Joo Ji Hoon Returns to Dramaland with Ji Chang Wook as his Rival

Making his long awaited return to television, Joo Ji Hoon has chosen to go with a 50-episode long weekend drama that will surely test his endurance and mettle. Hey, if you want to make a comeback, why not go all out? The drama is called The Piano Forest (also known as Five Fingers) and stars Joo Ji Hoon as a gifted pianist who encounters difficulty in his family and professional life and manages to overcome the odds. Joining him will be Ji Chang Wook in his first antagonist role, playing his younger brother and lifelong rival. Do the two look like brothers? Oh you betcha! This drama will be following A Gentleman’s Dignity on SBS in August.

While the female lead isn’t confirmed yet, all signs point to Eunjung taking on her first undisputed major leading lady role. It’s a point of contention in Coffee House where she was the female lead or Park Shi Yeon. This leading trio feels fresh to me, and I genuinely have no clue if it’s a good combination of actors or not. The scriptwriter worries me since she wrote Temptation of Wife, one of the most hilariously over-the-top daily dramas I have ever watched. I remember watching in abject horror at the insanity going on, but it surely was entertaining. Hopefully this will be more restrained on the makjang elements. A bunch of young people dealing with life struggles centered around piano playing is something that could interest me, so I’ll keep an eye on this drama for the time being. I hope the ahjummas don’t have a hissy fit with Joo Ji Hoon making a comeback, because boy has proven to me he’s talented after doing Mawang, so I’m happy he’s put all the negative press behind him and is ready to shine his brilliant smile on his fans again.


Joo Ji Hoon Returns to Dramaland with Ji Chang Wook as his Rival — 16 Comments

  1. I love him!
    he was marvellous in ma wang, so let’s hope he will do well
    we can’t have some scenario games and imagine what would have happened if the same situation has occurred in different countries showbiz…
    No doubt US would have forgiven him, but China? Taiwan?
    I don’t give a damn about his past, as long as he understood his mistakes, but showbiz is a b*tch when it comes to these things

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. He’s a really good actor, with lots of potential still, so I’d rather that everyone give him a second chance if he says he’s realised his mistakes. No one should be kept in the shadows for all their lives for some mistakes they committed while they were young.

      And another thing: I feel like the media is scapegoating (is that even a word? who cares, I just made it ) him a bit too much. I mean, let’s face it, there are plenty of other asian celebrities who have their own addictions, so either you slam down on all of them, or be lenient towards all of them, instead of choosing a few young ‘uns and then being overly harsh towards them… Although this is all just personal opinions of an idiot herself, so… *shrug*

      • You guys said it. I have been saying it since it first came out–unfair. I mean, I personally like that Korea has a low tolerance for drugs, but at the same time everything went on JJH. I mean, he did it once, and it was long long before they caught on. That was some Bull. You’re going to arrest him for something he did months before? I cant understand that.
        But seriously speaking, he’s a fantastic actor. He really is. I loved him in Antique Bakery.

  2. My first Korean love. I am so glad he was given a second chance. I know he’s learned his lesson well so I know he’ll never disappoint himself again (not to mention those who love him). Joo Ji Hoon, fighting!

  3. The press can be terrible and they made him a poster boy for substance abuse. Granted he was younger and enjoyed fame and disappointed his fans and country, but he’s a gifted actor and second chances should never be negated. Let’s give him a chance to prove if he has matured, gotten over his dependency and still has the chops to carry a drama. Remember his Lee Shin doll? Let’s put his smiley face frontwards and I, for one, would enjoy seeing him in the future do something with Yoon Eun Hye.

  4. I have a huge love for both Joo Ji Hoon and Eunjung but I fear this drama won´t be my cup of tea at all.. I would have loved to see them in a comedy or something slice-of-life, but I guess I´ll have to try to deal with the tragedy…

  5. This’ll be good for his image. A long-term drama showing he is serious about his work.

    I would LOVE to watch this, but, alas, unless some reeeeeeally nice group of people decide this pair up there is worth subbing 50 eps for, I will not be able to.

    PS Subbers like pretty, right? LOOK HOW PRETTY!!!

  6. I love me some Joo Ji Hoon hence yay for a drama comeback…but a big nay for this drama itself…50 eps makjang?…sigh
    I like all of the cast individually but together its a bit of a head scratcher…..I cans see Joo Ji Hoon do tortured lead characters pretty well thanks to Devil and Antique but Ji Chang Wook as an antagoinst rival…hmmmmm…if he can pull this off then I’ll say he sure has some range…that said I’m beginning to think that he really doesn’t know how to pick his projects (except for my beloved Sons of Sol Pharmacy House)…and then I wonder where Eun Jung will fit in all this or how she might look with JJH

  7. Am so glad to see my first love Joo Ji Hoon back on screen (even though I really wanted him to do the seer sageuk with Ji Jin Hee and Kim So Yeon). But Joo! In a drama! Am over the top and ecstatic over this piece of news. And with Ji Chang Wook too! <3

    I'm skeptical about Eunjung though. Much as I love Coffee House, her acting still feels a little shaky to me. Hopefully she'll be awesome in this.

    Crossing my fingers for this drama to be a success for Joo's sake, and also because I know my man has fine acting chops (yes, Mawang, I'm talking about you). (:

  8. I <3 Joo Ji Hoon,, Wellcome back. Hope he doing well. Keep hard working, Keep fighting !
    Hope to see him with Yoon Eun Hye again ^^

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