Ji Chang Wook Guest Stars on Running Man and Arrives in Taiwan with the Popular Cast

Since I don’t watch Running Man there is no way I could have expected the thunderous turnout by the show’s Taiwan fans when the variety program descended on the island on August 11th for the first ever episode filmed there. Over 3000 screaming fans took over the arrival’s terminal to wait for the cast led by Yoo Jae Suk, Kwang Soo, Ha Ha, and Ji Suk Jin along with guest star Ji Chang Wook to arrive. The turnout was so massive the fans ended up shooting themselves in the foot by their collective enthusiasm as the RM cast had to exit the VIP secret route rather than risk trying to make their way through the excited teeming masses. It’s perfect timing on the part of Ji Chang Wook to guest star in this episode filmed in Taiwan, his star couldn’t be higher as Empress Ki just finished airing on network television there and was quite popular.

It’s cute how Ha Ji Won visited Taiwan prior to EK’s airing to promote the drama and now that the drama is done the fans get to see Ji Chang Wook drop by. Plus he has an upcoming KBS drama Healer to start promoting early so a popular variety show is the perfect fit. Ji Chang Wook looks adorable with the brown-orange hair which I dig on him, and the bromance is already there with cast member Kwang Soo judging by their happy smiles walking through the airport. The RM Taiwan episode itinerary was kept secret but the media followed along as the filming landed in popular Leofoo Village Theme Park in Hsinchu followed by a stop at Yehliu Geopark. Taiwan viewers love Korean variety shows and last year when Grandpas Over Flowers visited the island to film the second season there also a large crowd gathered to welcome the cast at the airport. Ji Chang Wook must really love Taiwan because he’s headed back to the island for an August 30th first ever fan meeting.


Ji Chang Wook Guest Stars on Running Man and Arrives in Taiwan with the Popular Cast — 12 Comments

  1. Where are Ji Hyo, Gary and Joong Kook? Probably they came in later or are they not participating which is impossible.

    • I heard the ones who visited Taiwan are the losing teams. So Gary, Ji Hyo, JK and others are the winning teams. But we won’t know until we see the broadcast itself :))

  2. Thank you ms.koala for covering about RM and JCW…
    He looks like a cute school boy but still so handsome… Finally he will be on RM after saying many times before that he’s uncomfortable in variety show. I’m also looking forward for the bromance and hilarity between him and LKS.

  3. You don’t watch Running Man ? LOL, I am always surprised when I encounter someone who doesn’t xD.

    Seriously, the show has the best guest list ever. There are some guests who I wouldn’t expect to be on the show and TADA, they are. It’s crazy. And it seems their overseas popularity isn’t fading away. It’s really awesome.

  4. I haven’t watched RM for quite some time, but this ep I’ll check out.

    Am I the only one who at the very first glance at the picture with Lee Kwang Soo thought: When did Song Joong Ki get released from the army? Lol.

  5. Here I thought I was the only one who didn’t watch RM! Glad to know I’m not alone 🙂 I do watch it when they have guests I like but I’ve never been able to make it through an entire episode. Maybe this one will do the trick!

  6. RM’s popularity outside Korea is something else. Im excited to see this episode 🙂 I pray for the day that JYJ gets invited as guests. It’s perfect if they team up with Jihyo since they are really close to her. If only they are not banned from appearing in variety shows. 🙁

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