Three Musketeers Rebounds With Better Graphic Design on Second Set of Posters and Character Stills

A second batch of official posters arrived this weekend for Three Musketeers and are significantly better than the pictures that appeared on the official website pages. Those looked like something produced in the basement by a bored and lazy first year graphic design student in community college. Dull and uninspired, the whole thing was further tossed in a dreary dressing shake by the use of a particularly funky blue color for the backgrounds. Pantone is not happy and wants the ugly blue back. Compared to the first drama poster featuring the three musketeer characters played by Lee Jin Wook, Yang Dong Gun, and Jung Hae In plus Jung Yong Hwa as wannabe swashbuckling future musketeer, the second drama poster includes the leading ladies Seo Hyun Jin and Yoo In Young as well as some important side characters. I actually like the four dudes one better, the one where they look like they are charging into action someone to the left of the page. This full cast one is too static and with too many people shoved into the same tight space it feels busy.

The official individual posters are hit and miss but overall more attention and skill was put in so that’s a relief. It’s hard to be worse than the last set of stills so TM only has one way to go and that’s up LOL. I find Lee Jin Wook still doing the same constipated smirky glower while Jung Yong Hwa has a nice devilsh playful expression but his picture is so airbrushed he actually looks so different as to be almost unrecognizable at first blush. Yang Dong Gun still owns every frame and I love how he’s owning the use of the sword blade spear. Jung Hae In is still wickedly adorable but that’s about it, I seriously think he’s be like a fish out of water in his first sageuk but it’ll be entertaining to watch hopefully. I’m so happy Seo Hyun Jin gets to sport a nighttime Queen hairstyle rather than the ornate hair piece, as much as it’s historically accurate every time I see it I flash the image of a woman carrying a pail of water on her hair. Or a furry anaconda curled around the Queen’s head and became her hair. Yoo In Young is fierce as the female antagonist warrior and I’m already mentally make bets as to how and which episode she’ll end up dying in Lee Jin Wook’s arms.


Three Musketeers Rebounds With Better Graphic Design on Second Set of Posters and Character Stills — 1 Comment

  1. Ahhhh, much better.

    They prolly fired the person that let the other ones out on the website.
    Looking at these now, they seem to have been drafts of the finals.

    Agree on your take for the solos, only to add JUNG HAE IN IS ADORABLE but looks a HS kid next to the rest.

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