Written and Video Preview for Episode 19 of Nice Guy

We’re T-minus 1 day from episode 19 of Nice Guy, and mark my words this penultimate episode won’t reveal how this drama will end. It’ll probably end with some hair-pulling tension-filled moment leaving a collection scream of satisfied frustration from NG fans the world over. This drama has indeed been an experience where every unexpected twist and turn has left us shock and awed at the storytelling prowess to take the story of a woman betraying the man who loved her enough the give up everything for her and make it 20 hours worth of compelling entertainment. After NG I’m going to need a break from melodramas and let this experience soak in rather than running off to start crying over another sad sob story. Ultimately NG isn’t sad per se, it just makes us understand that one wrong decision, compounded by more wrong decisions, can create a tangled web of confusion and cross-wires to the point where even the truth cannot free people from finding happiness. Right now I’m not going to comment on what the previews are revealing and will sit back and let Lee Kyung Hee deliver her grand finale before I process whether the ending makes sense for me.

The fans were out in full force last night and caught Maru and Eun Gi filming in the park. According to eyewitnesses, there is a kiss (see above), plus apparently Eun Gi was required to cry a lot, so I’m not sure if something will happen to Maru. Sigh. My heart is really exhausted for them.

For those who want to catch up on Nice Guy to enjoy the final episodes live, you can watch here.

Written preview for episode 19:

Maru believes that he caused Jae Hee to become like this and wants to start over again with Jae Hee. He tells her that he’ll wait for her and to walk forward together. Eun Gi sees this and her face reflects her jealousy and rage. As Maru is going home, Joon Ha gets into a car accident. Eun Gi thinks that this is all caused by Jae Hee.

Preview for episode 19 (with English subs):


Written and Video Preview for Episode 19 of Nice Guy — 23 Comments

  1. maru wants to comeback with jae hee-the-queen-of-evil-single-mother-i-ever-seen?
    what the…???
    I guess that tumor or cancer of maru’s head really that worse till make him lost his mind..

    • Actually the final scene with Jae Hee in episode 18 seems like she’s already accepting and starting to let go. She knows Eun Gi is the person in Maru’s heart. She wants to cry about it to someone but there’s no one left to trust to listen to her. So she ends up going to Maru, the only person who she knows can. Like what Ms. Koala said, this drama shows how one mistake and misunderstanding causes another. Eun Gi just happened to see them crying together and naturally she jumps to assumptions due to anger and jealously just like any normal person would.

      For the ending, I really don’t mind who dies as long as Eun Gi will know what Maru’s true heart feels, that’s good enough for me. :))

  2. i am more confused than ever. certainly in awe at LKH for coming up with Nice Guy/Innocent Man story with complex unexpected twist and turns that keep us glued and wanting for more. And you’re absolutely right ockoala, 20 hours worth of compelling entertainment.

  3. What in the what? Ok, it’s not possible.. Maru Is not in any way responsible for Jae Hee’s evilness, it should be other way.. That she is responsible for Maru’s downward spiral. No, actually, they are each responsible for their own trajectory.

  4. *sigh* at MR still playing the bad guy. Previews are misleading though, so I still have hope. Jae Hee, please just be honest to yourself and to EG. Just tell her she’s the only one MR loves.

    JOON HA~ please be okay, I still love you.

  5. thanks so much koala sis for the written and video prev post. 🙂

    initially, Maru’s savior complex had lead him to what he is now, getting imprisoned for JH, almost getting killed in that cliff to save Eun Gi and now, he’s trying to save JH by being with her. argh! please step out of that and pursue your own happiness and that is to be with Eun Gi.

    i just hope this two would be able to be together but i know that would be asking too much considering where this drama seems to be headed.

    can’t wait for tonight’s episode. 🙂

  6. Koala Unnie,

    Even though this has nothing to do with NG (sorry) I thought you’d want to know. Running Man will guest stare Lee Seung Gi and Park Shin Hye in episodes 120 – 121 this weekend. Since you love them so much, I thought I’d pass along the information.

  7. wow the depression just keeps on bulking up. So now Eun Gi “proves” to herself that Maru still loves Jae Hee and when Maru sees Eun Gi worried about Joon Ha and assumes she’s better of with the guy. And they drift farther apart and what happens next then. Hul. So depressing but still so addicted to it.

  8. if he really wants to be with jae hee i’m so happy for them .actually i love jae hee more than eun gi ,and i hope you don’t think i’m mad.no one is born good or evil your environment what really creat who you are,i mean imagine if jae hee was born rich and she fall in love with maru she would do what eun gi does and leave everything to be with him.the human nature always want what it doesn’t have we always want what we don’t own,and beside eun gi not an angel look at how she was treating her brother and he is a child she was so harsh with him she was cold to all the people around her,anyway i just hope what maru telling to jae hee isn’t another trick to save eun gi ,no one deserve to suffer all his live even if he is monster and i’m sure jae hee isn’t a one

    • If MR ends up with Jae Hee because he wants to be with her then this whole drama seems pointless to me and I will rage at all the hours I wasted.

      I don’t believe that’s the case though. It’s probably another ploy to keep Jae Hee away from EG, MR has shown continually he’ll do anything to keep EG safe. I think it’s clear by now who MR loves and it’s EG. Unless he lies in his own thoughts.

  9. Hopeless Romantic as I am, I believe in happy ending, and I want to believe a happy ending for Maru and Eun Gi – Love never fails, in real life that is, ha ha ha. Whatever the ending would be, Nice Guy is one exemplary production. The team up of Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Woon is exquisite. Thank you Koala for your hard work and for sharing your brilliance with your reviews and insights with us.

  10. hm,, got it,,
    from the preview, it seemed after eun gi return from the park where he saw maru hugged jae hee,, there waiting lawyer ahn who’s going to hit someone, eun gi/ma ru, but instead, he hit joon ha …

  11. Life is so strange as Miss K talks about the penultimate episode I can’t help but be really pissed at Kang Maru more than even Jae Hee because Maru has such a weak personality with a super ego that somehow it makes him seem invisible… these last couple of episodes make me wish that there is really only one way this series could go … Down to the end all the games he plays … I hope it should catch up to him … Poetic justice I guess … I really don’t want anything to happen to Lawyer Park or Lawyer Ahn… Lets hope d writer agrees with me … Lawyer Ahn has such a dark … secretive but super sexy way of subtle manipulation … Just don’t kill him off.. This episode 19 … I believe was a big failure … It turned me off instead of on … and I’m so fed up of Maru and Jae Hee … It’s not funny … Just do anything … of one thing I am sure I will not be viewing the live final episode … I’ve got better things to do … Nice try but it is impossible to wrap up this mess in one episode …even with death … even if Maru shi goes to Beverly Hills and becomes a Hill Billie … BTW Pricess Man , Arang the Magistrate and at the top of my list is THE GREAT DOCTOR FAITH … TRY HAVING A PHENOMENAL ENDING INSTEAD OF A MEDIOCRE ONE.

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