Lee Seung Gi Guest Performs at the Baek Ji Young Solo Concert

With his upcoming fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book about to start filming any day now, Lee Seung Gi better get his singing bug out of his system before them because he’ll be wrapped up for the next 4 months pretending to be a half man-half beast warrior hottie for my enjoyment. This weekend songstress Baek Ji Young held a concert in Seoul and Lee Seung Gi was a surprise guest in attendance. This was Baek Ji Young’s solo concert and was a fun filled affair with her doing a combination of fast hits and slow ballads. Lee Seung Gi performed her hit “My Ear’s Candy” with Baek Ji Young, which was a song she initially performed with Taecyeon of 2PM. Seung Gi, dressed all in black with a fedora over his increasingly long shaggy mop, rapped and danced beside a very golden colored Baek Ji Young, wearing hot pants and a sequined top. He also sang two songs from his latest mini-album “Return” and “Smile Boy”. Other guests at this concert were B2ST’s Yong Joon Hyung who was featured on “Good Boy” as well as singer Ha Dong Kyun. Of course I only had eyes for Seung Gi, who really needs to put on that dang sageuk costume now and satisfy my curiosity. Will he look good? Look weird? Look good but act awkward? Look awkward but rock the dialogue? I need to know! I pretty much am dialing down my expectations for his GFB co-star Suzy, because much as I love her, expecting her to hit one out of the park in her first sageuk is totally not realistic. Some actors wait ten years or more in their careers before being the lead in a sageuk (case in point, Shin Mina in Arang and the Magistrate last year) so both Suzy and Seung Gi need to leverage their natural charm and hopefully gets lots of advice and direction from their sunbaes on set. Until the first stills trickle out for GFB, I’ll be context listening to Seung Gi crooning sweet nothings to me from his guest appearance at this concert.

Lee Seung Gi “Return”:

Baek Ji Young featuring Lee Seung Gi:


Lee Seung Gi Guest Performs at the Baek Ji Young Solo Concert — 9 Comments

  1. Oh man, watching him dance like that just makes me realize how much he’s grown!

    I remember when he was just the baby face of 1N2D!!!

  2. LSG’s singing never fails to move me……Delete, Return, Will you marry me, Promise, Alone in love, because you are my woman…..all are my all time favourite songs.

  3. I think the only time i’ve seen Seung Gi in saguek garb is well, when he made an appearance as “Seung Mi” in one of the 1d2n episodes. Somethings cannot be unseen… Lol.

    • According to dclsg he is to start filming from february 19th…..very excited and anticipating his saeguk look ….as for his singing is concerned he is a phenomena i mean his song return has top billiboard charts for six weeks with no promotion creating history….always a pleasant feeling listening to his smooth ,melodious and soulful voice….and seeing his recent dance performances at his concerts i feel he has grown as a dancer..i think he respects baek ji young as a singer and sunabae i think she came in 2nd place in LSG’S ideal world cup and they share a very good rapport as sunabae-hoobae otherwise he hardly attend others concerts…..anyways anticipating” gu family book”…gu family book fighting!

  4. So hot. While I enjoy watching him as a singer as much as an actor, the anticipation for his drama is killing me! So I need me an update of his filming or even practicing, a peek of him in his garb, just anything related to his drama like now please~ I read that he will start filming on 19th which is tomorrow (!!!), so hopefully we can have some tidbits of it.

    Anyway, this guy doesn’t like to be idle. So I’m not surprised he’s doing his music performances (apart from practicing martial arts, horse-riding etc) while waiting for his turn to film. For us, it’s better than nothing too right?

    • Oh and he’s probably getting a lot of advice from his good friend Lee Seojin. I’m honestly not too worried about Seung Gi’s acting. His hair… that’s what I worry about.

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