Selena Jen Makes Surprise Visit to In A Good Way Christmas Party Filming

I don’t know what’s more awkward in this picture above? Kirsten Jen trying to dance climb her In A Good Way leading man Lego Lee, or the fact that while she is doing so her older sister Selena Jen is right there behind her? In terms of fame for the Jen sisters, its no shade on Kirsten to say that she’s always been known as Selena’s little sister. I am thrilled that she’s finally found a break out role in IAGW and can stand on her own, which even Selena teased her about. Selena surprised her little sister and the entire cast of IAGW when she showed up at the all-night filming for the upcoming Christmas party scene in the drama. When she showed up, apparently Kirsten was so shocked that she blurted here “Are you here to see him?”, to which Lego blushed. Selena played along and laughed that she was here indeed to meet her potential brother-in-law, gifting Lego with the leopard print battery charger which we saw him show off earlier this week as a gift from “S jiejie”.  Lego accepted the present with a quip “Does this mean you’re entrusting your little sister to me?” Selena was so happy to have Kirsten doing so well in this drama and joked that she’s been supporting the entire family for the last decade and can retire now since Kirsten has it all covered going forward. Apparently Selena is a huge IAGW fan and she took the chance to feel up Lego’s abs after seeing him take it all off twice in episode 1, to which Kirsten added that Lego’s abs are clearly better than her brother-in-laws (i.e. Selena’s husband). Ha, I love sisterly ribbing! I’m relieved that Liu Chuan’s not wearing a head-to-toe blue suit but instead a blue suit jacket with dark blue pants. Smile Wen and Jay Shih was also at the filming and chatted up with Selena, and I’m loving how cute they look together with her donning a red Christmas dress while Ren Wei goes for the no-fail classic black tux. I love this little interlude in filming which gives us a sneak peek at the cast in costume for the upcoming Christmas party. It’s finally Friday, yes! Now take me back to 1996 please.


Selena Jen Makes Surprise Visit to In A Good Way Christmas Party Filming — 10 Comments

  1. lol i was just thinking it’s almost friday, thank goodness. i should go check out koalas, bet she’s posted something on IAGW. yes! thank you thank you.

  2. Man, IAGW looks pretty awesome from the execution and the BTS perspective.

    I hope it keeps doing well, so that I can pick it up when it’s nearing the end of its run so that I don’t have to wait a WHOLE WEEK in between episodes.

    Keep up the good work, cast and crew! And keep giving them support Selena Jie-Jie!

  3. Yeay its friday! Thanks for the updates hehe. Wahh that first pic somehow looks wrong lol. Hopefully storyline will remain awesome despite its continuous rising fame and that writer remains focus on its original plot. They better not waste chuanen. Though if story weakens i will forever ship rongyi couple~

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