Lee Min Ho Hoists Kim Hee Sun off to Goryeo as Faith Releases 4th Teaser

Raise your hand if the fantasy of Lee Min Ho wearing all-black armor showing up in front of you and carting you off like a sack of potatoes strikes your fancy? If you answered yes, then I suspect Faith will be right up your alley. I think SBS has a good chance of maintaining its Mon-Tues dominance once Faith premieres after the Olympic hiatus, since the last time-traveling drama was the cult-favorite cable hit Queen In Hyun’s Man which came complete with its own behind-the-scenes Page One worthy costar love story. The fourth teaser has just been released and continues to showcase some truly eye catching cinematography and promises narrative intensity up the wazoo with sword fights, angry Lee Min Ho, nobles plotting, and Kim Hee Sun looking suitably stunned and angsty. I really like the costume design for this drama, even if I totally know it’s not even one bit historically accurate. I wonder if this drama will have the time traveling general toggling between his present and the future, much like a QIHM set up, or travel there once to nab himself a plastic surgeon and then stay put for the remainder of the drama, sorta like a Dr. Jin scenario. Too bad it doesn’t look like the Lee Min Ho will don modern garb when he heads to the 21st century. It would be hilarious to see a Goryeo general try on Lee Min Ho’s trademark short pastel-colored pants with sockless loafers look.

4th Teaser for Faith:


Lee Min Ho Hoists Kim Hee Sun off to Goryeo as Faith Releases 4th Teaser — 24 Comments

  1. Oh man. This is the reason why I wish I can time travel. The teasers look awesome. Lee Minho looks so stunning….. If this is anything like Dr. Jin I will seriously cry.(Knocks on wood) If this does really well it’d be like a big F-U to Dr. Jin, who claimed this plagerized them. Hahaha. Faith do your best! I badly wanna see this trample Dr. Jin… (Lol. I swear I never hated a drama as much as I have with Dr. Jin.)

    • I swear I never hated a drama as much as I have with Dr. Jin. – why hating something that can make you laugh so much as Dr Jin does (after reading some recaps).

      • Lol! The recaps are so funny! But if you watch it yourself your blood pressure just rises.

  2. *raises hand* ME ME ME CARRY ME MIN HO!!
    Aaah i am so excited for this drama…not only because of my baby min hoT but because i am intrigued by their costumes! I have never seen a drama belonging to this particular era and i think i am gonna enjoy a lot looking at the costumes and the sets….
    Faith hwaiting!! ♡

  3. I High Hope for this drama….. Since The writers is one of my favourite!! And Lee MIn Hoo <3

    I just finished QIHM, and It's good and become one of my favourite, but I think this drama can surpass QIHM.

    • I was waiting to be wowed by QIHM but that didn’t happen. I still liked that show though. I am eagerly awaiting Faith and Arang.

  4. QIHM is my favourite time travel drama so far. l’m looking forward for any drama that could surpass QIHM. Otherwise, l’ll declare QIHM as the best drama this year for me. Beside Faith, also awaiting for few others, like Arang, Haeundae Lovers, Nice Guy and Beautiful You. l think August would be an online drama month this year.

  5. Faith and QIHM may have the common time-travelling aspect but their genres itself are different. While the latter was romance this one I think will be a mix of different genres. It ‘seems’ to me romance will not be the draw or highlight of this show. Will wait until it airs before making a conclusive statement about the genre.

  6. doesn’t kim heesun resemble moon chaewon a bit in these pics and this teaser???

    & ‘m glad that a sageuk that i will watch features a period which has costumes i have not seen in any other sageuk, authentic or not… after seeing how the chinese dramas have different dressing and hairstyles as per the customs of the different eras they are set in (courtesy your posts on such periodicals), i was dying to see different eras and costumes in a korean drama too… esp one which shows the females prettier than shown in say, MoonSun…

  7. I’m really really really not into sageuks at all. But the teasers and the cast are just awesome. One thing is sure, it can’t be worst or even as bad as Jin.
    Now, if it could be really awesome that would be nice. Come on Show, make me see why everyone is crazy about Lee Min-ho. “Show me the money”.

  8. ‘Alo, ‘Alo.., o Faith is gearing up. I’m not LMH’s biggest fan, just someone who really likes good special effects. I lay hopes on Faith among all other dramas to surprise me, the same goes for LMH…Will I be fan…hmmmm, Olympics make some room.

    • I am not his fan too my dear.. However, they have the HOTTIE Spy Lord in it. Remember him he was in that great until the last ending which I did not finish watching Warrior Baek Dong Soo due to it was great until halfway point and the music was awesome and the action fight scene too…

  9. Yay! I’m so happy this drama is Mon/Tues. I feel like all of the dramas I’ve watched the last four months or so have been Wed/Thurs (except Big, but I admit I’m not a huge fan of Big, and AGD).

    I’m not gonna lie, having Lee Min-HOT back on my computer screen is going to be a happy, happy thing for me. ^_____^ Not to mention my ILU Song Joong-ki (MINE! back off ~glares~) is also due to have a drama out soon. AND Lee Junki AND Kim Hyun-joong (even if he can’t act) – that’s a lot of hotness all at one time. ~fans self just thinking about it~

  10. I would have liked a comedy with Lee Min Ho and Eun Yoon Hye but I have certain local artists in my head in my country, I hope I can write these stories in my head and of course earn, and yes I very much appreciate Korean writings such as these I am excited as always to work with talented people if given a chance for I admire and beam at GOD’s work of art in people….stories should always be inspiring…

  11. Thanks for this. I am hit or miss for sagueks.

    I did take someone’s advice and stopped worrying all that much about learning the names, understanding the politics, and getting every nuance.
    I realized they repeat important facts enough that I will eventually understand without taking notes. lol!

    But if the story gets mired in the tight circle of:
    Good guy vows revenge, bad guy lies, middle man betrays, good guy has a set back (Repeat till the end)
    I bail before finishing.

    Even Lee Min Hot can’t get me to enjoy a Princess-Man-towards-the-end type of show. Sorry PM fans! (Not really)

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