Lee Min Ho Delivers Overdue Pictorial Sizzle for Famous Hong Kong Jewelry Brand

Raise your hand if you like the latest CF picture above from current hot property in Greater China that is Lee Min Ho? I do, I really do love it! It’s like FINALLY Lee Min Ho does a CF where he’s actually mesmerizing in a still. Almost everything coming from him lately is just dull as beans, and he gets by because he’s so damn ridiculously handsome and tall that his natural assets are enough to satisfy the masses.

Can you guys tell from the picture what wares he’s hawking, or is that smirk in his eyes and the thumb caught between his teeth enough to blind the eye to anything else other than the long overdue smolder from him. He’s actually the newest spokesmodel for the Hong Kong mass market jewelry chain Chow Tai Fook, a brand that is basically in every major shopping mall in the city and elsewhere in Asia. The pieces he’s wearing are quite delicate and lovely, a bit too small for his frame actually but is counterbalanced by Lee Min Ho bringing some heat finally.

I really like that he’s finally looking alive again in these stills but I’m not blind to the fact that he’s wearing enough makeup for a Kabuki troop and there is so much unnecessary photo shop going on. The C-media is still enjoying ribbing him for being a bit bloated recently, teasing that Lee Min Ho is back to being a flower boy again in these pictures after flirting with going ahjusshi.


Lee Min Ho Delivers Overdue Pictorial Sizzle for Famous Hong Kong Jewelry Brand — 26 Comments

  1. Me too!! I love this. And also the High Cut cover pics that are released today. We can expect more goods from him as movie is coming soon.

  2. As you know, chingu, I love LMH(& his too short of a pants) in PT when everyone didn’t…. The dude is by no mean ” fat”, just not manorexic…ok, maybe one too many ramyun bloated face

  3. I love LMH but after Heirs…it looks like he is going for the more-make-up kind of flower boy look…BUT I hope he returns to his City Hunter and Personal Taste looks…

    • lee min ho fan sure love to bring other actor down especially kim soo hyun to praise their oppar. Good job to bring more hate to lee min ho himself.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Lee Min Ho and think his acting is great. He is also super gorgeous, but every time he does a photo shoot I feel like he always has the same poses (especially with the finger biting and lip touches) or maybe I’ve been staring at too many (actor) editorial shoots and it’s actually just a model thing. hehehe Nonetheless LMH looks great in yet another photo spread. His Highcut pics that were just released are actually super great and beautiful as well.

  5. but, i always got this feminine aura from LMH from his post BOF days
    and this what make me doesnt see his sexiness or manliness

    • Yeah, I’m starting to get that vibe from him, too. Can’t he just come in a raw, manly sex-appeal-ish drama already? Been a damn long time since seeing him in something worth watching.

      Come on LMH, bring my new crack!!

  6. looool.. Koala is big LMH hater nothing new here while in other news he rocks in china bringing in 10000s to his concerts and just sold his movie to 11 countries.. Success or not?

    • @Joey, of course it’s a success. No worry, his minoz always give him credit and appreciate his works. Even though there will be haters everywhere. Everybody always try to criticize him even for detailed mistakes. Let them be, that will make him more famous then now. Thanks haters to bring more attention to uri Minho. lol.

  7. @RHEINZ and Mimi

    I think you misunderstood the meaning of manliness? was city hunter or faith not manly even his heir and Personal taste characters were pretty much manly.

    And have millions of viewers on Youtube ([OST] videos)

    The world have basically accepted Lee min Ho hate him or love him. the reality says he pretty much sold his works excellent and P4P most famous korean ATM even more then PSY breaking his records on weibo to facebook and what not.

    Give credit where credit is due?

  8. I love him in his High Cut pics.Not to mention that i love the chemistry that he has with the model in those High Cut photos.

  9. I never thought he’s handsome, but he’s OK. Never mind if it’s just me.
    Oh, and these are just so bad angles, way too girlish, not to mention of that pullover.

  10. Honestly that’s very, very bad make up & Photoshop. Cmon, you get LMH as your model and this is what you turn out with?

  11. Now, I love Min-ho, he’s one of the things that kick-started my drama addiction but I really can’t believe that jewelry is expensive. I guess it’s so simple it’s expensive, maybe? I think I could make that if I took an arts and crafts class.
    On the upside, Oppa looks good and I like How he’s got a Fuller face now.

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