Baby-faced Yoo Seung Ho Makes First Army Appearance Since Enlisting

Let me take this opportunity to remind folks that the South Korean law that requires all able-bodied males to serve a mandatory two years of military service is not to purely an exercise in turning boys-into-men. It serves as a glaring reminder that the Korean peninsula is at war, even if the for the past 60 years there has been a cease fire armistice (which that chubby dictator up North just unilaterally declared void last week, but that’s a whole another basket of crazy). South Korean men serve in the army because there is a very real likelihood they will need to defend their country, so its with even more consternation to see kids just out of high school shave off their hair, don fatigues, and march in formation carrying a gun. The first pictures of 19 year old Yoo Seung Ho in his first week of army service have been released (with everyone’s faces blurred out for privacy since they are all private citizens), and the first thought going through my head is that he’s such a baby! How dare the Korean government put such baby boys in combat action and put a gun in their hands. But then I chalk it up to my having watched Yoo Seung Ho grow up before my eyes and really needing to wrap my mind around his entering the cusp of adulthood in what feels like the blink of an eye. These pictures were snapped at the induction ceremony for the new recruits, with Yoo Seung Ho repeating the oath of service, performing the ceremonial gun exchange ceremony, and lining up with his same class brethren. Looks like he’ll be serving in the army infantry division, as opposed to air force, navy, or even the marines, and he’s also made it known that he wants to skip the entertainment division that is available in each of the departments. I’m sure the army will find a way to parade him around nevertheless, because what better publicity for them than a bright-eyed sweet-smiled young man that perfectly represents the age group of young men serving their mandatory service.


Baby-faced Yoo Seung Ho Makes First Army Appearance Since Enlisting — 28 Comments

  1. I’m sorry if the question has been asked before, but what exactly is the entertainment division? Is it like the PR department? I’ve seen some other stars (such as Hyun Bin) who wished to serve as a normal soldier and avoid the entertainment unit, so is it looked down upon by the regular citizens? Kind of like a unit that was created for celebrities and had easier job?

    • I’m not totally sure what the entertainment division entails, but from what I understand it’s a pretty cushy job. I recall Lee Junki and Joo Jihoon performed military produced musicals and well…yeah. It’s just publicity for the military, I presume. But they should all be doing 4 weeks of mandatory basic training, regardless of the division they choose to enlist.

  2. Aw that first pic just gives me the fuzzies 🙂 and I’m glad that he’s not using his fame as an advantage to get him out of active duty.

  3. In my country, 18 – 20 year old boys have to do a mandatory military service too. We all it national service from where I’m from. So i understand. In fact, my 19 yr old son is serving his national service now. He hasn’t got a license to drive a car, but he can drive an armoured artillery vehicle!!!

      • Ah, are you in TW or SG? My nephew’s started this year in SG.
        I personally think it’s good for every boy to serve in army for certain period of time, but I detest the war, hope there won’t be any.

  4. Guess because my country has too many man, not all men have to serve the army. It is compulsory service but not everyone does it… why? Because there is too many, and a lot that enlist themselves… so no need to every man here do compulsory service. They must go to some training/tests for some days… Being in the army you have a wage, and where to stay… depending which division you are, you have a house where you and your family (if you are married)can live…

    Here celebrities never go to army at all. My brothers, and men friends also never were called… my brother – in-law also didn’t… my step father and all…

    Also people who have tattoo, use glasses or have any kind of disability aren’t called…

  5. Without hair covering his forehead, he doesn’t look a whole lot different from his adorable 9 yr. old self that was in A Way Home. What a treat it’s been to be able to watch him grow up. Wishing him all the best!

  6. i’m growin worried over the possibility of war in the Korean peninsular..i hate wars & I really cannot imagine all those actors/kpop stars that I love going to war…I’ll worried myself to death

  7. I get the rite of passage thing, since we have military service too in Singapore, but I don’t fancy the threat of war, no matter how vague.

    There will be NO WAR, North Korea. You hear me?!

    PS: We miss you, Yoo Seung Ho!! <3 <3

  8. I respect yoo with all my heart!
    I will wait for ur come back in the next two years *but its not as easy as it is! I still find it hard to accept the fact that u leave me with those remarkable works and smiles of yours!*
    *sobs* I will miss yoo so bad and I know it`ll be hard for me to get over this!

  9. Yoo Seung Ho, dear you take care, will miss you terrible but I salute you for doing what you think is right at your right time.

    WE will be waiting for your return

  10. omo, he decided to enlist to the army probably because he didn’t want to do it late on… take care my baby. i love u! come back healthy and strong! hwaiting!!

  11. For a very young age he excels in acting and decides well for his future. Entering at a very young age in the military, I believe is the best decision he made. It’s funny how other entertainers avoids/prolonging their mandatory military duty. One word for this young lad- RESPECT

  12. hi ockoala
    off the topic..i want to share a funny story how i first recognize his work as an amazing.
    when i saw this kid i even never think about him,i didn’t recognize him as a charming person in his work or personality,just a little adorable kid i think not much..a spoil mummyS boy etc.then one day,i thought this was the first mistake i ve ever done-never ever again underestimate lord’s creature(person that you dont know bout them much)-when i saw him again in a show, i was just saying to my self..hey will never can catch my attention even tough with that superrior pretty look..what are you doing there? try me?huh never..i wasnt sure why i thougth about that that day..and then you all know what happen?i thought i got curse because of that,may be the Lords wants to tell dear you underestimate MY creature you dont know him much and you can say here is time i curse you! And its just like i challenge my self to find more about this kid..his drama articles..and guess what ? i think im now in his magnet area..i cant even work welll when i think about him..not a feeling like fall in love or smthing but just like to think bout his brilliant acting and characters etc..oo i want to adopt him as my son..can i?and finnally i agree with u all that there is something with this kid that different..many outstanding look out there but outstanding look plus great opportunity by being recognize all over the world with that such young age double woww.that only i can say…thanks ockoala

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