Office Girls Episode 22 Baby Recap

With the recent upheaval in download land, it took me awhile to scrounge up episode 22 of Office Girls to screencap it. This episode was solid, with the big fat reveal we’ve all been waiting for, which went down in the typical OG low-on-drama way. I appreciate how the characters are written so consistently in this drama, despite wanting Xing Ren to suddenly bust out the bitch slap and some thundering temper when the situation might call for it. She really is too mellow for my drama tastes, even if I appreciate how her character is the perfect match and foil for Zi Qi. At this point Kai Er ought to materialize in a haze of black smoke and carry a pitch fork, that is how evil she is. Stallone must’ve gotten the message to tone it down, which he has been doing for a few episodes now, so once again the dynamics of OG have smoothed itself out just in time to roll into a hopefully fantastic happy ending.

Day 22 – He is the Jing Shi Department Store successor!:

The pregnant lady is hoisted on a stretcher and carted off to the hospital. Stallone asks Zi Qi for the 411 and Zi Qi immediately takes responsibility. Stallone doesn’t believe him since Zi Qi looks shifty and has a track record of covering for someone. Zi Qi confirms it, but asks Stallone to help him since Xing Ren is dealing with so much right now. Stallone agrees to cover for Xing Ren. The pregnant lady and unborn baby are fine, but she has to stay in the hospital for further observation.

At the meeting with the VP of HR and Stallone, both Stallone and Zi Qi go with the story that Zi Qi knocked the lady down. But Xing Ren immediately pipes up that she is the one responsible and is willing to take any punishment the company wants to impose. Stallone chides Xing Ren for being such a honest baby and not learning any smarts after hanging out with Zi Qi for so long. Xing Ren refuses to implicate Zi Qi. Stallone can tell the couple each wants to look out for the other person, but he warns Xing Ren wise up otherwise she’ll get hurt in this battlefield of a workplace.

The VP of HR chides Zi Qi for making up such a blatant lie since tons of people saw what happened. He feels bad since he’s been lying to Xing Ren repeatedly since his mom showed up. The VP of HR tells Zi Qi to stop taking responsibility for Xing Ren over everything, the both of them need to grow up some more. He needs to endure until the year is up and then explain to Xing Ren, who is so understanding she will forgive him. Zi Qi can’t stand the continuous lying.

Zi Qi tries to discuss with Xing Ren what happened back there, but Xing Ren doesn’t want him to help her. Zi Qi calmly says he’ll always help her because she is his girlfriend. Xing Ren remembers Zi Qi’s mom’s criticism of how she is always a burden to Zi Qi. Xing Ren wants to go to the hospital by herself today, telling Zi Qi to go home. He can tell something weird is going on with her.

Xing Ren goes to her scooter and then starts to feel ill. Kai Er walks over and tells Xing Ren that the pregnant lady is fine, but her family is quite angry at the company. Kai Er claims that she’s been apologizing to people left and right on behalf of Xing Ren. When Xing Ren apologizes, Kai Er throws a barb that Xing Ren always just says sorry when she makes a mistake, and then Zi Qi is always helping her afterwards. Kai Er asks if Xing Ren feels like she deserves to be a manager? Xing Ren has no response to any of this.

Xing Ren goes home to pack a hospital bag and checks in with Le Le, which is when Xing Ren finally succumbs to exhaustion and faints mid-sentence. Le Le calls Zi Qi who rushes home to find Xing Ren on the floor. Zi Qi breaks the door down and picks Xing Ren up and carries her downstairs to catch a cab to the hospital. Xing Ren is semi-awake during the car ride as she nestles into Zi Qi’s embrace. He cradles her tighter as he rushes the driver to hurry up.

Xing Ren wakes up in a hospital bed with an IV in her arm and Zi Qi by her side. He warns her that if she keeps not eating, he won’t eat either. She grabs her hand out of his and tries to get up to check on her mom. Zi Qi confirms Le Le will stay the rest of the night with Mama Shen. Zi Qi tells her to rest and in the future, he’ll switch off with her to take care of Mama Shen. Xing Ren tries to make excuses otherwise, which leads Zi Qi to wonder what is going on between them since she keeps pushing him away.

Xing Ren wants Zi Qi to spend more time with his family, to which he tells Xing Ren that she and Mama Shen is his family. Awwwww. Xing Ren asks him not to treat her so well going forward, because that just makes her feel even more useless. Xing Ren refuses to confide in Zi Qi about what his mom said to her. Kai Er is sitting at her desk and typing up an anonymous letter about the pregnant lady incident and alleging the company is protecting Shen Xing Ren and refuses to discipline her. Why hasn’t she sprouted horns yet?

Zi Qi writes something and then balls it up and tosses it away. Stallone chides him for destroying the environment with his paper waste. Zi Qi is not in the mood to banter with Stallone as usual. When Stallone warns Zi Qi that his bad attitude could get him fired, Zi Qi retorts that someday the underling may fire the boss, so Stallone ought to beware. Everyone is stunned by Zi Qi’s sudden firepower and hard-ass attitude. Stallone gets a call that the husband of the pregnant lady is here and he hurries to meet the man in the VIP lounge.

The pregnant lady’s husband has in his hand the anonymous whistleblower letter (written by Kai Er) and demands to know what the company is going to do about Shen Xing Ren for causing his wife’s situation. Stallone reads the letter and tries to explain that it’s not the truth, trying to downplay the situation. The husband demands a proper resolution otherwise he’ll sue the department store. Stallone wonders who wrote the letter?

Zi Qi is drowning his stress with beer and Bao Luo and announces that he wants to come clean to Xing Ren about everything. Bao Luo warns him that once he comes clean, he can’t go back. Zi Qi doesn’t want the department store if he loses Xing Ren. Bao Luo is impressed that the girlfriend managed to cure Zi Qi of his princely illness. Zi Qi confesses that his mom is making him break up with Xing Ren, which Bao Luo says is only natural since their parents want girls from the same rich background. Bao Luo convinces Zi Qi to rethink his come clean decision and instead try to make his mom spend time with Xing Ren to grow and like her.

Xing Ren shows off to President Qin and the VP of HR the new infant rest room she designed for the department store to accommodate new mothers. President Qin is very pleased, then asks Xing Ren about how her mom is doing. He offers the full support of the company in her mom’s recovery. After Xing Ren leaves, the VP of HR informs President Qin that his ex-wife hired the current specialist treating Mama Shen.

Zi Qi tells his dad that he didn’t ask his mom for support, and is instead something his mom did on her own. Zi Qi doesn’t care about his parents issues and what they want, since neither of them care about what he and Xing Ren are feeling. President Qin supports Zi Qi dating Xing Ren, but Zi Qi doesn’t want Xing Ren used as a gambling chip between his parents. Zi Qi doesn’t care which parent likes or dislikes Xing Ren, all that matters is that he doesn’t intend to give her up.

Kai Er calls the pregnant lady’s husband under the guise of trying to resolve things, but instead she continues to fan the flames. Zi Qi runs into his mom in the department store and she wants him to hang out with her. But he’s not in the mood, and when he sees Stallone taking the pregnant lady’s husband to the VIP room, he runs to join in resolving the matter. His mom follows him.

The husband demands that the department store sign a liability guarantee should his wife and unborn baby have any medical issues going forward. Xing Ren is willing to sign alone, but the man doesn’t think she is worth anything and wants the company to sign. When Zi Qi calls him out for engaging in larceny, the man claims that he is just worried about his family’s well being. He asks the guarantee to be signed, or just to give him NT1 million for his emotional trauma. Xing Ren tries to downplay the situation but Zi Qi refuses to back down and be cowed by the husband’s threats.

When Zi Qi’s mom hears her son being insulted, she barges in and agrees to pay the money but tells the husband to never speak to Zi Qi so disrespectfully. Zi Qi is not just anyone, he’s the only son and successor to the president of the department store. Everyone is stunned to hear this, especially Xing Ren. Zi Qi looks resigned that his mom just outed him. The VP of HR hurries to inform President Qin that his ex-wife outed Zi Qi in front of his colleagues.

Zi Qi confronts his mom afterwards and asks what she was doing back there. His mom doesn’t feel bad since she was sticking up for Zi Qi. Xing Ren asks Zi Qi if he is really the president’s son? Zi Qi can only nod his head. Zi Qi’s mom explains to Xing Ren that Zi Qi was working as a low rung employee at the request of his father to learn the business from the ground up. Xing Ren makes an excuse and runs off, leading Zi Qi to chase after her.

Zi Qi catches up with Xing Ren and tries to explain. He starts off by saying that he told her the truth from the very first day they met, that he was the son of the president of the department store. Xing Ren thinks back and remembers that Zi Qi did in fact claim to be the son of the president, but it was she who didn’t believe him. In fact, there were other clues, but she never connected the dots.

Xing Ren asks why he didn’t come clean after they started dating? Zi Qi explains his dad’s request that he not reveal his identity, and also his recent decision to come clean but he didn’t find the right time to do so. Xing Ren thinks Zi Qi has been lying to her about his family, but he explains that he told her a lot of truths about his family. Xing Ren just feels really hurt and lied to. Now she is even doubting whether he truly likes her. Zi Qi admits to the lies but can’t accept that she is doubting his feelings for her over this. He never wanted to lie to her. Xing Ren asks for time alone to think, she doesn’t know how to face Zi Qi right now.


Office Girls Episode 22 Baby Recap — 15 Comments

  1. “An upheaval in download-land” – how nice worded … hahaha

    Koala, I like to read your thoughts. Your form of criticism or to praise/approval makes fun to read. Thank You!!
    And yup, I must agree: Xing Ren with some outburst of temper would have been just too interesting and refreshing to watch.

    Roy Qiu reminds me with his acting /his gestures in OG extremely of the actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers (“Kick it like Beckham”). Am I alone with this impression?

  2. Thanks a lot. Indeed ever since the MU incident, getting a glimpse or more of our fave shows/dramas has become slightly more difficult. I have been googling ep 23 everywhere in vain.
    I don’t have any word for Kai Er but this: #^oo%รฉรจ!@!

    Can’t get enough of our “RoyAl” couple. <3 Maybe I should copyright this nickname?^^

      • Ha, I was wondering. Thank you for confirming my hunch. ๐Ÿ˜€

        This also means that my regular “provider” for OG still is reliable. Yippee! Can’t wait for Sunday evening then!

  3. i think the scene with the pregnant lady is just ridiculous…they made a big deal out of it and just threw in that scene out of no where..oh well, still loving OG! i’m going to be depress for a while because OG is ending lol

  4. Excited for OG to reconcile and cannot wait to see the wedding. Is it time for Office Girls Yet ?I seriously hope sopa does not pass.

  5. This ep was truly a return to form. I loved it, and am now hugely optimistic that the cast and crew will be able to pull off a fantastic ending in the last 2 eps. <3

  6. What is this MU that I’ve heard Ms.Koala mentioning and another commenter here mentioning? I can’t seem to find it on google >.<

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