Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye Represent Heirs at Chinese Domestic Drama Festival

This is going to make certain disappointed Heirs fans quite happy. I actually think there are about a bajillion reasons to be disappointed in Heirs and some issues are never going to be explained or squared away. But for those who longed to see Park Shin Hye‘s Cha Eun Sung buck the trend and pick the second male lead Kim Woo Bin‘s Choi Young Do, this latest bit of news will help sooth some unsatisfied factors. Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin attend the Anhui Television’s 5th annual Chinese Domestic Drama Festival held in Beijing this week. Heirs was a huge online hit in China and it’s only a smart move for the organizers to invite the cast members to attend the event and receive an award for the drama. I reckon Lee Min Ho was busy with other prior commitments, but I’m actually thrilled he couldn’t make it. I’m firmly of the opinion that Park Shin Hye had much better chemistry with Kim Woo Bin in the drama, though narratively I didn’t need their characters to end up together because that would make no sense in the context of that story. But it’s a treat for me to see them attending the event together and looking drop-dead gorgeous together. Love that Kim Woo Bin has his hair down and is rocking a perfectly cut tux. Park Shin Hye has been favoring black dresses frequently for awards events this past year and she donned a mature body hugging long black dress that paired perfectly with the arm candy date beside her. She also performed a song for the event. The event is pre-taped so official stills aren’t available but there are plenty of non-official stills available so check out the cute alterna-couple representing for Heirs in Beijing. This was the first visit to China for both of them, though Shin Hye has been to Taiwan many times and even lived there for a few months when she filmed Hayate the Combat Butler. Since I follow C-ent, it was cute to see Shin Hye sit next to Tang Yan who was wearing all-white that night so they made a striking contrast. Later both Shin Hye and Woo Bin snapped a picture with my cutie pie Li Yi Feng who posted on his Weibo. LOL, don’t tell me Feng Feng is a Heirs fan. Come to think of it, I’m sure some production company in China is already readying a Heirs remake, this thing screams of being beaten to death in remakes from other countries.


Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye Represent Heirs at Chinese Domestic Drama Festival — 35 Comments

  1. That dress is pretty, but looks a little too matronly for young PSH. She’s gorgeous, though and KWB looks so dashing in his tux. Thanks for the pics!

    • I’ve noticed, she does tend to dress a little old for her age on red carpets sometimes – the top half of the dress here is a bit sexy so it gave me hope that it suited her 23 years, but the way the skirt is cut is really matronly.

      • Lots of k-idols and k-actors are actually much older than what their companies officialy state. So I wouldn’t be surprised should she be nearing 30 instead. She does look busty in that black dress.

      • @Denali – it would be more than a little difficult for Park Shin-hye to be faking her age, considering that she was a middle school student when she began, and became a very well-known child actor (i.e. people KNOW how old she is).

      • @Denali : rather than accusation bring evidence seriously pathetic people who just like you who wants attention , Park shin hye her life in this industry since she was 13 years old , she doesn’t need to fake her age every thing about her known by K media & netizen so someone like you need to think before writing anything .

  2. Totally feel you! Even though I’ve been following Lee Min Ho for such a long time and been loving him ever since, I still prefer Shin Hye-Woo Bin! They have such an amazing chemistry! I’m really looking forward to watching a drama of theirs 😉

  3. Just Saying koala.. This is not the first time shin hye attended event in China and recived awards in there.. In August 2011. She won the Asian Popular Female Star Award in China at LeTV Entertaiment Awards.

    • I think koala doesn’t like LMH,PSH and KWB personally.. hehehe! don’t get me wrong okies.. just my opinion only.. but still thank you for recapping HEIRS and for the updates.. hehehe.. but what we can do.. they are really famous in Asian country.. just be happy ajhumma.. 😉

      • Really? Koala’s pretty straightforward when she doesn’t like actors, and she has been very positive about KWB’s performance in Heirs and PSH’s last drama before this, Flower Boy Next door.

  4. I’m with you on this one, koala – PSH and KWB had MUCH better chemistry than her and LMH, even if the story required her to pick Kim Tan. I’d love to see him work with her again, or with Kim Ji-won, now those two had great chemistry too.

  5. They look great together do not know why PSH’s are always manages to more chemistry with the second of advantage to have, I always thought of her as a cute girl tender with a great Angel that made me love her, but fence that has grown quite beautiful, is no longer the cute girl I remember from heartstring and you are beautiful, well he’s gorgeous KWB argument sounds delusional fan but hope in the future if they can work together

  6. They look great together. I want to ship them in real life but he is already taken.
    Lee Min-ho is going to attend Baidu fei dian awards in Beijing on 22nd.

  7. PSH needs to stop being so uptight. She’s beginning to seem very prissy. I was one of those who was so happy with the LMH and PSH pairing but Heirs made me realize both are so overrated.

  8. Yep! I also remember that news. Shinhye not only once attended awards show in China and recived awards in there i also heard she have fanmeeting in there.

  9. Why is Park Shin Hye always dressed in the same type of dress ,with the same hair style and same make up? Girl you are 23 ,mix it up a little bit.

      • I agree with the dress and hairstyle should vary slightly, it is nice but it courts or with the image, but the expression and posture do not know what should be changed, just enter grabbing stunts or mimicry, not that part is not the critical

  10. sorry ,but for what I see I do not see any chemistry in those photos.Still,I can not believe how much I wanted LMH to make a drama with PSH.It was a disaster their pairing.

  11. Way to go, “Heirs” PR rep. Nicely done. The potential remake won’t be as cr^p as the US version of BOF/Hana yori dango with LMH’s lookalike sporting a… ponytail. See below for more:

    Errr. Am the only one not digging KWB’s wig being this close to blind him?

    Just curious – who is the gorgeous lady in red onstage? That dress! Wow!

  12. Great looking couple but KWB should show some interest in his date for the night. Put your arms around her or something you twit! She looks gorgeous but I’d like to see her in a short flouncy number.

    • He did, on the video he hugged PSH and as usual she looked surprised. He put his arm quite tightly, he’s taken, so not hs fault for the limited skinship, just saying..

    • He did, watch the video, he put his arm around her tightly and even hugged her, she looked surprised as usual.. He’s taken, so not his fault for the limited skinship..
      I think it’s time to trim your bangs woobin oppa 😀

  13. Park shin hye. And Jung Yong- Hwa! I love this drama I can’t wait to see how it ends! Psyched! ✌ I would rate this number 1 drama to watch! Out of all the ones I’ve seen! This one by far is my favorite!

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