonder how many K-pop actors, actresses, and idols are currently in secret relationships the public doesn’t know about?? I’m so curious. Asian celebrity life seems so different from North America, where we hear about new couples hooking up or breaking up daily (i.e. Kim Kardashian, Brangelina, etc.).

  3. They are still young so they can change partner like changing clothes πŸ˜›
    Marriage can brake up all the times…just dating is easy enough because no string attached πŸ™‚

  4. Sorry for the Min Min Couple
    but I’m very happy with this news. Sorry if I’m mean
    but I just want to say what I truly feel .


  5. It’s interesting because I don’t think they were really “dating” to begin with. They were outed for hanging out and then weren’t sure what to say cause there wasn’t anything really to say… then you have the media to give you more incentive not to pursue anything.
    I agree I’ve been kinda thinking they weren’t together but then again, I’ve never really cared that much. CH was a crap hole so I at least thought if they liked each other, a real-life relationship would work. But oh well, if they want to, they’ll find there match soon enough.

    Happy for them either way πŸ˜‰

  6. I gotta applaud her bravery to speak her piece publicly first, and I kinda admire Min-ho for letting her do so if he’s that nice of a gentleman.

  7. I’m not really surprised. Though I don’t read soompi everyday, I haven’t heard any news about them lately so I figured they’ve already broken up. They’re young and attractive, they can do whatever they want. Although from the beginning, I thought they weren’t really a couple, they were just caught on camera at the wrong place and time. I’m not really disappointed; Song Hye-kyo and Hyun Bin’s break-up affected me more than this.

  8. no they haven’t! it was a false news based on the article I have read from MT Star news via Nate…both agencies clarified those are only rumors and the two has not confirmed any break up…and i hope they won’t break up…

  9. i heard this news is not true and both their agencies have denied it. (via Nate)
    ah..its so confusing. all these conflicting reports. whatever the truth is, i just want both of them to be happy, together or not. however, it would be better if they are ‘coz i just love couples that make it against all odds…them being celebrities and all.

  10. It’s no secret that actor couples rarely stay together… Some of the happy couples are actually second marriages. Look at all the “singles” out there…in their thirties and beyond… I’ll bet actors lead a lonely life…they sound so wistful on some of their interviews.

  11. i know it shouldn’t have been but I exclaimed “Yay!” (as in yes!!!) when I read the headline. :)) as if i have a chance on LMH. Haha. sad, i think those celebrity couples who stayed for so long together are those who were really deeply in love they were able to overcome the obstacles of them being celebrity couples. πŸ™‚

  12. on 14 Jan PMY tweeted an all smiling pix.. she looked too happy. On the 18 Jan she cleaned up her acct as her tweets and photos being vandalized by antis/haters (and this started after the dating rumor came out). On 24th LMH updated his FB with all smiling pix as if nothing is going on. It’s the same day the break-up rumor came out. Oh well, either the dating or the break-up is publicity stunt.

  13. it was a long time before confirming that rumors about break up of minmin couples i wish their come back together again and live happily ever after

    i love minmin couple forever ! they look cute together !

  14. This is a simple trick to get away from lots of rumors to people. People always follow there moves where ever they go.. see the image above? how do you think in private dating they get caught? because there are always someone who look after them.. so the trick is to break up until the attention fades on to them and until then, they can freely do what they want.. Time will come when they are ready for commitments. they will be together again hahaha… FIGHTING!

  15. i thnk dis ix jst a crap set up by d minsunners,evn though i dnt realy like PMY,i thnk she’s wayy better than KHS,omo,i hope dis ix not true,evn though i’m jealous

  16. Nakakaasr nmn dpat hnd nlang nag
    Break up ang minmin couple idol
    Ko pa nmn cla ung cp
    Pnongpno ng mga picture nla tpos mlalaman ko lng na naghiwalay na cla….sna mkakita ako ng fallingstar at
    Kpag nkita ko un iiwish ko na sna magkabalikan kau
    FOREVER PRIN ME NG MINMIN COUPLE AT HNDI NA UN MAGBANAGO KHIT KAILN PAMN…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β“œβ“˜β“β“œβ“˜β“β“’β“žβ“€β“Ÿβ“›β“”

  17. pmy is a very beautiful lady especially her smile n I just wish her to be happy.I believe lmh is deeply in love with her and all those die hard fan with that crazy attitude should go to hell…pmy is my best k drama actress ever ….I just dont know why I like her soo much .who knows they might be dating secretly …haha…just waiting for that day to come when the will come out…..

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