Missing You Episode 6 Recap

Now that the adult actors have arrived, the ratings for Missing You keep rocketing upward likely due to the combination of super weak competition (The Great Seer is a complete failure and Jeon Woo Chi has started off awkward and not very coherent) and a solid one-two-three acting punch in popular young actors Yoochun, Yoon Eun Hye, and Yoo Seung Ho (heh, I’m so tempted to start referring to them as the 3Ys). I’ve expressed reservations with Seung Ho being paired with his much older noona in Eun Hye, plus he was coming off a truly mindnumbingly dull performance in Arang and the Magistrate, so I dialed my expectations way low for this role. Happy for me, he’s exceeded all my expectations and now I only wish the writer would spend a bit more time developing both Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon’s characters. The writer is really doing an outstanding job of writing Jung Woo, which helps smooth over her lazy writing when it comes to plot contrivances. But unless the writer delves deeper into Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon as well, it’ll end up relying on even more silly plot twists to generate conflict.

Hyung Joon has the potential to be such a great conflicted character that can do bad things because of good reasons and make it hard to either love or hate him. Soo Yeon, I want her to reunite with and get over her pain that is tied to Jung Woo, and then decide which guy she wants to be with, the one who has been her other half for the last 14 years, or the one she has never been able to forget or let go of. I really didn’t care much for young Jung Woo, but I’m loving adult Jung Woo with his goodness mixed with ferocity that just works because we know how he got to be the person he is today. Missing You is still stupider than a school of jellyfish but the little bits that work for me keeps me interested and appears to be hooking new viewers in Korea. My recaps, for as long as I am interested enough to write them, will be much more screencap heavy for this particular drama than usual. The visuals are so pretty in its palates of ochre and blue but the narrative isn’t nearly as interesting.

Episode 6 recap:

Jung Woo manages to scale that gate after all (go Jung Woo!) and catches up to Soo Yeon. He yanks her around and stares at her, trying to confirm whether or not she’s Soo Yeon. Not sure if Soo Yeon recognizes him on sight but she’s affected and stares back. When Jung Woo’s partner arrives, Jung Woo releases Soo Yeon and walks off, mumbling that she can’t be her. Soo Yeon stands in the rain and stares after him.

Hyung Joon stands before the portrait of him and Soo Yeon and stares at it. I know you’re handsome, baby boy, but that’s taking narcissism to a whole new level. But chances are you are staring at Soo Yeon, which I don’t blame you for doing.

When Soo Yeon gets out of the shower, Hyung Joon turns to leave and she can tell he’s not terribly pleased she came to Seoul without letting him know where she was headed. Hyung Joon asks that she never make him that worried again (not knowing where she was). She promises, but then blames him for turning off his cellphone first. They both realize the other isn’t really all that angry or contrite because they know each other so well.

Hyung Joon fixes Soo Yeon a meal and she brings up running into a cop outside. She says the guy tried to talk to her, but laughs it off that she’s too pretty. Hyung Joon hears she ran into a cop and looks pensive.

Hyung Joon puts his hand on Soo Yeon’s shoulder and her hand reaches over to touch his as well. They have such a natural and almost seamless interaction with each other, albeit not quite healthy since their world consists of only each other.

Jung Woo goes to take a brooding shower while fully dressed.

Soo Yeon’s mom buys “her son” a new coat and brings it to Jung Woo at the police station. I love their relationship. If for no other reason, Soo Yeon should end up with Jung Woo because he’s taken care of her mom for the last 14 years and they have a chance to be a functional happy family after all is said and done.

Jung Woo calls Hyung Joon to brief him on updates with the investigation into Nurse Hye Mi’s death. Hyung Joon asks Jung Woo to call him first before showing up at the house and Jung Woo agrees.

Soo Yeon can’t sleep at 4 in the morning and Hyung Joon knocks before entering her room to keep her company.

She tells him to sit next to her and he teases back that it should be more than just sitting. He asks if he can lay down. I love how respectful yet flirty he is.

Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon lie in bed together staring at each other. She touches his cheek where he has a scar from the childhood injury and says its visible now that he got short hair. She use to think that if Hyung Joon ever left her, she would use his scar to find him. Hyung Joon points out that he’s got a crippled leg, how could be possibly leave her? He asks that she not run away because he can’t possibly chase after her.

Soo Yeon asks if she can stay here until he finishes his work. Hyung Joon sighs that he doesn’t want to work when she’s around. She raises her hand to promise him she won’t distract him. Hyung Joon smiles and tells her to do whatever she wants. Hyung Joon wonders why she hasn’t asked about Nurse Hye Mi’s passing? Soo Yeon assures him that she’s really discarded all those bad memories. Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon cover each other up to sleep.

Hyung Joon reaches out his hand and clasp Soo Yeon’s, and she grasps his back. After Hyung Joon falls asleep, Soo Yeon waves her magic memory forgetting fingers over his face as if to wipe away his bad memories.

Jung Woo looks at the CCTV footage and tracks down Han Tae Joon’s secretary, who claims to not know Nurse Hye Mi. Riiiight. Jung Woo doesn’t buy his story so continues investigating. Secretary hears that Nurse Hye Mi has a nephew and asks to get in touch with him. When Secretary sees the dossier on the nephew, he realizes that its the now-adult Kang Hyung Joon.

Jung Woo goes to his stepmother’s store and asks if she knows the deceased Michelle Kim (Nurse Hye Mi). Stepmother says she’s never met Michelle Kim, and someone suggested that woman as a potential investor in Stepmother’s clothing boutique.

Ah Reum arrives and walks out with Jung Woo, grumbling about going to a matseon today. She wonders if her oppa has a girl he likes and Jung Woo says there is always a woman in his mind and his heart. Ah Reum teases that even if he found Soo Yeon unni, she won’t like him because he’s changed so much. Jung Woo says he’s not changed at all.

Jung Woo’s partner goes to Hyung Joon’s house to wait for him. Soo Yeon calls Hyung Joon and he says he will be right back. Soo Yeon is cooking when Jung Woo arrives.

When Jung Woo’s partner calls his name, Soo Yeon freezes and she repeats it, now aware of who he is.

Jung Woo hears her say his name and he grabs her, demanding to know who she is. Jung Woo screams at Soo Yeon to says his name again. Soo Yeon doesn’t answer and Hyung Joon returns home.

Jung Woo’s partner briefs Hyung Joon, who stares at Jung Woo, who stares past Hyung Joon’s head at Soo Yeon who is in the kitchen. Apparently before the accident, the lights in Harry’s locked room was turned on for 30 minutes and then turned off. Hyung Joon says his aunt has the keys to his room. Hyung Joon cut to the chase and asks Jung Woo if his fiancee did anything wrong?

Jung Woo asks to speak with Hyung Joon’s fiancee. Hyung Joon smiles and asks if Jung Woo is interested in his fiancee and using this case as an excuse. Hyung Joon sighs and says what to do about that? Soo Yeon walks over and puts her hand on Hyung Joon’s shoulder and says there is nothing that needs to be done, since she only loves Hyung Joon.

Hyung Joon teases that he ought to be nervous since his fiancee is so popular. When Soo Yeon turns to leave, Jung Woo stands up and asks her to stop. Soo Yeon walks over and touches Hyung Joon’s shoulder while looking Jung Woo in the eye and asking what he wants. Jung Woo apologizes for his untoward behavior earlier.

Then Jung Woo asks who taught Soo Yeon the “will the rain stop” chant. Soo Yeon freezes, and Hyung Joon turns around and asks Soo Yeon to share where she learned it. Soo Yeon steels herself and turns around, saying that she doesn’t remember anymore.

When Jung Woo moves towards Soo Yeon, Hyung Joon stands up and tells Jung Woo to contact him when the autopsy results are out.

Jung Woo goes drinking with his cop buddies and gets adorably drunk. He’s such a decent guy, I wish he could move on even without getting Soo Yeon back, that he could work through his issues first. Afterwards he goes to the warehouse where Soo Yeon was raped and sits there in the dark.

The next morning, Jung Woo’s partner grabs him and slaps handcuffs on him because today is the day the rapist will be released.

Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon are driving home when their car hits the just-released-from-jail rapist as he crosses an intersection. SERIOUSLY?!?! *headdesking forever here*

Hyung Joon gets out to check on the man, and Soo Yeon recognizes him when he makes the same mouth swipe gestures. She starts to freak out inside the car and the rapist notices her and walks over. He reaches into the car and grabs Soo Yeon’s phone.

Hyung Joon manages to get rid of him, promising to pay for his medical costs and compensation. After the rapist leaves, Hyung Joon reaches into Soo Yeon’s window and finds her trembling in fear.

Soo Yeon locks herself up in the bathroom under the running shower. Hyung Joon tries to get her to open up but she doesn’t respond. He finally gets inside and pulls her into his embrace as she screams in pain.

Jung Woo finds the rapist but this guy is no joke and proceeds to beat Jung Woo up. He tells Jung Woo that he knows where Lee Soo Yeon is. Eun Joo arrives and stops Jung Woo from being beaten further. The rapist leaves.

Hyung Joon sits beside a sleeping Soo Yeon and stares at her. He gets a call from Secretary asking to meet. Secretary says he hasn’t told Han Tae Joon (Hyung Joon’s half-brother who is also Jung Woo’s dad) that Harry’s real identity is Kang Hyung Joon. First this drama makes it so hard for the evil side to track down Hyung Joon, and then makes it super duper easy when it feels like it.

Soo Yeon wakes up and its nighttime. She gets a call at home and its from her own cell phone and its the rapist calling. He claims he’s injured and needs help, otherwise he’ll report the driver to the police and her boyfriend will go to jail. Soo Yeon stammers out a “wait”.

Hyung Joon meets up with Secretary at the banks of the Han river. Secretary blackmails Hyung Joon for money to keep quiet about his return to Korea. He knows Hyung Joon is also with Soo Yeon now and they disappeared together. He reminds Hyung Joon that the police have an open file still looking for Soo Yeon. He asks how much Soo Yeon is worth to him? What a scumbag. Hyung Joon asks how much Secretary was paid to get rid of his mother?

The rapist is at home and gets a delivery box. The top layer inside the box is the front page news from Lee Soo Yeon’s rape and murder 14 years ago. Before he can open the inside box (if there is a severed head inside imma calling super foul with the writing), the door bell rings again.

He peeks through the eye hole and sees the silhouette of a girl (which clearly means its not a girl and is some guy dressed like a girl, if my suspicious mind is correct). He thinks its Soo Yeon and stars to act like his neck hurts. He opens the door and is promptly tasered.

Jung Woo sits in the old park on a swing and thinks of Soo Yeon as he twists the swing around like Soo Yeon used to do.

Jung Woo’s partner goes to the rapists apartment and knocks on the door. But the rapist has been bound and gagged in the bathtub so cannot answer. A towel is placed on top of the rapist’s face and we see him slowly suffocating.

Soo Yeon drives home and sees Jung Woo waiting for her outside the gates. She gets out to talk with him. Hyung Joon sits in his car and checks his tablet which is wired to surveillance his entire residence. He sees on the gate camera feed that Soo Yeon is talking with Jung Woo outside the house.

Jung Woo asks Soo Yeon to call his name. He knows she’s not the girl he’s looking for so he needs some closure before he goes crazy. Soo Yeon calls “Han Jung Woo” and Jung Woo cries. He turns around and stares at her.

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Missing You Episode 6 Recap — 89 Comments

  1. Thanks for the recap! I think i will start watching! I had a feeling the kids would be amazing and they were but it seemed to intense….seeing them as adults somehow makes it easier to watch now. I’m interested to see where it all goes. If the whole drama was centered around the kids with so much craziness happening to them, I don’t think I could watch.

  2. Thanks for the recap, I don’t know why but i keep thinking that nurse Hye Mi murder and the rapist attack are Soo Yeon’s acts. Well, let’s wait and see…

    • Haha! I wonder if it’s her too. IF you consider a few eps before–part where you see JW pulling SY behind him and pointing the gun like he won’t let anyone near/touch her. Makes me wonder. ehehehe

      OCKoala, thanks for the recap! ^^

    • My prediction, this drama will end tragically. LF shot by SLM. On the next episodes, LSY would become murder suspect, and HJW defends her from charges. Indeed, LSY went and made the rapist unconscious. Then came the real killer who actually KHJ’s man/woman, as KHJ already oversees LSY and became her guardian. Nurse Hye-mi was killed by HJW’s father order.

  3. Wonderful performances all around. Love Yoochun’s character. He has improved alot. Very intense yet comfortable. Yooneunhye’s facial expressions are absolutely wonderful. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen such detailed expressions with eyes and eyebrows. Shower scene will be remembered for a long time, powerful and gripping. Seungho is nice as usual but I agree with the author of the post that his character can be better. Give him more chances to explode and use his talents more than just giving him a handsome but devious aura around him. Definitely looking forward to next episode.

  4. I am so going down with the worst second lead syndrome ever.

    Personally, I dont think LSY shud be back together with HJW. What tie them together is the emotional car instead of any real feeling that has been developed over time. What LSY have with KHJ is something else entirely. I’m not going to say that it’s love (because apparently it seems like LSY has some unhealthy attachment towards KHJ)

  5. I am so going down with the worst second lead syndrome ever.

    Personally, I dont think LSY shud be back together with HJW. What tie them together is the emotional car instead of any real feeling that has been developed over time. What LSY have with KHJ is something else entirely. I’m not going to say that it’s love (because apparently it seems like LSY has some unhealthy attachment towards KHJ) but if the drama is any good, it will try to unravel LSY’s journey to mental healing and letting go her past and accepting her future (and by future I mean KHJ). But I have this bad feeling that this drama will instead focusing on the hollabaloo that is the makjangish family and horrible villains that shud be killed on the spot. Dear Harry, ever heard of hitman?

    Ugh. Cant the whole drama about KHJ and LSY?

    • An entire drama about Kang Hyung Joon and Lee Soo Yeon? Where is it and where can I binge on it? That would be like the best parts of Missing You without the lame filler.

      • As much as I was intrigued with the casts, the bad storyline and incorrigible scenes really made it a tough line to sync !

        Your enthusiastic recaps obviously do wonders that pulls the attention of the viewers & caused them to drool & swoon together hahaha! Great job Ms Koala!!! 😉

    • I totally disagree…if for 14 years that she’s been with him, she didn’t go through emotional healing…and they are just still at the stage of fiances…then there’s something wrong…

      It’s as if she has locked herself up (understandably so, knowing what she went through) and is unconsciously using Harry as her safety net (emotionally speaking). She’s essentially bottled up…living in this false sense of love with Harry… In my book, that is not living…One Clue to my reasoning is that the single contact in her phone is Harry’s…Duhhh????
      Obviously, She has not moved on after 14 years even with all the love(or I should say…possessiveness and/or shielding) from Harry…By now they should have been pumping babies left and right and living in bliss….

      That is why, to me it is obvious that Jung Woo is the guy for her…because she has never been able to forget him, even after living with another man for 14 years…literally!

      • Um… HJ and SY were still kids when they moved abroad. It’s not like they were lovers for 14 years. And even if they were it’s not that unusual either even for a “normal” couple. It’s not easy to forget your first love but usually it’s more about an idea than a person. JW and SY had a sweet but short story together which ended badly. And they were just kids back then. They need to resolve their shared trauma, but it is not the same thing that they should be together. If anything the adults need to get to know each other all over again, learn more about their changes and differences, before anything can happen. It’s how the real world works at least. Only in a drama do you not forget your elementary school ‘sweetheart’ until you are 30…

      • Harry doesn’t seem all that possessive, at least not yet from what is shown. He didn’t react after she came to Seoul any more than the usual worry. He didn’t do anything excessive when a ‘detective’ coming on to his fiancee in front of his eyes. He didn’t question her or made her feel bad. She went looking for him all the time and it’s not like he told her to stick to him and not let her do work or meet others. Her insecurity comes from her sad story, not from Harry! Harry himself is disabled for life with his mom killed in front of him too!

      • Also… I don’t know why people keep talking as if HJ forces SY to be dependent on him. It’s not like he reminds her daily of her traumatized past, asking her to rely on him only because of it or something like that. He tries very hard to help her forget too… He wasn’t the cause of her past, nor the factor to magnify it. He may not be able to help her overcome it, because she has to face the past herself, but he’s not at fault here…

      • I’m with you Ian.. & for the record, i hope people can remember that SY is a victim of sexual abuse. The way i see it that could be the main reason why she and Harry hvn been pumping babies left and right yet – she’s still in the process of getting over the trauma. Not so much becoz she’s not over JW. I mean, come on, If I were SY no matter how sweet my first love was, I wont be able to see beyond the painful memories of the rape and being ‘abandoned’ whenever we cross paths

  6. Whoa.What’s wrong with the writer?In a city of millions a rapist out in years meets them on his day out?
    Love all 3 leads but this show is too stupid.Not the actors it makes it so difficult not to decide whether to continue watching.
    No comments even that she or he doesn’t get therapy and it is all going to go to pieces.

    • Thanks for recapping this drama. I decided to stop watching after this episode. I’m underwhelmed by the acting of the adults and overwhelmed by the amount of stupidity in the drama.

  7. This episode has got me officially hooked on Missing You! I LOVED the scene when the 3 of them meet each other in Harry’s house. It was so intense! Kudos to all 3 actors.

    I also loved YEH’s crying shower scene (it sounds kind of weird saying it like this lol). She nailed it!

    Thanks you for the recap 😀

  8. i think soo yeun is the culprit too. coz from that frame, i can see eun hye!

    but those two people were the one’s who gave her the most pain, not to mention Jung Woo 🙁

    • I don’t think the killer of the rapist is Soo Yeon, Hyung Joon OR Jung Woo.

      Unless Soo Yeon is schizo with a split personality, and one is an in-control bitch, she is completely paralyzed with fear around the rapist. No way she can tase him and then smother him after tying him up.

      Hyung Joon – with his gimpy leg and about 100 lb frame? No way either.

      Jung Woo – too easy since he keeps talking about killing the rapist.

      It’s likely a man dressed like a woman to get the rapist guard down to open the door, and has the strength to get rid of him. It could be a hired gun or someone we haven’t thought about it.

      If it is either of the three leads, such a cheap cop-out way to deal with the villain. How many rape victims are that coincidentally lucky that their rapist gets killed on the day he’s released as a way to avenge the wrong.

      I wish this story weren’t so stupid with the writing, because the actors and characters are so chock full of potential.

      • i hope im wrong Captain 🙂

        i wanted to doubt it too coz how would she know where the rapist lives in the first place?

        just thought it weird that the next scene of Soo Yeon was driving a car and she took of her gloves. im not sure if the PD was telling us that she did do it or just trying to get us into the story.

        i agree though, all of the three leads has a lot of potential. and i have to say Eun Hye is nailing her scenes, her tears just comes like a fawcet! Hyun Joon’s gaze is mesmerizing alright. i wish i can look at him eye to eye 🙂 Jung Woo’s acting is very good too. but i cant ship him with Soo Yeon hehehhe sorry, boat sailed already! 🙂

        thanks for the space Captain!

      • Captain, did you put HwanHye banner to remind us not to forget about them? lol! 🙂 thanks for putting it up. made me smile!

        dont worry im still a solid HwanHye shipper at heart 😉

  9. I have seen so much talk of people not liking HJ, because they like JW. I don’t think HJ is manipulative to SY at all. He didn’t want her to come to Seoul, but he was fine when she made her choice of coming. He never forces himself or his will on her, but it’s normal that he feels like he wants to protect her from her past. I also think SY’s feeling for him is genuine. Yes, JW was her first love, but it was when they were kids… Given the flash sequence, I don’t think many of our leads will come out of this alive. It’s like too hard to give SY a happy ending with either HJ or JW.

    I really really like HJ (or maybe it’s YSH), though :). I wish we would have seen him being even more sweet to SY, like a kiss on the forehead or something, not just looking at her lovingly.

    • Also I do agree that SY is emotionally dependent on HJ, but I don’t think it’s HJ’s fault. It’s just the circumstance that they both are in – they only really have each other from the start. They did not choose it that way. Things could have turned out differently, but they didn’t. HJ has been supportive of SY I think – giving her a chance to be a designer, consoling her when she’s in pain… What more can you ask of him? I hope both of them will grow out of their wary of the world around them, and then truly feel happy with each other while being among a bigger world outside.

    • I’m not sure where and who are those people not liking HJ… Certainly not people visiting Koala’s playground coz we’re all HJ/YSH shippers 🙂

  10. I feel like an odd duck posting since I seemed to be the rare few who didn’t fall under the spell YSH or HJ. Lest you think I’m a rabid fan of PYC, I’m not too…

    HJ and SY are good together but I get the feeling somehow that it’s more a dependency type of love. Not shipping either main lead or 2nd lead but have to say all 3 leads are acting great and now that we have seen the chemistry between YEH and YSH, I’m actually quite eager if there will be similar, if not more sparks between YEH and PYC, it may be angsty sparks, but sparks nonetheless.

    • Yes it’s dependency, but this is not rare even among ‘normal’ people, and these 2 are pretty emotionally crippled people. HJ appears to be the strong one now, but his story is no less sad than anyone’s story. I think people can overcome such state together. Why is it not possible that both HJ and SY face their demons of the past, support each other along the way, and then truly enjoy a healthy love together? It won’t be this drama’s story, but it is a possible story…

  11. YC fans taking cheap shots @ Eun Hae. Desperate ppl who only want 2 give credit – YC. Dey only talked bout anti bloggers who bashed the actress 4 past project, but dun talk about the positive comments bout Eun Hae in news articles. His fans r detrmined to give him all the credit.

    SuperStar ‏@KissChunnie ngthuhien149

    Tistory bloggers love YC lol

    SuperStar ‏@KissChunnie

    @pianbear some said he is the power house, some said his appearance make the show more powerful in ep 6. YEH is passable according to them

    @KissChunnie :-*) *happy tears* I agree with what they said as a drama fan
    50m SuperStar SuperStar ‏@KissChunnie

    @pianbear @lovedosto i did not know she got a lot of acting controversy during My Fair Lady
    29m *_* & O.o *_* & O.o ‏@pianbear

    @KissChunnie @lovedosto she got bashed a lot and cried abt it. Critics said she didn’t act and speak like a sophisticated lady.
    24m Nugu gang-The Cougar Nugu gang-The Cougar ‏@lovedosto

    that was my impresion too in that role @pianbear @KissChunnie

    *_* & O.o ‏@pianbear

    @lovedosto @zanfaith @petdinoo @KissChunnie @kayjaysu yes! You can differentiate the two even if you give them the same lines

    @KissChunnie @petdinoo @zanfaith I expected more since the other 2 went to acting school formally and she’s now taking masters I heard.

    zan ^___^ JYJer ‏@zanfaith

    @pianbear she is a director now @KissChunnie @petdinoo

    • SO because of 5 crazy girls on twitter you will blame all of his fans
      Yoochuns fandom is very large
      what is the point of you C+P ing these girls?

      5/100000 does not a fandom make

    • you stalking their twitter.. OMG clap clap
      i think that not wrong.
      they can express their opinion. it’s their twitter personal account.
      just like this blog everyone have the right to comments

      • @opinion As one of the people mentioned I want to state my opinion too, even if I think this is not the place, I would prefer the people who have some problem instead of writing in unrelated places just talk to us on twitter.
        I can be only responsible for my words. I asked about public opinion on YC acting because I know management companies and tv broadcast stations give the press articles to hype actors and dramas. I was refering to YC himself and not YEH because I was interested in how korean viewers received his character.
        Apart from that I stated I was neutral to both YEH and YSH acting in the drama because I wanted the writer give more development to their roles. You just make your own conclusions of some people opinion and talk about us.
        Me as viewer want all the cast to make their best to bring us a great drama, I don’t think the success of a drama is because one person but the work of all staff and actors. For an actor to be good it’s necessary too to feel the other actors and all together create a good chemistry. So for my part I wish not only YC but all the rest of the cast to bring us the best of their skills and make me feel for their characters. I don’t see this as a competition so please stop assuming things I didn’t say.

    • O.o Spy much? you can say what you want about YC even bashing but they comment on acting and they are taking cheap shots…stop victimizing, all YC partners are so loved by Chunsas just go and look at Han JiMin… but yesh HJM fans who left tons of harsh comments of YC…

    • I dont know what pisses me off more….you, posting those tweets or Yoochun fans for taking cheap shots towards his leading lady. I also blame myself for being curious and reading their other posts, which ended up making me even more upset at myself for doing that.

      Why do his fans feel that they can just give Yoochun all the credit for his performance? Why do they feel that he is the only one worthy of praise. And why are they so viscious implying that Yoon Eun Hye’s company must have been paying the reporters just because they praised her acting? So only Yoochun is allowed to be praised and all of that is legal, but it’s not if they praise her? The accusations made me really angry because you dont just smear someone’s reputation by accusing them of something that you can’t even prove. It is also a personal attack from his fans, because unlike Yoochun, YEH owns and manages her company. So they are directly accusing her of paying off reporters to praise her for her acting. If you want to talk about playing politics, there’s more evidence that Yoochun’s company have done that ex. JMIA case.

      His fans need to calm the fuck down and stop acting like this. Yes twitter is your personal account and yes that person who posted those tweets shouldn’t be doing that. But posting on ones personal account doesn’t mean you can make shit up & try to ruin someone’s reputation at your convenience.

      And another correction…just like Yoochun, YEH never had formal acting training. She graduated in business management majoring in tourism and only now is she going to graduate school for directing.

      It’s really a pity that Yoochun fans act this way, because his fans on dc have not been taking cheap shots towards YEH or other characters in this drama, but his international fans are doing the total opposite.

      • @opinion
        First of all, i think it is completely juvenile of ppl to copy-paste bits of our conversation, take it completely out of context and make it look like we keep bashing the cast, which is NOT the case.
        Second, that accusation you made of us, that we said she paid off reporters is NOT true at all… (unless you are confusing us with someone else)… so perhaps you should be the one to calm down and learn how to read and understand comments within the context they were made in. And also learn how to be open minded enough to take in criticism as what it is. Criticism does not EQUAL Bashing. In fact, we freely criticise even YC for what we think he is lacking in.

      • If they’d said ‘she sucks, she shud quit acting and find a new career’ …that’s bashing. When people say ‘her acting was not up to my expectations’…that’s criticism, whether YOU feel it’s justified or not. Stop making a mountain of a molehill and don’t fall into traps set by trolls who spy on conversations and post shit out of context merely to stir trouble. Be smarter than that yeah?

      • @kayjaysu I agree that is was indeed juvenile of that person posting those tweets. Like I said, I also feel a bit guilty checking those accounts out after seeing them being posted here. I guess you can say curiosity killed the cat.

        Regarding the tweets, though, I know what I saw and wont take it back because they specifically implied that her agency is good at media play when articles came out praising her acting. They said her company does more media play than Yoochun’s agency CJ-ES. (oh puhlease! even Yoochun korean fans complained that Jang Mi In Ae had triple the articles that YEH was getting and asking why YEH’s company doesn’t promote her.)
        They can criticize her acting all they want, but they shouldn’t imply that her company is playing dirty media play, cause that’s hitting below the belt and it’s something they can’t even prove.

        International Yoochun fans and korean Yoochun fans behaviour are like night and day. Korean Yoochun and DBSK fans are so much more supportive and even very thankful that Yoon Eun Hye is doing extra work promoting for I Miss You. They even defend her from antis. While Yoochun is banned in tv, YEH is out there promoting the drama by herself, so they were really greatful and posted a thank you message. I Miss You lacks tv promotion. And YEH has already been on two programs on her own promoting it on mbc and mnet. It’s a big handycap because jeon woo chi…all the members went on tv. It’s very tiring filming mini series as lead actor. Most days it’s an all nighter. It’s not easy to be on tv promoting. Most of the time they go to the set, but for promotion of Mnet, she had to go to their program, that’s lots of energy and time spent and his korean fans were thankful for that.

        If you or your friends dont like her acting that’s fine! But they shouldn’t try to find a defect or dig up crtiticisms about her acting in past dramas right in time when new articles come out of netizens praising her performance for this drama. You wouldn’t like it either if YEH fans went to different korean blogs, dig up past criticisms about his acting even when majority of people see his improvement.
        The way I see it, it seemed as if you guys only want Yoochun to get all the merit and behave weird by finding a loophole on other casts if they get good reviews also.

        I Miss You is not a one man drama. The drama is not only getting good reviews because of Yoochun, it’s getting positive feedbacks because of collective team effort. His fans should be happy that all of the actors are getting positive reviews for their acting, instead of making this all about Yoochun VS. the rest of the cast.

        I think I’m done with this it’s only stressing me out…just needed to vent out so don’t expect a reply.

      • Geez u guys r so funny and hypocrites. These bitches talk shit about your idol in their twitter account.It’s not like they go to every drama blog and spread false rumors. It’s ur problem that u go and stalk them and butthurt about it. Seriously I’m sure most of us rant on twitter and it’s just normal. And I’m sure as hell that u won’t give a shit if they talk bad about other people and not ur idol.

      • Wow I think that this whole ordeal has gone way too far. Twitter is not personal it’s public, people can do whatever they want with information that is public. I am really tired of people getting confused on what is private or public, or what should be considered private. If you don’t want to get attacked for tweets or have tweets repeated elsewhere, then think twice before putting it out there, otherwise just live with the repercussions. Just as much as you wanted to put your argument out there, people can come back and rebut it.

        While it is childish to copy and paste twitter accounts, it is also childish to troll and call people names that are uncalled for.

        It’s obvious that people would not complain if you weren’t attacking their “idol,” it would be illogical to do otherwise. I think the problem that you are having is that the “idols” that you are attacking also have a large fanbases and are not afraid to do the same thing to your “idols.”

        It seems that both instigators are in the wrong, the question is whether you are willing to continue to make mountain out of a moehill. If you are, things will only get worse for everyone.

    • seriously?? is just friends spazzing over in personal account. is not in blog or not supposed to publicize. Point for me & most of convo is we troll, I troll YC enough to get complaint that I am mean to him. We are just spazzing trolling everyone not bashing, discussing K entertainment politics & whatever we want to discuss. why cut our convo & post with our name. Do u feel yourself this is right thing to do? Please ask yourself truthfully.
      P.s don’t reply me, I am not waiting for it

  12. Yoo Seung Ho…such smoldering intensity~~♥ He makes my toes curl when he looks at YEH. (I betcha YEH thinks the same way too. ^^ Sorry Kookie. I’m abandoning your X-ship till this blows over.)

    That boy should be locked away till he’s legal. He can’t parade around and expect noonas to keep decent and coherent thoughts. Now i wish i was 10 years younger. Damn…..

    Mmwwaaaoooorrr Yoo Seung Ho stills!! Pretty please?? And thank you~~♥

  13. i’m really enjoy this drama, lazy writing?
    WTH.. it’s just because you don’t like this drama right.
    you watch this drama because your mighty actress and actor are in this drama.
    YEH,i don’t impress with her acting and she have no improvement for me
    hmm i don’t know i think KSH always do a good job and she outshine YEH.
    YSH oppa you looks so young in the bed scene just like a baby.

    • Just because you think the writing is great doesn’t mean everyone thinks so. I agree with Koala that the plot can be really stupid.

      • Did you read my comment right? I said the plot can be stupid but not the drama as a whole.

        Through Episode 1-4, there were many times when I really felt like dropping this drama, but there were heartwarming and beautiful parts that kept me still interested to continue watching. And now starting from Episode 5, I’m so captivated by HJ-SY. So, despite the stupid writing AT TIMES, there are things that I like about this drama enough to continue watching.

  14. Soo Yeon should end up with Jung Woo because he’s taken care of her mom for the last 14 years and they have a chance to be a functional happy family after all is said and done.

    Sorry! Its nice to watch how they have bond as a family but in a real world the most important is not that Jung Woo took care of her mother but that HJ took care of her! Also getting your ass kick by the rapist a second time is just sad! I can’t help but think if that was HJ that bastard head would have been bash in with his can.

    • Yes probably if that was Hyung Joon, definitely that bastard head would have been bash in with his can.

      So I think Hyung Joon who killed the rapist. From CCTV, he must know how scared soo yeon was and killed him. Jung Woo didn’t want to kill the rapist because he believe what bastard say that Soo Yeon is not dead, and Jung Woo also believe that the rapist know Soo Yeon whereabout.

      And I think Jung Woo accept the kick, because just like Soo Yeon, he is still traumatized with that incident. He take the beating, not because he could not fight for it, but for leaving Soo Yeon

  15. How can a 19 years old boy be so hot and captivating?! I must be crazy. How I wish YSH is not playing HJ and have such great chemistry with YEH I would have stopped watching and saved myself from heartache.. This second lead syndrome more often than not just leave me feeling disappointed in the end..

  16. wow! i was surprised that u decided to recap episode 6 of I Miss You… coz i thought that ul be concentrated in recapping cuts of YEH and YSH. But im glad u did. Though sometimes i disagree with ur thoughts but i couldnt help to disregard ur strong points in setting up your good and weak points in a certain drama…Keep it up. : )

  17. I’ve never second-lead shipped this hard and this fast ever. Thank you Ms. Koala!! I feel like whatever angst is coming I won’t be crying my heart out alone.

  18. I love it…and I agree that Mr. Sexy eyes is taking all my attention. WOO! (Sorry I can’t ship her with a guy who left her to die or be raped again. She risked her life for him and he didn’t even try to pat her on the head before he took off into the snow) I’m starting to think that this drama has a lot of holes though. It seems weird that they YEH and YSH never talked about what happened and put the puzzle together. They had more pieces than everyone. If they live in France why the big house in Seoul?  If their coming back to Seoul at exactly the same time the rapist gets out turns out to be lazy writing I’m sending the writer a lump of coal.

    I’m secretly hoping that both YEH and YSH are more aware of whats going on than they appear and the bond that is holding them together is a really well planned out revenge scheme…that would take all the *bad* out of the writing for me.

  19. wooow…
    it’s heaven here!hahahaha
    im zoe-harry aka joon-sooyeon shipper too!gals,,count me in ur club please,,hehehehehe ^o^/
    well,,harry is sooo unpredictable,,but all i can say is his world will only about zoe,,anything for zoe..
    i see their dependecy love *or whatever it named* but the point is i can see harry’s pure love,,his warm heart to protect the person who he love the most..the way he talk n the way he gaze at zoe,,well..those 2 persons should be together in happiness…ow please writer-nim,PD-nim…give them more skinship,,hehehe n absolutely the happy ending.. *bowing

  20. insulting the rape story is rather impolite but i can see why it’s needed.if soo-yeon doesn’t have a sexual trauma,this drama won’t go anywhere because soo-yeon and hyung-joon will busy making pretty babies.no one still sane sharing bed like that with YSH (>.<)

  21. Thanks for the chronic, Mrs Koala .This episode was very intense and action of all actors, especially Yoon Eun Hye was spectacular

  22. I am delurking to comment on this! thanks koala for recapping this lightning fast! I dont think i will watch the drama(its too heavy and the storyline is IMHO alot of forced coincidence), so recaps are golden!

    I find it odd that Seo Yoon can manage to become an accomplished fashion designer but so dependent and vulnerable in front of HY and JW. And also if she is a accomplished fashion designer, i’m sure she would have friends or at least a somewhat normal life… right??

    Seems like bad character setup here or lazy writing? when the writer needs angst, SY is all vulnerable and weak??

    Other than that.. must agree, YSH’s lASER EYES… i dont have to watch it in action to feel the piercing fire eyes!!

  23. I am following this drama because the main leads are eye candy and 3 of them are convincingly very good in acting..never seen YEH this serious before.I feel for JW for needing a closure..and I simply popping my eye for YSH..his acting ,his stare, his maturity..very manly and just love the limb and the cane..I am watching this purely for the actors…I overlooked the writing.Its purely entertainment..I am sold by their acting.

  24. OH.MY.YOO.SEUNG.HO! *drools swoons squeals*

    I haven’t seen a single episode, but I think Missing You is going to be the second coming of Autumn In My Heart for me: a mind-numbing melo with a hot hot hot second male lead worthy of heart palpitations. Yoo Seung Ho is my new Won Bin. ^_^

  25. Thx for ur recap..it’s faster to read ur write than to wait the subs although it took only a day,but sometimes just can’t stand of boring scenes..i want soo yeon end up with hyung joon, cause i think his act skill so amazing that instantly make us falls to him..puls, i’m not a fan of yoochun , LoL!

  26. Thanks for your thoughts and theories.

    What I like about how YESH! is playing this is:
    Holy shit! How can a 19 year old have the wherewithall for lack of a word that means:
    “that-thing-people-who-have-experienced-life-a-lot-show-in-their-face-to-express-patience-understanding-confidence” of an older human?

    Especially when the Y3 were in the living room?
    Harry knows how volatile a situation Zoe is in having to face her painful past. He knows that HJW can take away his “fiancee”if Zoe so chooses to leave. YESH! acted it as if calculating every centimeter of movement from HJW, judging how concerned he needed to be about this cop, and what his next move would be if danger should arise.

    I really had to sigh and look out the window at the rain (cause there just isn’t ENOUGH IN THE DRAMA!) during some of the scenes – glad the rapist is dead. I guess he must be a good actor because he was repulsive.
    I like your analysis of who may have killed him. Your ideas lead me to believe that it is someone who wants to shut him up, more than someone who wants revenge. That can only lead to Han Tae Joon.
    The rapist could finger HTJ as complicit in covering up at the scene of the kidnapping/rape crime, and weren’t there a coupla murders, too?
    I don’t remember and quite frankly, don’t care.

    Anyway, loved the intensity of the scenes between PYC and YEH, even though there is no romance there, rightfully, just pain.

    I need to d/l the raws so I can carefully study YESH! the show.

    Whattaya think of this end:
    Nobody ends up with anybody. HUGE TIME JUMP.
    Zoe heals alone after finally seeking therapy.
    She walks into a cafe but we only see her face and hear the voice over – After all this, my heart returns to you. You are the one I missed, and you are the one I love. –
    But we don’t see who that is. That way it could be either, and all the shippers are happy ever after?

    • Hi there Jomo, fancy seeing you here. Actually not that surprised. Where YSH is Jomo follows?

      Love your analysis of the Y3 scene. Every glance and movement of YSH’s eyes convey emotion.

      Love your ending. I think Zoey needs to be alone for a while and find a world of her own rather than hide behind Harry. And harry as well. And JW needs to forget about SY for a while as well. and then all of them can decide who wants to be with whom. (Kinda like summers desire)

      Btw, Did you find it wierd that such a prominant actress would play the role of an unrelated cleaning lady in the police headquarters? Something smells fishy. But well, aromatic and well cooked fish – since that would leave the leads innocent.

  27. I’m so glad I found this site. I’m a YSH fan and I am so enjoying this. Love Love Love his portrayal of Harry/HJ. Sigh! How can a boy (as in not yet man)be sooo good.

  28. I am totally shipping Lee Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon right now, it’s kind of crazy. I really love their little natural interactions with each other. The way they always instinctively search for the other first, the way they look at each other from afar, and the way they know they will be there for each other.
    I think their little interactions portray the dependent relationship they had with each other in the 14 years that were unseen by us. Seeing them like this scares me for when she will choose Jung Woo over him. Being children who were both scarred and abandoned, it’s no wonder they depend on each other so much since no one else (not even Jung Woo) understands it.

  29. I like the actor playing Harry but I do not like Harry for Soo Yeon because he selfishly made sure she didn’t get home by killing the detective who was like her father. Someone said he was not manipulative but he was when he asked her not to leave him because he’d have no one. What about what she wanted? He knew people were looking for her. If he truly cared about her he’d have helped her get home. He could have went with her, the dummy, and they both would’ve been better off! I will never ship Harry and Soo Yeon–he killed her only father figure, whether he “meant” to or not. And he knows he did. I do love Jun Woo but I think YEH’s character should end up by herself because she needs to get past her trauma. Jun Woo just needs to know she’s alive and doing okay so he can live as well. But the foreshadowing doesn’t look good for him….

    • Well… if it’s true that HJ knew that detective Kim was looking for LSY and was not a bad guy, then it would just be super bad writing for me. He was a kid. He wasn’t in love with LSY. There could not be such a strong pull for him to act like that, it would just be plain weird! The only pull I could think of is that he was scared for his life, first and foremost, after all that happened to him, leaving him crippled and his mother killed. I think he actually has it worst of all the 3 leads, even if his story wasn’t elaborated as much. He’s the only disabled person. JW and JSY still have people caring about them, looking out for them. HJ is really the one who has none (except for his Zoe at this point). JW and JSY’s trauma is only from the past. HJ’s issue is still in the presence. He is still in danger of being ‘off-ed’ by JW’s father and secretary…

      • Of course Harry knew Detective Kim was looking for her. He purposely put that can under the brake pedal for a reason. He was a kid just like SY and HJW–both Harry and HJW made poor, poor decisions. But Harry’s is worse in my own opinion because he purposefully kept her from her family…which he could’ve easily joined. Sorry, I love YSH, he is HOT, biut I strongly dislike Harry. JMO!

      • I am saying that if the writer meant it like what you said, then yes, Harry sounds really bad and weird, but maybe it’s because he’s the second lead after all, and they have to make it bad. I’m just saying that in that case, the story just doesn’t make much sense. The writer never built up the case for any HJ and LSY attachment before the accident. He did not know her nor her family. He might just have thought she was an abandoned kid just like him – otherwise, why didn’t she just go home to the detective’s house herself? I think that’s all that should and could be from Harry’s perspective.

      • I mean the story is full of holes anyway. Why didn’t SY try to go home? She only contacted JW but not anyone else (her mom, the detective). If anyone should have known someone was looking for her, it was SY, not HJ. HJ was totally a bystander who didn’t really know who SY was at all, except that she was a victim on a newspaper headline. Btw, it’s very strange that a newspaper would reveal the face of a rape victim! HJ had no reason to think that SY would later become his lover :S, why would he want to keep her :S. He grew up to be a successful man, he really could have any girl really. They bonded because they were both abandoned kids, in one way or another.

  30. I wanna say that actually I like 1-4 episodes than 5-6 because the storyline is very tied and clear. But in episode 5-6 a bit sad, because I think that Jung Woo’s character will be manly, mature, also gentle. I like Eun Hye’s acting, she did it very good, especially when she cries in the bathroom. I do like Seung Ho’s character, he transform become adult than his age. I hope for the next episode the writer give more push on the story so that it will be deeper and deeper.

  31. The adult leads are excellent especially YEH…She was praised by netizens and critics as well…She wasn’t a best actress for nothing…the adult leads appearance and performance has contributed a lot to the 2 digits rating now of IMY. And i believe it will continue to soar. I love the way YSH and YEH held hands while sleeping…super sweet!

  32. Omg I facepalmed at the part where they ran over the rapist and then headdesked at the part where he immediately turns rapist mode only mere minutes after walking out of prison. Like, seriously.

  33. I have finally decided to de-lurk lol, because I just want to say that I am firmly on the side of HJ/SY. I am sorry but there is no way one or two months with JW can equal 14 years with HJ. Also when SY and JW got separated, they were in the friends with a crush on each other phase, it wasn’t first love yet. Maybe if they hadn’t been separated, it might have developed to first love. But when they were separated, they hadn’t even admitted to each other that they liked each other, let alone any real love.

    Secondly, HJ didn’t kill the good detective because of SY. He killed the good detective because he thought that the detective was one of JW’s father’s men. HJ was a traumatized kid who was trying to save himself and SY, and he thought that the detective was one of JW’s father’s thugs.

    There’s no evidence that he heard the detective calling, when they were already speeding in that car chase. When you’re in a car chase, the sound of the wind alone would be too loud at that speed to hear each other talking, let alone someone else shouting from another car. And even if, against the odds, he did hear the detective calling SY, at that point what could he do? But anyways I am on the side of the fact that he did not hear.

    In Nice Guy/ Innocent Man, I was almost sure that that show would have a sad ending, but it surprised me and had a happy ending. So now I’m really hoping that this show will surprise us, and have SY/HJ end up together. They have amazing chemistry and it would be a shame to waste that. Plus I always felt that JW’s foremost reason for searching for SY was his guilt.

  34. Wow Koala how come your missing you recap seems more like the recap of HJ and SY scenes? I thought there were a lot more other scenes? Anyway can’t wait for more JW and SY scenes!!! Many of u here ship HJ and SY but I am totally shipping JW and SY!!!

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