Stills of the Fateful First Meeting Between Min Ho and Sulli in To the Beautiful You

I’m going out on a limb here and throwing out the possibility that, despite being pack to the gill with SM Entertainment Idols, the upcoming Hana Kimi remake To the Beautiful You might actually be good. I base my conjecture on two things: (1) this first set of stills between leads Min Ho and Sulli look cute and chemistry-laden, and (2) everyone’s favorite “ore wa homo ja nai” Nakatsu will be played by tremendously talented rising young actor Lee Hyun Woo, who rocks a bowl haircut until I think it looks good on him. Honestly, Sano and Mizuki were never really central allure of this story, which mainly revolves about the funny shenanigans in the all-boys boarding school, with a side of romance. It’s more friendship than anything, and I’m assuming that since many idols in the cast are already same label mate, plus all around the same age, they can fall back on real life camaraderie to sell this story to me. Even if they can’t act, at least they can be themselves onscreen. I’m getting more and more on board this drama despite my better judgment. C’mon SBS, throw me another teaser trailer to hook me right and proper. For now, these stills will do. I’m loving how she literally crawls out of his doggie’s doghouse. 

Check out the recent photo spread of Min Ho and Sulli for Vogue Girl. I’m vastly amused by their identical haircuts and nearly identical expressions. Which only goes to highlight their facial resemblance. I don’t mean Sulli looks boyish or Min Ho looks feminine. Far from it, both are rightly presenting their genders. I just have this odd perception that they look like male-female versions of each other. Or maybe not, maybe it’s just the pretty clouding my vision. If they keep up this simmering chemistry, they’ll hands down win the best drama romance versions of Sano and Mizuki.


Stills of the Fateful First Meeting Between Min Ho and Sulli in To the Beautiful You — 15 Comments

  1. Hana Kimi was funny, warm, touching, cute, sweet, and smooooooth despite all the hijinx. It would be nice if they could keep those elements.
    The OST should be good, right?

    Your limb may be weakened once we hear Sulli’s delivery.
    I know nothing of the actress, but it IS the BOF guy at the helm.
    If this director makes her a Jandi, it could get ugly.
    Or, he coulc have learned from that, and she is AWESOME!

    • True, what makes me worry the most is the PD. Left Mizuki to Sulli, this girl is great as child actress so I don’t feel burdened to her as Mizuki, + Horikitty is also a feminine one. And We have Lee Hyun Woo!! Wooo~ he is the most interesting one, thank god the role fall into a decent Minho as Sano, can’t say anything unless: please be yourself to Minho.

      But the PD…please don’t screw it!!

  2. I’m actually really looking forward to this (against my better judgement). Sulli in Punch Lady was rather good (considering her age and experience and all that) and I’m really looking forward to seeing her in this.

  3. Hana Kimi Jversion was my very first drama. I hold it so dearly in my heart. I gotta admit I am really interested in this. At first not so much because I think SM is more of a profit company that shall just throw money to make more money. I’ve got my own bias reasons as to why I despise Sm. lol, it’s the fangirl in me. *CoughcoughDB5KCoughcough* But I got a soft spot for their other artists. Sulli often looked very cute to me, while Minho who was often neglected with song parts often stood out the most to me. This could either fall very badly, or be a great surprise. I just hope they don’t ruin the fun.

    I would have loved seeing a non-idol version of this though as well. Yoo Seung Ho as lead <3. I wish to see him in glory as something fluffy as this.

  4. ” they’ll hands down win the best drama romance versions of Sano and Mizuki”

    Surely that’s not hard 🙂

    I’ve never gone for any prior adaptation of this so I probably won’t love this one either. As long as it stays away from Dream High 2-like awfulness, we have a win.

    I am grateful this drama stuck all these idols in one poppy idol drama as opposed to dissipating them across half-dozen serious ones.

    • “I am grateful this drama stuck all these idols in one poppy idol drama as opposed to dissipating them across half-dozen serious ones.”
      So true.

      My prediction is each episode will be subbed at 100% before it even finishes airing. The only good part of having an idol in the cast.

  5. Only thing I want is a Nakatsu Homo Ja Nai dance (with panties on his head of course…cant have it any other way)….also all of his monologues to himself…pure comic gold

  6. i must be the last person on this planet who didnt care for both of the jap and tai version of this drama, hopefully this drama will grow on me :0

  7. You have to be dumb, blind and stupid to look at Sulli and not know that she is a girl. Did I mention on meth too.

    Kim Sun Ah had short hair for 16 episode of I do I do did everyone go around confusing her for a boy.

  8. Oh, they do seem to have chemistry. Both are so lovely and young, what’s not to love? And yes, against my better judgement, I’m actually looking forward to this. 🙂

  9. I’m probably one of the few, but I actually enjoyed the recent Hana Kimi remake more than the original dorama. (please don’t pelt me with tomatoes!) If only because it was less cartoonish than the original. I think that’s one thing that kind of grates on me is when they adapt a manga into a drama…the Japanese versions tend to be more like the manga presentation (sweatdrops and all) where as the Korean adaptations have always felt more like an actual drama. So…I have to confess that I’m really looking forward to this to see how they’re going to spin it.

    Also, just a side note, I really love Nakatsu in the drama versions. For some reason in the manga he just annoys me but whenever I watch a drama version I always want to ship Nakatsu x Mizuki. Maybe because Sano’s kind of a quiet character, so when you’re reading it you focus more on him but in a live version he almost gets lost in the shuffle…

    Anywho, can’t wait to see how this plays out. 🙂

  10. Since you will be writing on this,I guess it will be another good story so I’m going to watch it.
    Do you write on japanese dramas? I am going to watch ‘Sprout’,a japanese drama based on a popular manga,starring Yuri Chinen and Aoi Morikawa. My sister and I are watching both,korean and japanese dramas.

  11. Hana yori dango was one of the my fav in J dorama (the first one not the recent remake), it was so addictive! I also love the hilarious Taiwanese version starring Ella. thus, I have high expectations for K drama remake. It seems my doubtful speculation has been cleared after seeing the above stills, minho and sulli looks great!~

    • Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 花ざかりの君たちへ <—oops I got confused with the name, I am referring this one

  12. i’ve kinda always thought that minho and sulli looked alike. weird, but true. maybe its because they’re both the (sad but true, useless) parts of their respective groups, and are both marketed as the face of the groups. Add that to the fact, that their groups are basically the male and female versions of each other, and that of bigbang and 2NE1, the similarities are truly endless. Saying that, I think that they are both if not strong actors in their own right, they do have enough charm and acting talent to pull off an idol drama vehicle. Just SM making more money for SM.

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