K-ent Reports on Anonymous Tip that Former EXO Member Kris is Dating His Movie Director Xu Jing Lei

With the upcoming court ordered mediation between former EXO member Kris (Wu Yi Fan) and SM Entertainment over his contract cancellation lawsuit, it’s no surprise that more “scandals” would emerge leading up to the mediation date scheduled on July 8th. This past weekend the Korean media exclusively reported, after being tipped off by an anonymous Chinese entertainment official, that Kris was dating his 16-year older director Xu Jing Lei who cast him as the lead in her new movie Somewhere Only We Know. The tipster claimed that forty year old Xu Jing Lei was enamored of Kris after seeing him debut and pursued him, and he was unable to resist her mature woman allures and ended up falling for her when she encouraged and supported his leaving EXO after unhappiness with being under SM.

The tipster even claimed that the relationship was a well known secret within the Chinese entertainment circles. Xu Jing Lei is in Prague filming and when asked about this rumor, she was so amused she asked if this came from the fertile mind of the international netizens and didn’t even want to respond to something so moronic and absurd. Xu Jing Lei has been rather openly dating her Go Lala Go! costar the Taiwanese-American singer-actor Stanley Huang for the last five years, and last month the C-media even speculated the couple was actually married already after Xu Jing Lei’s recent immigration form was leaked where she marked off “married”. Her movie Somewhere Only We Know is purported to commemorate her romance with Stanley as a love letter of sorts. Sometimes “leaks” have the whiff of possibility but this one smells so badly like SM trying to smear Kris as some sleazy dude who glommed onto a powerful older lover who backed his departure from EXO.

If Xu Jing Lei and Kris really are dating, then that’s fine by me since it’s their personal life. I’m just thoroughly amused that this “scandal” doesn’t seem to be well researched in advance by the Korean media who reported on the Chinese “tipster” since there was no mention of Xu Jing Lei supposedly breaking up with Stanley to be with Kris or even having had a longtime boyfriend before falling for Kris after seeing his face on TV with EXO’s debut. Someone didn’t do their research beforehand tsk tsk. Xu Jing Lei and Stanley have not broken up, the C-media still snaps them heading in and out of her apartment even as of last month.

Also….why would the K-netizens so quickly believe this rumor, as if it’s just so believable that Xu Jing Lei would trade Stanley for a kid who is barely out of short-pants in terms of career development, life experience, and manly allure?


K-ent Reports on Anonymous Tip that Former EXO Member Kris is Dating His Movie Director Xu Jing Lei — 22 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness. SM and kris should both settle, pay what needs to be paid and move on. This sounds like something in those trashy entertainment tabloids that one sees at the supermarket. Like Inquirer or something.

    As for the personal part – who knows, who cares. As long as a crime hasn’t been committed, I tend to not care as much. I don’t think it’s clean over there in china either (I mean how the entertainment world is run). I know nothing of exo or kris – but this will blow over. The Chinese market is big so I don’t think commercially this will affect him.

  2. I laughed so hard at this! Things are going from bad to worse.

    But I do hope WYF can man up and make an appearance to clear his name. And SM! Both are acting like cowards really, someone from both sides needs to speak up and end all these wild speculations – it’s gone on long enough.

    • I don’t think WYF is necessarily being a coward. If he’s involved in a lawsuit, there’s a very definite limit to what he can discuss publicly, and SM is clearly doing everything they can to make him look terrible. So if he went public, they’d crap all over him, and he can’t say much to defend himself. It’s a no-win situation.
      SM, on the other hand, are the worst kind of cowards: cowardly bullies. He’s got heart problems! Yes, he signed a contract, but there’s no enforceable contract in the world that says you can’t leave a job if the job is actually killing you. They could have given him a new contract with better terms, like they’ve done in the past, but instead they’re going out of their way to burn every bridge with him, ethics be damned, when they know he hasn’t got the resources to fight back.
      I’m just sort of burned out on this whole thing, to be honest.

      • LOL. TBH I’m feeling burned out too.

        But I do feel really bad for people like his former bandmembers and now XJL who are being implicated in this in small or large ways.

        And until something more substantive comes out everything is pure speculation, that includes everything in your comment. Hey maybe even mine. Sorry – not sorry.

  3. SM need to get over kris n move on. Then again. … look what they did to JYJ, haven’t been able to promote or go on shows for 5 plus years. Glad kris is staying n china instead of korea.

    • Even now, JYJ was scheduled to perform at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Incheon Asian Games (they will be on broadcast), which they were ambassadors of and had been promoting in behalf of for over a year now. Suddenly, SM makes a big donation to the games and then EXO gets added to the line up and JYJ is dropped from the performers list, at the recent press conference two of the EXO guys show up instead of JYJ..

      SM is like the possessive controlling girlfriend that then turns into the psychotic ex. I feel so bad for Kris, Hangeng and JYJ, but hey at least they have their freedom.. Jeez.

      • Hahah ^^

        Yeah looks like SM just can’t accept that artists don’t want to work for them anymore. It’s either you are working for us or against us. That kind of mentality is low.
        As for JYJ, yup I heard about that. There’s a petition going right now to have IAGOC investigated why JYJ was dropped. I signed it yesterday. I just don’t like seeing them or anyone else being treated unfairly.

    • Lol! I thought exactly the same. If that is true, dongsaeng should proudly confess publicly and say “So what’s the problem?”

    • She marked “married” below like @Newbie said. She also didn’t mark the single lady “Miss” and instead marked the dual meaning “Ms”. While Miss means unmarried, and Mrs means married, the “Ms” is the catchall for a woman who doesn’t want to specifically identify whether she’s married or unmarried.

  4. I know next to nothing about Kpop, but even I heard and read about JYJ’s treatment by SM. All the things that happened makes you as a foreigner really wonder how this country ticks…

  5. Korea’s Olivia Pope has had little to no rest lately dealing with so many scandals – the fake ones to cover up the real ones.

  6. Apparently Stanley Huang has been photographed with Xu Jing Lei in Prague too

    When this rumor dropped yesterday it was a huge WTF is this nonsense moment? Everyone just laughed. On her Weibo when she asked if this a joke from “International Friends” everyone took that to mean the Korean media. Also Kim Yongho is the reporter…that guy stays creating fake articles.

    However a troll site claimed Sehun and Lee Hayi are dating today and now cfans are up in arms and kfans are like, “Wait…what?”

  7. hahahah SM will forever be SM, coward, revengeful, greedy bastards.
    Poor JYJ, any way if I can I don’t support their artists.

  8. K-netizens got their hands full with Kris, Baekhyun-Taeyeon, Bom(2ne1), and etc..
    I had LOL about their comments~

  9. I think is shows lack of appreciation by the netizens to so quickly believe everything they read online so quickly. If you’re a true fan, have some faith, will ya?

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