MBC Multiple Personality Drama Kill Me Heal Me Courting Lee Seung Gi for Male Lead

Holy smokes! Lee Seung Gi for Kill Me Heal Me? Shit, now I’m going to have to watch this drama, trainwreck potential be damned. I’ve been keeping a close eye on KMHM because it was supposed to have started filming already for a January 2015 air date following Mr. Back (Mr. Baek) on MBC Wed-Thurs. This drama has gotten way more attention so far for not being able to cast the male lead character, a third generation chaebol heir suffering from a 7-multiple personality disorder. Hyun Bin was openly courted but passed to do the dual personality Jekyll and I on SBS instead.

The KMHM production then insisted that the male lead character was always supposed to be in his twenties thus lowering the age bracket from Binnie’s group of leading men. In my post earlier about possible popular Hallyu male leads who are likely courted for the role, I did mention Lee Seung Gi since he has done a few MBC dramas and is very popular in China as the drama is being financed by a large Chinese entertainment company. Lee Seung Gi has been approached once by KMHM but declined, yet the casting offer has been extended once again and he’s seriously considering the role and reportedly will decide in the next day or two.

I love Lee Seung Gi, no ifs buts or caveats, but I’m not sure he has the acting chops (yet) to pull off 7 different personalities. I hope even Seung Gi fangirls can accept that he’s may be a good actor these days but this role is something that even a top thespian needs to tread lightly. His best drama performances for me were in The King 2 Hearts and You’re All Surrounded but I’m not convinced that’s enough solid acting experience to assuredly tackle this particular role.

Not that I think he can’t do it, per se, I’m just really really worried that it’s too much for him to handle and I don’t want to see him raked over the coals for failing to deliver. I totally feel like a momma worried about my baby boy now. Kill Me Heal Me comes from the screenwriter of The Moon Embraces the Sun and will be directed by the PD of East of Eden. It’s definitely MBC’s tent pole drama for 2015 so at least the network will be sure to spend the time and money on it rather than treat it like a stepchild. Ottoke? I’m so torn, I want to see Seung Gi onscreen as soon as possible but worry so much this isn’t the right project.


MBC Multiple Personality Drama Kill Me Heal Me Courting Lee Seung Gi for Male Lead — 32 Comments

    • yes, how can he have a proper promotion for his movie in Jan when he will be busy with filming? But again, we are talking about LSG here, the guy has had amazing time management skill.

      • My exact sentiment too..Moon Chae Won also started filming her another movie,I’m worried they cannot promote the movie well..

      • @zuki
        MCW should be finished filming her other movie by the time they promote for TL. Just right on time as that movie is schedule for March/April released.
        I am one of the people who are looking forward to Today’s Love promotions and hope that they both would have no timing difficulties for that

  1. I think most fans are worried. It will be a challenge for him for sure. And he’s been working nonstop filming all year. He also has other things on his plate like his concert, album, and movie promotion. I’m also not sure kdrama writers are capable of writing 7 different personalities for a kdrama lead in the first place. The writing is worrisome. I’m leaning towards him passing, but given his ambitious nature I doubt he will.

  2. Let me be the first to point out the obvious but at this point Korea is just producing dramas for china. Rain Krystal made for china market. LSG in a multipliple personality drama with no acting resume to show he can handle this role other than he is popular in china.

    The new model now is Korea becoming china’s drama sweatshop.

    • China pays for the rights to stream on their sites like Youku, Souhu, iQiyi, QQ, while most international viewers pirate. I’m not surprised that if you are popular in China you get roles. Kim Soo Hyun is gonna milk this the most.

      • korean also pay for these dramas thru their taxes and they are treated as nobody compared to Chinese viewers by the production houses

    • He’s too old for the character, though I don’t think any 20something actor could really pull this off totally so going older would be better tbh.

      • Or Yoo Ah-In if this were a serious topic, but the romance with a “resident” treating him puts it in the “frustrating and I will not be watching” territory for me.

  3. ohmygarddd what!!!! the kid oppa is so
    jam packed with movie- album- concert- cf and a 7 personality drama ??

    he is one of the best actors in his age bracket no arguments there but but but. well guess have to see this drama now. don’t knwo anything about the drama . going to start with the lead actress

  4. Experience from watching some recent dramas tells me that writers can just do a complete turn around with the script esp with live-shooting. What is being promoted may not be what you get in reality. A chaebol with 7 personalities? It can just end up where the chaebol has no personality. LSG did an excellent job in TK2H. Hope he is not conned into doing something crazy before he goes to MS.

  5. I was a little bit shocked with this casting but i’m also worried about Lee Seung Gi..He is not a bad actor but this role is very demanding in terms of acting skills..I hope he do well in this drama..

  6. i dont think LSG can pull this off,although,i’ve watched all his dramas(except YAAS,i stopped after the second ep).the only actor i can see pulling this is Kand Ji hwan but then again,he’s in his 30’s…

  7. Maybe they should have asked PSH to do it. Why not Kim Soo Hyun I feel like he can pull it off. Maybe The second male lead from missing you. I heard he is getting out of the army soon.

  8. i dont see LSG pulling off 2 characters,talkless of 7.Jang geun suk would’ve been a better choice.the guy is a good actor,its just that his choice of project has been bad,but his eyes alone can show more than 7 expressions.plus,hes the only actor in his 20s that can do that.well,jong suk is currently filming Pinocchio.SJK and YSH are still in the army….

    • agree with you! yeah LSG is a good actor but not suitable for 7 characters… on the other hand, JGS really has coping skills..

      anyway let’s see what will happen..

      • Haven’t thought of it earlier, but now that you mentioned JGS , it does seem he’d have been better in this role considering his acting ranges. LSG i hope this is good for his sake.

    • Oh yes… jks would be a perfect choice… as you said… his eyes can really express any character… well lets wait and see maybe ur suggestion would be heard 😉

  9. Seunggi is a good actor, but I agree that this character is a hard one, and I don’t think he has the capability (yet) to do this role. He really has a heavy burden on his shoulders if he accept the offer. It’s a risky challenge, if he succeed, his acting gig and popularity will rise even more, but if he failed, well I don’t know.

  10. I can see him pulling off this role perfectly . Have a faith on him. Not hating but I don’t see JGS’s acting any better lol Both China investors and the writers want seunggi to take this role.thats mean they believe he can do it .

  11. The most thing I worry about is the quality of writings. If the writing is good, then acting skill will follow like in K2H. But if the writing is failure, then even your acting is perfect it will not help.
    I hope big budget means high quality. I mean, chinese investor wont invest big if less quality is’nt it?

  12. I am coming for the future to say that this drama is anything BUT a trainwreck. These other actors turning it down may have been its saving grace because the actor playing those roles is just freaking amazing. He pulls them off effortlessly. It is an achievement and it works. I don’t know how he does it but it works.

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