Lee Sang Yoon Brings the Classy Charm in the June Edition of W Korea

I think Lee Sang Yoon stands out in a good way amongst the sea of Korean actors currently en vogue. He’s an old-school actor with an old-school movie star charm. Think Cary Grant or Gary Cooper, tuxedos and cigars, whiskey and whispers. In the plethora of pretty boys, he reminds me that sometimes I crave a guy being a really simple and devastating manly man. He and Nam Sang Mi started dating after they filmed the long weekend drama Life is Beautiful (which also starred Lee Sang Woo, who is currently Nam Sang Mi‘s leading man in the upcoming Goddess of Marriage) and it was such a sadness to hear they broke up earlier this year. But the break up was handled with as much class and lack of fanfare as the news when they started dating, which is refreshing in this day and age where Korean netizens turn anything into a scandal. I’ve only watched one Lee Sang Yoon drama from start to finish and that was The Duo, which I started watching for Chun Jung Myung but stayed for Lee Sang Yoon. He out-acted PIE by miles and miles, and goodness did he hit all the sageuk nuance out of the park. I looked back on his body of work and realized that he was guy 2 to Yunho in Heading to the Ground. LOL to infinity thinking that he played guy 2 to arguably the worst idol-turned-actor in the industry (yes, even worse than Changmin and Kim Hyun Joong). For his upcoming sageuk Goddess of Fire Jeongi with Moon Geun Young, he plays the tragic figure of Gwanghae Gun and in the drama loves Moon Geun Young’s character but they cannot be together so he ends up protecting her and nurturing her talent. Lee Sang Yoon does restrained brooding so so well, this is going to be such a treat to watch. And to get everyone all excited, check out these amazingly classy pictures of Lee Sang Yoon in the June edition of W Korea. Man was born to wear a suit and lounge around a hotel.


Lee Sang Yoon Brings the Classy Charm in the June Edition of W Korea — 13 Comments

  1. Unni.. how did you know that for the past 2 weeks he is the reason I am behind on my drama list (GFB, JOJ, LSSITB). I finished My Daughter Seo Young last week, which took me roughly about 1 week to marathon. And this week I started Life is Beautiful. He definitely stole PIE’s thunder in The Duo. It’s the dimples! It’s the hat! He was gorgeous in sageuk garb.

    • I’m marathoning My Daughter Seo Young right now. The drama itself is not an ouvre d’art, but I think that I’m watching just for him *_* (even when his character is such a creep at first).

      This is the first time something like this has happened to me, I’ve never been a “fangirl”. It hurts so good 😛

      • Omg, I started marathoning My Daughter Seo-young yesterday ^^ ah, Lee Sang Yoon is a treat! So so handsome and charming. This is my first time watching him in anything and I’m only on episode 6 but I’m already in love. It’s safe to say that it’ll be a nice MDSY weekend ^^

  2. OMG I love him. These photos are fab!

    Liked him in LIB, but loved him in The Duo where he did great.

    He was the reason I watched that soapy soapy soap Home Sweet Home/My Happy Home and he wasn’t in it that much.

    Can’t wait to see him back in gats.

  3. OMG gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. You are right Ms Koala I also prefer the manly types to the pretty boys. He is also super intelligent and that hits the mark for me too. I loved him in MDSY and then stated watching his other dramas. When he plays the broody roles your heart just flutters. Count me in for Goddess of Fire.

  4. My.Oh my.
    He’s charming.
    Okay classy sexy charming and a man.

    My. What a lovely Saturday morning it is. Thanks Ms Koala.

  5. Oh, I’ve notice this actor during the recent drama I like & love watching “MY DAUGHTER SEOYOUNG”, he was indeed a good ACTOR, he delivers his role with too much compassion (as a husband) and facial sincerity. Hence we’re beginning to like HIM the most. Today I was following his career. Truly grateful to you KOALA for bringing us updates, thank you!

  6. Definitely agree on the Carey Grant and “Old Hollywood” reference. Manly man, rawr! In a place full of pretty flower boys (and men), he definitely stands out in a very good way. Plus, the guy can act. Looks like I’ll be marathoning several long K-dramas. Thanks for this post and photos!

  7. Yes, LSY is a classy act…except for that cigarette stuck in his mouth in one photo. Uuugh! You’re into sports and a healthy lifestyle model for the youth and everyone else. Smoking just doesn’t belong there. Please never use a cigarette again as a prop. It just isn’t you…or is it?

  8. I love Lee Sang Yoon to the bits! He’s a versatile actor with oozing charisma and fashion. Very manly but also good looking and sexy!!! I’ve watched most of his dramas and movies and I look forward to more in the future!!

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