First Official Stills of Yoon Eun Hye and Yoochun in Missing You

Come and get it! The first official stills are out of Yoon Eun Hye and Yoochun from Missing You and they are looking fantastic individually and together. I pray to the drama gods this is the drama that flips the switch for me with respect to Yoochun, because I hate to watch it for Eun Hye and be lukewarm about her male lead. I want to feel myself swept into this so-called tormented first love and feel the burn that hurts so good. Yoochun’s bowlish crew cut doesn’t look bad at all in these stills, and probably will suit his character once we see him onscreen in action. I’m loving Eun Hye’s simple long hair for this drama, allowing us to focus on her face and eyes as opposed to getting all fixated on her hair style, which was one thing that really bugged me in My Fair Lady. But seeing the official stills of the two leads being released when there is still no word on who the second male lead is just freaks me out.

Anyone else seeing neon red warning signs about a drama that apparently can’t lock down an actor to take part in a pivotal role who probably won’t end up getting the girl. If it is indeed the rumored Lee Wan, then will the production company just announced it already because my blood pressure cannot handle this anxiety. With Arang and the Magistrate ending this week, MY will get a two week reprieve with MBC airing two short dramas in the interim, so the premiere will be in early November. I know I posted the unofficial character descriptions giving glimpses of something happening to split up the younger lovers, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what could possibly be that dramatic they split up and never see each other for 14 years during which Yoochun’s character becomes a detective solely to track her down. Any thoughts, folks?


First Official Stills of Yoon Eun Hye and Yoochun in Missing You — 60 Comments

    • She has a freaking eye infection! I can’t believe she’s doing a melo that will probably require her to cry constantly. I worry about her health. T___T I hope she gets as much rest as she can on set. This drama….aigoo…I’m feeling like an anxious mommy hen worried about my chick.

      • Now that you mention it, I feel bad for saying how tired she looked (given the face that she hasn’t been doing much lately).

        I’m crossing my fingers for the best, because that’s a lot stretching to do for a 24ep drama about finding one’s loved one.

      • Ikr… But it seems pike she’s at least a little better, judging from her AISFF presscon pictures from today… And she’s crazy busy that I really wish she knows how to slow down…. But knowing her, she will probably continue on with her job with no complaint.
        But still, for being sick while these were taken, she looks amazing…

    • is this going to be a melodrama because although i like seeing her in comedic roles, i also like her serious roles too cuz she emotes emotions really well.

      • this brings back memories of them during the x-man variety show days. they were adorable on there.

  1. Aaaaaahhhh…look at them..such a heartwarming scene!no words…just look at their eyes..and you can feel their sadness and pain… 🙁

    But still….i’m soooooooo excited!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful images and almost make me mourn. They look great together and Yoon Eun Hye looks very beautiful. I hope he recovers soon from his conjunctivitis

  3. I’ve heard from various Korean forums that YEH has a kidney condition? And the reason is why she bloats up a lot. They were talking about that because of BIFF photos. People also said YEH was bloating up towards end of Coffee Prince, and the reason is she has a kidney condition. I heard a CP staff member said that? Anyway that’s what I read before.

    • Yes that kidney condition is pernicious anemia that’s why sometimes you see her suddenly bloated or she has bruises on her arms and legs. It’s also the reason why she gets sick a lot.

  4. Ive been really iffy with this drama because I must be in the minority that hasn’t been too impressed with Yoon Eunhye as of late. Yoochun is so-so, but I wouldn’t watch a drama just for the sake of him. So up until now, all my interest has been in the younger counterparts of the leads. Love those child actors! But if Lee Wan is going to be in the drama…count me in! There’s something about him that makes him very likeable to me, and even if he’s only going to be a second lead, I’d just be happy to see him back on the small screen!

    • I feel the same way about Eun Hye. She was a revelation in Coffee Prince, but I haven’t been impressed by her in anything since. However, she was SO good in CP that I’m cautiously optimistic about seeing her onscreen again. Maybe this will be her opportunity to shine!

  5. AAWWEEEE OUR PRINCESS EONNI IS SO PRETTY ^_^ I hope this is really a one good drama…ayyy nooo, I mean ONE BEST DRAMA. =)) hahahahahahaha. but even if it’s not, I’m still gonna be a YOON EUN HYE WARRIOR…. I MISS YOU, FIGHTING!

  6. huh…ok, i don’t understand….watsup with Yoochun’s hair not being that attractive in these stills, whereas he looks so HOT here:
    of course he’s in uniform so that totally ups the sexy but I think the hair adds to it too
    Besides that totally superficial aside….I think I’m liking this pairing…then again this is YEH who has chemistry with all her leads….I just hope she can bring it with the acting too cuz at this point its been 3-4yrs since I’ve really liked her in something (not always her fault admittedly)… especially since this looks like heavier fare….also not completely sold on this premise…I hope there some great backstory to explain why they are still nuts about each other besides the whole first love thing…and yes, can they please announce a second male lead already…it’s stressing me out just thinking about the schedule these actors will be subject to if the casting is still not complete

    • That’s a fan-made photoshopped still. It’s Yoochun’s head and hair from Miss Ripley, on top of Eric’s body in Poseidon (the first incarnation).

      • aw crap….HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I totally thought that was real….damn those fangirls are good!..but now I’m back to being disappointed with his hair

      • Aw, man, I’m still bummed out about Poseidon. I SO wanted to watch the Eric&Kim Kang Woo bromance version. Someday I’ll get over it. I hope.

  7. Stills looks great! Better than the child actors’ ones…. YEH looks really tired here though 🙁

    Ohhhhh Yoochun looks good here. Mature looking. Him and YEH are sucha fine looking. I take whatever I said about not being able to imagine them together, back.

    • I like YEH here … mature & womanly … better than last year’s slapstick with Kang Ji Hwan in LIE TO ME ; i enjoyed the chemistry but there was little depth in that drama… alot of fan-service though.
      Yoo Chun is a very mature actor despite his age & experience… i really enjoy his acting range from SKKS days … lots of improvement… he acts better than he sings ? Junsu is the best singer who can do well turning solo, can’t speak for the other 2 though … my personal opinion … don’t take up “arms” ..

  8. Miss Ockoala, how about a family issue that separated them and that made him turn his back to their love!?And he needs to look for her NOT for revenge BUT to get to the why’s!? I’ve been watching to many dramas or I think I just have to much time in my hands!! Lol

  9. Wow, these stills are getting me interested. They both look good and with better hair than I expected. I hope this drama will pick itself up and manage to get all its cast together because now it would be a shame if it would flop.

  10. I don’t think YEH has conjunctivitis..I think she portrays that she has lost something so important and very sad looking…she was crying her heart out…and MPYC is so hot and manly here..Hope YEH will able to carry her character in this melo-drama..can’t wait for MY..Thanks your fb page.

    • Her assistant tweeted couple of days ago that she had eye infection. She could hardly open her eyes and had to be rushed to the hospital, but she’s feeling better now. She still managed to take pictures even when she was really sick.

  11. good luck YEH & PYC on this new drama!
    i hope the story (including directing and editing) , the chemistry and the ending will be good..
    for YEH, i will try melodrama.. ^^

    • Hi Madqueen! Jade Butterfly here.You were quiet but Glad u weren’t freaked out by us cyber friends & our over-the-top spazzing ‘bt all things KD at korean BBQ.
      Am gonna watch this show. Curious at how this pairing is gonna gel together.
      YEH is experienced & Yoochun isn’t as much.
      YEH is a good kisser & Yoochun , onscreen, is not . Who’s gonna up the heat & who’s gonna become(YEH) or stay(YC) plastic. Hmmmm.

  12. Thank goodness!You said something positive this time(well at least for the stills)^^.

    Btw, those official stills are so DAEBAKK!! Yoochun looks good & hot with that haircut & Eun Hye’s beautiful as always. Ohh, I can feel the emotions there, the sadness & yearning they have for each other.
    IMY Fighting++!!!!

  13. Micky looks hot here, mature. Wow. Hope YEH is much better now and complete the drama without any detour to emergency room/hospital.

  14. but I can’t for the life of me figure out what could possibly be that dramatic they split up and never see each other for 14 years during which Yoochun’s character becomes a detective solely to track her down. Any thoughts, folks?

    Why I have a feeling it had something to do with HJW’s (YC character) stepmother. But I still can’t figure out what kind of deed she’s done

  15. “but I can’t for the life of me figure out what could possibly be that dramatic they split up and never see each other for 14 years during which Yoochun’s character becomes a detective solely to track her down…”

    CYHMH had a very dramatic separation. Boy’s family has a tragedy, Mom moves away with her kid. Girl stays put.
    I am voting that this time the girl’s family has a tragedy which results i the loss of a parent, and she moves away.
    But 14 years looking for someone when you know her name, and you are a cop? She must change her name, and maybe move to Busan?

    By the way, the thing that I really liked about the OTP in CYHMH is that they were cute together from the beginning. There was never a I-like-you-but-I-am-pretending-I-don’t or a misunderstanding that forced them to hide their true feelings. It was quite refreshing to have an OTP where despite all the chaos around them, they had each other to lean on.

    I hope we get that again.

    • I vote that too. Or it could be that the boy’s family has a tragedy and stays put and the girl’s family happens to have moved and he was wrapped up in the other stuff, and then it was too late to track her easily. It seems like from the unofficial descriptions that he left her. It definitely has to do with family members I guess – that’s how it mostly happens with these things. I wonder if it has to do with a murder.

      I’m still hoping they surprise me something good.

    • @Jomo dear,
      If you had your time with Five fingers, May queen and Nice guy in the line, this will be cherry on the cake or the last drop. I would like to see good acting here, s’thing like TK2H or RMPW which melted my heart, OTP so cute, handsome, and lovable. For me Mickey surprisely looks finneee,seems more manly.

  16. goodluck eun hye!!! hugs to you and hoping you get much much better specially now that you will be back on the small screen!

    sorry to say but yoo chun still does nothing for me 🙁 even with a good haircut!

    will watch it for eun hye and the story!!!

    thanks Captain!!!

  17. well eunhye was excellent in all her acting no matter how bad the script is as others are saying like for instance in “Lie to me” but it is just so funny coz it is in this drama that i came to know a korean actress named yoon eun hye who made me enjoy it and now i am an avid fan who follows her everywhere on the net…As to the stills she looks so beautiful and innocent (even though she was reported sick) you can feel her emotions and this goes for yoo chun too… so let us support this drama coz wuri eun hye is in it and let us accept whoever she is paired with…I believe in this drama so if you are really fans of eun hye and yoo chun you should stop throwing negative comments for each of them. Let us be one in this.

  18. “but I can’t for the life of me figure out what could possibly be that dramatic they split up and never see each other for 14 years during which Yoochun’s character becomes a detective solely to track her down…”

    ms. koala what if its like Byakuyakou and because they love each other they do something and have to be apart. If it is something similar and Lee Wan is in it, i would be all over this drama!

  19. I am quite in! Had invested time, effort and resources just to follow YEH on the net so how can I be picky with what’s given?

    FORTUNATELY, both stars are promising together and from what I heard the story and directing had some very good precedence/ credentials. So i am here for the whole ride. . . .

  20. i will definitely watch this drama just like every YEH fan im always following eun hyes project so i cant be picky too.for me all her projects even badly written is well acted and well received by international fans simply because they love YEH.The YEH effect is still there. Besides yoochun is not bad at all. I like him in sungkyungkwan scandal and i think he looks good with yoon hye.though i still hide the facg that

    • (Cont.)
      That im dying to see yoon hye do a project with hyun bin,rain or gong yoo again.that would be awesome.but for now ,im happy that she has a project that i can look forward happy and excited.cant wait for missing you!

  21. I can’t figure out why she chose him or this script? I hope, if YEH has a love interest, he didn’t have anything to do with this choice she has made. Wasn’t this lead involved in a scandal not to long ago? I had made a decision not to watch any dramas he was in after that. I will go google and see if it was all a sham or not. I don’t believe everything I read, but if I hear something negative, I will go google and make my own decisions.

    These photos are nice, she knows how to exude drama, with a look.

    I agree, Mickey doesn’t kiss all that well, hopefully they will get some practice time . YEH has proven she does well with men who know how to kiss. I was being serious about the practice time, hopefully, if he doesn’t live up to her expectations, she will have the zots to tell him so? Chemistry between the lead actors is important, kissing is part of chemistry.

    I agree with bhuddz, but you forgot the actor in Goong, now he can kiss, he also is a good actor.

    • sorry, i forgot to mention ji joon, even kang ji hwan.both have amazing chemistry with our eun hye. and there’s another actor that i want to pair her with, song seung hoon.Im not really excited to see her with younger guys, cause during her past interview i think she mentioned that she likes someone older than her, so i can not fantasize her to have a real relationship with her new onscreen partners in i miss you. but who knows , she undoubtedly can have good chemistry with anyone.Still, i miss you is my no. 1 drama to watch list. eun hye is enough reason for me to watch this after 1 year of missing her. I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

  22. Great that we can watch Eun hye again! She’s a great actress and has a very pretty and versatile look. We enjoyed all her work from Goong to Lie to Me. We all love her here in Canada! All the best to Miss Eun Hye!

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