Official Stills of the Rain Kiss in Episode 8 of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

I don’t mind it when I’m the only one who loves a drama, but I do love it when my drama friends also join the squeeing since the more the merrier. Jang Ok Jung, Live in Live might be the next big addiction since Nice Guy (The Innocent Man) late last year. It’s not perfect, but it’s good and damn satisfying. A confident execution, a compelling script, and some unexpectedly awesome acting makes for the K-drama treat of the year so far. Even writing over and over that Kim Tae Hee is blowing my mind with her sudden ability to act doesn’t sound like a broken record because its just that astonishing. While Yoo Ah In is doing a fantastic job and have completely redeemed his shitastic acting in Fashion King, he’s actually over-acting at times here though it works with his character’s intensity. Funnily enough, my opinion is that Kim Tae Hee is the one with the better grasp of her character’s nuances and more control over her performance. This sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Actually both leading ladies Kim Tae Hee and Hong Soo Hyun are out-acting their male counterparts, Yoo Ah In with a few blips but a generally sound understanding of Lee Soon’s pent up frustration and little kid interior, and Lee Sang Yeob acted like he wandered into the set of JOJ from the set of I Live in Cheongdamdong.

I love Sang Yeob, but his Prince Dongpyung has shades of Sang Yeob woobie from ILICDD spending a day on the set of a sageuk and doing a skit. I think he needed time to ease into the role and finally by episode 8 I felt like he joined the club of the rest of his cast. SBS released official stills of the much-talked about ending rain kiss scene to episode 8, and with it came two stills that took my breath away. The first is the kiss from the vantage point of Ok Jung (the one above), and it’s just so passionate with a hint of sorrow. I love it! Kim Tae Hee is even bringing it with her kissing in this drama. The second still that hurt my heart good was Prince Dongpyung staring at the kiss between his beloved nephew and the woman he loves. He looks so gutted, and with Sang Yeob’s adorable face, it’s like someone kicked a puppy. I know he’s not going to get the girl, and I don’t want him to if it means Lee Soon loses the one person he needs in his life, but good lord is it going to be crushing to watch him love in secret and from afar. Check out the pretty stills for your own collection, and re-watch kiss below as much as you want. Don’t worry, I’ve lost count.

Ending scene of episode 8:


Official Stills of the Rain Kiss in Episode 8 of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love — 45 Comments

  1. Oh dear! That kdrama is addiction. It’s hurt, but it’s hurt sooo good!
    Thank you for all love to that kdrama and recaping!

  2. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    OMG the ending is epic!!! I ❤ director/script writer/author/whoever came up with this scene. The metaphor is so beautiful and powerful both in words and actions. And of course ❤❤❤KTH and YAI for bringing exploding chemistry. Ahhh I really like them together.

    Really bad timing though drama, I have so many finals coming up but still can’t help myself with replays/forum/blog. *sign*

    • OMG I absolutely loved the metaphor too in that scene, alongside the explosive chemistry that makes my heart beat 10 times faster(why am I not dead)? I replayed that scene how many times now?! Dam finals week.

  3. Squealll…
    I need to stop to how they will end this drama since I know already how their char will end. It makes me uneasy seeing their romance develop.
    But right now I just want to enjoy the ride and being a witness to their relationship unfold.

    I agree I’m more enjoy seeing kim tae hee acting in this drama. compare to her performance before, this is revelation and I’m pleasabtly suprise. It seems there are so .e breakthrough performance this year from a woman who always label just being a pretty face lile song hye kyo and kim tae hee, and I’m grateful..

    As for yoo ah in, I love him here…. More than seeing him skks… He is so full of charisma and I understand why he is been cast….
    I still can’t get used to his tendencies for emphasis his tone. But so far so good.

  4. this time, i screamed at my laptop at the end. cuz there was no preview. again! but thanks for sharing. this drama is ripping me apart alive too since Nice Guy. XD

  5. SQUEEING together here. And yes i am one of those who has shamelessly watched the ending scene countless times. It is so intense i can imagine explosions around them if it were not for the rain.

  6. I am seriously on pins and needles. Knowing that heartbreak of epic portions is around the corner is yanking at my heart. But when I see them in a scene like this onscreen, I feel like there can be no other for each of them. Terrific acting, great scene… I will rewatch it many times.

    Thank you capt for all the extra goodies and morsels 🙂

  7. Koala thank you so much for you recaps and thoughts on this wonderful drama!

    I was afraid to offend YAI fans when I felt that sometimes he was overacting and that KTH and HSY were doing a better job than him in some of the scenes. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only feeling that!

    • Don’t worry about it. We can agree to disagree. I realise some people might think YAI overacted but to me he was in character with all that pent-up longing and frustration. He’s consistently intense in his interaction with Ok Jung whilst always having to wear a poker face around others. Overall, KTH did not disappoint me but there were times when i felt like her expression was a little bit empty. I must agree tho’ that Hong Su Hyun is superb in this drama I’m already a fan.

      • Phew, glad to hear that UZ.

        Fans mean well but some of them can get all touchy when you give your views which clashes with theirs.

        You are absolutely right on YAI being intense with his interaction with KTH. That is one of his charms, that downright intensity that makes my throat dry sometimes :D.

        HSY is doing so fine here too!

  8. Jae Hee who? (LMAO) I don’t even need him to show up anymore, I’m good. Beautiful stills, thank you for posting these. I’m such a happy camper right now.

    • I want CS to show up because it’s going to be really hard on OJ when he diverts his attention to DY. OJ needs people one her side who aren’t getting pulled by other things especially the weight of a country. I also think that CS is going to be a good balance against SJ. SJ has shown that he always ends up picking (by choice or not) his official duties over her. So it would be nice to have CS around. CS has also liked her since childhood. As much as it is lonely for SJ at the top, it’s also going to be lonely for her. The ladies court is just as nasty as anything else. It’s been shown that the women scheme as much as the men do.

    • Nah, you really hate Jae Hee since Color of Woman, don’t you? but you still follow his next drama such May Queen and now Jang Ok Jung, just to tease him like that? LOL!

      It’s weird.

      this is just my opinion. 😀

  9. Ms K….I squee with you….!!

    I have to say this script is much more solid than Lie to Me which I also love….the OTP chemistry is awesome, acting is solid, blah blah blah….

    I can only think about Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hye everyday…..crazy

  10. SJ, the sky, is too high for JOJ to reach. The sky wilfully collapsing on JOJ….epic RAIN KISS in the laundry water; in the rain with rain in their heart, feeling so sorrowful….how the sky has collapsed…., Shakespeare would be so proud of this!

    Thanks again, Koala, for this write up on the epic kiss! It is so therapeutic!

  11. Beautiful stills, love love love them. Agree with you that YAI over acted in certain scenes and KTH is getting better, just wish that the ratings will increase. Anyway, who cares about ratings !

  12. Someone kindly explain to me, how prince dongpyung and Ok Jung know each other, looks like every time they meet they can chat casually just like old friend..

    seems like I miss out some scene details when i watch this..

  13. Ah…I thought I’ve already lost hope for a good K-drama this year but JOJ lured me back in. I’ve only read your recaps Koala and saw this last episode and was blown away. Whoever thought of the last scene was brilliant indeed. So much honesty and symbolism, it hurts my heart. And it might just be as epic for me as that rain scene in BBJX when the 4th Prince wordlessly held an umbrella for Rouxi in the rain.

    Thanks for the recap! And it’s great to be back here. 😉

  14. Seeing these lovely visuals, a song came to mind which I think is totally appropriate: “As Time Goes By/A Kiss is just a Kiss” by Louis Armstrong.

    You must remember this
    A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.
    The fundamental things apply
    As time goes by.

    And when two lovers woo
    They still say, “I love you”
    On that you can rely.
    No matter what the future brngs
    As time goes by.

    Moonlight and love songs
    Never out of date
    Hearts full of passion,
    Jealousy and hate.

    Woman needs man
    And man must have his mate
    That no one can deny
    It’s still the same old story
    A fight for love and glory
    A case of do or die
    The world will always welcome lovers
    As time goes by…

  15. Am I missing something…I look forward for the next episode and this drama is not fairing well in Korea( I am one of those who vigilantly look for the subbing done in the U S)? Hopefully I will see this episode tonight…can’t wait!

  16. I love this drama. The kissing scene is believable and the acting is well done. I can’t wait till next week.

  17. So I’ve been holding out on starting this drama, but your love has definitely persuaded me to do a marathon session today lol. I just wish it were further along. I hate when I get all caught up and have to wait and wait for new episodes.

  18. It’s so beautiful I can’t even! Hmm I don’t think YAI is over-acting because the intensity and his flood of emotions just fit the King’s nature~ a manchild lonely king. His gaze, his facial expressions~ gahh I got carried away! And these image stills are just utterly beautiful! Thanks for sharing Miss K.

  19. What an epic scene. Full of emotions.
    I played this scene more than a dozen times. and i am not yet tired of seeing them kissing. I can still play it for a thousand more.
    Their screen presence and chemistry is so strong.

  20. I couldn’t breath when the king reach for her 🙂 and then I saw the prince at the back and I was noooo!!!:( really…. why at that moment? I just REALLY hope he doesn’t turn on the king from resentment;(

  21. Literally squealing!!!!!! The stills are so pretty! The Kiss scene just blown my mind! Especially Lee Soon/Sukjong’s line about the sky fell down on her! Kyaaaaa~~~♥ Just.Can’t.Stop.Spazzing. I need medication.

  22. “That sky will fall on you” – Lee Soon
    OMG kyaaahhhh
    just finished watching ep 8, and i must say, this drama is giving me so much feels…the BGM are really so so good since ep 1…

    can’t wait for next ep.. 🙂

  23. soo….this is gonna end badly eh? This is why I can never watch saeguk dramas. The love may be awesome, but the endeings never are. Yep yep yep sigh -.-

  24. This kiss was so beautiful its stupid. I love this drama so much! I am seriously hoping for a happy ending! PLEASE. SAVE ME THE TEARS.

  25. Thanks Koala! A well-written piece u have here… And I second the opinion that “I don’t care if I am the only one who likes\watches this drama”

    I think that to the Koreans this is a boring old story told a gazillion times and most would “prefer” to watch Suzy and Lee Seung Gi playing a fox… But as u said, this is a great and well thought out drama…

    The ratings certainly aren’t low re Kim Tae Hee’s “bad acting”

    The next episode can’t come sooner!

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