Hilarious and Quirky Long Preview for My Secret Hotel with Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han, and Namgong Min

It’s complete utter love at first sight for tvN‘s upcoming “killing romance” My Secret Hotel, everything except for second male lead Namgong Min dressed like a human dalmatian. The cast of the quirky concept drama gathered for the press conference last week, a week chock full of K-drama press conferences left and right, with the drama airing this coming Monday now that High School King of Savvy has wrapped up. I was totally uninterested in that one since I don’t like anyone in that cast but I adore this cast consisting of Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han, and a non-dalmatian looking Namgong Min based on the previews and stills. Overall this was a pretty cast press conference if the black-and-white dotted one is excised from the pictures but its the creative teasers and previews that have me all excited.

The first teaser where a body falls through floors and lands in the middle of a wedding was macabre humor at its best. Plus this drama is actually attempted something more than a divorced couple get back together redux romance, the murder mystery that happens at the central hotel setting will drive the plot forward and weave in all the major characters as there is more than meets the eye. I’m pretty certain the end game is the two divorced lead characters played by Yoo In Na and Jin Yi Han which is fine by me since I find their character interactions in the long preview hilarious and sizzling with chemistry. But I also quite enjoy having Namgong Min as the smiling alternative who is plenty charming in his own way. Check out the awesome long preview below and hopefully this one will kick start what has been a pretty placid Summer K-drama season so far.

Long preview for My Secret Hotel:


Hilarious and Quirky Long Preview for My Secret Hotel with Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han, and Namgong Min — 13 Comments

  1. Can’t wait for this!! At first, I wanted to see Nam Goong Min and Yoo In Na as to OTP, but now I’m more interested to in Yoo In Na and Jin Yi Han xD

  2. This drama looks very promising and I have liked the tone of the teasers & previews. The murder angle should hopefully provide some good twist & turns.

    Forgive me Ms. Koala for being off topic. I was wondering if your still following It’s okay, that’s love? I checked the side box were you list the shows you’re watching, I didn’t see it listed. Just curious on what you thought of the storyline this far. Again, sorry for being off topic

  3. I love everything Yoo In Na and good thing we have TvN here in the Philippines! excited to see In Na but I think the second male lead is cuter? hehe Hope it would be good enough for you to recap it ockoala! ^^

  4. Hei koala I usually do not comment but read most of your posts. But today I want to say you have to watch high school king it was funny and great acting. I was not going to watch secret hotel but you are intersted about it so I am going to give it a chance
    Please do the same fir high school king. Thank you

    • King of High School was a pleasant surprise. I started watching it as a filler but found myself liking it and then loving it. It’s one of the best I’ve seen this year, and can say its on my all time top 10 KDrama rom coms.

  5. Hi, Ms.Koala. I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for 2 years, however today I want to give a comment on this post. I’m not the same person who wants you to watch High School King of Savvy. I’m a different person and I also hope you will try to watch it. Don’t you like reply 1997? Seo In Guk was doing great in that drama and he’s improved a lot in King of High School. Although sometimes I found High School King a bit ‘over’, but it was a great drama afterall. I liked Seo In Guk in reply 1997 and in this drama. If not because of him, I wouldn’t have even given that drama a try. But after watched the first episodes, I fell in love with that drama and with the casts. Sorry for the long comment.

  6. Wish that the preview was longer. LOL for the ending part of the preview. Does anyone know the song? The mi mi mi mi one 😀

  7. sigh…I love Yoo In Na and I love TvN’s dramas but it’s a shame that the production team was “inspired” by Wes Anderson’s the Grand Budapest Hotel for the color scheme, framing, the hotel image at the last second,the quirky vibe, the murder theme and the soundtrack (basically almost everything in this teaser) =(

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