My Lovely Girl Episode 7 Recap

As My Lovely Girl unfolds like a relaxed cat stretching into the middle part of it’s narrative, the rather unimaginative drama title is starting to feel more and more fitting. Se Na really is quite adorable and lovely, a bit of the no longer a girl but not yet a woman awkwardness about her. Her personality may not have been very engaging right off the bat but there is a comfortable old soul in her. That might be the kicker starter to sell the OTP love line when the drama has so far been more engaging with the alternative connections. Episode 7 treads ground at AnA with Shi Woo still preparing for his solo debut readying to battle Jae Young’s upstart agency fielding the now trio Infinite Power.

There is almost zero fall out from the so-called tough choice on using Se Na’s song or risk losing the lousy investor, once again decisions are easily led to the appropriate ending and everyone moves on to the next moment. Se Na being So Eun’s little sister lands in Hae Yoon’s lap much quicker than I expected and she handles the discovery with raw frustration before rolling right back to her one-track goal of landing Hyun Wook. This episode was the first one that made me warm up to Hyun Wook and Se Na as a couple, their feeling of camaraderie and teasing has the hallmarks of compatibility. It doesn’t feel forced and maybe it always was meant to be a slow burn to sell the idea that Se Na and Hyun Wook could ever really fall in love with So Eun’s memory wedged between them.

Episode 7 recap:

Hyun Wook gets one of his ear ringing headaches and leaves the club to clear his head. Se Na follows and nearly trips on her sky high heels when she tries to show Hyun Wook a jump hop to help his headache. Hyun Wook catches Se Na before she falls and they stand in each other’s embrace quietly. Which is when Hae Yoon and Jae Young happen to step out of the club as well and take in this scene. Jae Young points out this scene seems familiar, just like when Hyun Wook was falling in love with Yoon So Eun.

Hae Yoon doesn’t take the bait and tells Jae Young to tell her what’s so important he wanted to talk to her about. Jae Young watches her head inside before smirking towards Hyun Wook and Se Na that things turned out as expected.

Hyun Wook tells Se Na to go back to the club before walking a distance further to clear his mind after the catch hug earlier. Se Na continues to follow him and claims she doesn’t like the club scene anyway. Hyun Wook suggests she go have fun since this is what young people do so Se Na wonders if he did it when he was younger. Go to clubs and book tables of women? Hyun Wook teases that he doesn’t need to since ladies come to him.

Se Na changes the topic to ask why Hyun Wook stopped writing music since three years ago? Hyun Wook shushes her but she’s really interested in hearing his songs, it would be even better for the company if he started writing again since Jae Young left. Hyun Wook stands up to walk back with Se Na and she asks for one layer of his many layers since it’s cold out. Hyun Wook grouses that he’s cold too and isn’t wearing that many layers to begin with. Oh I beg to differ on that.

Hae Yoon finds Sang Jin and hears that Hyun Wook is not back at the club yet and Se Na is gone as well.

On the walk back Hyun Wook wonders why Se Na got all dressed up like this? To impress someone, Shi Woo perhaps? Se Na retorts that she has no reason to show off for Shi Woo. Hyun Wook drapes his trench over her and Se Na points out that if he continues to be this good to her then she’ll fall in love with him. Hyun Wook teases that all the ladies fall for him since he’s just that attractive. Se Na sasses back that he’s not that attractive.

Hyun Wook claims she hasn’t seen him unleash his full manly allure yet. Se Na wants to see it but Hyun Wook doesn’t think she can deal with it. Se Na takes the moment to thank Hyun Wook for helping her song get selected. He doesn’t take the credit and assures her that the song was picked because it was good. Hyun Wook walks off and Se Na follows with a content smile.

Hae Yoon is pounding her sorrows away in drinks while Sang Jin tries to slow her down. Hae Yoon wants to get drunk so she stops her mind from wandering. She takes out her bad mood on the assistant who accidentally spilled a drink on her earlier, and her mood falls even more when she sees Hyun Wook and Se Na returning to the club together.

Shi Woo is at home and stares at the large portrait of Infinite Power in the living room. He remembers Ra Eum telling him to beat Rae Heon this time no matter what. He gets a text with an MP3 file of the upcoming IP new single and sits down to listen to it. Shi Woo has a sleepless night listening to the song over and over again. When morning comes and the manager arrives, Shi Woo asks for a car to take him to AnA so he can meet with Hyun Wook.

Hyun Wook is brooding in the office remembering his dad saying the investor doesn’t like the choice of Se Na’s song as the lead single and wants to take back the investment. He calls the investor’s office to ask for a meeting but gets brushed off. Hae Yoon is pacing her office remembering her conversation with Jae Young last night. He tells Hae Yoon that the investor is moving his money from AnA to invest in Jae Young’s new company. The investor is pissed that IP disbanded and even more upset that Hyun Wook has chosen a newbie no-name songwriter’s song for Shi Woo’s new lead single.

Hae Yoon is going to see Hyun Wook when Shi Woo cuts her off and says his matter is more urgent to discuss with Hyun Wook. He finds Hyun Wook busy trying to schedule the meeting with the investor. Hyun Wook tells Shi Woo to cut to the chase so Shi Woo brings up how Jae Young’s company got investment to pour into Rae Heon’s new single and he wants AnA to do the same for him. Starting with not using Se Na’s song which is a ballad. He wants a song that needs a showcase stage with dancers and flashy outfits.

Hyun Wook suggests that’s not a sign of a good singer. Shi Woo is determined to win over Rae Heon no matter and he doesn’t think Se Na’s song can do that and he doesn’t want to take that chance. Hyun Wook brings up how Shi Woo said Se Na’s song touched his heart. Shi Woo admits that he was touched when he sang Se Na’s song which really surprised him. But that’s not enough and he wants to have his debut be splashy so he doesn’t come to regret it. He leaves the ball in Hyun Wook’s court and walks out past a very concerned Hae Yoon.

Hyun Wook goes up to the roof to think and Hae Yoon joins him to throw in her opinion that not using Se Na’s song is the right decision. She doesn’t want to capitulate to the investor either but they have no choice. Plus Shi Woo has to want the song because if he doesn’t give it his all then it doesn’t matter what song is chosen. Hae Yoon knows Se Na might not take it well and offers to break the news to her but Hyun Wook declines and wants to do it himself.

Se Na is in the recording studio and hears that the final track will be recorded next week. She wants to attend the recording and hears from the mixer that Hyun Wook used to do that and managed to bring out 200% in the singer. The mixer teases her for being a published songwriter when she’s barely out of pigtails but Se Na smiles back and accepts the compliment.

Hyun Wook takes Se Na for a walk by the Han River and hears that she used to come all the time alone and wished to have someone come with her. She can’t believe that person turned out to be Hyun Wook. She’s excitedly talking about the song recording next week when Hyun Wook stops her to break the news that her song has been cancelled as Shi Woo’s single. He apologizes to her as the company president and assures her that the song is good but is not guaranteed a hit.

Se Na tries to act nonchalant and suggest he didn’t need to take her here just to tell her. She suggests bringing Dalbong next time with them since he should like walking by the river. She hurries off to buy them something to eat but starts crying the moment she walks away. Hyun Wook stops her to wipe the tears off her face and pull her in for a reassuring hug.

Hyun Wook’s dad goes out to his garden to tend to his precious “children” plants only to find them all dead under the heels of his angry wife. He decides to do something about it.

Hyun Wook’s stepmother reluctantly arrives at a club for dinner scheduled by her husband. She thinks he’s late only to have the stage light up and he’s at the microphone belting out an Italian opera love song for her. She’s not wowed by the gesture and looks annoyed. After singing Hyun Wook’s dad walks over to sit down and asks if his wife remembers that he sang this song to propose to her? He slides over a 5-carat diamond ring and her face lights up immediately. Man she’s easy to placate.

Se Na sits at her piano brooding while Hyun Wook is trying to make Dalbong shake but he’s not really in the mood. Hyun Wook thinks back to hugging Se Na by the river and sighs that she really wasn’t part of his life plan. Dalbong tries to get his attention and Hyun Wook wonders why Dalbong is looking at him strangely?

Hyun Wook calls Se Na claiming that Dalbong wants to talk to her. He puts the phone next to Dalbong who doesn’t bark so Hyun Wook angrily whispers for him to say something now. Dalbong barks twice and Hyun Wook takes the phone back to comfort Se Na not to feel bad that her song wasn’t chosen because it’s a very good song. He claims that was what Dalbong said to her so Se Na asks Hyun Wook to thank Dalbong for her.

Joo Hong and her boyfriend take Se Na out to the street stall to drink her disappointment away. Se Na isn’t feeling that down because this time she has the ahjusshi there to support her whereas in the past she was all alone. The boyfriend thinks it’s Hyun Wook’s job as the company present to be there for the company songwriter. Se Na remembers Hyun Wook hugging her at the river and wonders why her heart is beating faster? Joo Hong knows Se Na is thinking of the doggie flower boy right now which is a clear sign that she likes him.

Se Na gets up and runs off, smiling the entire way as she runs to Hyun Wook’s place. She rings the doorbell and Hyun Wook opens the door to find Se Na standing there. She stares at him and says “I miss you”, and there is a long pause before she clarifies that she’s missing Dalbong. Hyun Wook can smell the alcohol on her breath and doesn’t want to let her in but Dalbong comes out to welcome her happily.

Hyun Wook reads while Se Na plays with Dalbong. He asks if she drank because she was upset but Se Na assures him that she’s fine now because she has him around. Se Na stares at Hyun Wook reading and moons over him until she falls asleep.

Hyun Wook wants to send Se Na home and looks up to realize that she’s sleeping with her back to the bookshelf. He gets up and stares at her intently only to reach out and catch her falling head. Hyun Wook then shifts to sit next to Se Na and let her sleep with her head resting on his shoulder.

Shi Woo is eating all alone and finally can’t take the loneliness and picks up his phone to call Se Na. Her phone rings and Hyun Wook tries to reach around Se Na to around it which is when she wakes up. Hyun Wook quickly stands up as does Se Na. He offers to walk her home while Shi Woo’s call ends up going to voicemail.

On the walk home, Hyun Wook chides Se Na for drinking so much since she’s a woman. Se Na reminds him that he said he doesn’t see her as a woman. Hyun Wook doesn’t but other men might. Se Na changes the topic and tells Hyun Wook to have a new romance so he can start writing songs again assuming that he stopped writing songs after getting his heart broken. Hyun Wook merely says that likely won’t work so Se Na suggests that she’ll have to spend more time with Hyun Wook since she needs to write songs for the company and she writes better with him around. Hyun Wook pushes Se Na to quickly go home and she asks him to tell Dalbong that she’ll be coming to visit him often.

Shi Woo arrives at AnA to find the other trainees rubbing in Se Na’s face that her song ended up not being selected. He steps in and warns the other trainees not to bully and ostracize their fellow trainees. He gets them to reluctantly apologize to Se Na before they scurry away.

Shi Woo thinks Se Na totally finds him easy to punk since she’s so sassy with him but meek as a lamb when the trainees are bullying her. Se Na is letting them take out their frustrations on her and having Shi Woo help her will only make it worse for her. Shi Woo grabs Se Na’s hand as she’s walking away and drags her up to the roof to talk.

Shi Woo asks why she didn’t call him back last night after seeing his missed call? Se Na claims she just got distracted with other thing. Shi Woo wants to know if she’s mad at him because of the song and her confusion is a surprise to Shi Woo that Hyun Wook didn’t tell Se Na that he was the one who nixed her song. Shi Woo takes a deep breath and tells Se Na that he was the one who refused to sing her song. Se Na is silent so Shi Woo wants her to take it out on him. Se Na admits she’s just too shocked because she thought Shi Woo really liked her song.

Se Na meets Sang Jin at a cafe and reveals she knows that he’s good friends with Hyun Wook. Sang Jin asks how Hyun Wook is taking care of Se Na and whether they see each other often in the same neighborhood. Se Na is surprised he knows they live in the same neighborhood. Hae Yoon arrives and ends the conversation.

Hyun Wook’s stepmother is all mollified now and notices her husband all dressed up to go out. He claims to be going to the hospital but instead goes to a shop to see the woman in the picture. She was very worried about him and his hospital stay but he assures her that he’s fine now before handing over a present in a big bag. A photographer snaps a picture from outside.

Hyun Wook finds Se Na strumming her guitar in the agency courtyard and sits down with her. She asks him to show her some chords so they play together with the pretty setting sun behind them. Se Na secretly smiles to be spending time with Hyun Wook like this. Third wheel extraordinaire Hae Yoon walks out and sees Hyun Wook playing the guitar with Se Na and doesn’t look happy in the least.

Hae Yoon calls Se Na and asks to meet with her right now. She immediately tells Se Na that her nickname is Witch Shin because she’s in charge of the personal lives of the trainees at work. Hae Yoon reminds Se Na to watch her personal interactions with Hyun Wook to avoid the other trainees misunderstanding. She knows Se Na calls Hyun Wook ahjusshi in private and warns her not to do that anymore. She needs to act like a proper trainee from now on. Hae Yoon didn’t like Se Na coming in but endured it because she trusted Hyun Wook’s decision. But if Se Na crosses any lines then Hae Yoon won’t hold back and will kick her out of the company.

Hae Yoon leaves the practice room but stops in her tracks when she hears Se Na starting to play a specific song. She walks back to the practice room and asks Se Na how she knows this song? Se Na reveals her unni wrote the song. Hae Yoon is floored to hear that Se Na’s older sister is Yoon So Eun. Se Na wonders if Hae Yoon knew her unni but Hae Yoon quickly leaves the room.

Hae Yoon goes to confirm with Sang Jin about whether he already knew that Se Na is So Eun’s little sister? Sang Jin’s silence is confirmation enough and Se Na demands to know if Hyun Wook coming back to Seoul and agreeing to be President was all because of Yoon Se Na? Sang Jin admits Hyun Wook feels pity for Se Na and wants to help her. Sang Jin thinks its for the best because it brought Hyun Wook back. Hae Yoon hears that Se Na doesn’t know that Hyun Wook was her unni’s boyfriend. Hae Yoon is worried that Hyun Wook may fall for Se Na but Sang Jin assures her that it won’t happen. He asks Hae Yoon to understand Hyun Wook who is dealing with such guilt and this is a way for him to alleviate some of it.

Hae Yoon sits in her bed crying while staring at an old picture of her with Hyun Wook. She calls Hyun Wook as he’s feeding Dalbong but can’t bring herself to discuss what’s on her mind. She just reminds Hyun Wook to dress warming for tomorrow’s company camping retreat.

Hyun Wook ends the call with Hae Yoon and sits down on his chair only to fall asleep. In his dreams Se Na is nestling beside him sleeping with her head on his shoulder while he rests on her head. Hyun Wook then wakes up and finds himself alone before muttering about why Se Na hasn’t come by yet?

Se Na is packing for the camping trip while remembering Hae Yoon warning her to keep her distance from Hyun Wook and behave like a proper trainee. Joo Hong comes by wondering if Se Na came home so late last night because she was with doggie flower boy. Se Na admits she’s stressed about how to address Hyun Woom from now on?

A call comes in from Hyun Wook wondering why she’s at home when she promised to come by to see Dalbong? He tells Se Na to forget about it because he just put Dalbong in a pet hotel since he’s going camping tomorrow. Se Na ends the call and immediately runs out of the house and meets up with Hyun Wook just as he’s going home. Se Na keeps calling Hyun Wook “ahjusshi” and he starts to get annoyed since he’s still very young. She asks what else she can call him and Hyun Wook imagines Se Na calling him “oppa” and shudders at it. He tells her to keep calling him ahjussji.

On the train ride to the camp site, Se Na passes out drinks and purposely calls Hyun Wook “President” in front of Hae Yoon.

Shi Woo is with the songwriter that wrote his now lead single and the guy takes Shi Woo to a club to watch a newbie girl group sing for them.

The agency arrives at the camp site and start to set up. Hyun Wook offers to help but Se Na declines, continuing to call him President and being very formal with him. Se Na gets a call from Shi Woo wondering if she’s having fun barbecuing? She wonders how he knows what she is doing and looks up to see Shi Woo standing in the distance.

Hae Yoon asks Hyun Wook to take a walk and wonders what his plans are at AnA. She wonders if he’s not planning on dating and focus on work, and what his plans are for Se Na. Hyun Wook wants Se Na to debut as soon as possible with another song.

Shi Woo hands Se Na a present of shoes and insists she take it otherwise he’ll throw it away. Se Na tells him to give it to Ra Eum instead and suggests he go try and seduce other women and stop messing with her. Shi Woo scoffs at what Se Na considers seducing and starts advancing towards her which makes her back up.

Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon see this exchange and Hyun Wook orders Se Na back to setting up at the camp site while asking what Shi Woo is doing here when he should be with the songwriter working on his song. Shi Woo doesn’t like drinking during the day. Hyun Wook demands to know why Shi Woo is not working hard when Hyun Wook has agreed with all his demands for the solo debut.

Shi Woo claims to be apologizing to Se Na and is serious about it, his intentions towards Se Na are not a joke. Hyun Wook warns Shi Woo not to go there, don’t have any interest in Se Na because Shi Woo is an entertainer and needs to focus on his career. Shi Woo just stares until Hae Yoon interjects and urges Shi Woo to go back to Seoul now. Shi Woo walks off while Hyun Wook wonders to Hae Yoon how to control Shi Woo. Hae Yoon wonders why Hyun Wook got mad like he was jealous. Hyun Wook claims he’s just doing his job and walks off.

Hyun Wook runs into Se Na later that night and she explains to him that Shi Woo was trying to apologize to her earlier. He felt bad that her song was not picked because of him. Hyun Wook doesn’t want her to explain if she’s worried about him misunderstanding. During her time at AnA, he doesn’t want her to get involved with Shi Woo or anyone else. Se Na pauses before asking “Does that include you, ahjusshi?” Oh my she’s a bold one!

Thoughts of Mine:

Se Na taking the initiative with Hyun Wook works for me. At most he’ll make excuses to see her but one of them needs to kick start their too comfortable and antiseptic relationship. Because they get along so well with hardly any conflict, its hard to explain why they don’t already press forward in their romantic stirrings beyond Hyun Wook’s guilt. Se Na could be the wallflower type when it comes to romance but thankfully she’s mellow but not an emotional blockhead. Once she realizes she likes Hyun Wook, she does all the right things to spend time with him without ever pushing things too hard beyond what he is willing to allow. She also absorbs Hae Yoon’s warning to stay away from Hyun Wook and puts on the correct show in public without actually abiding by it in private. Good girl! He’s clearly a man in her eyes, a very attractive man that she can tease and be herself around without need for her guard up.

Shi Woo continues to do his thing, all of which works for me, but I worry how hard the poor boy’s heart is going to get broken when he falls for Se Na. I like that he’s stepping up and making the effort to think about his solo career, what it needs and how to go about it, and doesn’t have a problem with making hard decisions even if he cuts Se Na’s song loose in the end. Shi Woo clearly doesn’t have a chance since Se Na just doesn’t like him like that. Sure she can grow to care for him as a good friend but that pitter patter falling in love moment has already gone to Hyun Wook. I don’t find that weird at all, Hyun Wook is almost perfect towards her, warm and caring when needed and stern and demanding as required. If So Eun was alive then Hyun Wook would just be her brother-in-law and he could do the taking care of her part without anything more between them, but without So Eun then the added layer naturally manifests itself in a way that feels more and more natural.

I was hoping Shi Woo’s solo debut would happen in this episode to keep that development going. Instead most of the time was devoted to Se Na and Hyun Wook’s off-duty hours together in his house or running between his place and hers. At least that means no Ra Eum and Rae Heon in this episode which is the upside I suppose. Dalbong got more screen time again (yay) but he’s clearly deteriorating fast what with not having an appetite and not being as interested in doing things. I hope the drama doesn’t time his cancer death with some sort of cathartic moment like Hyun Wook finally letting his memories of So Eun go and openly loving Se Na back. I love Dalbong and his uncomplicated presence in this story, his furry cuteness represents the effortless parts of MLG that keep me coming back for more like a dog getting its belly scratched.

I’m so perplexed by Hyun Wook’s dad it’s bordering on the absurd. Did he cheat on his wife with the trainee in the picture, and then manage to mollify his pissed off wife with an operetta and a 5-carat ring? That’s it? Then he goes back to keeping a second family on the side, which is what I assume still is what’s happening? That side plot is so awkwardly shoehorned in it’s not even funny, and I assume it exists to paint daddy in an even worse light and give Hyun Wook more problems on his plate later on. Visually the pretty scenery and nice musical accompaniment go a long way to gussy up a scene so even trite and rather repetitive Se Na-Hyun Wook spending time together interludes take on a glossy feel. It helps that they always have this light banter going, a rat-a-tat-tat back and forth that isn’t all that creative but at least doesn’t make me want to pull my hair out stupid dialogue. I wish I cared about Hae Yoon even one whit to feel bad for her always losing Hyun Wook to the Yoon sisters but honestly she needs to move on for her own self-esteem and emotional health. Good for Se Na in not being a pushover or that easy to manipulate, since she wants Hyun Wook then I’m all for her to get her man through whatever means it takes.

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My Lovely Girl Episode 7 Recap — 29 Comments

  1. Thank you so much fo the recap ms.koala..
    This is indeed a very relaxing drama to watch and makes my heart beat, just like Se Na’s song to Hyun wook. I also love how Se Na boldly ask Hyun Wook on the last scene, it seems president Hyun Wook was caught off guard. 😀 Anyway, thanks again!

  2. thank you ms.koala for the recaps!
    shiwoo-sena ship is sinking…*sigh. 🙁
    im afraid the plot from now on will be totally predictable, haeyoon starts her witch power, shiwoo will be the pestering 2nd hero (poor him), sena wil chase ahjusshi only to get her heart broken later when she knows the truth and hyun wook probably gonna make some noble idiotic actions for his secret guilt towards sena (probably producing sena’s song only to quit his job as president later,when the truth is out). Please writer-nim, I like how this story is simple and cliche but no more noble idiotic moment please, i’m tired of that in any kdramas.

  3. The drama is very mellow. And there’s nothing much to talk about either (I love reading comments here and on drama sites, but unfortunately, there was little for this episode), not much to come by in conversation other than Hae Yoon’s pathetic and sad plights. Everything else is just falling into place like everyone and their mother predicted it to. I think it really depends how much investment you have in the lead couple to continue watching or not because I feel from this point on that’s what’s everyone is going to get. I find it funny how Shi Woo had to take a back seat for it this episode (his absence was felt, he’s really one of, if not the most, interesting characters), so his interactions with Se Na became minimal. Yet I guess it’s better to cement that it won’t happen rather than play the game so we’ll know him being sad again is coming. Poor kid really doesn’t have anything or gets anything.

    You’re right in it being an easy watch, nothing to expect, no guessing, no anticipation of something different. The episodes before kept the ball rolling, if still a bit biased, but there was a small “may be or may not” to keep it interesting. Now that this episode implemented that the second leads really have no chance in hell and they did end up being the plot devices of every k-drama and fulfilled their roles to bring Hyun Wook and Se Na to jealousy, I wonder what to do. Now everything WILL really go as it was…well, to go. I’m losing my reason to watch cause I already know what’s going to happen. I was just expecting to be a bit more entertained, to keep me a bit on the loop to move forward without falling asleep. Now even the idea of Shi Woo being Hyun Wook’s half brother has taken a hit. It’s simply just a secret second family, no impacting revelation.

    The drama flat lined for me.

    I don’t even know if Se Na will be that affected by the truth that Hyun Wook was her sister’s boyfriend. She’s so infatuated that after that first lick of betrayal and pain, they’ll have Hyun Wook explain to her eventually if he doesn’t play noble idiocy for a while and they’ll get together. Maybe he will just so the drama can keep them apart but not really until the last moment. I figure they’ll drop the bomb by…hmm, EP. 10, maybe Ep. 9 at the earliest. Any more than that I’ll be surprised, but I don’t think they need that long to take care of the sister issue because that’s all this drama (and Hyun Wook’s and Se Na’s relationship along with it, the only conflict because they don’t have any other than that) has going for it in terms of an obstacle. Hyun Wook being healed of his tinnatus will go hand in hand with falling for Se Na, and I’m sure he’ll be able to compose again. Maybe he WILL take care of Shi Woo’s solo song and they’ll ditch both Se Na’s song and Dive’s. Or maybe they will go for Se Na’s. Then after that, all that’s left is to wrap up Hae Yoon’s and Shi Woo’s feelings. Oh, and Shi Woo’s solo career.

    I still don’t want him to end up with Ra Eum though, eugh. If I drop it, at least I’ll save myself the nausea of that occurring.

    I’ll give it to EP. 8 for this week to see if I should keep riding the train or get off at the next stop, while just keeping up with recaps. I was rather bored today if I were to be honest.

  4. This episode is rather meh for me, I was sleepy watching it. It’s probably because I can’t care much for the main couple’s story and actually more excited to see the journey of the second leads. I actually like Haeyoon and I want her to get over Hyunwook, I’m rooting for her to finally forget him and find something that will really make her happy. I want her to realize that she shouldn’t chase someone who won’t appreciate her and return her love for the rest of her life.

    As for Shiwoo…after this episode I really realized that he is the only one who keeps me interested in the drama. Poor puppy, he is basically rejected by everyone. The only one who really cares and loves him is his mother, but he just won’t lean on his mother for his problems. Well, there is fans’ love…but is that really useful and means something for him? I just want him to be loved by someone.

    I think I’m going see tonight’s episode just to see if I’m still interested in continuing the drama, if I find myself not interested anymore I will probably watch some Siwoo cuts and read the recaps (which is why I’m really thankful for you for recapping this drama!)

  5. Ugh….I quit caring about what’s going on in this drama every time Rain shows up in those scarf thingies, geez, they are so distracting for me OMG…And I’m never like this. If he shows up in a burgundy velvet smoking jacket and a pipe, I’m done. The stylist must be using a modern day Hugh Hefner as the concept.

    I did have a laugh out loud moment with Shi Woo scene trying to hand over the shoes and his dry deliver of “I got caught”…I think that was the funniest thing. the OPPa, Oppa comes second.

    Maybe they are setting up for Se Na to snatch those scarifies off. I hope they start with that grey knit one he wore criss-crossed over his chest, is he cold? that was so Hester Prynne looking…..

  6. 2nd lead syndrome is at top notch. I don’t think I have ever rooted for the 2nd male lead so hard before. There’s just something about Shi Woo that catches my eye, and draws me into his character. He is the most realistic character in that he definitely is not perfect, and that is really what L sells with his portrayal of Shi Woo. For some reason Se Na and Hyun Wook interactions are becoming less and less enjoyable to me. I just find their interactions overly fluffy, and perfect. I do like that Se Na is stepping up her game and recognizing what she wants. Although my SW-SN ship is eternal, I support Se Na in fighting for what she wants. Hyun Wook, again, is just perfect all the time, I don’t even know what to say about him. I like Hae Yoon, for now, and am just enjoying the fact that there were no surprise disturbances from Rae Hoon, Ra Eum, and Jae Young. Other than that, everything is moving along nicely and there really is not much to comment about from the episode itself. Thanks for the review Koala!

  7. I lol’ed when Hae-yoon lectured her about calling Hyun-wook ahjusshi when she cried over him asking her not to call him oppa at work last week. I mean, she’s definitely got a point, but it was funny how she was using it to drive a wedge between them, and Se-na just took what was useful from it with like 0 drama.

  8. I don’t comment here for some reason but gosh I love this drama. Hyun Wook and Se Na are so awesome and compatible, its always a treat to watch a couple who don’t hate each other off the bat. That stuff gets tiring and boring. Instead, they seem like soul mates but it never comes off as too heavy because they banter like adorable teenagers most of the time.

    HW and SN really understands each other and I agree with your comment about SN having an old soul. Its very true, she seems mature for her age and really isn’t wooed by guys like SW who may be cute but a tad too immature for her. She’s a self assured character as well who may not be as confident in her career but is sure as heck confident about getting her man. She knows HW likes her too and she’s making sure to take the first steps. These two are so warm and fuzzy sometimes, bickering kids the next. I’ll take an ‘ahjusshi’ like HW over a kid any day. Too bad I’m not SN lol.

    Thanks for the recap. I feel love in the air, I hope they focus more on the leads rather than the misunderstandings and noble idiocy that is definitely on its way. But seeing that MLG hardly focuses on extravagant fall outs to conflicts, I’ll remain positive that they’ll manage to maintain that and keep giving me the magical HW/SN moments.

    • I find it funny how does who like Hyun Wook/Se Na always have to take a stab at Si Woo, as if wanting someone like Hyun Wook over a “kid” is somehow the divine path. That’s always a blast to read.

      • And I find it funny how some people can’t respect other’s opinions. Lmfao at “divine path” – I said I’d pick Hyun Wook over a kid any day, my choice but thanks for making it mean more than I wanted it to. Some people here are so in it on the fan wars its like they’re getting personally insulted because someone finds another character way better than their favourite character. Or is it oppa? That’s always a blast to read.

      • LOL. I didn’t say anything at all about the remainder of your post for you to throw out the “I don’t respect your opinion” card, but remarked on that one little, tiny thing that’s apparently enough to start a fan war? You can think whatever you want, it doesn’t make it any less some stab at Si Woo that was rather unnecessary to me. That comparison always feels like people are trying to compensate at the lack of viewer interest for the leads.

    • I totally agree. Maturity is definitely the key on why Hyun-wook and Se-na are so much in sync with one another. They do feel like soulmates! But I also think they feel like best friends and now lovers. The transition has been fabulous and there isn’t a better story for me than two people who connect through mutual respect and admiration. They feel like they belong together with each other and for that, I think this drama has succeeded waaay beyond my initial expectations.

      Also, LOL I too would most definitely pick Hyun-wook over a kid like Shi-woo!

  9. I’m so heartbroken already but I shouldn’t complain cause I knew this would happen. I couldn’t even watch the whole episode, I only saw the Shiwoo/Sena moments and for the rest I just came here. And that’s what I’m going to do for the remaining episodes as well.

    I started watching cause of Rain, I wanted to see him fall in love and all, little did I know, I’d cringe everytime he’s get alone time with the girl. Bummer!!

  10. see, this is why i ship the OTP and this show. and find it too funny that second lead shippers find the show heading boredomsville now. hahaha. not meaning to offend anyone, but ya know, let’s just be honest and get real here… bitter bitter batter… much eh? 😉

    thanks for the recap koala.

    • HA! I know right? Some of the comments here are hilarious and obviously Butthurt, its allowing me to enjoy this drama even more than I already am.

      As for Se-na and Hyun-wook. They are absolute love, I’m just so glad their story is being fleshed out to ao well. The execution is perfection, I have no complaints on the progress of the OTP whatsoever.

  11. This drama… mellow, in a good way. It’s like a warm cup of tea with lots of milk, best enjoyed on a chilly autumn night.

  12. I’ll join the bandwagon and say Hyun-wook and Se-na are so ridiculously compatible, they feel like two people who just belong together. As I mentioned above, I think the transition between being strangers to friends and now lovers has been such a natural progress, the drama has really succeeded in making me feel like I’m watching two people find their way to each other.

    I would’ve left a long comment, but I’m in a bit of a rush. I just wanted to say that Hyun-wook and Se-na are pretty magical and right now, they own me heart and soul. I’m so excited to see where they’ll take this drama because even if its predictable, it still manages to reel me in big time.

    • I totally agree! I love HW and SN and I love their interactions and how natural + comfortable they are with each other. It really warms my heart and soul to watch them together and I was pleasantly surprised by how much screen time they had together this episode.

  13. This new breathe of confidence from Se Na is great as we see her actively pursuing the things that she desires. She might not always get them, but it sure is nice to see her advance if not on both endeavors of career and love, but at least she gets closer to one (love). Her song not being chosen is really a minor set-back in the grander scheme of things and hardly something to fuss over, but one opportunity leads to another, as this gives Hyun Wook the right context (excuse?) to get closer and comfort her. Of course the same reasons will what lead Shi Woo further away from Se Na romantically–not that he have a chance to begin with.

    Many of the earlier fears of Se Na being too young for Hyun Wook seems to vanish when it’s Se Na who is leading on and not the other way around. There is always a risk of course that she ends up coming off as an infatuated young adult (pre-adult?) girl just crushing on a handsome older man, but as we observe, Se Na exudes a more mature persona and that her experiences with Hyun Wook are far more grounded on classic sweet romance formula and less of the over the top bantering kind, that often comes off as comical (if not annoying) rather than romantic. I don’t mind them bantering though. That which erases the gap between the two and just leave out two individuals who genuinely likes one other. Of course, I wouldn’t want for Hyun Wook to regress and start acting immature just to ease the gap between the two.

    If they continue with this trajectory then I definitely can ease up with the concept of Hyun Wook falling over Se Na rather than the other way around (though Se Na does already like him). It also is nice that we see less of Se Na’s sister and that we get to see Hyun Wook fall for Se Na as her own rather than endless parallels which can potentially leave the romance on a questionable note. Jae Young’s words though did seem alarming at first–are these the same encounters and motions of fate that lead Hyun Wook to fall for Se Na’s sister earlier? I do hope that they deviate away from that narrative and stay closer with daddy long legs falling for his ward instead.

  14. The only ones who arepressed right now are the Hyun Wook and Se Na shippers from what I seeing. They’re the ones that after just one comment from a user, and I don’t think a big deal of a comment at that, barged in the comment section with their two cents as if someone insulted their dignity. It’s like they came out of caves and now the comment section has 24 comments, lol. I actually had to come and see what went on when I saw the number. Like where were you guys….

    And the responses are just….smh.

    Try not to stupidly generalize you know. Of course those who like Hyun Wook/Se Na would stay cause they actually like them in the same way others who don’t like them have the option to leave. Anyone else, this is NOT including only Si Woo/Se Na shippers, can make a choice.

  15. Lmao. The comments started out fine, the first five or so, and then it turned into a mess. Wtf, this drama isn’t even the next hig hit, or creative, or unique, or a ratings killer, or complicated for everyone to be acting like this. Let alone the leads together aren’t the next top couple of dramas. You’ll finish this and move on to another drama to get mad and fawn over the next non existent pairing.

    Worse, you’re taking it out on the characters to elevate your OTP. Like leave them out of this immaturity. How old are all of you her? Seriously.

    Thanks for the recap Ockoala. Hope this doesn’t happen again.

    Y’all need to get off the internet and find Jesus.

    • Your comment is the most immature one out here, actually. The fact that you say this drama isnt “the next big hit, creative, or unique” – that is an opinion solely belonging to you. I’m not going to be petty and go on about how popular it is or whatever. If people around here want to discuss the drama and argue over which couple is better, that doesn’t mean they need to “get off the internet and find Jesus”. Like WTF is wrong with you? This is the comments section in a recap thread… maybe you should find out what that means first.

      You have issue with people’s comments? Don’t bother reading them and take your own advise by getting off the internet =D

  16. Just my opinion. I don’t want to argue with anyone who doesn’t agree with me. I came to watch the drama because of Rain. I knew he had delivered impressive acting before. So I had high anticipation of him as the main lead. Perhaps it’s because of the story line that writer intends to make him a bit lukewarm in his expression of emotion. I don’t find in his acting that he’d ever got fluttered around Se Na, even when they had close physical contact or embraced each other. On the other hand, I never though L as a talented actor as Rain. But his role as an insecure and impulsive idol who developed feelings towards Se Na is convincing. The way he stared at Se Na or talked to her just speaks volume of attraction of a boy towards a girl. I think that’s why a lot of viewers ship the 2nd male lead with the first female lead instead.

    It’s a drama after all. While I’m always against overacting, I do expect main actors to consistently convey plot development through convincing expression. So far, I don’t see that in Rain being attracted to Se Na. A typical K drama will land the first leads as OTP anyway. While it’s a predictable ending, the acting should be convincing and the plot should give some interesting twists in the process. So far other than the undeniable chemistry between L and Krystal that may have hidden unexpected plot twists, I found the drama is lacking in that aspect. So I agree with some comments here that the drama is boring at some points.

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