Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum Spotted Kissing in Picturesque Venice

It’s been a slow and long week in GeumBum news, which is a positive sign the cute lovely babies are not being bothered heading into the third week of their European vacation. But for those wanting more happy news that they are still in love and enjoying their time off, it’s been a wait and see situation. I said that the AKB going out playing the “I Spy GeunBum” quest has spread beyond the Korean netizens since the last update from the subway in Austria was by a Chinese fan who recognized them and know about their dating news. Today comes a new picture also courtesy of a Chinese netizen who was traveling in Venice, Italy. Moon Geun Young and her new boyfriend Kim Bum appear to be heading South in their European sojourn, starting off in Prague, then spotted in Austria, and now landing in Venice. Chinese fans encountered them on a Venice water bus and said “they were so happy on the ride and kissing all the time”. I actually quoted from the Weibo post because good lord I couldn’t have squeed louder to try and make this up. The fans tentatively approached them to ask for a picture and said Bummie very graciously declined and the fans were totally understanding since it was a private vacation and all. They said Moon Geun Young was very petite and beautiful, with a slender face, while Bummie was wearing all-black that day and was just as handsome in person as he looks onscreen. Since an official picture opportunity was declined, the fans snapped a surreptitious picture of the happy couple as they were walking away from the back. So yet again we have a back-only picture of the couple, but it’s definitely them and they are still holding hands. I think when they get back to Korea, they might have to be forcibly separated so they can return to their day jobs. I’ve been wondering if Bummie will enlist soon like he indicated he wanted to before the filming of Goddess of Fire. I think it’s a great idea, but he might not have taken into account falling head over heels soon for a lovely certain A-list actress and then embarking on a very public love story. I say he should go ahead and enlist according to his original plans, it’s not like he won’t have vacations and days off from the military. Check out the latest pic from Venice below.


Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum Spotted Kissing in Picturesque Venice — 32 Comments

  1. OMG… could this couple be so sweet and adorable. I think I’m dying from happiness. I hope fans will continue to leave them alone to enjoy what little peaceful time they have left (no doubt they will be bombarded with reporters when they come back to Korea). Occasional picture taken from the back I guess is OK….lol.

  2. OMG!!! How cute is that???? Lucky fans who could see them kissing โ€˜several times’. For me they are the cutest celebrity couple in the world. See them just like any other in love young couple is the best thing, but somehow the pic looks like it was taken from a romantic movie. I’m so happy fans aren’t bothering. Admitting their public relationship was the best, there’s any hiding. But I would pay anything to see a โ€˜kissing inside a water bus’ pic. I’m addicted to these two. I’m looking forward the MBC drama awards. I’m pretty sure both are going to attend hand in hand with matching styles. But, could it possible to win a โ€˜Best Couple of the Year’ award even if they already are an item?

  3. Looking so sweet and adorable…kayaaaa!!! Kissing outside and in the Romantic Europe make up for what we have not seen them in GOF. lol Sadly, we can’t see and only got to use our imagination. lol

  4. Omo omo..I am so confused. I want them to have uninterrupted romantic holiday..but I also can’t get enough of them…and this news..just made me want to squeeeeeeeal….@@@@@@@@@@

  5. O wow!!! Lucky fans! But I’m happier for MGY and KB for really spending this vacation just like a true romantic vacation. Continued best wishes for the couple of the year!

    KB graciously declining the photo op request, shows again that he is such a gentleman. I don’t know whom the Chinese fans asked for a photo, but with KB the one declining is another example of him protecting MGY. So sweet and cool of him.

    Hey, even the pigeon appeared to be “spying” on the couple. LOL. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Haha. are they filming a romantic scene out of a movie?
    These lovebirds are oozing cheese. I’m happy for them.
    So smart of them to drop the bomb and escape to europe, until everything dies down. It’s a great start to their relationship since they don’t have to read countless articles of a “dating scandal”.

  7. im really sad, I leaned that Won Bin is taken, now its my Kim Bum….I hope that I don’t get to hear the news that Lee Dong wook is so too. If that happens… who in the world am I gonna have a crush on !!!!

    ——> this is me right now (T^T)

  8. Perfect! Another chance to squee for us, but not at the cost of their privacy. Glad to hear they’re so kissy-kissy. How lovely that fans are being respectful.

    I guess I’ve been watching a few too many kdramas ’cause I could instantly recognize Bummie from his gait. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. SQUEEE!!! this photo is even more precious when I think how rare it would be to take a photo of them together on a casual date in South Korea, so I’m lapping it up even more ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad the fans are respectful enough to take a photo of their back profile at a distance that I couldn’t make out who was who if you didn’t tell me ๐Ÿ™‚ But the photo looks so romantic, like a fairy tale where the prince and princess heads off into their happy ending

  10. Just watched his movie The Gifted Hands with Kim Kang Woo and I think Kim Beom is a great actor. He can emote without saying much. Oh and the connection with Namoo Actors is not surprising to me. I wish this couple the best because they seem suited for each other.

    • @sophie
      and i wish you’d leave kim bum alone. from commentz i saw, u gave him harsh criticism. i admit, he’s not really a good actor, but u cannot deny the guy’s talent because he CAN sing. his album became big hit in japan and his concert was attended by thousands of people.

  11. “Kissing all the time”, whoa!!! In public, and in romantic Venice, gee. I mean, wow! I mean, SQEEE!!! This is just perfect! This is great news, I mean the best so far, lol! Daebak! Thank you so much!

  12. OMG. I’ m loving GB couple they are love romance overload haha kissing all the time my heart fast beat too baby please take care each other and safe trip we stay hear for love and support always my lovely couple ^^

  13. happy for both of them, for me they are really meant for each other…the love and happiness that shown on their faces…never in doubt it’s empties the mind of negative.Looking at their photo these cute couple bring a smile in me…..have fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I’m so jealous. I got the biggest crush in Bummie! But I am really happy that he is happy and that’s what matters most.

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