Fun New Stills and Latest Preview from Miss Rose Episode 13

Kyaaaaaaaaaaa! Roy Qiu and Megan Lai finally did it! They finally do a promotion for Miss Rose where they look like they are having chemistry with each other. This is such a funny running joke to me, because onscreen they are OTP forever and forever with chemistry aplenty, but off screen Megan goofs around all the time with second male lead Chao Chun Ya (they are adorable together and have such perfectly in sync sense of humor in the BTS videos) while she and Roy are pretty chill with each other but nothing to write home about. To celebrate MR continuing to lead the Sunday night ratings in the high 3s, the media was inviting to filming on Monday where Roy and Megan had fun with some hard boiled eggs in honor of the cute egg scene in episode 12 (and can I say how gorgeously spiffy they look dressed down – I hope its for a hiking scene in MR where they get lost and have to find shelter in a cave). I guffawed through the start of the aforementioned egg scene when Cheng Kuan showed up at Si Yi’s house with 1 egg – the way Mom asked why he didn’t bring more so they could all eat eggs and him trying it explain it was for rubbing and not eating purposes, and how Si Qi continues to call him brother-in-law in front of everyone and no one bats an eyelash or corrects her (though my heart twinged a teensy bit for Yi Chun hearing it and looking like someone sucker punched him). I normally save the new video previews of MR for later in the week when I post the written preview after its released, but this one is too good not to share. Am I the Miss Rose fairy or am I the Miss Rose fairy? I am so so so proud of Cheng Kuan. Go fight for your girl!

Roy confirmed that the cast and crew of MR did celebrate his birthday on Sunday and they even paused to watch episode 12 together. I love it!

New preview for episode 13 – You have to stay:

Cheng Kuan’s Mom: Right now is a very critical time for Cheng Kuan. It can’t be that Miss Luo’s appearance in his life would disrupt his plans.

President Jiang: You don’t want to test my limit.

Cheng Kuan: This is my life, I hope you can please respect it.

Si Yi: I’m not worth you losing so much for me. You are so wonderful, and so talented. You have to stay (at the company).


Fun New Stills and Latest Preview from Miss Rose Episode 13 — 16 Comments

  1. Any more ms. Kolas, pass them over to us. Thanks!
    Hey, I thought I could travel to next Sunday with you all. So I went to early last night. But it didn’t happen and I had no dream. Too bad!


    I actually clapped when I saw this post. Sooo . . ., if you have fairy powers can you sprinkle fairy dust on us all so we don’t need a time machine?

    Wouldn’t it be funny if someone from Miss Rose actually read our thread about the birthday party thing? Or was this the buzz all acorss Taiwan that the cast/crew did not celebrate his birthday?

  3. Thank you Miss Rose Fairy!!
    Slowly but surely, CK is making his case for love. Nobody’s gonna stop him!

    PS I love this wine jacket almost more than his aubergine jacket from OB. These are NOT colors most men can get away with, but our Roy can!!

    • I have to say, I like the non-chemistry factor with this couple.
      It makes sense. Maybe once she finally folds and gives in completely, the actress will relax a bit more with Roy. (Maybe, they are secretly having like this wild intimate relationship so they have to pretend they aren’t at ease…It could happen…)

      (But, really, dead horse being beaten by me, what a difference between how Roy is with her vs Alice. Wow!)

      • Roy+Alice= *____*

        They are so beautiful together offscreen sometimes I weep that they aren’t a RL couple.

      • I do love Miss Rose. I do, I do 🙂
        But gotta say. Him and Alice- sigh. Are we absolutely sure he likes those tinny winny girls? Oh man Roy- opposites attract. Go for it!!!! But he won’t. Seeing how his past loves looks like * pouts *

  4. FINALLY!!! They look adorable & like they aren’t afraid of catching infectious diseases from each other, which (sadly) is a HUGE improvement. LOL. They actually look comfortable & relaxed with each other. I love it. But still, OMG those pics of Roy & Alice. What a difference! Their expressions in that second photo basically scream “Yes, we do intend to conquer the world with our collective hotness. Watch out!” I miss having them on my screen like whoa.

    Also, I think that this may be the most beautiful I’ve ever seen Megan Lai. Her clothes are so informal, but she’s just glowing.

  5. HAHA I totally laughed out loud when he showed up at Siyi’s house with ONE egg in his hands, with this slightly dazed look on his face.. Hahahahaha

    But true, he had more chemistry with Alice. But his chemistry with Megan suits the quiet, trusting relationship he has with her character on the show.

  6. I can’t stop staring at Roy’s pants in these pics. He looks so good in them! And yay that the cast/crew celebrated Roy’s bday — hopefully we will get a snippet of the celebrations in next week’s BTS. Thanks for sharing these cute photos, Ms Koala! 🙂

  7. Can’t wait for next week’s ep! Finally some physical contact! Would love to have a kiss too but know it’s not going to happen.

    But I don’t understand CK’s mom! I know that she feels indebted to Vivian’s dad…but she doesn’t sense at all that her son is unhappy with Vivian?

  8. gals, at what time is the time travel train passing?
    i will be at the station waiting!!!!!!
    i am so in love with that drama that i watch it raw now without even knowing any chinese!!!!!!!!!11 sub sub sub sub,,,

    can i cure from this healness?

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