Three Musketeers Holds Bromance Press Conference and Releases Long Preview

Hot on the heels of cable network tvN announcing that it would hold its own year end awards, the network trotted out the cast of its upcoming sageuk Three Musketeers for the obligatory press conference. If this drama is as good as the previous two from this production team, namely Nine: Nine Times Travel and Queen In Hyun’s Man, then TM has a chance to scoop up the tvN awards. This press conference was a major win from the four male leads sartorial perspective, I love how they all color coordinated beforehand and decided on black-and-white. It’s especially cool since they are playing a bunch of buddy musketeers. I wish Jung Yong Hwa would have dressed younger (his outfit at KCON would be perfect) and not slick his hair back like that, the overly fuddy-duddy suit and shirt style does him no favors. Seeing Jung Yong Hwa performing live with CNBlue explains his appeal among his diehard fans, its impossible to deny what an exhilarating and explosive musician he is onstage. I loved the CNBlue set so much and Yong Hwa especially.

Yang Dong Gun looks more like the rocker at this press conference, comfortably rocking the all black and wearing ear buds on like he just doesn’t give a fug except he didn’t have an attitude and was gamely participating and posing for all the pictures. What a cool cat. Both Lee Jin Wook and Jung Hae In are looking fantastic as well and I think tvN tried really hard to package a four-set that delivers something for everyone: looks, acting chops, onscreen charisma, and fresh-faced appeal. Unfortunately the two female leads Seo Hyun Jin and Yoo In Young were a hot mess at the press conference, the former dressed like a particularly dull school marm and standing next to Yong Hwa looks like his aunt, while the latter’s black and red vertical patterned dress makes me cross-eyed staring at it and looks like snakes crawling up her chest. It’s probably safe to say this drama is riding on the shoulders of the male members of the cast so that’s mostly who we see in the just released 5-minute long preview below. It’s action packed and looks much much better than any of the teasers and stills released so far. Continue reading

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