Han Ji Min in Talks to Join Hyun Bin in The King’s Wrath

Hyun Bin‘s comeback acting project has been highly anticipated since it was revealed that he would be starring in PD Lee Jae Kyu‘s first movie directorial debut The King’s Wrath. I love PD Lee’s directing from Damo to Fashion 70’s to Beethoven’s Virus to The King 2 Hearts, his camera work has been innovative and fluid depending on the project’s needs. I can’t say for certain he can successfully transition to the big screen but I think he’s got genuine skill and with Hyun Bin as his leading man it’s already a big ace in his pocket. The King’s Wrath is about the life of King Jeongjo, the 22nd monarch of the Joseon dynasty, and a ruler known in the history books as a sage King who looked out for the plight of the commoner. In this movie, the story will revolve around an attempted assassination of King Jeongjo and his dedicated supporter who are trying to protect him. In talks to be his leading lady is Han Ji Min, who is currently filming a rom-com movie called Plan Man with Jung Jae Young. Her agency has received the offer for The King’s Wrath which she can do schedule-wise since it doesn’t start filming until the Fall. I’m mostly amused by the fact that Han Ji Min will be playing King Jeongjo’s lady love in The King’s Wrath, when those of us familiar with her filmography know that she starred in the hit sageuk drama Yi San, which is a those super long dramas chronicling the life of King Jeongjo (given name Yi San). LOL, Han Ji Min might just have a career niche in playing King Jeongjo’s woman. She also has earned the love of another Joseon ruler, though it was a fictional Lee Gak in Rooftop Prince. I like Han Ji Min and she keeps getting prime opportunities to star with fantastic leading men. Also joining this cast so far is Han Ji Min’s Plan Man co-star Jung Jae Young playing an assassin who wavers once he gets to know King Jeongjo, while Jo Jung Seok plays a cold-blooded killer who is sent to finish the mission once the first assassin fails to end the King’s life.

Han Ji Min has both the looks and acting confidence to do a meaty sageuk based on her Yi San experience. I hope she takes it so the cast can get finalizes and filming starts. I’m getting angsty for Binnie’s come back.


Han Ji Min in Talks to Join Hyun Bin in The King’s Wrath — 17 Comments

  1. Yes! it’s a beautiful pair. I’ve seen all her dramas, and she has improved a lot since Great Inheritance with Kim Jae Won. The only one I’m still pending to watch is Resurrection, because I can’t find it. Well, I hope they’ll make a good movie. It’s been a long time since we saw Hyun Bin acting, in a drama or a movie. CF’s are so short.

  2. This is good news… I was hoping for Moon Chae Won but Han Ji Min is no slouch either.

    And the trend of movie casting >>>>> drama casting continues.

  3. Wooo – I think HJM would be perfect for this role. I did love her as SY in Yi San. I giggled at your comment about her (if she accepts) playing King Jeongjo’s lady love again. Definitely onboard for this.

  4. You accidentally wrote Ha Ji Min in your title – could you possibly subconsciously be thinking of Ha Ji Won and hoping she’d be acting with Hyun Bin again? 😉

  5. So will she be playing be wide or concubine as she did in Yi San. She was adorable with art school hyung (thanks to 1n2D I call him that)on Yi San.
    I’m really interested in this project because it seems dark and awesome.
    And Jo Jung Seok was cast as a bad guy in this right?

  6. Hi Koala, thanks for featuring KJH and YEH as your banner. I miss them a lot especially after a fatal error in the Hwan-Hye forum. Thanks.

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