Jung So Min Joins Kang Ji Hwan and Daniel Choi for KBS Drama Big Man

There is finally some major breaking news in Jung So Min‘s acting career and it couldn’t have come at a better time and in such a great potential project. Jung So Min has been confirmed to join the cast of Big Man with Kang Ji Hwan and Daniel Choi. She will be playing the younger sister to Daniel Choi’s character, which makes her a chaebol heiress character in this drama. I hope it’s a completely different personality than anything resembling her chaebol heiress character in Bad Guy with Kim Nam Gil. Hhhhmmmm, from Bad Guy to Big Man, Jung So Min sure picks projects with similar names. Jung Ryeo Won was in talks to be the female lead in Big Man but she ended up passing on the project. However, and it’s still unclear at this point, I don’t know if Jung So Min’s role was the one that was offered to Jung Ryeo Won or another role. Ergo, I don’t know if Jung So Min is the female lead or second female lead, though I’m thinking probably the latter. I really don’t care as long as the role is interesting. This would be Jung So Min’s first prime time drama role since she switched agencies and joined SM Entertainment. Last year she did the one-episode KBS drama special You Came to Me and Became a Star opposite Kim Ji Suk which I skimmed through and the last drama I’ve watched with her was the jTBC cable romance Can We Get Married with Sung Joon. I really love Jung So Min but her acting career feels like a series of stops and starts and no consistent upward trajectory of roles and projects. Here’s to hoping the new agency, the new year, and the new drama will bring her back to acting on a more steady basis. I never imagined her acting opposite Kang Ji Hwan before but now that the prospect is out there I couldn’t be more excited. Have some pretty pics from Jung So Min’s recent magazine pictorials, she did a Winter themed one for The Celebrity where she’s dressed like the Snow Queen, and even more recently she graced the pages of Marie Claire Korea for a Spring ensemble photo shoot that feels like a breath of warm air.


Jung So Min Joins Kang Ji Hwan and Daniel Choi for KBS Drama Big Man — 21 Comments

  1. The female lead’s name is So Mi and JSM’s character is named Jin Yi so she’s definitely the second lead… which is skeevy in and of itself, because if KJH is the family’s long lost son, wouldn’t he be at least her half brother?!

  2. yay….Big Man is casting all my favorites 🙂
    Finally she is doing her next prime time drama…though it seems like a second lead but all in all, I’m happy…

  3. Oh man, it’s been a while. I’ve definitely missed her on my screen and I still find myself re-watching Playful Kiss from time to time. I hope we’ll see her in more projects from here on out!

  4. She looks so different from her Playful Kiss days; I almost didn’t recognize her until the last couple pics. Can’t wait to see her back in action!

  5. I love Jung So Min. I’ve been dying to see her in a drama again. But I was kind of expecting her to be the female lead. She’s been the lead in her past 2 dramas… so isn’t this like a step BACK in her career?

    Anyways, this makes one of my New Year’s wishes come true. Now I’m waiting for Im Joo Eun to pick her next drama.

  6. She has a very sweet face and you can only like her. When I see her I always have “Playful Kiss ” in my mind.She was so cute there.

  7. She’s too talented to be relegated back to second lead land again, but I’m glad to see her finally pick an acting project – if SM invested as much energy in her acting career as they did with Go Ara, Lee Yeon-hee and Yoona (all of whom started out FAR less promising than her) not to mention their endless string of idols, they’d be doing themselves a favour.

  8. Before I even read the article, my heart did a double take when I saw Jung So-min’s name. Just a few days ago, I was complaining about how sad I was that she has done any work in a while and now this. This is the best news I’ve had all day. I barely recognised her in this shoots, she is so pretty. I love her.

  9. really happy about this news. 1st lead or 2nd lead i don’t mind. i think she already graduated from university. that’s why she’ll be able to act again in the drama.

  10. Im really glad that jung so min my idol have a new drama this 2014, in a long time im waiting for a news about minmin now there’s a good news for my idol!Oh my ! I can’t wait to watch her in a big screen.

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